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Chapter 255: Chapter 255: Peak Essence Soul Realm

During those three days that he had stayed in the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, Chen Chen learned alchemical skills.

Although he disliked elixirs and felt that imperfect elixirs would contain some impurities, some Divine Elixirs were very powerful, and basically, they could not be replaced by treasures.

Besides, there was no harm in having more techniques.

‘If Heaven has given someone a beautiful appearance and great wisdom, that means that he wants that person to pursue perfection.’

Chen Chen was just that strict with himself.

On the contrary, Yuan Qingtian, who was cultivating hard outside, would never be able to pursue perfection even if he became invincible one day.

The reason being, his looks, and wisdom were restricting him.

“Senior Brother, I’ve consumed the treasures that you gave me the other day. Hey, I’ve finally caught up with those impressive division masters of the Demon Clan.”

Yuan Qingtian cultivated for a while in great excitement before taking the initiative to run and show off in front of Chen Chen.

Hearing his words, Chen Chen said calmly, “I gave some things to the few division masters, and they’ll probably reach the Essence Soul realm soon.”

After hearing that, Yuan Qingtian’s smile stiffened, and his eyes gradually became despondent.

In this world, he was not the only person who was progressing. The other people were also advancing.

Seeing this, Chen Chen stayed silent for a while and comforted, “Qingtian, you’re actually progressing in the wrong direction. You shouldn’t be obsessed with pursuing cultivation.”

“Your advantage is in stealth and the highest level of stealth is being able to avoid the detection of divine senses or even the Thunder Tribulation. But look at you now. Even if you break through the Nascent Soul realm, you might not be able to avoid detection by divine senses.”

“You must understand that experts don’t necessarily have strong cultivation levels. Having a skill will make you an expert too, just like the alchemists of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.”

After saying that, Chen Chen took out a dagger and placed it in Yuan Qingtian’s hand. It was given to him by Yu Qiong and could be used to launch an Essence Soul realm attack.

It seemed to be useless for him now.

“Qingtian, you must understand that cultivation can be compensated with treasures, but the Divine Concealment Technique is irreplaceable.”

Yuan Qingtian was slightly stunned for a moment after hearing his words. He then grabbed the dagger and nodded.

“Senior Brother, I understand.”

Seeing this, Chen Chen nodded slightly and looked at him encouragingly. Immediately afterwards, he asked, “By the way, how is your relationship with Senior Sister Zhou Shu?”

Yuan Qingtian smiled gently after he heard that. He didn’t seem like a killer at all.

“It’s pretty good, I’d sneak a glance at her every day, and I’m content with that.”

Chen Chen sighed again.

‘He has to keep such a low profile, and yet, he acts like it’s such a blissful thing. No, I have to educate him and give him some motivation.’

After thinking about it for a moment, Chen Chen said with some melancholy, “Since there’s someone that you like, you have to work harder.”

“You probably don’t know that countless female disciples carried a torch for me when I was in the Tianyun Clan. But now, they don’t even dare to say a single word to me. Qingtian, you should know what kind of a person I am. They know that the difference between them and me is too great to be made up for. That’s why they lost the courage to talk to me.”

“That really breaks my heart. Qingtian, I hope you won’t end up like them one day and lose the courage to even speak to the person you like.”

Yuan Qingtian imagined a scene where he silently looked at his crush without daring to speak at all. His eyes turned red immediately, and he continued to cultivate without saying a single word.

Looking at his back, Chen Chen had a heartened smile.

At this moment, Yu Qiong’s voice sounded in his ears.

“Chen Chen, I’ve borrowed the treasure for you. Come get it from me when it’s time for you to transcend the tribulation. However, there is a prerequisite, you can only transcend the tribulation in the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.”

“Can you show me what it is?” Chen Chen asked using his divine senses.

Yu Qiong was speechless for a long time, seemingly stunned by Chen Chen’s level of divine senses.

After a long time, he said, “There’s no need. If these treasures can’t protect you, don’t bother transcending the tribulation either. Just go home and wait for your turn to die.”

Chen Chen stayed silent for a long time.

The Thunder Tribulations that he faced were usually much higher than his cultivation level.

The Core Formation realm Thunder Tribulation was comparable to that of Nascent Soul realm elites.

The Nascent Soul realm Thunder Tribulation was comparable to that of Essence Soul realm elites.

Hence, the Thunder Tribulation that Chen Chen would have to go through in breaking through the Essence Soul realm would be akin to Yu Qiong’s tribulation.

Besides, the level of the Thunder Tribulation of those treasures was stronger than the resistance of the treasures.

In that case, it seemed that as long as Heaven didn’t play tricks on them, he would be able to transcend the tribulation safely.

After all, this time, he didn’t enter the Essence Soul realm through body refinement.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen felt a little more at ease.

Afterwards, he took out a bunch of treasures and thought about which one to eat today.

Half a month later…

Chen Chen’s Qi Refinement cultivation level had slowly reached the peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

Sensing the vague bottleneck, Chen Chen smiled without saying anything.

‘Is this considered a bottleneck? I’m going to break right through it!’

‘Maybe, this is considered a talent.’

At one point, Chen Chen suspected that even if he didn’t consume that Ethereal Fruit back then, his cultivation aptitude should still be excellent. It was just that others hadn’t discovered it yet.

“Senior Brother, I’ve brought the demon here.”

Yuan Qingtian’s voice sounded outside the courtyard and a moment later, Yuan Qingtian appeared in front of Chen Chen with a familiar figure.

It was Lao Hei!

Compared to half a month ago, Lao Hei’s skin was getting darker and darker, vaguely exuding a noble aura.

At this moment, even if Lao Hei didn’t wear the Seven Orifices Armor, he would still find it extraordinary.

Seeing this, Chen Chen clucked the tongue against the roof of his mouth. He didn’t expect Lao Hei to have ended up in such a state under his care.

‘Is there anything that he can’t do in this world? It’s just transcending the tribulation, it’s nothing much!’

“Chen Chen, what did you call me to come here for?”

Lao Hei was confused. Although it was his first time being in such a grand and magnificent place, the truth was that he wasn’t very interested in seeing the world.

Chen Chen’s cheeks twitched, and his expression gradually became bitter as he said softly, “Lao Hei, I’m going to transcend the tribulation, and it’s going to be more dangerous than before.”


Lao Hei pricked up his ears.

If Lao Hei hadn’t been loyal to Chen Chen during the tribulation transcendence, he would have long died.

He didn’t expect the Tribulation Transcendence to happen so soon!

“Lao Hei, you know that there are very few people whom I can trust. No one is willing to protect me, so I can only look for you.”

The more Chen Chen thought about it, the more despondent he was.

Although his master had prepared treasures for him, he had to think of protecting himself too.

As the saying goes, one should not put all their eggs in one basket.

Lao Hei was the other basket that he had found.

After hearing Chen Chen’s words, Lao Hei was full of sympathy.

After all, he had watched Chen Chen grow up, and he felt sad for him because Chen Chen didn’t have any friends.

Of course, Chen Chen was excellent in every aspect, but he was quite a jerk, so it was only natural that he didn’t have any friends.

“Okay, I’ll protect you,” Lao Hei agreed with a sigh.

Feeling touched, Chen Chen nodded.

The man and the pig look at each other quietly, both seeing the true emotions in their eyes.

With Lao Hei, the soon-to-be awakened Fortune Pig, Chen Chen felt much more confident.

He didn’t dare to ask Zhang Ji to come over.

His principle was not the same as Lao Hei’s. If he called Zhang Ji over, he would very likely get killed by the Thunder Tribulation, and his storage ring would then belong to Zhang Ji.

After figuring that out, Chen Chen decided that he would never let Zhang Ji stay with him when he transcended the tribulation in the future.

Of course, if it was an enemy transcending the tribulation, he could let Zhang Ji be a spectator.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen’s expression suddenly changed, and he hurriedly sent a message to Zhang Ji.

“Zhang Ji, if your master is crossing the tribulation, you must not be a spectator. The Void Refinement realm Tribulation is too dangerous, and you’ll get hurt! Bear my words in mind!”

After sending this message, Chen Chen disappeared in the same place and came to Yu Qiong’s courtyard.

Compared to half a month ago, Yu Qiong’s appearance seemed to have remained unchanged, but she did look a little prettier.

They were obviously the effects of the Anti-Aging Beauty Elixir.

The elixir wouldn’t make a person’s appearance change drastically right away to the extent that their acquaintances couldn’t recognize them. Instead, the changes would be subtle and gradual as if it was a natural life process.

The miraculous efficacy was indeed unbelievable.

“Ahem, Master, I’m already at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm, I’m ready to cross the tribulation!”

Chen Chen looked at Yu Qiong’s face for a while and pretended to be dumbfounded. Everything would naturally be successful then.

“Punk, your advancement in cultivation level is really fast, I thought I’d use these treasures before you.”

Yu Qiong smiled calmly, and then carefully took out a storage ring which she placed in Chen Chen’s hand.

“Take them. With these items, you’d have a chance of survival even if you ascend now.”

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