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Chapter 222: All Humans Have Feelings

Chen Chen was a bit flustered now. The White Bear Demon Emperor was accustomed to chasing him and gained subtle skills. The ten Demon Emperors were divided into three groups and chased after him.

Apart from the White Bear Demon Emperor’s team, the other two were accompanied each with an Essence Soul realm powerhouse.

Honestly, with Chen Chen’s current strength, he could already compete with the weaker Essence Soul realm powerhouses.

Coupled with the powerful Dark Guards, he could defeat the other two groups.

Unfortunately, after experiencing several battles, the other two teams also learned their lessons. Thus, they merely tried to restrain Chen Chen instead of fighting him head-on.

“Senior Brother, don’t ask me to leave this time, I won’t leave even if you hit me!”

Yuan Qingtian seemed to have realized something and was very resolute.

Chen Chen surprisingly glanced at Yuan Qingtian and delighted at once that he had thrived smarter.

However, Yuan Qingtian may not also be able to survive even if he leaves, because he was only at the Core Formation Realm and the divine senses of an Essence Soul realm expert will easily detect and catch him whether he uses his Divine Concealment Technique. If Chen Chen was left alone, any team would favorably defeat him.

The risk was too extensive, so Chen Chen practically decided to let Yuan Qingtian stay with him.

Just when Chen Chen was thinking about how to escape, another team of demons appeared from a distance and lashed towards him.

Sensing the powerful fluctuations, Chen Chen’s expression changed drastically because the demons were not the subordinates of the White Bear Demon Emperor.

“Could it be that the Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor is also here?”

There were only just three demon forces within the State of Jin, so Chen Chen naturally thought of the Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor.

However, at this moment, it was more important to escape. By the time they were 50 kilometers away, Chen Chen received a message from Lao Hei.

“Chen Chen, escape to the north, you might meet me there. I’m here to hunt you down too.”

Chen Chen’s face suddenly turned sullen. Since Lao Hei was coming too, he reckoned that the Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor should be coming too.

‘Where else can he escape?’

The demons’ noses were instantly responsive to smells like that of dogs. They would often be proficient to detect slim clues and traces from the air, before besieging their targets.

He was fraught with danger against the White Bear Demon Emperor, and the presence of the Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor would probably make his escape extremely murderous.

He automatically ignored Lao Hei.

After all, Lao Hei was not a real Demon Emperor. Even if he were to withdraw on the battlefield, it would still be difficult for him to inflict any injuries or kill those under the command of the Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor.

“Chen Chen! I’ve been waiting for you here for a long time!”

With a menacing roar, a massive black bear appeared out of nowhere, and a pair of large palms even smacked against Chen Chen from several meters away.

Hearing the voices, Chen Chen knew that the White Bear Demon Emperor’s younger brother, the Robust Bear Demon Emperor, didn’t want to fall sharply, so he dodged.

At the same time, the White Bear Demon Emperor’s other brother, the Second Robust Demon Emperor, appeared from the other side while they blocked Chen Chen’s way.

“Keep trying to run then!” the Robust Bear Demon Emperor barked with a threatening smile on his face.

Seeing this, Chen Chen stopped and berated. “You two are fools. What are you slaying so hard for? All for the glory of the White Bear Demon Emperor? Granting that you kill me, whose blood is going to be improved? It would be the White Bear Demon Emperor’s, never yours!”

“Don’t think of driving a wedge between us!” the Second Robust Bear Demon Emperor hollered furiously.

Chen Chen retreated by a hundred meters, still looking overwhelmingly disdainful. “Brother? What nonsense. Both of you are Black Bear demons, he’s different from you, how can you be brothers?”

“My brother is a mutant! You know nothing!”

Chen Chen had studied biology before, so he practically needed to argue with him.

“Your parents should also be black bears, right? Don’t you think it’s strange that two black demon bears have given birth to a white one? Let me ask you, is there any elder who is very close to you and is white!?!”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, the two Demon Emperors subconsciously began to recall carefully. Then they remembered that there was a Nine-Tailed Fox senior who was genuinely close to their clan.

Besides, that senior was truly nice to the White Bear Demon Emperor and she would bring some gifts over from time to time. When they follow the White Bear Demon Emperor around, they would gain some benefits too.

‘But what does this have to do with Big Brother being a mutant?’

‘Could this be… Ah!’

The two Demon Emperors gasped and looked at each other, both noticing the astonishment in each other’s eyes. It was like they had discovered a shocking secret!

By the time they came back to their senses, Chen Chen had already flown dozens of kilometers away.

“Cunning human! You messed with our minds!”


Although the two Demon Emperors said so, they still had a hint of doubt in their hearts about the White Bear Demon Emperor.

“Big Brother seems to be different from us in his true form. Don’t you remember that his tail seems to look different from ours?”

“I do. Big Brother’s tail seems to be split into a few tassels.”

“Damn it, it doesn’t matter, capture that human first!”

Two hours passed.

Chen Chen was besieged in a mountain.

Five Essence Soul realm Demon Emperors were located in five areas of this mountain.

The White Bear Demon Emperor and the Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor were also among them.

“Chen Chen, do you believe that I’ll flatten this mountain if you don’t come out!?!”

The White Bear Demon Emperor’s majestic voice spread throughout the entire mountain.

The Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor laughed and said, “Brother White Bear, there’s no point wasting your time talking nonsense with him. If we don’t attack the soonest, the Black Pig Demon Emperor will be arriving soon. When that moment happens, insignificant credits will be ascribed to you!”

After saying that, he waved his hand, and the demons under him started destroying facets of the mountain.

‘Chen Chen is extremely sly, he should be hiding in the mountains so he managed to avoid the detection of the divine senses. However, the smell of this mountain has betrayed him.’

Once the mountain was completely wrecked, there would be helplessly nowhere to hide, no matter how smart he tried.

Seeing this, the White Bear Demon Emperor also waved his hand and his subordinates began attacking the mountain.

Suddenly, the mountain visibly crumbled and vividly started to flatten at a raging speed.

Only half of the mountain was severed when an angry scolding sound roared from a distance.

“Fools, who are you looking for?”

The demons looked in the direction of the sound, only to find that Chen Chen was squinting at them from a few kilometers away.

“Damn it! How is this possible?”

The demons looked at each other in astonishment. Seeing that Chen Chen was about to escape, they chased after him before they could think any further.


In the mountain below, Chen Chen stood out with a look of surprise in his eyes.

‘Who impersonated me and scared the demons away?’

Finally, only one person glimmered in his mind and he was Zhang Ji.

‘Could it be that Zhang Ji has returned?’

‘Yes, except for that fool Zhang Ji, who else in this world is willing to die on my behalf?’

Chen Chen could not help but smile bitterly, feeling even more upset.

‘I owe this brother of mine too much.’

“Brother, it’s too late to think any further, let’s hurry up and leave!”

Yuan Qingtian pulled Chen Chen along in a bid to flee. If they could escape, they would be considered lucky. It was not a practical moment to ponder who their savior was.

However, no matter how paramount his efforts in pulling him away, Chen Chen did not budge nor move by a single inch.

A breeze blew and Chen Chen’s voice became a little hoarse.

“Qingtian, go first.”

“Senior Brother, what happened?” Yuan Qingtian asked in bewilderment.

“Nothing, I’m a little tired of living and I want to die because it’s not worth living in this world.”

After saying that, Chen Chen used the 50-kilometer tracking opportunity in his mind again.

“System, where are the Nascent Soul realm demons within 50 kilometers?”

“In the Southwest…”

Before the system finished answering, Chen Chen first released two Apocalyptic Divine Thunderbolts in that direction. Just as he was about to fly in that direction, a majestic pressure suddenly struck him and made him freeze on the spot!

Immediately afterward, a delicate cry rang in his ears.

“Chen Chen! You made me, an alchemist, come all the way here to save you. Aren’t you supposed to be apologetic?”

Before Chen Chen could figure out what was going on, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

Looking at the enraged Yu Qiong, Chen Chen was filled with mixed emotions.

After all, humans had feelings. When he was in danger, the people he cared about actually rushed over to rescue him.

If only Yu Qiong was not a woman, he would have truly hugged her and burst into tears to express how touched he was.

“Don’t try that trick with me. Let me tell you, since I set foot on the path of cultivation, I have never fought with anyone. Do you know that I came out this time with the risk of ruining my image?”

Before Yu Qiong finished speaking, a jade box was handed to her. When she opened it, her eyes were filled with joy that turned her initial anger vanish instantly.

“Forget it, blame it on the fact that you’re my disciple. I’m very soft-hearted.”

Yu Qiong sighed gently and put the jade box away, her expression once again becoming indifferent.

Seeing this, Chen Chen wore a deferential smile and said, “Master, please save my brother!”

Yu Qiong’s gaze subconsciously turned ambiguous when she heard that, but before she could think of how to bargain with him later, Chen Chen placed a storage ring in her hand.

“Master, please…”

After carefully sensing the contents of the storage ring, Yu Qiong’s expression changed repeatedly. She then flew towards the southwest.

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