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Chapter 41: Miss Murong

“Little fox, I allow you to say one more word. I’m asking you… Who in this hall has the best future?”

Chen Chen asked with a disappointed expression.


The demon fox lowered its voice and replied. When it spit out the word, the hand on its neck loosened slightly.

“You have good taste. You may be a demon, but not a dishonest one.”

Chen Chen loosened his hand completely, his smile bright.

After a moment, Zhang Ji walked up with an exquisite kettle, and the service staff of Spring Breeze Pavilion also began to serve dishes.

A banquet costing two thousand taels was really extraordinary. Zhang Ji was stunned to see how elaborate all of the dishes were.

Even Chen Chen marveled in his heart.

He had never seen a banquet of this level, even in his previous life.

The purchasing power of two thousand taels in this world was likely the same as several million in his previous life.

He would shake if he saw a banquet costing a couple of million in his previous life.

As time went by, those who were kissing up were almost done, and they began to eat on their own. Miss Murong also showed a relaxed expression.

At this moment, the downstairs of Spring Breeze Pavilion became noisy. Chen Chen looked and saw that a huge stage was being built downstairs. Some animals like tigers and bears were put into cages and carried onto the stage.

“Is this a circus?”

Chen Chen’s eyes lit up and he looked interested.

To be honest, there were too few entertainment activities in this Xianxia world. In Stone Village, he just played with mud. High-end entertainment like a circus was unheard of to kids in Stone Village.

Seeing people in Blue Wind City coming toward here, the gentlemen and gentlewomen in the hall gathered by the railings and talked about them.

“My lady, see that puppy that man’s holding? So adorable.”

“Yes, it’s cute, but I don’t think it’s a dog, it looks like a fox to me.”

On the other side, Miss Murong and her maid, who were being kissed up to, looked toward Chen Chen. At the same time, they noticed the demon fox in Chen Chen’s arms.

“Huh, this Miss Murong is pretty knowledgeable.”

Hearing her words, Chen Chen praised her in his mind. Out of so many people, finally one of them could see that he was holding a fox instead of a dog.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the service staff who had spoken to him before quickly corrected them.

“Miss Murong, that’s not quite accurate. This guest is holding an Accra Isro Holy Dog, it’s very precious!”

“What a talent!”

Chen Chen muttered. He almost forgot the name he had made up earlier, but the waiter actually remembered it verbatim!

Before he stopped mumbling, those suitors went toward him like sharks who had scented blood.

“Sir, I’m willing to buy your dog for 1000 taels! To offer to Miss Murong!”

“I can pay 2000 taels!”

“Five thousand taels!”

“Ten thousand taels!”

As all the gentlemen were bidding, Miss Murong’s maid couldn’t help but sneer at this, showing a sly smile.

Her young lady was the pride of heaven. All the young men in the hall were circling her young lady, except for this group, who seemed indifferent. It really frustrated her.

Now, this group should realize her young lady’s charm, right?!


At this moment, Chen Chen slapped the table fiercely and stood up. He glared at everyone, “What do you mean by bidding in front of me? Do I look like someone who needs money?”

Everyone was silent.

It took a long time for someone to say, “Sir, since you are not short of money, why don’t you give this dog to Miss Murong?”

“Why should I give away my pet?” Chen Chen’s face was filled with confusion.

Everyone was speechless after they heard the words.

They had tried their best to please Miss Murong, and got nowhere. The kid clearly had a way, but he couldn’t bear to part with a dog.

Comparisons were so exasperating.

But after all, it wasn’t on their own territory. Seeing that Chen Chen was unwilling, these gentlemen did not want to force it, otherwise they would leave a bad impression in front of Miss Murong, and it wouldn’t be worth it.

Just as everyone was about to say something to ease the embarrassment, a constable in uniform suddenly rushed upstairs.

“Dear gentlemen, there is news from the city guard. The seven princes who went to Ji State two days ago, a group of 200 people, disappeared for no reason when passing through Black Ox Hill.

If any of you want to go to Ji State, best find a different route, and the more travelers the better.”

As soon as this was said, everyone looked at each other. No one wanted to watch the circus anymore, they all became as anxious as ants on a hot pan.

A group of 200 people disappeared… What did this mean?

Those people were all masters, and if all of them disappeared and none of them escaped, you would need power that was at least several times stronger.

And it had to be organized and disciplined.

“It must be spies from the State of Zhou who had snuck into our Ji State, otherwise, who would have such strength?”

“If the moles from the evil clan are here, why doesn’t the Tianyun Clan send people to help?”

Everyone talked, and the more they thought about it, the more they felt it was possible.

After a while, everyone put the blame on the Tianyun Clan.

“The Tianyun Clan doesn’t care about us at all.”

“Who cares about a clan like this? There’s no point in going. I’m going to go back home. Goodbye everyone!”

Seeing their friends leave, other people panicked, but most people still turned their eyes to Miss Murong.

Compared to them, Miss Murong was a genius disciple whom Tianyun Clan looked after, and there were immortal cultivators on the road protecting her, if they stayed close to her, then…

Before they had decided, Miss Murong spoke up.

“If you are afraid, just follow me when the time comes. The Tianyun Clan will not ignore everyone’s safety.”

When everyone heard Miss Murong’s promise, they were almost moved to tears. One by one they thanked her, almost kneeling down and kowtowing.

Even Chen Chen had to renew his opinion of her.

Looks aside, her heart was good.

“Why don’t you thank my lady? Are you not going to the Tianyun Clan?” The maid who followed Miss Murong noticed Chen Chen was still watching the circus downstairs. Her expression became even more annoyed.

“Huh? Me and my older brother are going to the Tianyun Clan, but we are taking a different route.”

Zhang Ji explained. Chen Chen had already planned the route to Ji State, that is, they chose where there were fewer people, so it was easier to find treasure.

If they went with this many people, they’d find nothing on the way!

“Hrmf, don’t you follow us later!” The maid propped her hands on her waist, her face full of disgust.

“Little Huan, stop talking. They may be our fellow clan members in the future.”

Miss Murong stopped her maid from continuing.

But the people around them showed a different expression, because Miss Murong was talking about “our clan.” Did this mean that the maid could also get into the Tianyun Clan? Or, has she already obtained the token of the Tianyun Clan?

Thinking of this, their gazes on the maid had changed completely.

Among the clans, their family background was not worth mentioning. If they all entered the Tianyun Clan, the maid would have the same status as them.

Plus, there was her relationship with Miss Murong. The maid might have a brighter future than all of them…

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