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Chapter 484
Chapter 484: Invincible!

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The King of the Boundless Sea was the hero, but the Great Heaven Flaming Emperor was not lacking either.

A glare was unleashed from the body of the Great Heaven Flaming Emperor. A ring of radiance also gathered in its palms, turning into a round Sun, rising and shining brightly.

In the next moment, this Sun was extinguished and disappeared, as if it was swallowed.

Even the pure golden flames that formed the Great Heaven Flaming Emperor entered darkness, as if it a black hole had swallowed all the lights.

In this darkness, the Great Heaven Flaming Emperor exuded a frightening aura. Its powers gathered but were not unleashed, as if it was a reminder of an impending doom.

If it wanted, it could destroy the space that everyone was at with a snap of its thumb.

Fist of the Great Heavenly Sun, the Eclipse!

Lin Feng’s Fist of the Great Heavenly Sun was formed from the combination of the power of the Grand Sun Primordial Fire and the grand concept that determined the destiny of the Heavens and Earth. Its power was extremely dominant.

And this eclipse caused the essence of the sunlight and the radiance of the primordial fire to be exhausted. From there, an extraordinary power would be unleashed in an instant.

As this brutal fist collided with the Shaoshang Sword, the Shaoshang Swordmaster was sent flying!

The majestic sword radiance divided into hundreds and thousands of flowing radiance, extending in all directions.

It was as if an extremely sharp magic sword encountered a huge hammer. No matter how sharp it might be, it could not handle such a ferocious knock.

The Great Heaven Flaming Emperor body shook and the power of the eclipse dissipated. The flames started to burn again and some of the areas were cut by the radiance of the Shaoshang Sword that had broken into several pieces. But these cuts did not make the Great Heaven Flaming Emperor weaker. On the other hand, it became fiercer.

As the sword radiance dissipated, an aggressive man wielding a sword was revealed. He was 100 foot tall and as he wielded the sword, he looked imposing and his eyes flashed with lightning.

It was the virtual entity of the Shaoshang Swordmaster. At the critical moment, the Shaoshang Swordmaster revealed his most powerful trick. He converted his Immortal Soul Avatar to the virtual entity, which prevented him from following in the footsteps of Ning Lang, who was almost killed by Lin Feng’s Great Fist of the Heavenly Sun.

The Guanchong Swordmaster was shocked as he saw this scene, "He is so powerful just with the physical spell body? Don’t tell me that he was fearful of the complex situation at the Cloud Forest World, thus he did not make his move? Or was it just his avatar at the Cloud Forest World?"

He took in a deep breath and repressed all his queries, saying in a deep voice, "Shaozhe, don’t care about the Celestial Sword Elder already!"

Before he even opened his mouth, the Shaozhe Swordmaster had already stepped up and gave up his original opponent like the Shaoshang Swordmaster. He attacked Lin Feng.

In an instant, the Shaozhe Swordmaster transcended boundless space and came before Lin Feng. He roared in a deep voice and revealed a twenty foot tall swordsman image, who wore a high crown and ancient clothing. His long sword converted into a slight cold radiance.

As the radiance flashed, it converted into a sky of stars that shone brightly. In that instant, it transcended unlimited space and attacked Lin Feng.

After learning from the mistakes of the Shaoshang Swordmaster and the Lixiong Swordmaster, the Shaozhe Swordmaster immediately revealed his virtual entity.

On the

other side, the Guanchong Swordmaster could care less about whether his vital energy had recovered. He revealed his virtual entity too and converted into a 70 foot tall strong man that carried a huge sword. The sword had a rounded front, which looked like a huge steel cane. But it possessed an aura that repressed everything false and carried a tremendous force.

Along with the Shaoshang Swordmaster and the Lixiong Swordmaster, the 4 swordmasters of Mount Shu who cultivated the virtual entity surrounded and attacked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng remained calm and picked his brows lightly, and two waves of tremendous power concepts surged out from the Taiji Diagram on his forehead.

These two waves of tremendous power concepts landed in space and converted into giants that were over 2000 feet tall. They looked like Lin Feng, the Great Heaven Flaming Emperor and the King of the Boundless Seas. They were yet another two physical spell bodies of Lin Feng!

"Four Appearances Heaven-Cleaving Script. Wind. Universal Light and Holy Wind!

"Four Appearances Heaven-Cleaving Script. Earth. Heaven-Bearing Prints!"

A formless and colorless storm brewed in space, converting into an almost transparent giant. It was a physical spell body formed from Lin Feng’s Universal Light and Holy Wind. It was named the Emperor of the Universal Light and Wind. It welcomed the attack of the Shaozhe Swordmaster.

The Shaozhe Swordmaster summoned the powers of his sword mind to the extreme. His sword radiance converted into spots of stars. Each of these spots were real. One slash of the sword was sufficient to gravely injure or kill an Immortal Soul Stage Elder.

Every streak of the sword radiance represented a possibility in that instant frame of time.

As the Emperor of the Universal Light and Wind faced the Shaozhe Sword, it let out a huge roar, "The changes of the world in an instant, but the flowing radiance has been there for a thousand years."

His entire body’s worth of power was drummed up and a ferocious squall attacked in all directions, engulfing the sword radiance of the Shaozhe Swordmaster.

In space, there was a weird tremble that caused the sword radiance to disappear. There was only a twenty foot tall swordsman decked in ancient clothing and who wore a high crown standing there, holding a long sword that had a cold radiance flashing on the tip of it.

Everyone was stunned at this moment.

It was because they had seen this scene previously. It was the instant that the Shaozhe Swordmaster wanted to reveal his virtual entity and draw his sword.

In the next instant, the slight cold radiance on the tip of his sword was going to convert into thousands of sword radiance, seeping into different planes of time to kill Lin Feng.

But now, this scene replayed in front of everyone’s eyes again.

The Sun Radiance Swordmaster and the rest definitely did not think they were seeing things, or that they had experienced an illusion earlier.

There was only one reason. It was that the power concept of the Emperor of the Universal Light and Wind had reversed the flow of time in the space that the Shaozhe Swordmaster was at.

Although it was only for a short while, it was already very shocking!

The Shaozhe Swordmaster was a supreme sword cultivator who had cultivated the Shaozhe Sword, allowing him to comprehend a few mysteries of time. His consciousness was very clear and he understood what situation he was in.

But the Emperor of the Universal Light and Wind had already grabbed the opportunity. As the Shaozhe Swordmaster wanted to attack, an equally devastating squall attacked the virtual entity of the Shaozhe Swordmaster, causing him to be placed in a mess.

And on the other side, streaks and streaks of dirt yellow radiance gathered to form an aggressive giant.

The giant formed a spell with its hands and crushed the Guanchong Swordmaster. It revealed the power concept of a vigorous force. It was not sharp nor ferocious, but it was extremely dense, fierce and indestructible!

As if it was the carrier of all matter and the nurturer of the Heavens and Earth, it enabled the Heavens and Earth to bear any force that landed!

At the same time, the Heaven and Earth was also extremely heavy, allowing it to repress everything and preventing any upheaval from occurring.

The virtual entity revealed by the Guanchong Swordmaster attacked Lin Feng with its quaint and imposing sword mind of the Guanchong Sword. However, it did not expect to face the physical spell body of Lin Feng’s Heaven-Bearing Prints, the Heaven-Bearing Emperor. As they clashed face-to-face, the tremendous force repressed the Guanchong Swordmaster.

Even though the Guanchong Swordmaster created his own sword world, he could not resist the huge pressure.

In the Mount Shu camp, a composed and peaceful middle-aged man drew his sword and was ready to assist the Guanchong Swordmaster.

The sword radiance he unleashed was pure golden in color. It was not incisive, but rather more peaceful and dense. It was like a mountain that stabilized the skies and the seas.

When facing this sword, everyone would only feel short as they could only bow down to it and admit to their sins.

It was the Shaoyang Sword. As the most peaceful sword in the Mount Shu Sword Sect, it was the most difficult sword to cultivate. But upon cultivation, it was flawless and invincible. There were no ways to defeat it and was widely recognized to be the best out of the 6 swords.

The Shaoyang Swordmaster held the fort at Mount Shu and did not come to the Heavenly Cart Peak. But there was someone who mastered the Shaoyang Sword that came with the Guanchong Swordmaster and the rest. It was the expert that was only inferior to the Shaoyang Swordmaster, the Qingtian Swordmaster.

Although he only had the Immortal Soul First Level, he was a very composed person. Even the Celestial Sword Elder, Flying Snow Swordmaster and the Supreme Radiance Swordmaster did not dare to underestimate him.

The Qingtian Swordmaster wanted to use his Shaoyang Sword to assist the Guanchong Swordmaster and destroyed Lin Feng’s Heaven-Bearing Prints.

Unexpectedly, Lin Feng did not really take this into heart. The Heaven-Bearing Emperor clasped its palms and continued to exert pressure, causing the Qingtian Swordmaster to be repressed too!

The golden sword radiance could not continue under the tremendous pressure being exerted on it.

The Shaoshang Swordmaster and the Shaozhe Swordmaster joined in attacking Lin Feng, allowing the Supreme Radiance Swordmaster and the Celestial Sword Elder to unfree themselves. They returned to the side of the Sun Radiance Swordmaster and everyone was shocked as they witnessed what was happening.

They watched as Lin Feng placed his hands behind his back, revealing a calm expression. He was even wearing a smug smile on the edges of his lips.

The 4 physical spell bodies that he revealed were indeed miraculous. Not only did they resist the Shaoshang Swordmaster, Shaozhe Swordmaster, Guanchong Swordmaster and the Lixiong Swordmaster, they even implicated the Yingyue Swordmaster and the Qingtian Swordmaster.

Lin Feng fought 6 of them at one go, repressing all 6 of the Mount Shu Immortal Soul Stage supreme sword cultivators and gained the upper hand!

Even till this point, Lin Feng had not revealed his Immortal Soul Avatar.

The Flying Snow Swordmaster had not regained his energy, but he watched the battle intently, "To cultivate the physical spell body is a rare thing, but he actually has 4 of them! And all of them have even been cultivated perfectly!"

The Celestial Sworld Elder was also very serious, "Resourceful, resourceful! His physical spell bodies can overcome the swordmasters of Mount Shu!"

"The physical spell body will weaken the powers of the Immortal Soul Avatar. Forming too many of the physical spell bodies will place a huge burden on the Immortal Soul." The Starry Swordmaster mumbled, "But looking at Lin Feng, I can tell that he is very relaxed. Obviously, forming these 4 physical spell bodies was simple for him. It doesn’t seem to affect the powers of his Immortal Soul Avatar!"

The Sun Radiance Swordmaster sighed, "If we say it in this way, how strong are his powers actually? He is almost invincible!"

A normal description for a cultivator who was extremely powerful was resourceful and invincible!

But who exactly could be considered resourceful and invincible?

At this point, everyone present including the Mount Shu sword cultivators looked at Lin Feng and thought of the same thing.

He was resourceful and invincible!

The Shaoshang Swordmaster was forced further back by the Great Heaven Flaming Emperor and he became serious, roaring powerfully, "I have prepared for this. Now is the time for me to unleash it all!"

"Set up the formation!"

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