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Chapter 23: Brainless

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A moment later, eight heavily built men dressed in guards’ uniforms dashed into the parlor, steel knives in their hands.

Apart from Chen Chen, all the people of the Zhang family had deep frowns on their faces.

Even if they really were stupid, they would have realized that things were out of line by now. Zhang Ji especially, who had been mentally prepared the earliest, was certain that Wu Wei was the traitor at this point.

“Cousin! The Zhangs have always treated you well, I never thought you would bring yourself to commit such ungrateful, ungracious deeds!”

Zhang Ji was so furious, he was shaking all over.

The eight of them were servants that Wu Wei had previously gone out to recruit. From the look of things now, the majority of them must belong to the Zhao family.

“What do you mean by ungrateful and ungracious? This is the infallible nature of human beings, to secure their own benefits.”

Wu Wei sat down with a serene, composed look on his face, appearing as if he had this victory within his grasp.

Zhang Ji was utterly infuriated by his words, getting the urge to dash up to Wu Wei and grab him.

However, right at that moment, a sense of lethargy surged through him. He staggered, and then tumbled onto the ground.

Upon seeing the scene, Wu Wei and the eight burly men burst into laughter.

“Haha! Cousin, the tea that you just drank has had a paralyzing powder mixed into it. In a few hours’ time, you won’t be able to use any of your strength.”


The burly men followed along and flattered him for what he had done.

“Young Lord Wei has contributed massively this time. I just notified the people outside, and they have contacted Lord Zhao right away. I suppose it won’t be long before Lord Zhao will come attacking with his forces.”

At that moment, Zhang De also realized that he was unable to use any of his strength, and he couldn’t help but feel a deep sorrow. He muttered, “It never occurred to me that I have been raising a traitor… Who victimized the whole family. Xiao Ya, Ji’er, it’s dad’s fault.”

Right as he finished speaking, a commotion ensued outside the parlor. Obviously, people from the Zhang family had realized that something unusual was going on in here. Moments later, a few dozens of guards surrounded the parlor.

Wu Wei put a ferocious look on his face when he saw the scene, growling, “I’m going to kill everyone in House Zhang if any one of you dare to move!”

The guards exchanged glances upon hearing his words. No one dared budge.

Nonetheless, Zhang De seemed to have nothing left to worry about. He snarled, “All of you, come inside and slaughter this traitor for me. Otherwise, if the Zhaos come, we’ll all be dead!”

“Old man! If you dare to touch me, believe me, I will strip off Xiao Ya’s clothes right in front of everyone, and you won’t get to rest in peace even in death!”

Wu Wei walked right up to Zhang Xiao Ya, the look on his face hysterical by now.

Zhang Xiao Ya couldn’t help but begin sobbing when she heard his words.

Zhang De was so exasperated that green veins were bulging and throbbing on his forehead. He was at a loss for words.

“What a brutal man.”

At that moment, a tranquil voice reverberated throughout the parlor. The people traced the source of the sound to Chen Chen, who was enjoying his tea with a calm, unruffled look on his face.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Ji couldn’t help but remind him, “Brother Chen, the tea has been drugged…”

Chen Chen did not seem to be bothered at all. He took a light sip of the tea.

His moves were as elegant as usual, and his aura was extraordinary.

Wu Wei laughed through his anger as he watched the scene. “Brainless thing, how could you still be acting cool at this point of time!”

Chen Chen was in no hurry to answer him. After taking another sip of tea, he asked him, “Wu Wei, do you really think that the Zhaos will fulfill their promise after exterminating the Zhangs?

“Do you really think that thieves are capable of keeping their word?”

Wu Wei’s face fell theatrically upon hearing his words. In an enraged voice, he refuted him, “Although Lord Zhao comes from a rather uncivilized background, he’s still a hero who lives up to his promises. He swore a solemn oath in front of me!”


“He’s right, our chief always does as he says!” those big guys added hastily, fearing that Wu Wei might change his mind.

However, the panic in their eyes did not escape Chen Chen’s notice.

Thieves were thieves, what “hero” were they babbling on about? These guys really were great at sugarcoating.

Perhaps he was worried now, as a cold sweat was trickling down Wu Wei’s face without him realizing.

Eventually, all of his fears transformed into fury towards Chen Chen. He looked at Chen Chen, his eyes lit with a murderous blaze.

“This brat is full of misleading nonsense, kill him for me!”

Right as he finished, an enormous, ugly looking guy with an upturned nose strode toward Chen Chen.


Zhang De spoke up when he saw what was happening, “Wu Wei, this little brother has nothing to do with the Zhangs! Why must you vent your anger on him? Let him go, and I will have the guards outside retreat, what do you think?”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen subliminally shot Zhang De a glance.

Despite being rather straightforward and stubborn, Zhang Ji’s father was a good man. He could be considered a real man of honor.

When he went for cultivation in the days to come, he could put his mind at ease, leaving his parents under the care of a man like him.

In fact, he had laid down his plans even before coming here.

If he managed to save the Zhangs this time, they would certainly perceive his goodwill.

As one of the three most reputable families of Shichuan County, he would be able to resolve the Wangs’ influence sooner with the help of the Zhangs.

Before his departure, he could even reach a bargain with the Zhang family.

In the future, he would look after the brat Zhang Ji, and in Shichuan County, the Zhangs would take care of his parents.

It was all very fair and reasonable.

The look on Wu Wei’s face kept changing. Honestly speaking, he was very afraid of the guards outside.

Even if Lord Zhao arrived with his forces, these guards could take him, the traitor, along with them to Hell if they went all out in the fight.

However, if these guards were removed from the picture, he would become utterly fearless and invincible.

Having thought of that, he gave that unbelievably ugly guy a look, gesturing for him to stop.

“Uncle, have the guards retreat first. I only want to kill the Zhangs. I haven’t lied to you yet, at least not at this point,” Wu Wei said.

Zhang De gritted his teeth upon hearing his words. It wasn’t because he believed Wu Wei, but because after he calmed down, he realized that the best strategy was to have the guards retreat.

Otherwise, once the Zhaos arrived later on, these guards would not be able to escape their deaths, as no one would be around to lead them.

“Wu Wei, if you lie to me, I will not forgive you even if I turn into a ghost!”


After that, Zhang De yelled outside, “Dismissed, all of you! Leave Shichuan County and get your own lives. From now on, you have no more ties with the Zhangs!”

Upon hearing that, a commotion broke out among the guards, none of them willing to leave.

“If you don’t leave, what awaits you will be death! Do you get it!” Seeing that the guards were still delaying leaving, Zhang De rebuked them with great frustration.

Only then did the guards begin to move.

However, before they took off, the guards knelt to the ground and made three kowtows to the parlor.

Zhang De could not bring himself to watch anymore, turning his head to the other side.

Right at that moment, the sound of horses galloping came from the distance.

Wu Wei was overwhelmed with joy when he heard that sound.

The Zhaos’ forces had finally arrived!

The Zhaos were originally horse-riding thieves who possessed top-notch hunting and attacking skills. Even if the guards managed to leave House Zhang, they might not make it out alive.

Having thought of that, he became relieved. After shooting a contemptuous glance at Zhang De, he pointed at Chen Chen.

“Go ahead and kill this brat!”

“Little beast, you fooled me!” Zhang De was boiling with rage when he heard him. Gripping the teacup, he aimed it at Wu Wei.

However, he could not exert the slightest bit of force with his hand, and the cup fell right in front of him.

“So what if I fooled you? A family of idiots!” Wu Wei had a look of disdain on his face. He looked towards Chen Chen once again, the look in his eyes terrifying.

Beside him, the extremely ugly man raised his knife and slashed it towards Chen Chen, who was seated on the guest seat.


Icy light shimmered and Zhang Xiao Ya couldn’t help but scream in fright. She couldn’t imagine this extraordinary young man being brutally slaughtered!

However, a moment later, the gush of blood did not come out as expected.

The young man, who hadn’t been moving all this time, was still sitting peacefully where he was. He was caressing the cup lid with one hand while looking at Wu Wei, the look on his face calm and serene.

His other hand was clasping the incredibly sharp knife between two fingers.

On the other hand, the ugly man couldn’t withdraw the steel knife by an inch, no matter how much strength he used.

All of a sudden, the parlor was filled with a deadly silence; it was so quiet that even the sound of needles falling to the ground was audible.

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