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Chapter 284: Diabolism is Merciless

Hearing this, the Heavenly Diabolism sect master slowly withdrew her hand, and after a long time, she suddenly let out a burst of laughter that sounded like a silver bell.

“My life is up to me, not Heaven. These are just some casual things said by those diabolic cultivators. When it comes to transcending the tribulation, they’re all so nervous. Do you really believe it?”

Chen Chen slowly put on his glove. Deep down, he had already calmed down.

“This is my own belief, it has nothing to do with what I cultivate.”

As soon as Chen Chen finished speaking, the entire cave was filled with a terrifying pressure. Immediately afterwards, the silver bell-like voice once again became hoarse.

“You have to die now then! Although I won’t do it myself, I can find at least ten people who are capable of killing you!”

Chen Chen lowered his hand and looked at the Heavenly Diabolism sect master before saying indifferently, “Are you going to send the Fourth Prince of the Great Jing Dynasty or Elder Jiang of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan? Or the half-demon of the Void Spirit Clan who didn’t show up today?”

As soon as he said that, the Heavenly Diabolism sect master’s body suddenly shivered violently, and the entire atmosphere in the cave became increasingly somber.

“How did you know?”

The Heavenly Diabolism sect master’s question was vague, but Chen Chen knew what she meant.

She was undoubtedly going to ask Chen Chen how he knew of their identities.

“I don’t like to be passive all the time. When you said at least ten people, you are actually boasting. Among those who came today, there are at most, only five who can kill me.”

Chen Chen said with an indifferent smile and spoke with a tone full of confidence.

“Seems like I’ve belittled you after all. I didn’t expect to have lured a villain to my place!”

The Heavenly Diabolism sect master gritted her teeth. At this moment, she really wished she could smack Chen Chen dead.

Fearless of her angry tone, Chen Chen continued to smile and said, “If you kill me, the identity of all the Heavenly Diabolism experts will be revealed to the world. With your wisdom, I’m sure you can imagine what the result will be.”

The aura of the Heavenly Diabolism sect master’s body began fluctuating vigorously.

She wasn’t sure about the demons, but she knew that the humans would definitely attack. When the time comes, the demonic cultivators would probably be reduced to underground forces. Hence, no one dared to appear.

At the thought of this, her anger intensified.

“I’ll get going now if there’s nothing else. As for the identity of those people, I know what to do. I won’t spread them around, don’t worry. By the way, if you need me to do something that won’t harm the human race in the future, I might consider.”


After saying that, Chen Chen turned around and slowly walked towards the cave entrance.

A strong aura was locked on him, but Chen Chen wasn’t bothered. Instead, his gait was firm.

When he walked out of the cave, that aura vanished and Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief. He had safely overcome the ordeal after all.

He was really afraid that the Heavenly Diabolism sect master would destroy him at all costs, but now, it seemed that the sect master was still somewhat rational.

However, to his surprise, the sect master turned out to be a woman…

No, to be precise, a demoness.

‘What sins did that demoness commit to having been given the Adversity-Overcoming Seal by Heaven?’

He had also used the system to try to find out the exact identity of that demoness, but he couldn’t find out anything except for the fact that she was the sect master of the Heavenly Diabolism.

That meant that the demoness probably did not have an official identity among the demons, or rather, she didn’t acknowledge the identity at all.

Chen Chen shook his head and didn’t think about it any further. He thought to himself that he had to remind the humans after he returned.

Just because the Heavenly Diabolism sect master didn’t force him to attack didn’t mean that she wouldn’t let others attack too.

Every Void Refinement realm powerhouse was incredibly important to the human race, and they could not afford to lose them.

An hour passed.

Chen Chen passed through the mountain range, and a dark figure stopped him.

The dark figure was dressed exactly like him. He was clearly from the Heavenly Diabolism.

“Why are you blocking my way?”

Chen Chen asked indifferently.

“Oh, the sect master once said that she would deal with Chen Chen herself, but ever since Chen Chen rose to fame in the Demon Suppressing Town, she didn’t mention it again. There happens to be a new member in the Heavenly Diabolism now, don’t you think it’s coincidental?”

The figure’s voice was full of derision.

Hearing this, Chen Chen frowned and asked indifferently, “Indeed, it’s very coincidental but so what?”

“Chen Chen’s divine senses are extremely powerful, I would like to know the reason. Please clear my doubts.”

The black figure said while revealing the late-stage Essence Soul realm aura fluctuations.

Chen Chen took off his mask and laughed. “Because I’m highly talented. Fourth Prince of Great Jing, what do you mean by asking me this question? Could it be that you think I have obtained some supreme treasure or incredible technique?”

The black figure stayed silent for a long time before removing his mask to reveal a gloomy expression.

His face was ordinary-looking, but his eyes were bloodshot, and they contained a vaguely demonic light that was flickering. Clearly, he had practiced some kind of evil technique to an extremely profound level.

“Tell me your secret, and I’ll let you live!”

The fourth prince shouted sternly and black Qi emanated from his body. It contained the faint roaring of vengeful spirits.

Before Chen Chen could respond, someone exclaimed in fright.

“Cousin! You have actually stepped into the path of diabolism!”

When the Fourth Prince heard this voice, his pupils constricted a little, and he looked at Bai Fan who had appeared out of thin air next to Chen Chen.

“Spatial treasure! I didn’t expect you to have a spatial treasure! Keke!”

Bai Fan was stunned for a moment, and his gaze became extremely complicated. The prince he had been supporting was his cousin, who was now standing in front of him. He was the fourth prince of the Great Jing Dynasty.

Now, his cousin’s first reaction when he saw him was not to ask about why he was there, but rather, he made a remark about Chen Chen’s spatial treasure.

That made him feel a complicated mix of emotions.

Diabolic cultivators are so heartless and ruthless!

“Bai Fan, do you now understand why you got robbed when you were escorting those items?”

Chen Chen looked at Bai Fan’s back.

Bai Fan lowered his head and secretly clenched his fist.

He understood. He understood it all now. It was all his cousin’s doing. ‘So much for supporting him all along. It turns out that he’s the one who stabbed me in the back.’

“Bai Fan, since you are here, kill Chen Chen with me, and from now on, I will treat you like my own brother!”

The fourth prince pointed at Chen Chen menacingly.

Bai Fan lowered his head without saying a single word. When he lost the alchemy materials, he was transporting at the Southern Border back then, he didn’t hesitate to take up the Heavenly Diabolism’s mission to assassinate Chen Chen, to prevent his cousin from being affected.

In the end, Chen Chen got a hold of him, and he had now lost all his freedom.

The person who had harmed him…was his cousin.

“Haha! The royal family doesn’t care for kinship and familial ties. Father really didn’t lie to me! In recent years, there have been several massacres in the various cities of the Great Jing Dynasty every now and then. I couldn’t find any clues, but now it seems that it was your doing, right?”

Faced with Bai Fan’s questioning, the Fourth Prince stayed silent for a moment before saying relentlessly, “Since you want to die, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

After saying that, the entire area was engulfed by black fog and a massive demon was suddenly formed in the sky. It then tried to devour Chen Chen and Bai Fan.

Looking at the demon in the sky, Chen Chen cast the Haoran Sacred Light Method.

A powerful devouring force suddenly appeared in his palm, and the demon was swallowed entirely, leaving only a pure wave of divine sense power that fused with his sea of consciousness.

“This demon is comparable to three or four late Essence Soul realm demons. I wonder how many living beings were slaughtered to refine it.”

Chen Chen sighed and retracted his palm.

On the contrary, the fourth prince spat out a large mouthful of blood on the spot, his eyes full of astonishment.

The demon head was the result of decades of hard work, and its strength was comparable to the late stage of the Essence Soul realm. It was also the item that he relied on the most.

He didn’t expect Chen Chen to devour it just with the raise of his hand…

‘What cultivation method is that?’

With that thought, the fourth prince’s heart was filled with fury, and he even began to turn somewhat hysterical. He then fell to his knees in the void.

“Chen Chen! I’m willing to acknowledge you as my master! In the future, I will serve you well. I don’t dare to disobey you again, please teach me that cultivation method!”

“What a lunatic.”

Chen Chen shook his head and turned around.

The fourth prince had gone bonkers and become a madman whose only pursuit was greater strength and had no bottom line at all. If he was kept alive, he would definitely be a scourge to the world.

As soon as he turned around, Yuan Qingtian revealed his figure in the void while twelve Dark Guards followed behind him.

“Cooperate with Bai Fan and exterminate the fourth prince of Great Jing Dynasty.”

“Yes, Senior Brother!”

Yuan Qingtian answered, and the twelve Dark Guards besieged the fourth prince.

Chen Chen did not look any further, and instead, turned to look at the stronghold of the Heavenly Diabolism. He murmured, “In fact, none of them can kill me.”

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