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Chapter 15: Do You Have the Right?

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“Are you that bad kind from the Chen family?”


Wang Suqin points at Chen Chen with her sword, her voice freezing cold.

Chen Chen ignored the sharp sword, calmly stating, “I was born with a clear background. How am I a ‘bad kind’?”


“If the second lady of our house says you are a bad kind, then you are a bad kind! How dare you rebut!”

The servants next to Wang Suqin immediately pulled out their swords, speaking with grudging faces.

Other servants saw the scene and immediately pulled out their swords; the atmosphere immediately intensified.

The villagers found this unacceptable. The village head stood up from the ground, standing in front of Chen Chen, saying bitterly, “My second lady, since Stone Village can afford the land rent, for what reason is this happening?”

Wang Suqin sneered at the words, abruptly saying, “This bad kind from the Chen’s must have stolen property from the Wang household. How would he procure thirty taels of silver otherwise?

“This is precisely the second reason for my visit here.”

The village head’s face promptly froze at the words. He had seen Chen Chen grow up and knew his character. How could he be capable of stealing anything?

“Second lady, Xiao Chen’s character can be verified by every person in Stone Village. Stealing is not possible for him. I am willing to stake my life on this!”

Other villagers soon followed suit.

“Exactly, how can Xiao Chen steal? Watch your words!”

“He isn’t stealing even if I am! This kid was known for his fine character from a young age.”

The villagers from the Stone Village were a rustic people. Given how Chen Chen was willing to solve the property rent affair with his thirty taels of silver, how could they neglect him now that he was being targeted by Ms. Wang’s sword?


Wang Suqin’s face dimmed as she saw this.

She only wanted to get rid of the Chen family. Massacring the entire village left no slaves for the Wang’s lands and was against their best interest.

Thinking of this, she changed course.

“This is a personal affair between the Wang and Chen households. If anyone is willing to seize this lad for me, their property rent for this year shall be waived.”

She simply did not believe that a group of untouchables could withstand the lure of money—-she was determined to make the lad learn how rough the world was!

However, even after a moment’s silence, nobody moved.

This made Wang Suqin somewhat mad.

“Three years!”

The village head shook his head, looking at Wang Suqin somewhat sympathetically.

“Second lady, this is not a matter of money. Xiao Chen has not conducted such an act of stealing. We will not betray our consciousness for money. How can we be good people otherwise?”


Wang Suqin’s breath stopped at those words. The village head’s words had punctured her heart like a needle.

After a moment, she suddenly laughed up towards the sky.

“Hahaha! All of you villagers are truly untouchables! Consciousness? Why do you think you have the right to talk about that with me?”


Compared to Wang Suqin, Chen Chen was very satisfied.

After stepping forward two steps without saying a word, he looked at Wang Suqin.

Slowly, he spoke, “Back then, my father rescued your father, Wang Hu. He repaid him by claiming my father’s military retributions, thereby building his grand household.


“The Wangs have never offered any compensation in the slightest since then. Now you are trying to repay mercy with hate?


“Let me ask you, were it not for my father, where would your household get its prosperity? Was it not for my father, where would you get your fine flowers, great horses, and hordes of servants?

“Now you are pointing your sword at me? I’m asking you; do you have the right?”

His statements silenced the village.

Wang Suqin’s face started changing colors. For some reason, looking at the teenager in front of her made her heart fill with worry.

How could a teenager from the most lowly of backgrounds make such powerful and unreputable statements?

“Absolute garbage!”

A moment later, Wang Suqin shouted out in fury. But neither her flushed face nor her agitated breaths showed signs of stopping.

Afterwards, Wang Suqin’s horse slowly pulled back a bit. With some distance between them, her face became even more ferocious. Pointing the sword at the village, she ordered, “Kill that lad! Any person on the way shall also be killed! Any consequences shall be accounted for by the Wang family!”


Hearing this, the servants had bloodthirsty looks on their faces.

At this point, no hiding was necessary.


Dozens of horses moved back to charge properly.

The village head was very worried when he saw this.

How could the villagers hold up against the charge of multiple horse riders?

“Village head, please go back,” Chen Chen said with a smile.


“No ‘but’, they are too far to kill me,” Chen Chen comforted him, his young face showing no signs of worry.

“Xiao Chen!”

A concerning call carried out through the crowd; it was Chen Chen’s mother, Qin Rou.

Chen Shan, meanwhile, stood next to Chen Chen without saying a single word.

As much as Chen Chen had insisted that he had learned from a fairy, as his father, Chen Shan was still not willing to let him face that many unfriendly people.


After all, he hadn’t seen Chen Chen’s power with his own eyes.

“The Wang household is disregarding lives! How dare they forfeit such a fine boy like Xiao Chen! Shame on you!”

“Xiao Chen, fear not! I, Uncle Qian, am not ready to see you die!”

A villager stood next to Chen Chen in fury.

“Xiao Chen, you are covered by me!”

With someone in the lead, all the strong villagers stood next to Chen Chen. With their scythes and hoes, they looked like a joke when compared to the high horses and sharp knives of their opponent.


However, it most definitely moved Chen Chen.

For as poor as Stone Village was, its villagers were proudly united. Even in front of seemingly invincible enemies, they would stand beside him without a word.

“Thank you, everyone,” Chen Chen scanned their faces as he spoke quietly.

From afar, Wang Suqin’s face distorted as she saw the scene. She groaned, “You bunch of untouchables! You really think I wouldn’t dare to kill you? How laughable!

“Kill them all! We are massacring Stone Village today! Let me see who in Shichuan County can touch the Wangs!”


All the bodyguards licked their lips as they heard this. They were looking at the villagers as if they were sheep ready to slaughter.

Then, the leading servant raised his fighting sword, making the pre-charge call!

“Charge with me! Anyone in our way must die!”

With that call, the several dozen high horses accelerated together, creating a curtain of dust, dashing towards the villagers like a thunderstorm.

Compared to that, the villagers were like duckweeds in the middle of a hurricane—-as fragile as they may seem.

Behind the villagers, many elderly, young, and female villagers had already broken into tears; Er Ya hid his head behind his mother’s head.


The several dozen horses were about to dash into the villagers as a massacre was initiated.

The youth in the group suddenly took one step forward.

His plain shirt moved without any wind present.

This simple movement seemed to come with seemingly unparalleled reverence!


The several dozen high horses were very frightened, screaming aloud together, as if they were not facing a group of villagers, but rather an abyss!


The foremost horse lost its step, crashing into the ground with the servant. The others running behind it promptly followed suit.

The seemingly invincible charge was dismantled in no time!

Ultimately, no person or horse reached within a three-meter radius of the youth.

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