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Chapter 265: Heavenly Diabolism

Hearing Chen Chen’s absurd words, the leader who was at the peak Essence Soul realm was slightly stunned, but a moment later, he suddenly laughed out loud.

“Haha, you mean the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan had supported the merchant alliance and contributed to its rise? I can understand that you want to live, but this is such an absurd lie. If this is really the case, why would the merchant alliance send people to bargain with the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan for a lower price?”

Chen Chen’s face turned red after he heard that.

‘This person knows nothing, it’s called separating business from personal relations!’

‘Besides, the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan doesn’t belong to me, why should I not save Spirit Stones when I can?’

Spirit Stones don’t grow on trees, and furthermore, he couldn’t casually pick up treasures as and when he pleased now.

“You’re overthinking. The person who controls the merchant alliance is me, and it has nothing to do with the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan!”

Chen Chen said with a sulk.

Yuan Qingtian smiled, not surprised to hear that at all. ‘Senior Brother is just that impartial, unlike most humans.’

Xiao Yun, however, looked at Chen Chen in puzzlement.

‘Lord is a disciple of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, and yet, he’s still earning money from the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan… This doesn’t seem right.’

Chen Chen had long noticed Xiao Yun’s expression with his divine senses. Hence, he immediately chided with disappointment. “What do you know!? This is called showing respect for the market! Watch and learn properly! I brought you out to let you learn and see more of this world!”

The man in black in the sky couldn’t tolerate it any longer. He waved his hand and signaled for everyone to attack.

Together with him, a peak Essence Soul realm cultivator, more than twenty Nascent Soul realm cultivators, and ten Essence Soul realm cultivators formed an almost invincible league that wouldn’t be defeated unless they encountered a Void Refinement realm powerhouse!

However, the moment he waved his hand…

In the distance, a melodious singing began to spread to their ears all of a sudden, and the tune that was being sung was a bit melancholic and mournful. However, after the men in black heard it, their eyes were full of shock.

“Quick, kill him!”

The leader bellowed suddenly as he struck his palm against Chen Chen who was below.

A sea breeze blew by, and the world suddenly became extremely quiet.


Immediately afterwards, there was a shocking thunderous sound that came from the Boundless Sea!


The leader’s attack began to emit a crackling sound as it seemed to have hit something.

When peace was restored, the thirty-odd men finally realized that at some point, a massive turtle appeared above their heads.

The leader’s attack didn’t leave a single trace at all.

“It’s the Great Sea Demon that’s at the Void Refinement realm!”

The leader of the men in black’s voice had become hoarse, and his eyes bloodshot.

‘This disciple of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan was really the one who manipulated the sea demon!’

‘Why did this happen!?!’

“Which path do you people belong to? Tell me in detail.”

At this moment, Chen Chen had already stood on top of the sea demon.

The reason that he would come to their rescue fearlessly was that he had the confidence to.

After all… Green Bean was the lord of the Boundless Sea.

With Green Bean around, Chen Chen wouldn’t be afraid of being destroyed by a force or even an entire race.

Qinglin was carrying Green Bean at the side and looking at Chen Chen with contempt.

‘This person has been bullying others of his own race just because he knows the Sea God’s descendant. What a scum.’


The leader didn’t look at Chen Chen at all as he merely hollered at his subordinates in anger.

Although the organization was powerful, it would suffer great damage, if it lost so many experts at once.

If the Endless Sea wasn’t the main source of the organization’s wealth, the organization wouldn’t have sent so many people.

Seeing that the men in black were fleeing in all directions, Chen Chen did not stop them.


Another thunderous sound filled the air and three more Void Refinement realm Great Sea Demons emerged from the sea, each of their bodies as large as a small island.

The Flying Dragon Island was only a small island with a radius of five kilometers, and the four Great Sea Demons managed to cover the entire island seamlessly.

At the same time, they exuded Void Refinement realm aura that made the men in black who had tried to flee, fall to the ground.

In no time, only the Essence Soul realm expert was left struggling to hold on to the air.

Feeling the aura emanating from this group of people, Chen Chen frowned slightly.

The ten of them were all diabolic cultivators.

The composition of the force was also clear at a glance.

‘Ah, how wonderful would it be, if such a force had gone to fight those demons? Yet, they died in my hands.’

Seeing that the lives of his subordinates were in danger, the leader glared wide-eyed at Chen Chen and threatened furiously, “If you kill us today, those who are related to you will never get to rest in peace in the future!”

Chen Chen did not say anything. The Giant Crab sea demon under his body attacked, and half of the twenty-odd Nascent Soul realm cultivators were killed by the terrifying aura.

A few of them also revealed their true bodies, and it was obvious from their mutated bodies that they were half-demons.

“Half-demons and diabolism are really a good match.”

Looking at the corpses, Chen Chen smiled coldly. He had encountered a similar pairing in the battle against the Dark Immortal Sect back then.

Obviously, this group of people and those of the Dark Immortal Sect should be of the same lineage.

Chen Chen completely disregarded the leader’s threat.

‘This world is now blocked so the people can’t spread the news at all. By then, who can be certain that this matter is related to me?’

“Hey, if you tell me honestly about your background, I can detain you guys instead of killing you.”

Chen Chen said to the leader smilingly.

The man in black who was in charge clenched his fists after hearing his words.

Of course, he did not believe in this kind of nonsense, but he really did not want himself and his subordinates to die.

It wasn’t that he was afraid of dying, but because the organization could not afford to lose!

Only one of the ten Essence Soul realm cultivators belonged to the Boundless Sea, while the rest were all leaders of the organization branches in various areas who had been transferred over for the time being.

If all of them died at the same time, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Do you mean it?”

The man in black asked in a deep voice after being conflicted for a long time.

“Of course I do!” Chen Chen patted his chest and assured.

“Do you dare to swear?”

Chen Chen fell silent after hearing his words. A moment later, he said indifferently, “Why wouldn’t I dare? You diabolic cultivators should have heard of something called the Adversity-Overcoming Seal, right? I can swear to the heavens that if I go back on my word, I shall be struck by the Adversity-Overcoming Seal!”

The man in black was horrified to hear his words.

He didn’t expect that Chen Chen would really swear such a ruthless oath.

Of course he had heard the taboo about the Adversity-Overcoming Seal. The path of diabolism had developed for more than 10,000 years so far, and three of their seniors had been struck by the Adversity-Overcoming Seal sent by the heavens.

In the end, without exception, all of them were besieged and killed.

Two seniors were said to have gone into hiding at first, but they were killed by a powerful Thunder Tribulation during their tribulation transcendence later on.

There was a legend in the path of diabolism that stated the Adversity-Overcoming Seal symbolized sure death.

Thinking of this, he actually believed Chen Chen a little. However, after contemplating for a few more moments, he gritted his teeth and said, “We…are a force named Heavenly Diabolism, and we have a heritage of close to ten thousand years. We are composed of diabolic cultivators and some who are not accepted by the world. We give each other support…”

The man in black began to slowly introduce the origins of the Heavenly Diabolism.

The Heavenly Diabolism was established by a certain expert diabolic cultivator, and the organization was composed of diabolic cultivators and wanted cultivators who have committed great sins.

Anyway, all of them had committed heinous crimes and wouldn’t deserve sympathy even if they died.

Usually, this organization was relatively lax.

However, during times of war, the organization would automatically become much more efficient. This time, they were clearly trying to reap benefits and gains from the great battle to expand their strength.

As soon as the war is over, they will continue to lurk and ambush.

After listening to his introduction, Chen Chen asked straightforwardly, “Who is the strongest person in your organization today? There should be a Void Refinement realm mighty figure, right?”

Chen Chen did not ask that question for no reason.

This man was already at the peak of Essence Soul realm cultivation, so it would only make sense for his superior to be at the Void Refinement realm.

Besides, Jiang Wang had told him back then to be wary of a certain Void Refinement realm expert of the Void Spirit Clan.

Now, it seemed that Jiang Wang was more likely than not, related to the organization.

When the man in black heard Chen Chen’s question, he bit his lip hard and was stuck in a dilemma for a long time before he could answer. “Yes, there is, but I’m not sure of his true identity. However, I know that he’s a half-demon who’s lurking in the Void Spirit Clan now!”

“There’s also someone else who is a mighty figure of a diabolic clan, which isn’t one of the eight greatest clans, but his power is massive, and he’s the current Lord of Heavenly Diabolism.”

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