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Chapter 407: Bad Omen

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With a bunch of useless things in his storage ring, Chen Chen finally felt like he was in the lower realm.

However, he still did not touch the heavenly materials and treasures. Firstly, there were too few heavenly materials and earthly treasures in the upper realm that could allow the cultivation levels of the Spirit Severing stage cultivators to advance by leaps and bounds. He did not need to take the risk of offending the heavens to search for these heavenly materials and treasures.

It is worth noting that the truly heaven-defying things in the upper realm were the super medicinal pills created by those top-notch experts. That was the thing that cultivators above the Spirit Severing stage should pursue the most.

If one wanted to advance above the Spirit Severing stage, it involved laws. Moreover, the heavenly materials and earthly treasures that contained laws would be sensed by some mighty figures once they were born and then taken away.

Chen Chen felt that he did not have the opportunity to obtain it. He even suspected that the divine senses of some super mighty figures were even more useful than his system. Of course, the prerequisite was that he did not need to use special tracking.

Unknowingly, a month had passed.

During this month, Chen Chen had plundered a lot of valuable items that had no effect on him.

No matter what, if converted to Spirit Stones, his net worth could be considered to have increased by several times. He could be considered a tycoon among cultivators of the same level.

On this day, he arrived in the city.

This city was called Supreme Immortal City. It was a famous city within a radius of hundreds of thousands of kilometers. It was rumored that the City Lord was an expert of the Unification stage. He had nothing better to do, so he lived in seclusion in Supreme Immortal City.

There was a reason that Chen Chen had come to Supreme Immortal City. Supreme Immortal City had the most powerful teleportation arrays in the world. They could be used several times without stopping, and could reach the Southern region a million kilometers away.

Because of this super teleportation array, the Supreme Immortal City had many powerful experts. Of course, other than these experts, there were also some prominent Southern region cultivators who would appear here.

In short, no matter who it was, they had to keep a low profile in Supreme Immortal City. If you met a low-level cultivator, that low-level cultivator might have a large sect hidden behind him.

Chen Chen kept a very low profile at this time. He put on the shapeshifting mask and changed his face into a relatively ordinary one. Otherwise, he would not be able to keep a low profile with just his looks.

The crowd was sparse on the spacious street. This was not because there were few pedestrians, but because the street was extremely wide. It was roughly about a hundred meters wide.

Such a wide street was extremely rare even in his previous life, not to mention in those small cities.

Perhaps this was the sign of a big city. In any case, most of the cultivators in the city had divine senses. Even if it was a thousand-meter wide street, it would not affect the cultivators from looking at the things in the shops on both sides.

A moment later.

Chen Chen came to the center of the city. There was an extremely complicated protective array. Outside the protective array, there was a building that looked like a restaurant. It was called the teleportation hall, and it was responsible for selling teleportation quotas.

Chen Chen walked into the building. There were not many cultivators inside but he could tell that they were extraordinary just by looking at their clothes. There were even a few cultivators who seemed unfathomable.

“15,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones per teleportation…”

Seeing the price on the wall, the corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched slightly.

Currently, he had about 30,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones on him, which meant that this teleportation would probably cost him nearly half of his “cash”.

Although the price of teleporting was extremely high, Chen Chen was still willing to spend money. In any case, it was easy for him to earn money. If he found a place to sell the items on him, the Spirit Stones would quickly be replenished.

“Senior, may I know your name?”

Chen Chen stood there for a while before a female cultivator dressed in palace attire walked over and asked politely.

“Zhang Ji,” Chen Chen replied casually.

“Senior, are there any sects in the southern region that can vouch for you?”The female cultivator dressed in palace attire asked with a smile.

“Uh… No.” Chen Chen hesitated for a moment before replying with a bitter smile.

As soon as he finished speaking, the female cultivator dressed in palace attire instantly changed her expression. Her speed was much faster than flipping through a book.

“No? Then what are you doing here? Hurry up and get out! This isn’t a place to stroll around!”

Chen Chen immediately choked and probed, “Can’t I just give you a few more Spirit Stones?”

The female cultivator’s eyes flashed with disdain when she heard this. She snickered and said, “Do you really think you can do whatever you want just because you have a lot of Spirit Stones? So you know how much this teleportation array costs? Do you know how much the losses will amount to if it’s destroyed by an unknown person? Let me tell you, without the testimonial of the Southern region’s sect, even if you pay double the Spirit Stones, you can’t use this teleportation array.”

Chen Chen wanted to say something else, but the female cultivator had already turned her head away. He didn’t say anything else and turned to leave the building.

After leaving the main hall, Chen Chen looked at the nearby array and fell into deep thought.

Since he had come to Supreme Immortal City, he definitely had to use the teleportation array.

He didn’t believe that he couldn’t use the teleportation array right in front of him.

As the saying went, money makes the world go round. If someone wasn’t willing to concede, it must be that the money offered definitely wasn’t enough.

Just as Chen Chen was frowning, he heard the conversation of a few people.

“If you want me to take you to the southern mountain range, it’s not impossible. However, in addition to paying the cost of your own teleportation, you also need to pay my Senior Sister 10,000 top grade Spirit Stones.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up. He turned his head to look in the direction of the voice.

A hundred meters away, three cultivators were chatting. Two of them were female cultivators in white robes with golden patterns embroidered on their chests. They were obviously disciples of a large sect.

One of the middle-aged cultivators frowned, and a conflicted expression appeared on his face.

“If you don’t want to, then forget it. There are plenty of cultivators who do.”

One of the younger female cultivators saw that the middle-aged cultivator was hesitating, and a proud expression appeared on her face. She pulled her Senior Sister along as they prepared to head toward the teleportation hall.

“Alright! Deal! I’m willing to pay 10,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones!”

The middle-aged cultivator seemed to have something urgent to attend to in the Southern region, so he immediately gritted his teeth and agreed. As soon as he said this, a look of agony appeared on his face.

Clearly, 25,000 top-grade Spirit Stones was a huge loss for him.

At this point, Chen Chen could tell what was going on.

It was obvious that he was a disciple of one of the great sects of the Southern region. He was using his status to earn some extra money.

With just one status, he could earn 10,000 top-grade Spirit Stones. Chen Chen couldn’t help but feel a bit envious.

Seeing the middle-aged cultivator humbly follow behind the two female cultivators, Chen Chen stretched out his hands. His eyes flickered, and then he wiped his face.

His ordinary appearance disappeared and was replaced by the image of an immortal-like old man.

After the transformation was completed, Chen Chen used his divine senses to carefully check again. After confirming that there were no flaws, he walked toward the two female cultivators.

“Senior, what is your purpose of visit?”

The two female cultivators saw the old man who suddenly appeared in front of them and asked tentatively.

If it had been an ordinary cultivator blocking their way, their faces would have long turned black. However, the old man’s clothes fluttered in the wind, and his brows faintly revealed the demeanor of an unworldly expert. They didn’t dare to rashly offend him.

It must be known that the sects of the Southern region also had a power hierarchy. Even if they were disciples of large sects, they still had to keep a low profile here.

Faced with the two female cultivators’ questions, Chen Chen didn’t immediately speak. Instead, he looked deeply at the older female cultivator in front of him.

That female cultivator had a well-proportioned figure and a dignified and beautiful appearance. There was a hint of worry on her face, and one could tell at a glance that something was on her mind.

As for the other female cultivator, she looked much younger. Her eyes were full of energy, and she appeared somewhat eccentric.

The female disciples of this sect would usually go out in this outfit.

If he hadn’t turned into the appearance of Chu Yun’s Junior Sister back then, he would have also gone out in this way.

Thinking of this, a trace of sadness flashed across his face. He said with disappointment, “Little girl, you look like an old friend of mine. You can be considered to be fated with me.. Let me give you some advice. Your temples are dark, and there are ominous signs!”

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