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Chapter 1858 Rebellion Army

The fort shook violently for a few seconds, then its siren continued to sound.

Qin Chao was wondering, what was going on? At the most crucial moment, why did the alarm suddenly ring?

Could it be that he had been discovered? He couldn't have done it! The moment he was discovered, all he needed to do was sound the alarm. Why did the fortress even shake a few times?

While he was still confused, the wall beside him suddenly exploded with a boom, as if some kind of force had blown it apart.

Then, a few tall, metal-armored figures jumped in.

In front of them was a woman in silver metal armour.

After entering, she immediately undid her metal armor, revealing her true appearance.

I'll go.

Qin Chao could not help but widely open his eyes.

In Zerozone, there was actually such a beauty.

From the looks of it, she seemed to be a beauties of the beast race.

She was more than 1.7 meters tall and had furry fox ears on her head.

Her figure was slender and slim, there were many places with more meat, and she was the young master Fang with less meat.

A white tail stretched out from the back of his clothes, occasionally wagging.

So it was a fox woman.

Outside the broken wall, Qin Chao could also see many spaceships that were battling intensely.

"Quick, sir, we have to get to the core of the apd,"

A tall youth who looked like a tiger shouted.

"There's a Zerozone dog over there. Catch him and give us directions."

Fox clan girl glanced at Qin Chao, and then, he suddenly appeared in front of Qin Chao.

Qin Chao was shocked, the lady's speed was fast.

But listen to the conversation between them, get the core of what apd.

The database on Qin Chao's body flickered, and information on Lanus, who was engulfed, was revealed. The core was a new type of equipment that was developed by the Zerozone, and with it, one could release a special type of magnetic field to lower the combat power of the surrounding Beastmen.

Then, these people should be the legendary rebel soldiers.

This Fox clan girl also seemed like a leader.

"You better behave."

The Fox clan girl said. He picked up Qin Chao with one hand and whispered into his ear.

"If you don't want to die, show us where the apd is."

They needed to obtain the core before they could master the core technology and figure out how to break this core effect.

As the Fox clan girl spoke into Qin Chao's ear, an itchy breath brushed against Qin Chao's ear, causing his heartbeat to race a few times.

He really did not expect that the beast race had beauties like this.

There was no difference when it came to appearances that suited humans. It was just that there were some characteristics of the beast race.

However, the fox ears and tail seemed to have a lot of love.

I really want to touch it...

"Hurry up and point the way."

Fox clan girl shouted.

As for the other beastmen warriors, there were a few Dirk people who were already holding onto Law Enforcement Gun and fighting with the law enforcers beside them.

The situation was as chaotic as it could get.

"This way..."

Qin Chao's eyes turned.

He had to obtain the apical core. Otherwise, if the Zerozone really controlled the magnetic field which reduced battle qi, it would be disadvantageous for his own army.

As a result, Qin Chao opened up the system's navigation system. Fortunately he was the Slaughterer, otherwise, he would not be able to find the location of the apd.

"Follow us."

Without saying a word, the Fox clan girl dragged Qin Chao in the direction he had pointed to.

"Over here!"

Under Fox clan girl's lead, the rebel army continued to shoot while chasing after their leader's footsteps.

Qin Chao was being held by the young lady, and thought, this woman's strength was rather strong.

The Fox clan girl carried Qin Chao and ran all the way inside the fort.

Along the way, they met with many law enforcers, but they were all dealt with by Fox clan girl and her subordinates.

Needless to say, this rebel army sure has a lot of fighting strength.

"Rebel commander Riley, this is your final destination."

It was at this time that the three Enforcers suddenly stopped in front of Fox clan girl.

could sense the strength of these three people, so they should be three massacres.

"Those who block the way will die!"

Fox clan girl sneered, his eyes gleaming with killing intent.

"Don't underestimate the slaughter of our Zerozone. Today is the day you die."

A red Value-added Armor appeared from one of the slaughterers. With a red flame on his left hand, he threw a punch at Fox clan girl.

"You're courting death."

With one hand, Fox clan girl held Qin Chao, while the other hand held onto Qin Chao's fist.

Qin Chao was secretly surprised in his heart.

The power of the red element was actually blocked by her small white and tender hand.


"Rage Rank 3."

The Fox clan girl suddenly let out a delicate shout.

Then, her body slightly changed.

Its shape hadn't changed, but it still had curves and curves.

If this girl turned into a three-meter-tall little giant, Qin Chao would definitely vomit blood.

However, she originally had a head of black hair, but it was very long. It extended all the way to her waist.

At the same time, his eyes turned blood-red.

The fingernails on his fingers had also become sharper.

A fox's tail, now longer and fuller.

had the urge to touch it.

What a cute tail.

Just as Qin Chao was sighing with emotion, the Fox clan girl suddenly moved.

Blood suddenly spurted out from the red attributed massacre practitioner's fist, which was directly crushed by the Fox clan girl.


The other two massacres saw this and broke out in a cold sweat.

"I never thought that Commander Riley was actually a Rage Rank 3 Ranker."

A few of the massacres had miscalculated, and the one with his hand missing was even more so howling in grief.

"All of you, scram!"

Fox clan girl did not have the time to waste with them.

"Don't even think about it, Value-added Armor!"

The remaining two Massacring Demons also equipped Value-added Armor s. They were of the yellow attribute and were of the defensive type.

"The two of us are here and neither of us can get through."

"The two of us are known as invincible gate gods, hahaha."

"Gate your head!"

Fox clan girl's figure flashed and appeared in front of a massacre.

At the same time, the tail behind her lashed out like a white whip.


The yellow metal armor on the massacred person cracked, revealing the terrified and frightened looking massacre.

There were bloodstains on the face of the massacred man as well. His entire body was split in half by that single strike of the tail.

"Wh, what …"

The other killer was scared silly.

It seems that the only one able to fight against the Rage Rank 3 is the Destroyer.


Looking at the massacred person who was scared to the point that his mouth turned soft, Fox clan girl curled his lips, then carried Qin Chao and ran backwards.

The slaughter didn't dare to stop them.

Of the three massacres, two of them had been directly destroyed. Now, only he was left, how would he dare to jump out?

Isn't that courting death?

Qin Chao sat on the free ticket and was carried away by the Fox clan girl as he ran.

Don't say it, this car is quite fragrant.

Qin Chao sighed.

"Where else can we go? Hurry up and tell us."

Fox clan girl's temper doesn't seem to be too gentle, Qin Chao lamented.

"Over there."

He pointed to the left.

"Sir, he's not fooling us, is he?"

An ox-headed burly man could not help but ask worriedly.

Fox clan girl immediately looked at Qin Chao coldly, his claws rubbing against each other.

"Of course not, how could I dare to lie to you all? It's right behind that door, really …"

Qin Chao immediately said.

"He's also a useless trash."

The Fox clan girl couldn't help but twitch his mouth, and then continued to carry Qin Chao, and rush towards the iron gate at the side.


Several law enforcers rushed over with guns in their hands.


The Fox clan girl was expressionless as he spun around with his tail twitching.

A white whirlpool was drawn out. It was about three to four meters in size. It spun continuously and tore the bodies of the Enforcers to shreds.

Next, the whirlpool crashed into the metal door, tearing it apart.

Qin Chao swallowed his saliva. His previous thought of a cute tail had completely disappeared.

F * ck my claws, how is this a tail? This is clearly a lethal weapon!

As Qin Chao thought about this, he was once again lifted by the girl into the room.

In this room, a few researchers looked at the rebels in panic.

They were both from Dirk people, and two of them were from Zerozone.

The level of technology in Dirk people was called developed, if the people of Zerozone did not rely on it, they would not have such advanced level of technology.

"Take them away!"

These people were all involved in the apd research, so the Fox clan girl seemed to be planning on taking them away without leaving a single one behind.


The other rebel soldiers immediately carried out their orders, holding Law Enforcement Gun, and threatened the researchers to leave with them.

As for the apd, it was being developed and placed on a table.

"Is this it …"

Fox clan girl took the palm-sized instrument and placed it in his waist pocket.

"Sir, what should we do with this man?"

A rebel army pointed at Qin Chao and asked.

"Take him away first. His level doesn't seem that low, so maybe he'll be useful to us."

Fox clan girl looked at Qin Chao and sneered, "This type of weak bone is always very useful."

Erasers, who's the weakling.

Qin Chao thought, when all of you are done with your work, let me show you what it means to be tough … Ah Han.

"Let's go!"

The Fox clan girl said as he threw an item that seemed like a bomb into the room.

As they went out, the room suddenly shook violently, and billows of smoke rushed out.

Wow, this girl really is a saboteur.

The group fled outside.

More and more law enforcers had already heard the news and came over. Each passage was filled with law enforcers.

"I'll cut you off, you guys take your men and leave first."

When Fox clan girl saw this, he could not help but crease his eyebrows and give the order.

"But, but …"

"This is an order."

The Fox clan girl said without a doubt.

Her subordinates had no choice but to leave first, while she stayed behind. With one hand holding Qin Chao, she faced the rushing army of Enforcers behind her …

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