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Chapter 485
Chapter 485: Original Heaven and Earth Splitting Mantra

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"Set up the formation!"

Following the roar of the Shaoshang Swordmaster, the Lixiong Swordmaster, Shaozhe Swordmaster and the Guanchong Swordmaster retreated.

The Qingtian Swordmaster and Yingyue Swordmaster conjured a sword spell and they looked solemn. In unison, they shouted, "Suffering!" As the sound of their swords resonated, two streaks of sword radiance shot through the skies. One of them was calm and peaceful, while the other was unpredictable. They forcibly stopped the offense of the King of the Boundless Sea and the Heaven-Bearing Emperor.

Such a power was not something an Immortal Soul First Level cultivator should have.

Everyone looked at each other and the Celestial Sword Elder said in a deep voice, "It’s the Shaoyang and Grand Moon Sword!"

At this point, the Qingtian Swordmaster and the Yingyue Swordmaster revealed their Immortal Soul Avatar and entrusted their Immortal Soul to two long swords.

They were two magic flying swords that were vast and mighty, as if an unlimited sword mind had expanded in all directions. They were not something a normal magic treasure could contain.

Everyone knew that Mount Shu had a heavenly sword treasure, which was the most outstanding sword used to kill. Its powers were unlimited and was used to stabilize the fortunes of Mount Shu.

After the War between the Two Worlds, it had not appeared for 4000 years.

Under this heavenly treasure swords, there were also 6 other swords in Mount Shu. They were controlled by the 6 swordmasters and were also very outstanding magic treasures that were reputable. They had been cultivated for hundred thousands of years and their powers kept on increasing. Any of these swords were capable of wreaking havoc among the Heavens and Earth.

And now, the second most powerful of these 6 swords were in front of everyone.

The Shaoyang Sword was ten foot one in length and its blade was a foot wide. The body of the sword was simple and solemn, while also being rounded.

The sides of the blade were not sharp and it only had a very sharp tip.

It represented a majestic sense of righteousness and was a peaceful sword that won the hearts of many. It was flawless and invincible.

The hilt of the Grand Moon Sword could be seen with the naked eye, but the blade couldn’t be seen. There was a dense layer of fog above the hilt and as it floated, it revealed a sense of unpredictability.

In between the layer of fog, the bright sword radiance could be subtly seen. It was like moonlight, unveiling the impermanence of life and the constant changes that happened.

The Grand Moon Swordmaster had already perished and the Shaoyang Swordmaster did not come. Out of the 6 swordmasters, only 4 were present.

But the Qingtian Swordmaster and the Yingyue Swordmaster had brought the Shaoyang and Grand Moon Sword along. They did not use them previously because their cultivation rendered it a huge burden if they summoned the swords.

But now they could care less about that. They brought the 2 swords to collaborate with the Shaoshang Swordmaster and the other 3 to create the 6 Mountains Celestial Sword Formation!

The Shaoshang Swordmaster, Shaozhe Swordmaster, Lixiong Swordmaster, Guanchong Swordmaster and the Qingtian Swordmaster alongside the Yingyue Swordmaster, who wielded the Shaoyang Sword and Grand Moon Sword respectively, stood in a hexagonal pattern, creating a formation.

At this moment, a ferocious aura filled the entire space and caused the entire space to flutter.

Six beams of light, each with the Shaoshang Swordmaster and the rest as the center, shot into the sky. Each of the

se beams of lights contained an extreme art of swordplay.

The light beam with the Shaoshang Swordmaster as the center was the thickest. As the light flashed, it was petrifying. His sword mind was the most brutal, as if it was indestructible and could destroy everything in the world.

Whereas the light beam summoned by the Shaozhe Swordmaster responded. It was clear, transparent and the power concept of time was infused within it. Countless light figures were flashing within it.

The Guanchong Swordmaster remained silent and the light beam around him was pure black. It was as if it was fine iron that was extremely heavy. At the same time, it seemed like a pillar supporting the skies.

The radiance of the light beam around the Lixiong Swordmaster was the weakest. It was not even comparable to the ones around the Qingtian and Yingyue Swordmasters. But even though it looked weak, the radiance of his light beam contained a very brutal and ferocious aura. The killing intent was the strongest among the 6 swords.

The Qingtian Swordmaster entrusted his entire Immortal Soul to the Shaoyang Sword at this point. The Shaoyang Sword remained peaceful as it hanged in space. The sword was facing upwards and the majestic sword radiance revealed an awe-inspiring aura.

The Yingyue Swordmaster was like the Qingtian Swordmaster, as he also entrusted his Immortal Soul to the Grand Moon Sword. It was the most special among the 6 swords. All the other 5 swords revealed sword radiances, but it was only his that remained as a sword aura that resembled a fog. As the fog rose to the Nine Heavens, it created a beam of clouds.

As the 6 swords of Mount Shu gathered, they summoned their sword minds to the fullest. As the frightening sword minds combined, they broke through space. The cracks revealed spots of stars, unveiling the distant cosmos in the universe.

What was even more frightening was that the sword minds of the 6 Mount Shu swords blended with one another, growing in strength and inspiring one another.

Even if it were only 2 swords, their powers would increase significantly till a frightening point as they complemented each other. Now that there were 6 swords, their powers rose even more exponentially.

The 6 Mountains Celestial Sword Formation was a famous killer formation in the Divine Lands. In the history of the human cultivation world, every time this formation was unleashed, there would be an Immortal Soul Stage Elder that would perish. There was never once that it did not happen!

The Celestial Sword Elder was shocked as he saw this scene, "The 6 Mountains Celestial Sword Formation is indeed frightening."

As the second most powerful sect in the Nine Heavenly Sword Alliance, the Heavenly Master Sword Sect had always been strengthening their abilities, in the hope of challenging the position of the Mount Shu Sword Sect one day. They hoped to be called the number one Holy Ground for the art of swordplay.

But in the long run, this seemed to be a distant dream.

The Sun Radiance Swordmaster said in a deep voice, "They brought the Shaoyang Sword and Grand Moon Sword to create this formation!"

"What will Lin Feng do?" Everyone looked at Lin Feng, but only saw that he was enticed. He looked at the 6 Mountains Celestial Sword Sect excitedly.

"He did not even stop them from setting up the formation? Is he too delusional already?"

Lin Feng did not move and the Shaoshang Swordmaster was not forgiving either. The 6 of them drummed up their powers and the 6 extreme sword minds combined to form an entity, converting into a white void. Inside this hole, there was a constant flow of air and a frightening power concept was birthed from within it.

Ben Leizi laughed in agony, "It’s coming, it’s coming! The Saintly Celestial Sword Qi! It has arrived eventually. This is the frightening part of the 6 Mountains Celestial Sword Formation!"

Although each of the 6 swords of the Mount Shu went to their extremes, they all still came from the same source. It was the Saintly Celestial Sword Qi.

The reason why the 6 Mountains Celestial Sword Formation was famous in the Grand Celestial World was because this formation was summoned to its extreme. As the 6 swords combined, they could summon the Saintly Celestial Sword Qi.

Eventually, within the white void, a streak of sword aura rushed out and attacked Lin Feng.

Although the sword aura seemed weak, as if it was a breeze, it was very terrifying.

It contained the tremendous power concept of the splitting of the Heavens and Earth. It could produce thousands of arts of swordplay. It was the essence of all swords and was also the source of all the arts of swordplay in the world.

It was the source and the final destination.

As this streak of sword aura was released, everyone present let out a muffled groan. Regardless whether it was the Celestial Sword Elder, Flying Snow Swordmaster, Supreme Radiance Swordmaster or the Sun Radiance Swordmaster and Ben Leizi, their bodies shook.

As if their soul had been shocked, they developed an urge to submit. It was the movement of their sword minds.

It was the presence of the most primitive urge, such as when a rabbit saw a lion or when a mantis saw a sparrow.

When the Master wanted his subject to die, his subject had to die. This was the repressive feeling that they felt.

And the source of all this was the seemingly weak, but frightening sword aura.

Saintly Celestial Sword Qi!

Once the Celestial Sword was unleashed, all the other swords had to bow down!

This sword was the king of the art of swordplay in the Grand Celestial World. Once it appeared, all the other swords had to worship it.

The Nascent Soul Stage sword cultivator from the Vast Sea Sword Sect spat out fresh blood directly. His Nascent Soul was almost jolted out from him.

The Celestial Sword Elder and the rest of the Immortal Soul Stage Elders looked ghastly. They could still resist the pressure brought about by the Saintly Celestial Sword Qi, but felt extremely uncomfortable. Besides the lack of powers, it was also more attributed to the humiliation they felt psychologically.

Why did so many of the sects want to resist the Mount Shu Sword Sect? Because to them, if they did not resist, they could only become a lackey to the Mount Shu Sword Sect.

To these Immortal Soul Stage Elders, when they faced such an enemy, their first reaction was not to submit. They would only think of ways to collude to defeat their opponent.

But when they faced the Saintly Celestial Sword Qi, they all developed a deep feeling of desolation.

And now, the frightening Saintly Celestial Sword Qi was attacking Lin Feng!

The power concept contained within the Sword Qi was extremely pure and simple. It just wanted to cut through anything that was obstructing it.

Any attempts to obstruct were useless!

The Shaoshang Swordmaster, Shaozhe Swordmaster, Guanchong Swordmaster, Lixiong Swordmaster, Qingtian Swordmaster, Yingyue Swordmaster all shouted in unison, "Mount Shu is the land of swords! Leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, receive the Saintly Celestial Sword Qi!"

When he was at the Cloud Forest World, Lin Feng did not battle the Saintly Celestial Sword Qi from Xin Longsheng.

As he met it again this time, Lin Feng revealed a smile on the edges of his lips.

"If it was Xin Longsheng, it will be better. But the few of you can’t cut it."

Lin Feng did make a move after all. He clasped his palms and the four physical spell bodies were crushed at the same time!

The boundless and endless flow of the images of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind caused the entire space to descend into chaos.

But Lin Feng did not allow the four images to run riot this time. He used his mana to stabilize these four images.

The images of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind returned to their positions and stabilized. A bubble-like thing appeared within the space-time turbulence.

Lin Feng extended his finger and tapped the bubble. The bubble burst and two streaks of air current rushed out from it. One was clear and the other was turbid.

A wave of tremendous power rushed out of it.

That was the source of the world. It was the beginning of destiny and the strength that split the Heavens and Earth!

Lin Feng smiled, "Original Heaven and Earth Splitting Mantra."

The magnificent power that created the world as the Heavens and Earth split was approaching the Saintly Celestial Sword Qi!

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