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Chapter 22: On the Signal of a Broken Glass

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‘Thankfully, I covered up his face. His tone sounded as if marrying his sister was a perilous order of affair.’


Chen Chen felt rather helpless within but had to put on a surprised look on his face.

“Absolutely not!”

Before Chen Chen could refuse, a loud refusal spread across the guest hall. Everybody looked towards the source of the sound, surprised by what they saw.

For the speaker was Zhang Ji’s cousin, Wu Wei.


Chen Chen frowned but didn’t speak, sneering from within. This Wu Wei was rather inexperienced, showing off his master plan at the slightest trigger, speaking even before him.

Wu Wei realized that his words weren’t appropriate, adjusting them to say, “I mean, marriage is an important order of affair and should be done with more consultation. You shouldn’t be making decisions at the drop of a hat.”

While he concealed himself well, Chen Chen can see a strain of hatred deep within his eyes.

“Xiao Ya, what do you think?”

While Zhang De thought this order of affair sounded somewhat fishy, he didn’t make his opinions known just yet, instead looking at his shy daughter.

Zhang Xiao Ya kept her head down, taking a small glimpse at Chen Chen without sign. She remained silent for a moment, finally speaking at the volume of a mosquito, “At the sole discretion of father and mother…”


Being a girl in this world, she’d long been indoctrinated with the idea that the critical affair of marriage should be decided by the instructions of parents and recommendations from a middleman.


Given the fact that Chen Chen, while in somewhat plain clothes, was of a unique charisma that differentiated him from her father and brothers, who were rather crude men specialized in fighting, if a marriage actually happened… She would be fine with it.

“Uh, what?”

Looking at Zhang Xiao Ya’s shy face, Chen Chen was very surprised, and therefore can’t help but ask the System a question.

“System, who’s the most charismatic male within a 15-meter radius?”


“The inhibitor.”

Chen Chen unknowingly smoothed his hair as he heard the answer.

Well, even disregarding clothes and power, his charisma could stand out like a firefly in the dark in the Zhang family.

It was normal that an average girl wouldn’t be able to withstand his lure.


“What about the least charismatic person within a 15-meter radius?” Chen Chen looked at the three males from the Zhang family, asking with a certain degree of satire.

“The man behind the wall, three meters behind you.”


Chen Chen was briefly stunned by the response. As good as his sense was, he simply did not expect someone to be behind the wall.

This may be too much of a coincidence.

“System, how many people are there within a 15-meter radius?”

“Fifteen, located in…”

When the system finished, Chen Chen’s face froze, his humorous thoughts out of the window.

Inside the guest hall, there were five people from the Zhang family, plus a mid, which added to a total of 7, including himself.

The other 8 people were lurking near the guest hall—-not even he could see any signs of them.

Even if he were to be told that this wasn’t an ambush, he wouldn’t believe it.

Who would protect one’s family in this manner?

He continued to ask the system how many people from the Zhang’s there were nearby; the system excluded the eight and Wu Wei from its response.

Chen Chen sighed internally when he heard the response.

Apparently the eight were all arranged by Wu Wei.

The things happening today didn’t have to be as complicated as they appeared to be.

He quietly mobilized his ethereality to inspect the tea he had just drank. Unsurprisingly, Chen Chen sensed drugs within the cup.

However, this was of no use to him with his ethereal entity; he could purify them away with ease with ethereality.

‘Were it not for my presence, I think the Zhangs may very well be in peril.’


He wasn’t too worried about Zhang Ji. That person had the finest luck possible—- in other words, he was so lucky, he couldn’t die even if he wanted to.


“Xiao Ya, consider well. Look at him, he looks anything but rich. Your marriage may mean a lifetime of suffering!”

Wu Wei stood up and pointed at Chen Chen, his words entirely devoid of reservation.

By this point, his face was as grim as it could possibly be, his heart burning with envy.

He’d been the person who served his cousin for ages, yet he got defeated by this poor lad that came from nowhere?

Just due to his handsomeness and charisma?

Zhang Ji was infuriated by these statements. He stood up and spoke with fury, “Cousin, Brother Chen is just not bothered by money. Otherwise, he would have been the richest person here by this point!”

Zhang Ji’s statements were sincere. After eliminating the Wangs, Chen Chen didn’t even bother confiscating their wealth, instead rushing off to help him.

He knew he couldn’t match such high morals.

Upon hearing Wu Wei’s comments on Chen Chen, his fury rose in no time.

Hearing this, Wu Wei sat down, his young face somewhat distorted.

“Top riches? Ha! Cousin, I’m not blaming you, but you are just too easily fooled.

“If he were the richest person here with ease, why would he wear these kinds of clothes?

“Let me tell you a simple truth: no sane person in the world tortunes oneself. If one can wear clothes of fine silk, one wouldn’t wear hemp clothes; if one can eat fine dishes, one wouldn’t eat fodder.”


Chen Chen gave a mental thumbs up at his words while sitting on the side.

For as bad of a person as Wu Wei is, he did reach the heart of the issue.

Why would he wear this if he had the money? Is it that silk is uncomfortable? No!

Beyond expectations, Zhang Ji is only more infuriated by the words. He points at Chen Chen, the admiration in his eyes unparalleled.

“Brother Chen! He is different? Do you know how hard he works?”

This statement is loud and powerful, bringing a flush even to Chen Chen’s face.

Before he even noticed, Zhang Ji had become his fan.

“Seen the thousand-meter tall Black Wind Cliff? Well, you won’t know.” Zhang Ji attempted to speak again but sat back down instead.

He intended to convey the story of Chen Chen’s cultivation by jumping off of the cliff, then give the story of a young eagle, but after a moment of thought, he figured that his words were too inadequate in demonstrating Chen Chen’s high character and moral, so he swallowed the words.

“Cousin, your statements are a bit too much. I, Zhang Xiao Ya, am not the type of person to care about nothing but money.”

Zhang Xiao Ya, who had been quiet for a long time, suddenly spoke up. For as low her voice was, the displeasure in it was public.

After listening to the words, Wu Wei suddenly laughed, the sound getting louder as the seconds passed.

“Haha! So you mean I, Wu Wei, am a villain?!”


Mr. and Mrs. Zhang both frowned upon hearing these insane words coming from Wu Wei’s mouth.

Zhang De turned to the maid and informed her, “Xiao Lan, Bring Young Master Wei to his room for some rest.”

The maid immediately responds to the call, but before she could act, Wu Wei knocked on the table and took a tea glass in front of him.

“Uncle, I love Xiao Ya! Let me ask you, are you willing to betroth Xiao Ya to me?”

Every single person in the room’s face changed upon hearing those words.

Zhang De groaned, “You rebellious son, get out of the room now!”

Not even Zhang De was expecting Wu Wei to threaten the Zhangs.


Mrs. Zhang sitting aside, sighed and said, “Xiao Wei, we all know your thoughts, but Xiao Ya has long told us that she is not in love with you.”

Wu Wei’s face paled for a sudden, then turned ferocious in just a moment.

“Not in love with me? Ha, I know you Zhangs could never be bothered with me!

“For in your eyes, I am just a dog in the Zhang family’s care!”

“You rebellious son! Have I ever treated you differently than son Ji in all these years? I have expected you to take over the family possessions after son Ji embarks on the cultivation journey—-it seems like I should send you to the military for some time of experience instead!” Zhang De yelled. He tried to stand up, but for some reason his body had softened, forcing him to sit back down.

Wu Wei sneered at his words, his hands firmly gripping the glass.

“You are just being fake. Let me show you the consequences of not taking me seriously! Also, you cheap girl! Wait until you see what l will do with you!”

Afterwards, Wu Wei powerfully tosses the glass in front of Zhang Xiao Ya.


Following that crisp sound, there was suddenly a commotion surrounding the guest hall.

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