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Chapter 358: Fellow Daoist, Please Wait!

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“The delivery is too slow! I want to send a message to the restaurant to lodge a complaint against you!”

Chen Chen lowered his voice and said to Huang Li, who had been lowering her head in front of him.

When Huang Li, his disciple, was delivering food to the restaurant, he took care of her business. He didn’t expect that this disciple was so timid that she didn’t even dare to raise her head when he entered the City Lord’s mansion. From the beginning to the end, she didn’t realize that the customer was him, her master.

“Ah! Senior, don’t!”

Huang Li was so scared that she almost knelt on the ground.

In her opinion, the City Lord’s mansion of Sandstorm City was a place that couldn’t be reached, not to mention the City Lord’s mansion of river gazing city.

If it weren’t for the high price offered by the restaurant, she wouldn’t have dared to come. However, who would have thought that after mustering up the courage to enter the City Lord’s mansion with great difficulty, she would actually meet a troublesome senior?

“Compensate with Spirit Stones!”Chen Chen said coldly..

Upon hearing this, Huang Li pouted aggrievedly. After thinking for a moment, she reluctantly took out twenty middle-grade Spirit Stones of different sizes from her bosom and handed them to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen looked at those pitiful Spirit Stones and was speechless. It was really embarrassing to have taken in such a disciple..

“Huang Li!”

Chen Chen suddenly shouted, and Huang Li jumped up. She was so scared that she turned around and ran away. Unexpectedly, she was pulled back by a powerful force.

At this time, she realized that the customer in front of her was her master.

She started sobbing…

Seeing Chen Chen, Huang Li burst into tears immediately, wishing that she could slap her master to death on the spot.

“We’ve earned enough Spirit Stones. We can leave now.”

Chen Chen said with a smile when he saw this. Then, he took out a communication token from his storage ring and informed the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian and Wu De. Finally, he bade farewell to Jiang Chengzi with Huang Li and returned to the inn.

Not long after, Wu De walked in with a smug look on his face and handed a storage ring to Chen Chen.

“My Lord! I’ve earned 30,000 middle-grade Spirit Stones from your things these past few days. Please take a look!”

With that, he closed his eyes and waited for Wu De’s praise.

Huang Li, who was at the side, looked at Wu De with extreme envy. Actually, she also had some Spirit Stones, but unfortunately, she did not dare to use them to fiddle around with things.

Chen Chen indeed praised Wu De. Although this fellow did not have much quality, he still had some advantages.

If such a person was used properly, he could also be of great use.

However, after Wu De arrived, there was no news of the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian for a full two hours. It was not until more than half a day had passed that he received a reply from the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian.

It turned out that this fellow had accepted a mission of escorting a caravan last night. He would only be back in three days.

Chen Chen shook his head. The Red-Eyed Golden Guardian was prepared to work here for one or two years. It was normal for him to accept such a mission.

“Forget it. We’ll stay in Wangjiang City for another three days and also purchase some other materials. We’ll set off after three days.”

Chen Chen immediately decided.

In these three days, Chen Chen bought a large number of books and gradually gained a certain understanding of the upper realm.

In the upper realm, there were four realms above the Void Refinement realm, which were the separation of mind and body to transcend tribulation and Mahayana.

After stepping into the form synthesis stage, one could basically live forever in the world. This was also the highest realm that most cultivators in the world pursued.

However, there were only so many resources in the upper realm. How could it be easy to enter that realm?

If there were no large sects to rely on, one would have to plunder. Therefore, the cultivators in the upper realm fought against each other very frequently.

In order to deal with the frequent fights, the cultivators not only pursued a strong cultivation base, but also a strong combat strength. Hence, a large number of all kinds of secret combat techniques were born.

It was not difficult for cultivators with powerful secret techniques to fight above their level.

Apart from secret combat techniques, the alchemy and artifact refinement techniques in the upper realm were also extremely complicated.

Chen Chen had also learned alchemy techniques in the jade cauldron alchemical sect, but compared to the alchemy techniques in the upper realm, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Some of the most terrifying alchemical elixirs in the upper realm even required tens of thousands of kinds of medicinal herbs and dozens of years of tempering to form. Only those cultivators who had lived for God knows how many years had the patience to do this kind of research.

Meanwhile in the lower realm… Such medicinal elixirs were absolutely unimaginable.

Refining artifacts and refining elixirs were almost the same principle.

The more Chen Chen read, the more awe he felt in his heart. Some cultivators lived for tens of thousands of years and focused on only one thing. That was truly terrifying to the extreme.

With the help of these books, the upper realm in Chen Chen’s mind gradually became clear.

Three days later, the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian returned with injuries and gave Chen Chen 20,000 mid-grade Spirit Stones with an apologetic expression.

Seeing his miserable appearance, Chen Chen waved his hand and said, “Alright, let’s go. I’ve earned enough Spirit Stones!”

“Master, how did you earn so many Spirit Stones?”

Huang Li held it in for a few days before finally asking, her face full of a fawning expression.

“I helped the City Lord Kill a True Spirit descendant.”Chen Chen didn’t hide anything.

“No Wonder Master could stay in the City Lord’s mansion. Oh right, then master, don’t you have the cultivation of peak-stage Essence Soul realm?” Huang Li had a face full of worship. Peak-stage Essence Soul realm, even more powerful than her grandfather!

Chen Chen was too lazy to explain. This disciple was just silly and her imagination was limited.

“Cut the crap, hurry up.”

Chen Chen put on his authority as her master and shouted coldly before directly walking towards the city gate.

Before leaving the city, Chen Chen hesitated for a moment but in the end, he still didn’t bid farewell to Jiang Chengzi. After all, Jiang Chengzi hadn’t been seen for three days, so it was better to come quietly and leave quietly.

After leaving the city, the group of people found the Immortal Csrane and boarded the flying boat again.

With so many Spirit Stones in his storage ring, Chen Chen felt a bit more confident.


Before they flew more than 50 kilometers away, a voice came from his mind.

“Fellow Daoist, Wait!”

Hearing that familiar voice, Chen Chen’s heart skipped a beat.

It was Jiang Chengzi’s voice!

This guy was not far behind him. Didn’t that mean that this person found out that he had stolen the Immortal Crane?

This was a little awkward.

Feeling guilty, Chen Chen pretended not to hear it and made the two Immoral Cranes speed up.

“Why are you so anxious, Fellow Daoist?”

Another voice sounded, but this time, it came from the front.

Chen Chen used his divine senses to probe and found a golden figure five kilometers ahead of the flying boat. His body was covered in muscles, and his appearance was like the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian.

Seeing this situation, Chen Chen knew that things were not looking good.

Fortunately, he did not see the two victims, Fan Li and Wu Lan. This meant that there was still room for deception.

Since the other party was blocking in front, Chen Chen could only stop and fly out of the flying boat.

“Fellow Daoist, what are you stopping me for?”

After Chen Chen finished speaking, Jiang Chengzi had already rushed over from behind.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, please don’t take offense. My Senior Brother is a master craftsman and usually loves to repair magic treasures. Today, when he heard from me that your Natal treasure had been damaged, he couldn’t wait to pull me to catch up.”

“He wants to help fellow Daoist Chen repair the magic treasure and improve his skills at the same time.”

When Chen Chen heard this, his eyes revealed a look of suspicion.

‘It wasn’t for the Immortal Crane?’

With this thought in mind, he felt a sense of foreboding. After reading the books of the upper realm for a few days, even some of the best plots in the novels of the upper realm were about killing people and snatching treasures, becoming rich overnight.

How could he believe that there would be such a kind-hearted cultivator in this world?

Chen Chen did not continue to think. He used his divine senses to check his surroundings once more, and only then did he realize that there were four cultivators flying towards him from a distance of 25 kilometers to the left.

They were the four Stone Mountain Saints!

Sensing these four people, Chen Chen’s expression became gloomy.

A few days ago, they had formed a team to slaughter True Spirit descendants. Today, they were going to form a team to kill him?

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