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Chapter 207: With Money, You Can Do Whatever You Want

A single order from him put the entire Fukun City in turmoil.

Tens of thousands of Fukun City cultivators had gathered and a thick array suddenly rose in the sky, trapping everyone in it.

The cultivators looked at each other in confusion.

The cultivators of the Dark Immortal Sect hiding in the shadows sneered, gloating when they saw that scene.

‘These people are on the brink of death, but they still have no idea.’

On the other side, Su Lian looked in the direction of the city worriedly.

The battle had caused a huge uproar today, and even though she was staying in her abode in the courtyard, she could still hear the sound of the ground and mountains shaking outside the city.

“Junior Brother, do you think the Dark Immortal Sect can defend Fukun City?” Su Lian asked softly with some melancholy in her voice.

Chen Chen smiled faintly and replied, “Rest assured, Second Senior Sister, we will pull through.”

As soon as he said that, an isolation array suddenly lit up in the abode.

Su Lian was a little surprised to see this scene, but she soon seemed to have come to a sudden realization.

“The Dark Immortal Sect is so thoughtful to have set up an array to protect us.”

“Protect us? Hah!”

Chen Chen chuckled in disdain when five Dark Immortal Sect cultivators sprang out from around the walls to surround him and Su Lian.

All five of them were at the Nascent Soul realm and had once previously exchanged glasses and chatted with Chen Chen and Su Lian at the banquet. However, they weren’t smiling at all right now, and all that there was in their eyes was cold, harsh, killing intent.

“What do you mean by this?” Su Lian frowned slightly.

Even though she was gullible and simple-minded, she could sense that something was amiss at the moment.

Without saying anything, the five cultivators of the Dark Immortal Sect charged towards them and released their terrifying spiritual pressure at the same time, completely preventing Chen Chen and Su Lian from retreating.

Seeing this, Su Lian hurriedly shielded Chen Chen behind her and hollered, “How dare you attack an alchemist?! You people are really outrageous and unruly!”

As she said that, five talismans flew out from her body and burst into flames, turning into five powerful strikes that blasted at the five Dark Immortal Sect cultivators!


Five muffled sounds of thunderous explosions filled the air, causing all the Nascent Soul realm cultivators to simultaneously vomit blood before retreating and colliding with the array formations around them.

“Wow… Senior Sister Su Lian, you’re impressive!”

Chen Chen stared wide-eyed in shock. The situation was vaguely beyond his expectation because Su Lian’s combat power seemed to be much stronger than he had imagined!

The five Nascent Soul realm cultivators of the Dark Immortal Sect had never expected this to happen either. After lying on the ground and wincing in pain for a long time, they transformed into hideous half-demons while their aura immediately surged, and they reached the late Nascent Soul realm stage.

At this moment, in a certain room within the compound, Su Lian’s escorts dashed out with spears in their hands, shielding Su Lian and Chen Chen.

“Master Su, there’s something fishy about this Dark Immortal Sect. The array formations around them blocked off all transmissions, and I can’t relay a message back to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan to inform them of the situation.”

Su Lian looked at the five half-demons with a grim expression and asked coldly, “How many can you deal with?”

“Two at most.”

After receiving that answer, Su Lian sighed and took out a hood-like protective treasure.

“It seems like we can only use this Light-Fixing Hood. Unless there are Essence Soul realm powerhouses, there’s no way it will be broken.”

After saying that, she was about to toss the Light-Fixing Hood, but Chen Chen stopped her.

“Senior Sister Su Lian… There are only five Nascent Soul half-demons, let me deal with them.”

To be honest, Chen Chen was a little worried. The reason being that he had underestimated the strength of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, as well as the competency of Yu Huo and Su Lian, Su Lian’s disciples.

Although they were Nascent Soul realm cultivators who were weak in combat, they probably had a lot more treasures than most Essence Soul realm powerhouses. The variety of their treasures was also endless.

He was really afraid that those half-demons might force Su Lian into taking out some powerful magic treasures to kill them.

That would make him seem like he wasn’t contributing much.

“Junior Brother… You…”

Su Lian was a little hesitant.

Before she could finish her sentence, Chen Chen took a step forward while the Omni Divine Blade emerged from his sword case, which was made out of Divine Wood. It then transformed into a five-meter giant sword that rose to the sky before plunging down into the middle of the courtyard!


With a loud thunderclap, five golden World-Destroying Divine Thunderbolts darted out of the sword and shot directly at the five half-demons.

The five half-demons panicked and maximized their spiritual power. However, the Divine Thunder made them seem fragile, like paper. In just a moment, the five of them had turned into ashes, along with their Nascent Souls.

Seeing this, Chen Chen finally put away his Omni Divine Blade, appearing indifferent and pretending to be mysterious and enigmatic.

Initially, he didn’t need the Omni Divine Blade to summon five destructive Divine Thunderbolts.

However, that wouldn’t be cool enough, and he wouldn’t be able to fit in with the powerhouses.

As for going up and slashing and killing the enemy, he didn’t even think about it, because that would make him the same as Su Lian’s escorts, pushing him to a lower position.

Looking at the ashes on the ground, Su Lian’s eyes were full of amazement while the spear-wielding followers were astonished too.

‘The disciples of the Saintess… Are indeed powerful and not to be trifled with. Even her most junior disciple is so terrifying!’

Su Lian was just about to say something, but Chen Chen waved his hand and acted as if it was just a normal thing.

“Senior Sister Su Lian, don’t say that much. Just stay here while I go check on Senior Brother Yu Huo.”

After saying that, he ignored their gazes and took out the Omni Divine Blade. He then smashed it at the arrays, soon forming a huge hole in the courtyard.

As soon as he left the courtyard, Chen Chen wiped the cold sweat off of his forehead.

‘I’ve finally succeeded in boasting!

‘Ah, indeed, pretending to be a powerful person is much harder in the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan. Even I have to do my best to make others feel like I’m impressive.’

Although Su Lian was definitely not comparable to him in terms of wealth, he had lots of heavenly treasures, but very few of them were fancy.

‘It must all be from Master. I don’t know where she got it from… No, I must go back and suck up to her too.’

After secretly making up his mind, Chen Chen arrived above Yu Huo’s courtyard.

Yu Huo was lying in the middle of the courtyard, seemingly unconscious.

However, there was a jade pendant that was flickering with light in front of his chest. The light turned into a thick shield with dense spiritual power that protected him.

Next to him, there was a Dark Immortal Sect cultivator who seemed to want to carry him away, but to no avail.

In the next courtyard, Yu Huo’s escort was fighting five Nascent Soul realm cultivators of the Dark Immortal Sect alone. Although he was at a disadvantage, there were no signs of retreat.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen came to a sudden realization.

Having enough assets and treasures gave one the ability to change everything, and the same rule applied, even to those who were gullible and weak in combat!

In short, the rich could do whatever they wanted!

On the other hand, if one was poor, they would have no choice but to stand by and watch, regardless of what fancy tricks and schemes they may have.

Seeing that the Dark Immortal Sect cultivators were still trying in vain to shake Yu Huo’s spiritual power shield, Chen Chen smacked him dead with tears in his eyes.

Just as he was about to go to the next courtyard to help out, a massive black cloud suddenly appeared in the distant sky, its dense evil aura felt clearly from dozens of kilometers away!

“That Essence Soul realm diabolic cultivator is about to break through. I wonder if my formula is of any use to him,” Chen Chen murmured, his gaze filled with anticipation.

“What is this?”

The cultivators of Fukun City were astonished!

Not only were they trapped here, but the dark cloud in the sky was also devouring their spiritual energy!

Among these cultivators, there were a few knowledgeable Nascent Soul realm powerhouses who could not help but yell in horror!

“That’s an evil method! There are diabolic cultivators nearby!”

Before the cultivators could continue being shocked for long, a peculiar laughter filled their ears.

“Hahaha! You are my feast for today. Today, I will use your blood to step into the late Essence Soul realm!”

Outside the array, the Sect Master of the Dark Immortal Sect quietly watched the scene with a menacing grimace.

At this moment, he no longer had the aura of an immortal, as he seemed bloodthirsty and maniacal!

‘Slaughtering tens of thousands of cultivators in one fell swoop, what a feat! Only a mighty figure can do that!’

The dark cloud in the sky rotated and formed a massive vortex while tens of thousands of cultivators rose into the vortex at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Once all their spiritual power was devoured, the dark cloud would go on to suck their vitality and fresh blood. Eventually, their souls would be devoured too!

By then, all that would be left would be a pile of corpses on the ground!

“Sect Master! Activate the array and let us out!”

Some cultivators wailed desperately, but the Dark Immortal Sect Master remained unwavering, sneering.

“Sect Master, Yu Huo’s escort is quite difficult to deal with. We can’t take him down.”

He received this message from his messenger token.

The Dark Immortal Sect Master frowned slightly and said coldly, “Don’t worry, Senior Brother has already gone to deal with them. Just stall for time and act according to the plan. It’s normal for those alchemists to be somewhat competent. As long as the lord succeeds in breaking through, there will be no problem at all.”

However, as soon as he finished speaking, the dark cloud in the sky suddenly stopped revolving.

Immediately afterwards, a furious roar of horror and fright spread across half of Fukun City!

“Damn it! What did you put in that pill?!”

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