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Chapter 368: One Must Know One’s Limitations

Upon hearing this answer, Chen Chen’s expression became harmless.

A few years was too long. There were too many things he could do in a few years.

At this moment, he had to pretend to be a harmless vase and let this pervert go into seclusion in peace.

“I didn’t expect that a man like me, Chen Chen, who stands tall and strong, would actually have a connection with the word ‘vase’. How cold is this world?!”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart and a naive smile appeared on his face.

“The commotion just now was too big. It was inevitable that it would attract the attention of other cultivators. Let’s hurry up and leave.”

Li Xian chuckled playfully. She took out a beautiful flying boat and brought Chen Chen far away from this place.

Half a day later, Chen Chen finally arrived at the so-called Li Xian Sect.

It was a place surrounded by mountains on all sides, and in the middle of it was a huge lotus pond that occupied thousands of acres of land. The Li Xian Sect was built right next to this lotus pond.

Chen Chen quietly used his divine senses to investigate. There were not many disciples in the Li Xian Sect, only five or six hundred of them, but their cultivation bases were extremely balanced.

Among them, half of them were at least at the Essence Soul realm, and there were also dozens of people at the Void Refinement realm.

As for those above the Void Refinement realm, he could sense five of them.

He didn’t know if there were any powerhouses like Li Xian that he couldn’t sense, but he still had to ask the system when the time came.

Apart from that, these cultivators had a special characteristic, and that was that most of them were female cultivators.

“This is a sect where Yin (female) flourishes while Yang (male) declines.”

Chen Chen secretly raised his vigilance.

After entering the sect, a middle-aged female cultivator came over to welcome them.

This middle-aged female cultivator was at the peak of the Void Refinement realm. She ignored Chen Chen and looked at Li Xian.

“Sect Master, are you injured? Why don’t I quickly arrange a place for you to enter seclusion?”

Li Xian nodded and smiled. “This time, it’s a blessing in disguise. Although I’m injured, I found the opportunity to break through. Now, as long as I enter seclusion for a few years, I have a chance to enter the Unification Stage!”

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged female cultivator’s eyes flashed with incomparable excitement as she repeatedly congratulated him.

The Spirit Severing stage and Unification Stage were two completely different concepts.

Once one entered the Unification Stage, it meant that they had entered the upper echelons of this world. Even if they went to the five great regions, they would still be famous experts.

If they gave up their pride, they could even join those super sects and ascend to heaven.

“Hehe, this little brother is really my lucky star.”

Li Xian looked at Chen Chen with joy in her eyes.

The middle-aged female cultivator’s expression became weird. The sect master had been stuck at a bottleneck for a hundred years, and she couldn’t find a way to advance further, so she thought of a way to dual cultivate.

However, the sect master was very good at judging people, and she hadn’t found a good partner to dual cultivate with. Now that she found one, there were signs of a breakthrough even before she could dual-cultivate.

Thinking of this, she was somewhat tempted. After all, she had been stuck at the peak of the Void Refinement realm for a period of time.

“After I go into seclusion, this little brother will cultivate in the Li Xian Sect. No one should make things difficult for him, understand?”

Li Xian smiled and said to the middle-aged female cultivator. However, the word ‘make things difficult’ was greatly emphasized, as if there was a hidden meaning behind it.

The middle-aged female cultivator seemed to understand, but she could only nod her head seriously.

After a moment, Li Xian casually dealt with the matters of the sect and then went into seclusion.

Chen Chen was arranged to be in an independent residence next to the sect master’s cultivation place.

He had never seen the density of the spiritual energy in this place before. It’s several levels higher than the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan in the lower realm. Moreover, the quality of the spiritual energy here seems to be very high. Absorbing a little of it is equivalent to absorbing a lot of it in the lower realm.

“What a good place. It seems like it’s not bad to stay here and cultivate.”.

Chen Chen muttered to himself as he sensed the cultivation environment around him.

He went to Heavenly Fiend City in order to have a stable cultivation environment.

Now that the environment here was beautiful and the spiritual energy was abundant, there was nothing to be dissatisfied about.

Since he had come, he should just settle down.

As for the matter in a few years time, he still had a few years to plan. There was no rush.

He had to freeload for a while first. If it did not taste good, he would think of a way to escape.

Unknowingly, Chen Chen cultivated in the Li Xian Sect for seven days.

During these seven days, he was still cultivating secret techniques. As for breaking through from the peak of the Void Refinement realm to the Spirit Severing Stage, he did not know what to do.

Furthermore, it only took him a short while to break through from the initial stage of the Void Refinement realm to the peak. After he ascended to the upper realm, he did not consolidate his cultivation level properly. Right now, the most important thing for him was not to break through to the Spirit Severing Stage, but to settle down.

On this day, Chen Chen woke up from his meditation and left his residence.

Before Li Xian went into seclusion, she gave him a token. With this token, other than some forbidden areas or the cultivation grounds of the big figures at the Spirit Severing Stage, he could go to any place in the Li Xian Sect.

Of course, Chen Chen wanted to go to the Li Xian Sect’s book pavilion the most.

Although he had read a lot of books in Wangjiang City, the books on the market definitely could not be compared to the sect’s private collections.

However, just as he left his residence, he was greeted by a tall woman in blue who was as cold as ice.

When she saw Chen Chen, the tall woman subconsciously frowned.

Chen Chen was caught by someone, so he knew what was going on. Moreover, as a gentleman, he understood the principle of ladies first, so when he saw this woman, he subconsciously stepped aside.

However, at this time, the woman stood in front of him with a sullen expression on her face, as if she would not let him go.

“Fellow Daoist, what are you doing?” Chen Chen raised his head and looked at the sullen face in front of him and asked in surprise.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” The tall woman asked in a cold voice.

Chen Chen carefully sensed the cultivation of this woman.

Late-stage Void Refinement realm. However, he didn’t notice this woman when he just entered the sect.

It seemed that she was a disciple who had just returned from outside.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen smiled and explained, “Fellow Daoist, I am…”


Speaking of this, Chen Chen couldn’t continue.

He didn’t even know what status he had now.

He couldn’t say that he was the mistress of the sect master, right? That would be too unpleasant to hear.

‘I’m the Sect Master’s wife? Nonsense! That’s too unreliable.’

“Then who are you?”

Chen Chen didn’t continue speaking, but instead asked a question in return.

“You don’t even know me?”The tall woman said faintly.

Chen Chen looked around. This was the sect master’s cultivation area. Usually, there weren’t many people around, but those who could be here were all people with prestige in the sect.

‘This woman might be Li Xian’s disciple.’

‘Sigh, what does it have to do with me?’

Chen Chen shook his head, wanting to go around this woman and continue moving forward.

At this time, the pressure of the late-stage of the Void Refinement realm suddenly approached him. Chen Chen’s body trembled, and his body stiffened a little.

The tall woman’s cold words came from behind him.

“It’s better for you to come out less in the future, so that I don’t meet you and you don’t get in my way.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen frowned.

He didn’t know what was going on with this woman. She was really angst and she immediately attacked him. ‘Could it be that she’s Li Xian’s daughter and doesn’t want to acknowledge me as her new father?’

Chen Chen’s heart was filled with evil thoughts.

“Did you hear that?”

The tall woman emphasized again. At the same time, her pressure became stronger.

Chen Chen did not turn around. The aura of the peak of the Void Refinement realm flashed and disappeared. In an instant, the pressure of the tall lady was pushed back.

The voice of the tall lady was heard from behind. Chen Chen smirked and said, “Fellow Daoist, it’s better to be self-aware.”

After saying that, he left without turning around.

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