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Chapter 101: Chapter 101: Floral Moon House Bloodbath

Seeing one of the successors being killed right before his eyes, Qi Bufan felt a chill run down his spine, as if he had been splashed with cold water.

Immediately afterwards, he became furious!

To kill a successor in front of him was an audacious act!

That successor was one of the top ten elites, not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry!

“Chen Chen! How dare you!?! If I kill you right now, no one from the 36 clans will say anything!”

Qi Bufan sprang up abruptly as spiritual pressure emanated from his body, taking off from the roof of the Floral Moon House, the starlight in the sky immediately shining into the private room.

The other successor also flew backwards with a dense, protective ethereality that surged to the extreme. He stared at Chen Chen with great animosity, as if he was his enemy.

No matter what, the person in front of him had killed a successor, so his actions wouldn’t be excessive.

Seeing this, Chen Chen stayed silent and waited for the people of the Floral Moon House to run away before speaking coldly, “Since you attacked my person, you have to be ready to die. Second on the elites’ ranking? What a great reputation. Do you really think you’re second amongst the younger generation of the State of Jin?”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, a stern aura flashed in Qi Bufan’s eyes.

He indeed considered himself as second among the elites of the State of Jin.

After a moment of silence, Qi Bufan snapped coldly, “You have a death wish!” At the same time, black flames gushed out from his body, which were the Flames of Falling Tranquility that specially burned ethereality.

Chen Chen looked at the Flames of Falling Tranquility silently, the starlight in the sky suddenly dimming and a gloomy cloud suddenly shrouding the air above the Floral Moon House.

Compared to the gloomy cloud that defeated Zhu Zhi previously, this one was several times more oppressive. When the people near the Floral Moon House saw it, they retreated, horror apparent in their eyes.

Even Gu Qingcheng couldn’t be bothered, hurriedly leaving Floral Moon House.


There was a thunderous explosion!

The entire seventh floor of Floral Moon House disappeared without a trace, and before the people in the distance could react, thunderbolts came crashing down like raindrops, the cloud in the sky seeming to be full of anger.

In a few moments, nearly a hundred thunderbolts descended!

The crowd couldn’t help but turn pale when they saw this scene. In just a few seconds, the seven-floor Floral Moon House, which was originally opulent and glamorous, had become a pile of ruins.

Above the ruins, Chen Chen stood silently while Qi Bufan, who was standing near him with messed up hair and clothes, had horror in his eyes.

On the other hand, the other successor had already turned into a charred corpse buried underneath the ruins.

Qi Bufan barked furiously, “Chen Chen, don’t go overboard and bully others! You’re just a disciple who’s in the Qi training period!”

His forehead veins bulged, and his retreating steps made his ferocious expression seem stern.

“He’s my brother.”

As Chen Chen spoke indifferently, the thunderbolt in the sky became denser.

Sensing the great pressure above his head, Qi Bufan smacked the ground and the area within a 10-meter radius of him turned into a fire dragon that surged towards Chen Chen.

Seeing this, Chen Chen didn’t fight back at all. Soon, he was surrounded by the black flames as the ethereality in his body began to rapidly burn.

Seeing this scene, Qi Bufan’s heart calmed down a little.

However, before he could pull his next move, he sensed the ethereality around him converging towards Chen Chen like a tidal wave.

He even found it a little difficult to mobilize the ethereality in the world.

On the other hand, Chen Chen may have turned into a fireball but the spiritual pressure in his body became stronger.

Qi Bufan was astounded.

The speed at which the Flames of Falling Tranquility burned the ethereality was not as fast as the other party’s recovery speed. How could there be such an existence in the middle of the Foundation Establishment stage?

Just as he was in a state of shock, Chen Chen waved his hand in the black flames and a thick bolt of lightning descended from the sky.

The destructive fluctuations contained in this lightning caused Qi Bufan’s face to pale instantly.

Qi Bufan couldn’t be bothered, simply turning around to run away with all his might.

However, his speed could not match that of the lightning bolt. Before he had covered a distance of a few meters, the bolt landed directly on top of his head, almost scaring him soulless as he fell into the ruins.

At this moment, he experienced how Zhu Zhi had felt back then.

Looking at the shimmering inner armor on Qi Bufan’s body, Chen Chen frowned slightly.

Reasonably speaking, that strike should have blasted Qi Bufan into ashes, but his inner armor was extraordinary and isolated most of the lightning damage.

However, despite that, Qi Bufan had become completely incapacitated.

The gloomy clouds in the sky began to dissipate and Chen Chen isolated the ethereality in his body as the black flames gradually disappeared.

At that moment, there were quite a few people staring at them, including Ye Wusheng, the successor of the White Tiger Clan, Xiao Huang, the successor of the Vermilion Bird Clan, and several other successors of the 36 clans.

This street was the most prosperous area in the capital of the country, and also where most of them lived.

There was such a huge commotion nearby, so there was no way they wouldn’t have heard it.

They all had complicated expressions on their faces when they saw that scene.

They would have never expected the second-best elite of the State of Jin to receive a beating.

“You… You can’t kill me. I’m from the Wuxin Clan. If you kill me, the Wuxin Clan won’t let you off.”

A sullen-faced Qi Bufan lay on the ground, his voice shaking a little.

Tonight was supposed to be the peak of his life, but who would have thought that it would be such a fleeting moment? Before he could truly enjoy the glory that the peak had brought him, he fell to rock bottom.

As soon as he said those words, a few streams of light flew over from a distance.

“The city guards are exercising their duties. The people in front, hurry and stop it!”

Qi Bufan was overjoyed to hear that voice, his eyes filling with joy at the thought of surviving this ordeal.

‘Finally, the guards of the City Guard Division are here! Why did these fools take such a long time to come here?!’

Before he could continue to complain, the joy in his eyes quickly turned to panic as he saw that there was an extra broadsword in Chen Chen’s hand.

The broadsword was filled with menace, and a single glance made it clear that it had absorbed a large amount of blood.

“No…” Qi Bufan whispered, suddenly turning pale. At this moment, he was unable to calm down.

“Nothing is impossible. Leave in peace. Remember to keep a low profile in your next life.”

After saying these words, Chen Chen’s Dragon-Slaying Sword suddenly swung downwards, and blood splattered everywhere.

Qi Bufan was beheaded, dying on the spot while his soul was destroyed.


There was a sudden hollering that came from afar, but it stopped abruptly.

‘What? He’s already dead…’

“The successor of the Tianyun Clan, you…”

A group of armor-clad soldiers surrounded the ruins of Floral Moon House, the leader of the group looking at Chen Chen sulkily. They were at a complete loss for words.

The other soldiers also looked at Chen Chen with complicated gazes.

Just a short while ago, many of them had bet on Qi Bufan winning the Ranking Battle tomorrow.

Yet, the glorious, famous successor of the Luoyou Clan had been killed by the Tianyun Clan before the battle.

Chen Chen ignored the group of city guards, casually picking up Qi Bufan’s head before walking to Gu Qingcheng, who was overwhelmed with bewilderment. He then tossed a storage bag at her.

“The Spirit Stones inside are enough for you to rebuild Floral Moon House.”

Dumbfounded, Gu Qingcheng grabbed the storage bag.

At this moment, she was extremely confused.

Not only was Floral Moon House a pile of ruins, the successor of the Luoyou Clan, whom she had high expectations for, had actually died.

He had died at the hands of the successor of the Tianyun Clan, who was willing to stay in a brothel for 300 Spirit Stones…

She looked at the charred head, whose features could still vaguely be seen.

Gu Qingcheng was filled with mixed feelings.

Everything in this world was unpredictable.

“What are you guys doing crowding over there? City guards have no right to interfere with the matters of the 36 clans!” Xiao Huang’s voice came from afar.

The City Guard Division were in a dilemma after hearing that, unsure if they should leave. Logically speaking, they could not interfere with the 36 clans, but…

Just when the general, who was the leader, was pondering over the dilemma, an ethereal voice sounded out in the distance.

“Successor of the Tianyun Clan, His Majesty the king wants you to go to the palace to see him!”

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