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Chapter 321: If I Were Him, I Would Rather Die

After the strongest person of each group was selected, the Battle of Techniques was paused for half a day in order to ensure that all cultivators could return to their peak state.

During the break, Chen Chen got a general idea of the situation in the groups of Core Formation realm and Essence Soul realm cultivators.

It was no surprise that the two Core Formation realm cultivators with innate spirit bodies had performed the best.

On the contrary, there were barely any bouts in the ring for Essence Soul realm cultivators, so there was nothing strange yet. Even a battle fanatic like Zhou Renlong didn’t get a chance to fight.

Half a day later.

Chu Xiong returned to peak condition and appeared in the vicinity of the Nascent Soul realm cultivators’ ring in high spirits.

The Nascent Soul realm cultivators were divided into six groups, and the cultivation level of the strongest in each group were all at the peak of Nascent Soul realm.

The six strongest Nascent Soul realm cultivators were then split into pairs. The cultivators of each pair were then pitted against each other, and the winner of each pair would take a turn to compete with the winner of the other two for the title of strongest Nascent Soul realm cultivator.

On the other hand, Zhang Ji was Chu Xiong’s first opponent.

Looking at Zhang Ji who was dressed in black and standing across from him in the ring, Chu Xiong grinned.

He finally didn’t want to fight with Yuan Qingtian anymore.

Yuan Qingtian had been in stealth mode, so he didn’t have the chance to attack. He couldn’t exert much of his abilities and ended up facing a sneak attack.

He felt really vexed.

Be it in the Core Formation realm or the Essence Soul realm categories, he was the first person with an innate spirit body who had lost!

He was a disgrace to all cultivators with innate spirit bodies! Furthermore, he had been defeated by a nameless person in the late-stage Nascent Soul realm!

After that battle, the betting odds of him becoming the strongest Nascent Soul realm were greatly reduced, and they were far inferior to another innate spirit body cultivator in the Nascent Soul realm group.

To prove himself, he had secretly decided to win every battle after that and was even determined to wind beautifully and ferociously, to let the others out there know that the reason he lost to “Li Qingtian” was not his weakness, but because Li “Qingtian’s” trap was too tricky!

Thinking of this, a stern gaze appeared in his eyes as he looked at the youth standing near him, who was clad in black.

Seeing this, Zhang Ji smiled gently and said with cupped fists, “I’m Zhang Ji from the Seven Lethal Demon Clan, please guide me, Senior Brother.”

Chu Xiong said indifferently with a cold expression, “Just strike with all your might, I don’t like going easy on others. If I hurt you, don’t go back and complain to the Seven Lethal Demon Clan.”

After saying that, he began to attack without giving Zhang Ji the chance to answer.

Soon, they were evenly matched in the ring.

Chen Chen watched calmly.

Since Zhang Ji was the strongest person according to the system, he could basically win as long as the system wasn’t messing up.

However, he couldn’t see any advantage for Zhang Ji now. Instead, he was being bombarded badly by Yuan Qingtian, which was a bit illogical.

“Kid, are you still pretending?”

Chen Chen shook his head and laughed lightly, but in the next second, he thought of a certain possibility, and he frowned immediately.

The next thing that happened was not far from what he imagined. Zhang Ji got beaten up even more badly, and he was soon covered in blood.

When Yuan Qingtian saw this scene from the side, he muttered softly, “Brother, I knew this man was a braggart the first time I saw him. See, he can’t even beat Chu Xiong. Yet, he called himself the best in the Nascent Soul realm. I bet he will not last more than three moves in my hands.”

Chen Chen ignored him. ‘What is this kid thinking? He’s always thinking of going against Zhang Ji. He’s even badmouthing him now.’

“Your name is Zhang Ji, right? I advise you to admit defeat. If not for the fact that you spoke up for me previously, I would have beaten you to death by now.”

Chu Xiong found confidence in the ring, and his moves were increasingly brutal although he spoke nicely.

Zhang Ji did not say a word and took the hits quietly. After suffering a few more blows, the aura of his body became extremely weak but the battle intent in his eyes intensified.

Chu Xiong looked at those eyes, his heart full of greater frustration.

‘Diabolic cultivators are just so hard to deal with. They don’t know danger until they’re facing it.’

Seeing that another long battle ensued, a trace of hostility arose in his heart.

If this went on, the cultivators’ opinion of him would probably worsen!

‘Since this kid has a death wish, he’d better not blame me!’

With this in mind, the shield in his hand suddenly lit up with a strange pattern, after which a ray of majestic yellow light pressed down onto Zhang Ji’s head!

This blow was the strongest blow launched by his treasure. Most peak Essence Soul realm cultivators would be crushed on the spot!

The Essence Soul realm responsible for maintaining order looked aghast when he saw that. All of his attention was cast on Chu Xiong and he was ready to intervene.

However, before that, he looked at Chen Chen with a warning gaze.

During the previous battle between Yuan Qingtian and Chu Xiong, he was stunned for a moment, but he soon carefully recalled something. He felt that Chen Chen was playing tricks.

After all, Chen Chen had become famous for his divine sense attacks.

However, the good thing is that Chen Chen merely crippled Chu Xiong’s arm. Otherwise, this matter was definitely not over.

Faced with his gaze, Chen Chen chose to ignore it, but he stared at the battered-up Zhang Ji who was in the ring.

Seeing that Chu Xiong’s body was shrouded in golden light and was about to press onto Zhang Ji, he hollered with a ferocious expression, “You forced me into this!”

Along with this roar, the black spear in Zhang Ji’s hand suddenly emitted a dazzling light and it stabbed Chu Xiong!

Seeing that Zhang Ji still had the power to counterattack, the Essence Soul realm cultivator who was maintaining order did not attack, but in the next second, he sensed that something was amiss!

The blow was too strong! Surprisingly, it directly pierced through the yellow light around Chu Xiong’s body and charged towards Chu Xiong’s head rapidly!

It was several times stronger than any previous attack!

“Show mercy!”

The Essence Soul realm cultivator maintaining order was horrified. He had just focused his attention on Chu Xiong, but he never thought that the diabolic cultivator in black would emit such a terrifying power at such a rapid speed!


Before he could stop, the spear pierced through Chu Xiong’s skull!

Seeing this scene, that Essence Soul realm referee’s body was covered with cold, and his face instantly turned pale.

There was only one thought left in his mind.

“Oh, dear!”

The surrounding Nascent Soul realm cultivators all looked at Zhang Ji, the fear in their eyes could not be concealed.

They had seen the spear, and if they were in Chu Xiong’s place, they would probably end up in a more tragic state.

Zhang Ji, who was in the ring, had already slowly put his spear away. He said helplessly, “Don’t worry, he’s not dead. Ah, he’s already tried to kill me, so I had to use my trump card. He forced me into this.”

As soon as he said that, a fancily-dressed Void Refinement realm expert flew towards Chu Xiong before the Essence Soul realm referee could fly over to check on his situation. He quickly fed Chu Xiong an elixir and then began to check Chu Xiong’s situation.

After a moment, he said with a grave expression, “His sea of consciousness has been broken and he has lost all his memory. From now onwards, he will be no different from a baby.”

However, he could not blame Zhang Ji yet. He had seen that scene just now and indeed, Chu Xiong was the first to attack…

Chen Chen watched everything quietly from below the ring, feeling extremely comfortable.

His comfort was not only because Chu Xiong was beaten into a fool, but also because of Zhang Ji’s growth.

If Zhang Ji had used his full strength at the beginning, he would have attracted the attention of the Essence Soul realm referee, as well as the Void Refinement realm powerhouse who was in charge of the entire situation. Thus, he would then have ended up failing to seriously injure Chu Xiong.

Now, not only had he seriously injured Chu Xiong in the eyes of the experts but also took the moral high ground.

He even acted more appropriately by keeping Chu Xiong alive.

In fact, in Chen Chen’s opinion, having one’s sea of consciousness broken is almost the same as death.

For example, Yuan Qingtian was no longer who he used to be before his sea of consciousness was broken.

Seeing that Zhang Ji kept blinking at him in the ring, Chen Chen smiled.

Now, his junior could take on a fight alone and was both mentally and physically strong.


Yuan Qingtian laughed when he was at the side. Chen Chen glanced at him, and he felt that in comparison, he was too inexperienced in gloating.

Realizing that this was too inappropriate, Yuan Qingtian stopped laughing, but his eyes were full of a gloating gaze.

He walked towards Chen Chen and whispered, “Senior Brother, that fool was beaten up to the point of losing his memory and wits! If I were him, I’d rather die, haha! What a dimwit.”

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