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Chapter 244: An Eye For An Eye

Chapter 244: An Eye For An Eye

The group of cultivators ate the Essence Soul realm lion, to the point where only its skeleton was left behind.

He had to admit that the physiques of the demons who became Demon Emperors were all extraordinary.

Hence, the flesh of the Essence Soul realm Demon Emperor was extremely fragrant.

The few female disciples of the Haoran Sword Clan wiped the corners of their greasy lips and looked up at Chen Chen.

“Senior Brother Chen Chen, what should we do next?”

When the cultivators heard that question, they all turned to look at Chen Chen, choosing to ignore Zhang Jie, as well as the Essence Soul realm cultivator whose cultivation level was the highest one in the room.

It couldn’t be helped; some people were born like that.

Regardless of where they were, the outstanding ones would become the focus of attention within the shortest period of time.

Chen Chen was an outstanding person with such characteristics.

Chen Chen personally called it the aura of a leader!

“System, are there any half-demons within a hundred-meter radius? Are there any people who loathe humans?”


Hearing the system’s answer, Chen Chen was slightly relieved, saying calmly, “The Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord may return at any time. Let’s just buy some time and wait until he’s back to preside over things. If we really can’t stall any longer, we’ll utilize guerrilla warfare against the demons.”

“But… The higher-ups of both races are paying attention. If we retreat now, won’t it affect the morale of the entire human race?”

Some of the cultivators of the imperial dynasty hesitated.

Chen Chen majestically shook his head.

“Everyone, where there’s life there’s hope. We can’t retaliate, and if we don’t retreat, we will be annihilated.

“Compared to defeat, a total loss of troops would be a greater blow to the morale of our people. To be honest, I’m not afraid of dying, and if my life can be exchanged for the victory of our people, I will not hesitate at all. However, there’s no need to make any unnecessary sacrifices.”

The crowd nodded, agreeing with Chen Chen’s point of view.

As soon as daybreak arrived, the human cultivators withdrew from the camp and retreated 500 kilometers before finally finding the ruins of a small clan, where they then set up a campground.

Half a day later.

In some strange and dangerous place in the Western Border, a few people with white hair and beards glared at a black-robed diabolic cultivator.

“Where did your Disciple-Nephew go? What is he getting up to?”

The black-robed demon cultivator didn’t answer, but his face was sullen, the reason being he didn’t know where the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord had gone either.

He had already crushed his communication token into pieces because his Disciple-Nephew refused to reply to him, completely ignoring his status as the Lord of the Seven Lethal Demon Clan!

“Don’t think you can escape by staying silent. The cultivators who fought in the battle between the states of Qi and Wei have already retreated hundreds of kilometers. In a few days, they’ll be out of the battlefield! This means that the human race is subduing to the demons! When the time comes, all the demons within the entire human territory will be wreaking havoc and countless mortals will be slaughtered! Can you afford to bear the consequences of this!?!”

“My Disciple-Nephew is not the type to chicken out during battles. Let’s give it some time, I have faith in him,” the black-robed demon cultivator said in a shaky voice.

Although he was upset with his Disciple-Nephew, he still trusted him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have decided to let him take over his position as the lord of the Seven Lethal Demon Clan.

Truth be told, if the old demons hadn’t been keeping an eye on them, he would have left to look for his Disciple-Nephew and see if he had died after failing to transcend the Void Refinement realm Tribulation.

“Wait?! We don’t have time to wait! I’ve just received countless messages, the demons everywhere are already eager to attack! If we wait any longer, there will be huge trouble.”

The black-robed diabolic cultivator fell silent, but there was nothing he could do. No matter what, the humans could not afford to send any more experts to the battlefield.

In the territory of the State of Jin.

Lao Hei was putting on airs like a king while Er Gou was giving him a back rub.

Seeing that Lao Hei was just muddling through life, Er Gou vaguely began to panic.

“Lord, the people on the battlefield of Qi and Wei have informed us that the demons are about to win, and the humans are likely to withdraw.

“Oh? What does that have to do with us?” Lao Hei asked while dozing off.

“Lord, it’s a plan to exterminate humans! We might be rewarded by the Demon God!” Er Gou reminded him.

Lao Hei thought about it and finally remembered what Chen Chen had previously said to him.

“In that case… Let’s wait a while until I fall asleep.”

Lao Hei turned over and continued to sleep.

At this moment, he was really living in luxury.

The vixen of the State of Zhou had previously obtained some strong reinforcements some time ago. The Nine-Tailed Fox Demon Emperor that had suddenly gained two more Nine-Tailed Foxes had now already completely occupied the entire territory of the State of Zhou.

Even the Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor and the White Bear Demon Emperor didn’t dare to offend him.

‘I just need to follow that vixen and muddle through life. Anyway, we are all working for Chen Chen, and if something happens, that vixen will probably help me too, right?’

The others did not think the same as Lao Hei. Many of the demons had already started getting ready to work and build a career of their own.

The demons were already aware that the orders from the Demon God Hall were for them to completely exterminate the human race so that there would no longer be a battle between the two races.

In just a day’s time, the entire human territory was in turmoil. In fact, some demons had even eagerly begun launching a massacre on mortals.

At night.

In a deep mountain in the demon territory, a few scattered lamps lit up the surroundings.

The Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord was dressed in a black robe, seeming to have fused with the darkness of the night.

After scanning with his divine senses, he realized that there were about a thousand Berserk Lions in the deep mountain.

As a branch of the eight major demon clans, the Berserk Lion Clan may be powerful, but the elites had all followed the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor to the human territory.

Those who remained in the clan were all weaklings that were below the Essence Soul realm.

“Lord, this mountain has been completely sealed by an array so we can’t send a message in a short period of time.”

Two men in black darted out from the side and spoke respectfully with their heads hung low, a murderous intent in their eyes.

“I know, you guys wait here.”


“I can handle it alone.”

The Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord’s voice turned cold, and before they could react, he entered the mountain.

An hour later, the entire mountain seemed to be about the same, but the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord had already flown out.

“Go look for the Crimson Fox Clan.”


The Crimson Fox Clan was slightly far away from the Berserk Lion Clan, but being an Essence Soul realm expert, he could fly extremely quickly. Before daybreak, the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord had already arrived at the Crimson Fox Clan’s territory.

He slaughtered all the Crimson Foxes.

After doing that, a smile appeared on the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord’s cold and sullen face.

He opened the storage ring to see that there were a bunch of communication tokens that were flickering with light. However, the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord ignored them and took out the communication token that would connect him to his disciple.

“The matter has been settled. Focus on staying alive.”

After sending that message, the Seven-Slaughtering Demon Lord flew towards the human territory with the two people.

As daybreak arrived, the lights of the Berserk Lion’s territory were still on. The young lions who usually worked hard to cultivate were nowhere to be seen at this point.

About an hour later, a passing demon finally noticed the difference in the Berserk Lion’s territory.

Due to the fact that the Berserk Lion Demon Emperor had gained some success in the human territory, they had been extremely arrogant and domineering lately, showing off all the time and collecting protection fees from the demons around them.

However, at daybreak, not a single demon appeared, which didn’t seem to make sense.

“Seniors of the Berserk Lion, I’m here to deliver rations. Please come out to meet me!”

After yelling several times and failing to get a response, that demon immediately sensed that something was wrong. Thus, it flew into the mountain without hesitation.

It was greeted with the sight of corpses and pools of blood all over the ground!

Be it the Core Formation realm cultivators or the Nascent Soul realm Demon King and the Berserk Lions with lower cultivation levels, they were all dead.

The corpses were intact, so they had obviously been killed by the single blow of an expert!

“Bad news! Bad news!”

The demons turned pale in shock and retreated in a flustered manner.

The Berserk Lion, which had reaped battle spoils and made great achievements for the demons, had been wiped out overnight!

“I… I have to spread the word about this!”

With that thought, the demon hurriedly left. When he passed the gate of the Berserk Lion’s den, they finally saw the words written in blood on the ground!

“An eye for an eye!”

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