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Chapter 287: Casting The Golden Body

“Essence… It’s the peak of the Essence Soul realm!”

The Wind-Breaking Demon Emperor that was stuck in the mountain wall looked at Zhou Renlong who was in the distant sky, his heart full of fury.

‘The cultivation level of this human who appeared out of nowhere is clearly at the peak of the Essence Soul realm, and yet, he launched a sneak attack on me, a late-stage Essence Soul realm cultivator!’

‘He’s clearly bullying me just because he’s stronger!’

‘How dare he call me shameless when he’s the shameless one? Atrocious and despicable!’


A big pile of rocks fell to the ground.

The Wind-Breaking Demon Emperor struggled to get out of the mountain wall, only to feel a sharp pain that spread all over his body, making him feel as if he was about to fall apart.

He turned around to see that a large human-shaped crater had appeared in the mountain wall behind him. In addition, various cracks also spread for about a hundred meters.

“You! Do you dare to fight me!?!”

Zhou Renlong pointed at the Wind-Breaking Demon Emperor like an old man challenging a young man arrogantly.

With an incredibly gloomy expression, the Wind-Breaking Demon Emperor turned around to leave without hesitation.

Soon, a small mountain near them rose in the air and completely withdrew from the mountain range.

Seeing this, Chen Chen felt speechless. He initially thought that the Wind-Breaking Demon Emperor was a powerful figure, but it turned out that he was just a wimp who liked bullying the weak.


After criticizing him in disdain through his head, Chen Chen smiled at Zhou Renlong who was in the distance.

Zhou Renlong didn’t seem to have the intentions to chase after him either. He arrived at the Wufeng City smugly, and when he saw Chen Chen, he said, “Chen Chen, I have reached the peak of the Essence Soul realm. With my strength, I can definitely be ranked among the top five masters of Demon Clans! How’s it?”

“Impressive! Clan Master, your cultivation level is unparalleled! I truly admire you!”

Chen Chen patronized him, but he was actually full of disdain.

‘If it weren’t for me, Old Zhou wouldn’t have achieved such a high cultivation level.’

‘How can he have the cheek bragging in front of me!? How shameless!’

Zhou Renlong seemed to have been reminded of the million-year-old Blood Coral as the arrogance on his face vanished and was soon replaced by a pretentious benevolence.

“Chen Chen, I just stepped into the peak of the Essence Soul realm, and I came to the Western Border right away. I’m not letting you down, huh?”

Chen Chen answered smilingly, “Of course not, Clan Master, with you around, I’m so much safer.”

He wasn’t actually sucking up to Zhou Renlong.

Zhou Renlong’s peak Essence Soul realm cultivation level might be slightly weaker than that of the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan, but it definitely wouldn’t be too far off.

Cultivators of the body refinement lineage of the State of Zhou Demon Clan were existences that could compare with the Immortal Demonic Phoenixes and were definitely not weaklings that could be defeated easily.

If he waited for some time, Zhou Renlong would probably be able to become the absolute powerhouse in the peak level of the Essence Soul realm.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen was secretly overjoyed.

‘Compared to Yu Qiong, Old Zhou is much more gullible… Ahem, I mean, he’s much easier to convince. He’s the best candidate!’

“Senior Brother, should we take the opportunity to pursue the demons now, like we did back in the Demon Suppressing Town?”

Yuan Qingtian muttered softly with excitement written all over his face.

In his eyes, there were various factions in Wufeng City, and he was glad that the Demon Clan’s leader was now here too.

Chen Chen shook his head and said, “No, we have to lay low for a while. The clear mountains and water here are also suitable for cultivation. When everyone’s cultivation level advances further, we’ll attack them in one fell swoop.”

Chen Chen’s words set the tone for everyone in Wufeng City. During the following period of time, Wufeng City simply stood calmly in the valley.

The people in the city were all cultivating at ease, even Chen Chen was no exception.

The demons never appeared again, and they seemed to have gone missing.

That made the jaws of many upper echelons of the human race drop, especially the clan masters of various major clans.

He initially thought that Chen Chen would become more grounded and stable after suffering some defeat, but to his surprise, a peak Essence Soul realm expert appeared.

A month later.

Chen Chen sat cross-legged on the top of a peak far away from Wufeng City, his body faintly flickering with golden light while a powerful aura appeared vaguely, as if it would emerge anytime soon.

“I can’t control it anymore… My body refinement cultivation level is going to reach the Essence Soul realm too.”

Chen Chen murmured as he sensed the condition of his body.

More than a month ago, he had defeated more than ten Demon Emperors in a row and sustained severe injuries. At that time, his Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique had also progressed well.

In the past one month or so, his physical body kept becoming stronger, regardless of how he tried to control it.

Today, his body was already showing vague signs of turning into a Golden Body.

The Golden Body does not simply emit golden light, but rather, it is indestructible, and according to the introduction of the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique, cultivating it to the fifth level would allow one to turn into the Golden Body!

The Golden Body can shake treasures, and with the physical body alone, it would be able to suppress other cultivators of the same realm. It was simply indestructible!

Now… Chen Chen could feel the changes in certain parts of his body as they were getting harder, tougher, and more rigid.

The change was beyond his control.

“Chen Chen, there’s something wrong with your cultivation method. Why doesn’t it seem like the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique?”

Zhou Renlong, who was watching Chen Chen from afar, asked.

All along, he had thought that Chen Chen was cultivating the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique, but the changes in Chen Chen’s body now made him feel that something was amiss.

As a body refinement cultivator, he could clearly sense the strength of Chen Chen’s body…

It was simply terrifying!

The powerful thing about the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique was that it provided a constant source of vitality, and could even bring one back to life.

However, it was unlikely that someone would die if they had a body as strong as Chen Chen’s.

It was contrary to the concept of the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique.

Chen Chen had a bitter expression on his face after hearing that, and he wanted to say something to casually patronize Zhou Renlong, but in the next moment, his expression changed drastically as he exclaimed in shock, “Old Zhou! It’s too late to explain! I’m going to break through!”

As soon as he said that, Chen Chen opened his mouth, and light darted out from all the orifices of his body.

His tendons crackled loudly, and a layer of gold began to spread from Chen Chen’s head, all the way down his body.

The golden light was getting increasingly brighter, and Chen Chen eventually looked like the sun.

Looking at the dazzling golden aura, Zhou Renlong’s face was covered in extreme astonishment and horror as he exclaimed, “Chen Chen! What kind of technique are you practicing? Are you going to become an immortal?”

“Immortal my foot! More like becoming a ghost!”

Chen Chen barked furiously.

Half a month ago, Yu Qiong successfully stepped into the Void Refinement realm, and Chen Chen hurriedly returned to borrow some treasures for the tribulation.

In the end, Yu Qiong said that body refinement cultivators had to go through the tribulation personally in order to ensure the greatest improvement in strength.

Chen Chen naturally believed her, but he nevertheless borrowed the treasures from her.

However, he was not going to use it until he was on the brink of death.

Now, the massive pressure above his head had appeared, and Chen Chen was ready to resist it with his body!


A faint sound filled the air, and Chen Chen subconsciously opened his mouth to spew a large mouthful of flames.

Immediately afterwards, his entire body was set afire from inside out.

An unparalleled burning sensation instantly filled his entire body.

“Uh… uh…”

Chen Chen stammered twice, but he couldn’t say a single word. All he could feel was a sharp pain in his internal organs.

However, in just a few moments, his entire body turned into a big golden ball of fire!

Zhou Renlong was so astonished that he subconsciously raised his brows.

“Chen Chen, this is the Solar Essence Flame! You’re crossing the Divine Fire Tribulation that only cultivators of the body refinement lineage can occasionally encounter!”


Chen Chen hollered furiously. ‘What Divine Fire Tribulation is this? I’m burning up from inside out, there’s no point in having treasures. They can’t help anyway.”

“What do we do?”

“You can only resist the Divine Fire Tribulation with your own willpower and tenacity. Chen Chen, you’ll have to fend for yourself.”

After saying that, Zhou Renlong couldn’t help but be amazed.

‘Chen Chen is so good at predicting. One day ago, he suddenly made something called a will and gave me instructions for the future and now, he’s facing the Divine Fire Tribulation formed by the Solar Essence Flame.’

‘Could it be that he had predicted that he might die today?’

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