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Chapter 24: I am Zhang Ji’s Big Brother!

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“You! You…”

Wu Wei pointed at Chen Chen, so shocked that he couldn’t speak a word.


Didn’t this brat drink the drugged tea? He even drank more of it afterward, so why was he not affected even the slightest?

Also, what kind of skill was that, clutching a sharp blade with your fingers?

For a moment, his mind turned into a pile of mud.

Chen Chen turned to look at the big, ugly man, his brows creased into a slight frown.

This thing was born way too ugly. Putting his upturned nose aside, there were a few centimeters of long hairs peeking out of his nostrils, not to mention his striking cockeyes and his hairstyle, which resembled that of a dog’s kennel.

“Brother, were you hiding behind this wall of mine just now?” Chen Chen couldn’t help but ask.

“How…how did you know?” The big, ugly guy was still trying to free the knife with all his strength, replying to Chen Chen’s query subconsciously.

Chen Chen shook his head and heaved a soft sigh, “Your unbridled temperament makes it impossible for me to not notice it even from across the wall. Brother, I don’t mean to be mean to you, but when I first saw you, I thought my Lao Hei had turned into a human.”



Zhang Xiao Ya, who had been sobbing, couldn’t help but laugh.


“Brat! God d*mn you!” The hideous-looking guy lost his cool at that moment and swung his leg toward Chen Chen’s delicate face.

Chen Chen did not give a big reaction to that. With a forceful pinch of his two fingers, an enormous strength was unleashed, breaking the tip of the knife’s blade in an instant. Shortly after, he flung his fingers as fast as a lightning bolt.

An icy ray flashed past!

The ugly guy’s movements came to a halt. Moments later, he collapsed in front of Chen Chen with a loud thud.


As the scene unfolded, the pupils of the leader of the eight robust guys shrank with shock, then he pounced onto Zhang De like a tiger attacking its prey.

No matter what happened, the most crucial thing at this moment was to seize control of Zhang De.


Chen Chen sneered and the cup lid in his right hand flew forward all of a sudden, striking the big man’s throat like a bullet.

Blood spurted out and the big man was killed right at that spot.

After completing the series of actions, Chen Chen finished the last bit of tea in his cup. Then, in a cold voice, he declared, “Whoever moves, they die!”

The parlor fell into a second round of silence. The six remaining burly men looked at Chen Chen as if they were staring at a demon.

No one dared to doubt the truth in the young man’s words because the two dead bodies lying on the ground in front of them were the best pieces of evidence!

As for Wu Wei, he could no longer conceal the dread in his eyes.

He had considered the possibility that Lord Zhao might go back on his words afterward, but he never thought that he would encounter defeat right here, at this point of time.

Right when he was becoming anxious and agitated, a commotion sounded outside the gates of House Zhang. Shortly after, thirty to forty people barged inside.

Before those people even arrived in the parlor, an aggressive, sonorous sound reverberated throughout the entire compound of House Zhang.

“Old man Zhang, I’m going to sully all the ladies of your family right in front of you today! I’ll let you know how it feels to be so miserable, you’d rather die!”


Upon hearing the voice, the six remaining big guys in the house looked outside, as if they had found their pillar of strength.

However, their legs remained glued to the ground. No one dared to budge.

Moments later, a man with a curly beard and a face full of stark scars stepped into the parlor. Only then did those big guys begin to cry out and rant.

“Chief! There’s an expert here, he killed two of our brothers!”

The big-sized man with a curly beard was, of course, the master of the Zhao family, Zhao Biao. As he stepped into the parlor and was greeted by the two corpses, his eyes switched from radiant to dismal.

He had been told that all of Zhang’s people had been seized, but why were some of his own subordinates dead?

“What happened here?” Zhao Biao grabbed Wu Wei and questioned him angrily.

“It was… It was him!” Wu Wei bellowed in a forlorn, strident voice, pointing at Chen Chen. He was so flabbergasted just now, he had to vent his fear immediately.

Seeing that the great master was here, Chen Chen was prepared to deploy the tactics he used on the Wangs once again. However, as he looked around the Zhang’s wooden parlor, he frowned.

If he used pyrokinesis here, the whole house would be burnt to ashes, wouldn’t it?

At this point, the people from the Zhang family were still unable to move. If chaos broke out later on and the awning struck one or two of them to death, he did not wish to shoulder the responsibility.

Especially Zhang Xiao Ya, who seemed to be tender and fragile. If she got licked by the flames, she would probably be disfigured.


“Who are you? Tell me your name and why you interfered with our business with the Zhangs?!”


Right as he was being indecisive, Zhao Biao pointed his knife at him.

Chen Chen gave a soft sigh and stood up.

He had wanted to sit back and settle everything at once, so he could feel what it was like to just chat and relax while watching the walls burn down. However, it seemed like that was impossible now.

Right as he stood, all six of the robust men in the parlor subconsciously recoiled.

Upon seeing the scene, a gloom shrouded Zhao Biao.

How on earth did this ordinary-looking young man kill those two? Why were his people so frightened of him?

“Who am I? Haha…”

Chen Chen put on an upset look, sauntering toward Zhao Biao.

Zhao Biao couldn’t help but take a few steps back without realizing it, a cold sweat breaking out on his forehead. He was expecting the young man before him to reveal a ground-shaking identity that would make him shudder.

“Who am I? Let me tell you today!”

As he spoke, Chen Chen walked to Zhang Ji’s side and held him up.

“I am Zhang Ji’s big brother! You can bully anyone, but if you ever lay a finger on my brother and his family, you are doomed!”

Chen Chen spoke in a righteous and unhesitant manner, his voice loud and clear.

Zhang Ji, who heard his words, was so agitated that he began to quiver, looking like he was on the verge of kneeling in front of Chen Chen.

With a brother like this, what more can I ask for? From now on, even if I have to die for the sake of my brother, I will not bat an eyelid!’ Zhang Ji swore to himself, his eyes glimmering with tears.

Zhao Biao choked when he heard this.

‘God d*mn it! This brat took such a long time just to say this nonsense? Are you freaking kidding me? Did I need to know that you have relations with the Zhangs?’

Nonetheless, despite the rage within him, he noticed the dead body on the ground through the corner of his eyes.

More precisely, he noticed the cup lid embedded in the throat of the dead body.

‘This man’s expertise is not to be belittled. We have to gang up to fight him.’

With that idea in mind, Zhao Biao took an abrupt step back, and yelled, “Everyone, charge at once and destroy this brat!”

Right as he finished, two sidekicks who had followed him here without knowing what was really happening dashed towards Chen Chen.

They charged fast but flew back even faster.

With a couple of “bangs,” they were sent flying right past Zhao Biao and out of the parlor, as though they were hit by a horse carriage.

‘He’s splendid!’

Although Zhao Biao had traveled far and wide and seen a great deal, his eyes gleamed with a streak of fear.

What was the matter with the young man before him? Was he born with divine strength or had he just returned from some cultivation?

“Why did you stop?”

Chen Chen stood with his hands behind his back. Standing at the center of the parlor, he seemed to be protecting the place against the tide of enemies. The people from the Zhang family were in awe of him as they watched the scene play out.

As a brutal man, despite being startled, Zhao Biao did not give up. He hadn’t forgotten that he still had a few dozen men outside the parlor.

It was a pity that the parlor was too small for them to fully utilize their advantage in numbers. They had to lure the brat out to the yard and besiege him there.

As the thought occurred to him, his gaze swerved and he yelled out in a harsh voice, “Brat, this place is too small for a full-scale fight. Do you have the guts to go out and fight me one-on-one?”


Chen Chen wished they could do that, but he pretended to be hesitant.

Seeing that Chen Chen did not immediately refuse, Zhao Biao felt secretly glad. He started instigating him soon after, “Brat, what now? You don’t dare to do so? If you don’t want to fight me, it’s still not too late to kneel and beg me for some mercy. I could spare your life!”

Upon hearing those words, Chen Chen’s cheeks flushed red, seeming like an impetuous young man who could not bear to take any insults.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? But all of you have to be outside, and when I’m fighting you, your people can’t offer you the slightest bit of help!”

Zhao Biao was delighted that Chen Chen had been deceived, secretly calling him a moron inside his mind. Hurriedly, he assured him, “I, Zhao Biao, am the local hero, how could I be someone who breaks promises? It will be one-on-one, just like I told you. If anyone else butts in, you may chop me to pieces!”


As he finished, Zhao Biao was afraid that Chen Chen would change his mind, so he had all his men in the parlor retreat hastily, while also stepping outside himself.

Right as he turned around, his face twisted with a smug, vicious smile.

If oaths were real, he would have died countless times by now. This brat might be great, but he was young regardless.

He was going to teach this brat a lesson and let him know how unpredictable human nature truly could be!

However, he had no idea that Chen Chen was also smiling. In fact, the brat was smiling even more gladly.

“Little brother, that Zhao Biao always goes back on his words! Don’t trust him!” Zhang De admonished him in worry.

Chen Chen waved his hand upon hearing his words. He walked outside, and right before he stepped out of the door, he turned to them and said, “It’s fine. Today, I’m going to let him know that oaths should not be taken so simply.”

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