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Chapter 37: You Wish

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After Chen Chen had taken out a slice of the purple ganoderma and swallowed it, he then pulled out a strand of vine.

This vine was known as the Demon-Binding Vine. It grew where the first rays of light shined at sunrise. It contained solar power, and could naturally curb demon power.


As the saying went, others would take advantage of your illness to kill you. Chen Chen took out the Demon-Binding Vine and began making his way towards the demon fox without any hesitation.


With a crisp sound, the Demon-Binding Vine slammed into the demon fox.

The demon fox cried out in pain as a wisp of white smoke rose out of its body.

“It really works!”

Chen Chen’s eyes lit up, and the Demon-Binding Vine in his hand began to fly up and down.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The demon fox was beaten so severely that it screamed in pain. Eventually, it even began to beg for mercy.


“Immortal, please spare this little demon’s life! This little demon will never dare to offend again!”

“This little demon is willing to take any punishment!”

The demon’s cries sounded quite pitiful, but Chen Chen did not seem to give them any notice. He continued striking the demon fox again and again.

“Immortal… Please…”


The demon fox originally wanted to keep begging for mercy, but after noticing Chen Chen’s ‘don’t stop until death’ gaze, it gave up completely, and its pitiful voice turned ferocious again.

“You f–ing immortal! Stupid kid, you made me do this!”

The demon fox roared and opened its mouth, shooting out a round red bead, then slammed into Chen Chen with a powerful aura.


“Demon inner elixir!”

Chen Chen recognized the round bead instantly; he became instantly shocked. He quickly threw away the Demon-Binding Vine in his hand and replaced it with his strongest tool, Dragon-Taming Wood.

As soon as the Dragon-Taming Wood was revealed, the demon fox’s eyes showed extreme horror, as if it had seen the scariest thing on the Earth.


Chen Chen did not take any notice of the demon’s reaction; he then gestured as if throwing a baseball, and slammed the Dragon-Taming Wood on the red ball with a bang.


After this heavy blow, the ball flew somewhere far away in the sky.


Flat on the ground, the demon fox looked as if it was struck by lightning. It continued lying paralyzed on the ground, unable to even scream.

By the time the ball fell down from the sky, Chen Chen’s hand was already extended out ready to catch it, and the demon fox had shrunk from five meters in size to a small fox, still lying motionless on the ground.

Only its eyes remained blinking, showing that it was not dead.

“Do you want it?” Chen Chen shook the dimmed demon inner elixir in front of the demon fox, as he spoke with a smile.

A yearning quickly appeared in the demon fox’s eyes, but the desire quickly turned into anger.

While the kid in front of the demon seemed to be standing with a carefree attitude, in actuality he squeezed the inner elixir very tightly and wasn’t relaxing at all.

He was taunting the demon!

“Today, I’ll admit to my defeat. If you want to kill me, go ahead!”

After speaking, the demon fox closed its eyes and prepared to die.

Chen Chen frowned when he saw the demon’s reaction, and answered back seriously, “Sister, can you become as big as before? Now you’re only big enough to make a scarf, but before, you were big enough to make at least three quilts.”


Hearing Chen Chen’s words, the demon fox trembled with anger. If it still had a little bit of strength, it would definitely jump up and bite the kid with all its might.

“Immortal… what a talent!”

Just as Chen Chen began brainstorming about how to deal with the demon fox, a compliment arrived from not far away. It was the leader of the group of knights.

Compared to his previous ferocious appearance, he was now quite pleasant, as if he was an old friend.

Chen Chen glanced at him but did not react. Meanwhile, the leader of the knights began jogging over to Chen Chen.

“Immortal, could you please hand this demon over to me so that we can avenge our young lord and finish our mission?”


Chen Chen sneered at the knight’s words. He then looked at the coachman and bodyguard who were still tied up and asked, “Why?”

When the knight leader heard Chen Chen’s question, his expression stiffened. He then sneered back, “My master is the warlord of Feihu City, and also a member of the immortal family. Please, Immortal, do my master a favor.”

“The warlord of Feihu City?” Chen Chen’s eyebrow quirked.

Feihu City was another city under the jurisdiction of the Ji State. It was comparable in level to Feiyun City, and above the level of the Shichuan County.

If the county magistrate of the Shichuan County had a level of cultivation, the warlord of a higher administrative unit was certain to have an even higher level of cultivation.

However, Chen Chen didn’t really want to do the warlord of Feihu City a favor.

After all, Feihu City’s knights had ridden up fiercely and wanted to use Chen Chen’s group as scapegoats. Now that the demon fox had been subdued, why would he do a favor for some warlord?

You wish!

“I don’t know him, and I don’t have a habit of giving my war spoils to other people.”

Chen Chen refused the knight’s wishes.

When the knight leader heard Chen Chen’s response, a flash of anger appeared in his gaze, but he did not dare to vent it. After a moment, he knelt down on the ground and begged, “Dear Immortal, please have mercy on us ordinary people. If we can’t finish the mission, the master will kill us when we get back!”

After he spoke, he immediately winked at the surviving knights in the area.

The knights all knelt down upon seeing the wink, and began to beg as well.

“Immortal, I have an 80-year-old mother, and a three-year-old child!”

“Please have mercy on us, Immortal!”

“Big Brother… why don’t you give it to them?” Seeing the knights beg, the badly injured Zhang Ji softened up and looked towards Chen Chen.

“Give it to them? No way, Zhang Ji. Have you wondered that if we were just ordinary people, and if we couldn’t find the demon fox, what would happen to us? I bet this group of people would cut off our heads and take them back for their mission. Do they care how we feel? Would they care if we also had elderly parents? Let me tell you, they wouldn’t care, so I won’t sympathize with them either.”

After he spoke, Chen Chen ignored the knight leader. He then walked up to the group of tied up coachmen and released them.

Seeing the sad state of his own coachmen, Zhang Ji came into agreement, and his ounce of pity disappeared without a trace.

“Go back and tell your master the truth. If he doesn’t believe you, you can only blame yourself for following the wrong person.”

After hearing Zhang Ji’s words, each of the knights began turning towards each other, while the knight leader’s eyes began to fill with hatred.

The immortals never cared about mortals. Their master was like that, and the immortal standing in front was also like that too.

If he really did leave empty-handed, he did not know how his master would deal with his subordinates. However, as a leader, he would definitely be killed.

What to do? How could he stay alive?

As his mind churned, he began to create a cruel scheme.

He’d kill his entire group of subordinates, then run away and become a bandit.


This way, his master may think that he had died in battle.

If possible, he would like to have his subordinates run off with him, but he knew that this was impossible. His subordinates still had families in Feihu City, and they were not guilty of death, so there was no need for them to risk everything.


“You made me do this! Don’t blame me for being cruel!”

The knight leader muttered to himself, his eyes vicious.

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