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Chapter 206: Attack!

Five or six Painkiller Elixirs were sent on the following day. They were so well-received that many cultivators of the Dark Immortal Sect made requests for them to be refined in bulk.

Chen Chen didn’t bother asking or finding out about it, as he merely sent a few pills to the cultivators of the Dark Immortal Sect each day so that they would slowly let their guards down.

On the other hand, he had already instructed Yu Huo to slow down on his refinement of the Essence Soul Condensation Pills.

Before he knew it, five days had passed.

“Junior Brother, the Essence Soul Condensation Pills are going to be ready soon.”

A message from Yu Huo came from the communication token.

Chen Chen frowned slightly, and the next moment, he flew to Yu Huo’s courtyard in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, Yu Huo was already at the final stage of the refinement of the Essence Soul Condensation Pills. Both the Sect Master and Great Elder of the Dark Immortal Sect were present, looking at the pills with excitement in their eyes.

Chen Chen could sense that the pills were not the only things that they were excited about.


A soft sound was emitted from inside the elixir cauldron, and with a casual move of Yu Huo’s hand, a turquoise blue pill emitting rich spiritual energy and light appeared in his hand.

“It’s actually a superior-quality Essence Soul Condensation Pill!”

Looking at the elixir in his hand, Yu Huo was overjoyed, and he turned to look at the two members of the Dark Immortal Sect.

“Kindness truly begets kindness! You two are blessed!”

The Sect Master and Great Elder of the Dark Immortal Sect were overjoyed to hear that, but they were also secretly crestfallen.

They found it a pity because they were unfortunately not the ones who were truly blessed.

Just as they were about to receive the pill, someone beat them to it and stepped out to snatch the Essence Soul Condensation Pill.

“Superior-quality Essence Soul Condensation Pill! Senior Brother Yu Huo, you’re so capable!”

Chen Chen held the pill in his hand and exclaimed in awe, his eyes filled with admiration and passion for alchemy.

“Junior Brother, with your impeccable talent, you’ll be able to refine such a pill in no time too.”

Yu Huo stroked his beard and chuckled with joy, heartened to see how passionate Chen Chen was about alchemy. Yu Huo was certain that with Chen Chen’s incredible talent, he definitely had a promising future.

On the other hand, the Sect Master and the Great Elder of the Dark Immortal Sect secretly sneered!

‘This kid can refine such pills too? Hah! Probably not in this life, because he will die today!’

“Congratulations to you both on obtaining these superior-quality Essence Soul Condensation Pills. It’s worth more than what you paid for them.”

As Chen Chen spoke, he reluctantly handed the Essence Soul Condensation Pill to the Great Elder of the Dark Immortal Sect.

The Great Elder hurriedly put it away into a pill bottle that he had prepared long ago, then complimented, “Master Yu Huo deserves all the credit. The first disciple of the Saintess really lives up to our expectations! It’s a huge blessing of the Dark Immortal Sect to have you here!”

As soon as he said that, a cultivator of the Dark Immortal Sect dashed in in a panicked manner.

“Sect Master, Great Elder, bad news! A large number of demonic cultivators have gathered about 50 kilometers away! There have never been so many of them before! It looks like they are heading for Fukun City!”

Hearing these words, both of them were aghast, ordering sternly, “Set up the Great City Protection Array and gather all cultivators across the city to prepare for the attack! No matter what, we must defend Fukun City!”

After saying that, they glanced at Yu Huo and Chen Chen apologetically.

“Emissaries, the demons have invaded. Forgive us for not being able to stay for longer. Once we deter the demons, we will throw a banquet to celebrate the success of the refinement of this pill!”

Hearing this, Yu Huo spoke despondently with a worried expression, “Go ahead! It’s a shame that we alchemists have little combat power and can’t help you out with the invasion of Fukun City. We can only count on you two to defend us.”

Hearing this,the two members of the Dark Immortal Sect were touched and looked at Yu Huo miserably, reluctant to part with their new friend. The atmosphere in the courtyard became extraordinarily somber!

“Master Yu Huo! There might be millions of demons, but I will go and fight them!”

The Great Elder hollered and decisively brought the Sect Master of the Dark Immortal Sect away from the courtyard.

“Ah, such good cultivators… The human race has managed to prosper and rise to our current height because of these people… They’re the backbone of the human race. Junior Brother, why don’t we wait for them to come back and return them half of the remunerations?”

Staring at their backs and watching them leave, Yu Huo gently wiped the corners of his eyes.

Chen Chen was speechless.

‘If they’re the backbone of the human race, the human race would have become extinct,’ he thought.

“Senior Brother, I’ll go check out the situation.”

After saying that, Chen Chen flew outwards.

There were more than 10,000 demonic cultivators gathered outside Fukun City!

However, they were all blocked outside the City Protection Array.

The governors of the Eastern Border were wealthy, so most of the City Protection Arrays were very powerful, such as the one in Fukun City. Even Essence Soul realm demonic cultivators would have to spend a long time breaking through it.

Outside the array, the Great Elder of the Dark Immortal Sect was fighting with a peak Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivator one-on-one. They were going toe-to-toe against each other and the battle was so intense it caused the ground and mountains to shake.

Behind the city wall, tens of thousands of cultivators from Fukun City were quickly assembling on barren land where grass could not grow.

All the cultivators felt slightly uncomfortable when they arrived at this place, but no one said anything.

At such a juncture, they didn’t have the time to think that much.

“The Dark Immortal Sect is indeed planning to strike today.”

Looking at the vast number of demonic cultivators outside the city walls and the cultivators of Fukun City, Chen Chen took a deep breath.

‘This move will decide if they gain victory or not!’

With that thought in mind, he flew back and returned to the courtyard of his Second Senior Sister, Su Lian.

Su Lian was also one of the targets that the Dark Immortal Sect planned to kill, so he had to protect her at all times.

On the other hand, Yuan Qingtian went to distribute the Painkiller Elixirs.


In the underground of the place where a group of Fukun City cultivators had assembled, a pale, wrinkly, old man was sitting cross-legged, his veins bulging across his face and his cloudy eyes bloodshot.

There was black gas around him and faint roars from resentful spirits could be heard, making him seem extremely terrifying.

The Sect Master of the Dark Immortal Sect was kneeling respectfully in front of him with an exquisite pill bottle in his hand.

“Your Excellency, this is the Essence Soul Condensation Pill that I mentioned to you previously! It’s a miraculous pill that Yu Huo, the first disciple of the Saintess of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, has spent five days and five nights refining!

“Yu Huo is an honest, loyal, simple-minded, and gullible person, and we managed to deceive him entirely. I’ve also monitored the entire pill refinement process for several days, so please rest assured that there is no problem with this pill!”

The thin old man nodded after hearing that, and with a single thought in his mind, the Essence Soul Condensation Pill flew towards him.

“How are the preparations going for the other matters?”

The Sect Master of the Dark Immortal Sect didn’t answer his question immediately, instead taking out a communication token to send a message.

Soon, he received replies from the several communication tokens that he had.

“Junior Brother, don’t worry, all the Fukun City cultivators have already assembled, and once the array is activated, they will not escape the fate of being sacrificed!”

“Sect Master, all three alchemists are under our surveillance and there aren’t any abnormal issues. We can attack at any time!”

“Haha! Despicable half-demons, we demons are prepared too. Once your array is activated, all the demonic beasts under my command will rush into the city to feast on all of you. Not a single corpse will be left.”

Looking at the messages coming from the messenger tokens, the Sect Master of the Dark Immortal Sect’s face gradually started turning red as he continuously thought about the execution process of the entire plan.

Once he issued an order, the tens of thousands of cultivators of Fukun City above his head would be trapped in the array.

At that time, once their lord broke through, those cultivators would have no choice but to be sacrificed.

He would then lure the demons into the city and create the illusion of a fallen and wrecked city.

In the end, the Dark Immortal Sect cultivators who had been “severely injured in battle” would then lead the alchemist of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, Yu Huo, out of the siege.

They reckoned that Yu Huo would definitely put in a good word for them when they reached the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, in order to repay them for saving his life.

The Dark Immortal Sect would not only be able to smoothly let the Lord put the cultivators of the city up for the blood sacrifice, they could also continue to stay in the Eastern Border.

“There are no problems with the process! This plan will definitely succeed!”

After carefully recalling all the details, the Dark Immortal Sect Master solemnly looked at the thin, old man in front of him and reassured him in a deep voice, “Don’t worry, Lord! Everything has been prepared! There will be no mistakes!”

The thin, old man nodded in satisfaction, but the red light in his eyes was getting more and more intense, as if he was no longer able to suppress the power of evil within him.

“Okay, let’s strike then. I… I can’t wait any longer to drink blood.”

The Sect Master of the Dark Immortal Sect lowered his head with a ruthless expression and issued orders through the few communication tokens.


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