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Chapter 153: Chapter 153:  Let Them Eat Cake

Seeing this scene, the clan master of the Black Tortoise Clan subconsciously wanted to make a move, but was stopped by Xiao Wuyou.

“They’re just some nobodies. Since we’re new to this place, it’s better to find out the situation first.”

Seeing this, the clan master of the Black Tortoise Clan stopped.

The others began to observe the environment of the city.

The sixteenth city was only a few hundred meters long and wide. It was not even considered a small city but it was enough to house a hundred people.

Although the living conditions were inferior to that of their residence in the State of Jin, the spiritual energy here is a bit denser than that of their clan’s residence.

That was the main concern of immortal cultivators.

After the general arrangement of their respective accommodation, a war boat that was densely filled with people came flying in the distant sky.

The group of people were clad in armor and had indifferent expressions. They were clearly proper military personnel.

A few moments later, the war boat landed, and a golden-armored general who led the group scanned the crowd, seemingly looking for the leading cultivator.

At this moment, Xiao Wuyou took the initiative to stand out.

“Senior, we are the Border Army of the State of Jin and we were ordered to come to the Sixteenth City and follow the orders of all seniors here. We have a total manpower of 1001 pax, among which there is one Core Formation cultivator, 200 Foundation Establishment and 800 Qi Refinement cultivators. Seniors, our task is to guard both sides of the Great Wall defense line that spans across 20 kilometers of the Sixteenth City, to prevent the demons from infiltrating.”

“Is there still a defense line in front of this Great Wall?”

Chen Chen looked into the depths of the miasma. If he remembered correctly, Xia Xishuang had flown into the miasma when she was leaving.

“Yes, it’s the Haoran Sword Clan ahead of us. This Great Wall is only the second line of defense that’s specially used for dealing with some demons of lower cultivation levels who have lagged behind,” the golden-armored general explained.

Hearing this, Chen Chen understood in his heart but he did not dare to be careless.

God knows how low their status of cultivation can be?

If their cultivation level was really low, it wouldn’t require so many powerhouses to guard the line of defense.

Every cultivator present was a prominent figure of the State of Jin.

The golden-armored general added, “Head 50 kilometers southwest, there is a large checkpoint there which has all kinds of supplies that you can exchange for with Spirit Stones or the internal cores of the demons.”

“If you are rich enough, you can even exchange for direct cultivation enhancing pills made by the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan but there are restrictions. Each person can go there fortnightly and you cannot be away for more than one day.”

Hearing these words, the cultivators of the State of Jin were all riled up.

The Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan was one of the four clans of the human race, and its forte was in alchemy and pill refinement. In fact, it can even refine the internal alchemy of violent demonic beasts into mild cultivation pills, which they had heard about long ago.

In the past, they did not even dare to think about it, but they did not expect to have the opportunity to come into contact with it today.

After the introduction of the various aspects, the golden-armored general then led the thousand low-level cultivators to the camp behind the city.

Although the cultivation levels of those one thousand people were not high, they seemed to know some kind of formation, and were walking in an orderly manner.

In the afternoon.

Chen Chen couldn’t stay in the city. He did not know how the cultivators of the State of Jin could stand staying still despite knowing that there was a large checkpoint with various supplies, within 50 kilometers away from the city.

‘Can’t we go now? There doesn’t seem to be a battle at all.’

Thinking of this, he casually called out a Golden core cultivator and asked, “Brother, why don’t we go to that supply point and take a look?It’s only 50 kilometers away. Given our cultivation level this time, we can arrive in no time.”

“No…” The Golden core cultivator touched his storage ring with a shy expression.

Chen Chen shot him a look of sympathy before looking for Xiao Wuyou. To his surprise, Xiao Wuyou turned him down too.

“Disciple, you’re too young. They’re not going because they do not know the place, they naturally have to be more conscientious.”

“It’s best to have a greenhorn go over and find out the prices of the items there. Then, make the necessary arrangements and borrow Spirit Stones or sell your items to raise money to purchase the items you need, so that you won’t waste the opportunity.”

Hearing Xiao Wuyou’s words, Chen Chen was speechless.

It was the first time he had seen someone describing the poor in such a strange manner.

In fact, it was also true that he thought too much of it.

Simply put, let them eat cake!

Being used to being a tycoon, he subconsciously thought that everyone was like him and did not lack any Spirit Stones. He did not know that apart from him, most of the cultivators of the State of Jin had to pinch and scrimp in order to make a living.

“Do other cultivators have such hard lives?”

Chen Chen secretly wiped his tears and registered his name before flying to the southwest alone.

Since they were waiting for a greenhorn to go, he shall be the one!

He was confident and wouldn’t panic regardless of where he went because he was wealthy enough!

As expected, as soon as Chen Chen left, the group of State of Jin cultivators began to talk.

“That rash young man of the Tianyun Clan has gone!”

“When he comes back later, I’ll ask him about the price of the cultivation elixir. If I can’t afford it, you have to lend me some money, Uncle-Master!”

“Don’t worry, if the difference is too great, you have to lend me some first. I want to buy a piece of spiritual gold and use it to temper my Dharmic treasure.”

“If it’s too much, I’ll go borrow some from Senior Brother.”

The distance of 50 kilometers was nothing to the current Chen Chen, and it didn’t take long for him to arrive at that so-called supply point.

There were no city walls, no spiritual array. Strictly speaking, there was only a huge market.

However, there were buildings, restaurants, and stores that peddled elixirs. Of course, the majority of the market was private stalls set up by the various cultivators.

“Internal elixir of demonic beasts for sale at 100 Spirit Stones each! The cultivation level will be given at random!”

“Recovery Pills for sale! It’s a secret ancestral formula, and the medicinal effects are powerful!”

“Treasures for sale! All Core Formation cultivators can use it!”

Looking at the stalls, Chen Chen felt refreshed. In the State of Jin, no cultivators would have to stoop low to set up stalls.

However, not to mention the Core Formation cultivators, he had also seen lots of Nascent Soul realm cultivators.

“Where is the most valuable thing in a 50-meter radius?”

“The internal elixir of the thousand-year-old demonic beast 20 meters to the left.”

While walking, Chen Chen used the tracking system and soon found a few valuable items that were worth a lot of money.

However, he was not interested in such items because such a business was not worth his effort. It was simply degrading!

“Ancient battlefield treasures for sale! 100 Spirit Stones per pile!”

Hearing this cry, Chen Chen subconsciously looked over.

A Core Formation was touting in front of a certain stall with more than ten miscellaneous items placed in front of him.

They were either fragments of treasures or strange items of odd shapes.

Chen Chen managed to find out that it was a pile of junk after checking using the system.

However, he was interested in the ancient battlefield item that the vendor mentioned.

“Fellow Daoist, what is the ancient battlefield? Where is it?”

Chen Chen asked while spending a hundred Spirit Stones on the pile of junk.

The stall vendor immediately smiled and said, “It’s the relic of the battlefield where the humans and demons had once gone to war on. There are ancient battlefields that date back to decades ago or even tens of thousands of years ago! Just 500 kilometers to the south there is a 3,000-year-old battlefield site, but you have to pay 100 Spirit Stones per entry.”

“I’m not bragging but these items are what I picked up from there. You’re in for a profit. Do you see this? It’s the fragments of an Essence Soul realm cultivator’s personal treasure! And this, it’s the inner elixir of an Essence Soul realm demon. Unfortunately, it has been stained by dust… Hey! Don’t go, you left your things behind!”

Chen Chen casually took the pile of trash thrown over by the vendor and muttered, “I like picking up money the most.”

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