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Chapter 431
Chapter 431: Right of the Victor

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Without the disruption caused by the Polar Sea Holy Man, the Kun Peng attacked again and it was a close battle between it and the black pavilion hall.

But Lin Feng’s power was not only restricted to this black pavilion hall.

The Kun Peng converted to a Leviathan form and brutally knocked the black pavilion hall. But it did not seem to be pleased. On the other hand, it felt a chill down its spine, as if it sensed something ominous coming.

The air outside started to boil and there was a subtle flashing of a huge figure.

In the next moment, this huge figure became small and travelled across the cave opening that was carved out by the primordial fire. This huge figure entered.

The feathers on the Kun Peng’s body stood and it stared at Lin Feng with hatred. As it looked at the black pavilion hall, it was even more furious.

"Humans, this vengeance will be exacted by the Kun Peng demonic tribe!" It shouted, but the voice was not of the ancient Kun Peng. It was from Black Feathers.

As Lin Feng disrupted the ritual, the soul-returning ritual changed and the Kun Peng demonic tribe failed. The remains of the ancient Kun Peng was divided into two parts. One part was cultivated by Lin Feng to form the greenish-black pavilion hall, whereas the other part was borrowed by Black Feathers to return his soul.

Since it was fated that his ancestor could not be revived, Black Feathers stopped the ritual immediately. He did not reform his flesh, but used his own soul to cultivate the other half of the remains of his ancestor.

As the blood line of both parties combined, the remaining half of the remains of the ancient Kun Peng became Black Feathers’ new body.

This physical flesh was too much for Black Feathers, who was only in the realm of a Demon Lord. Unless he combined the shell of the ancient Kun Peng, he could not command it, as if he was a kid trying to lift a huge hammer.

It was necessary for Black Feathers to form the Undying Demon Soul first before their souls could be matched. After that, he would then be able to control a more powerful strength.

To Black Feathers, this was undoubtedly a huge opportunity. But the soul-returning ritual was cut off, causing the revival of the ancient Kun Peng to fail. To the whole Kun Peng demonic tribe, this is a disaster.

Black Feathers’ hatred for Lin Feng right now was immense.

Lin Feng looked at him calmly and said, "If you want to die, I can grant you your wish."

Shi Tianhao and the rest were in the greenish-black pavilion hall. Lin Feng did not hold it in anymore.

Space started to tremble and there was a surge of frightening power. Black Feathers wore a fearful expression on his face and let out an indignant and furious roar.

Amidst the roar, he converted his body to a roc form. He flapped his wings and dashed towards the other cave tunnel above the Millennium Black Ice. He landed on the pathway created from the blood of the Kun Peng Grand Sage.

The pathway grabbed hold onto Black Feathers and both parties combined to form a single entity. After that, they retreated quickly and passed through the heavy space-time turbulence, returning to the Barren Expanses.

There was an instant when Lin Feng wanted to block off the path to the Barren Expanses and trapped Black Feathers over here.

But after teasing this idea, he gave it up.

From what he knew, Kun Peng demonic tribe and the Golden Crow demonic tribe were the same. They both opposed the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage. The Golden Crow Grand Sage was already repressed in the Divine Lands. Whereas his true spirit was taken by the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage as a war tribute back to the

Barren Expanses.

If he applied pressure, the Golden Crow demonic tribe might wield in to him. After that, his powers in the Barren Expanses would increase further.

There was a need to give him some opposition and barriers.

For the Kun Peng demonic tribe, their main enemy was the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage. When they came to the Divine Lands, they were not so free to find trouble with Lin Feng.

Just now, they became the enemies of the Royal House of the Northern Tribes. Prince Xian of the Left died in the hands of the ancient Kun Peng. As an Immortal Soul Stage Elder perished, a deep hatred was born.

Thinking till here, Lin Feng looked at Cao Wei. Royal House of the Northern Tribes lost an Immortal Soul Stage Elder. With this fall in power, their main priority was to guard against the Heaven Lake Sect.

As the battle was over, Lin Feng relaxed and the huge pavilion hall turned green again, landing on the black foundation.

The bunch of people in the Secret Manual exited from the pavilion hall and felt as if they went into another life.

As the bunch of Immortal Soul Stage Elders looked over, their hearts sank.

When the ancient Kun Peng was alive, the people inside the Secret Manual were inside his stomach. Under the attack of the demonic powers, many of them were in huge danger.

Even the disciples from the Celestial Sect of Wonders were injured. They looked battered, but it was fortunate that none of them were killed. When the ancient Kun Peng revived, they were outside the pavilion hall. That was near the soul of the Kun Peng, which was also the safest place.

Even though they faced danger, they managed to avert the disaster.

But some of them were not so lucky. Not only the Aurous Core Stage and Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators, a few Nascent Soul Stage Grandmasters perished in the stomach of the Kun Peng.

The bunch of Royal House of the Northern Tribes disciples just escaped, but they were hit by devastating news. Their own Immortal Soul Stage Elder, Prince Xian of the Left, had died in battle.

Lin Feng passed the remains of Prince Xian of the Left to them and said, "Prince Xian fought with the demon and died in battle. He is someone to be revered. If all of you wish, I can help you to send Prince Xian’s body back to the Northern Tribes."

The bunch of Royal House of the Northern Tribes disciples looked at Cao Wei, who was standing in a distance, and shivered. After that, they greeted Lin Feng and replied in unison, "We are eternally grateful towards you for your intent. The Royal House of the Northern Tribes will not forget your benefaction."

Cao Wei’s gaze flashed and he remained silent.

Whereas the Vivant Joy Holy Man and the Cheng Yun Holy Man revealed complex expressions on their faces. This was a good opportunity for both the Great Zhou and Great Qin Empire to garner the support of the Royal House of the Northern Tribes. But they would not sit around and watch as the other party benefited.

For the neutral Celestial Sect of Wonders to lend them a helping hand, both parties could accept it.

As the person who changed the entire situation, Lin Feng had the right to decide the arrangements.

Of course, the more important reason was that most of them had become disoriented. Only Lin Feng remained in his best condition.

As they thought till here, regardless of whether it was the Vivant Joy Holy Man, Cheng Yun Holy Man, Cao Wei, Blue Pavilion Holy Man or the Polar Sea Holy Man, they were all a little confused.

Not long ago, when the ancient Kun Peng revived and had not returned to his tiptop condition, he dominated the place. No one could retaliate. Prince Xian of the Left perished and Polar Sea Holy Man was swallowed. It was a period of danger.

But soon after that, Lin Feng’s avatar entered the body of the Kun Peng and caused the domineering Kun Peng to collapse.

After the Kun Peng collapsed, the remains divided into two. One of them was even cultivated by Lin Feng.

This scene was witnessed by Cheng Yun Holy Man and the rest, which they thought was ridiculous.

Vivant Joy Holy Man tried hard to twist his neck and look at Lin Feng. He said bitterly, "Master Lin, did your avatar do all those things?"

Lin Feng’s Steel Tree Avatar was in the Nascent Soul Stage cultivation. If it could do something so miraculous, they felt that it was unbelievable.

The Kun Peng that had battered everyone so badly was so easily killed by Lin Feng?

Was that a joke? This made a laughing stock out of the few Immortal Soul Stage Elders!

Otherwise, was it to say that the powers of the leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders were so strong that whatever that he displayed just now was just the tip of the iceberg?

"I used a special method." Lin Feng did not explain further and maintained some sense of secrecy, which would be more advantageous for himself.

It was only Lin Feng, who held the Heavenly Oyster’s Golden Pearl, who could do such a thing to the ancient Kun Peng.

Within the greenish-pavilion hall, his Steel Tree Avatar held the pearl that had reverted to its original form. Right now, there was only white fog remaining in the pearl. The golden light had disappeared and it entered a new stage of recuperation.

Lin Feng thought, "This pearl…is not so simple."

The Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance could only be used one. Regardless of the result of the ritual, when the ritual ends, the stone would crush and become powder.

That was what happened to the stone of the Kun Peng. But the stone duplicated by the Heavenly Oyster’s Golden Pearl did not crush after it was used. It only returned to its pearl form.

As he recalled how the Kun Peng wanted to destroy the pearl, causing the golden fog to surge with a frightening figure, Lin Feng mumbled to himself, "Maybe the legend is real."

The Polar Sea Holy Man walked over and looked at Lin Feng quietly. After a while, he opened his mouth, "Thanks for saving me this time."

Lin Feng smiled, "You are too kind."

The Polar Sea Holy Man nodded his head and did not say much. But both he and Lin Feng knew that the Polar Sea Holy Man was expressing the fact that he owed Lin Feng a favor. If Lin Feng had something he needed in the future, he must repay the favor.

It was not fun to owe someone a favor. Lin Feng always capitalized on that. But just purely a favor was bound to cause some awkwardness between both parties. But if the favor involved benefits for both parties, then their relationship would be better.

This was the case with the Purple Clouds Sect. Now it was the same with the Polar Sea Holy Man. That was why Lin Feng shared the magic treasures from the Secret Manual with the Polar Sea Holy Man. From then, how he wanted to share them with his disciples was his problem.

This time, Lin Feng obtained a good half of the Secret Manual. He even obtained half of the remains of the ancient Kun Peng.

He spoilt his hopes of revival and even forced Black Feathers to retreat. Logically speaking, he was the victor. No one could fight against him for that title.

But Lin Feng’s voyage this time was encompassed by the intention to gather his allies, thus he had to share his spoils.

He would keep most of the rewards, but he shared some of the stuff with the others. Even the Heaven Lake Sect was involved.

During the battle with the Kun Peng, Cao Wei also went all out and was injured by the Kun Peng.

His contribution to the battle motivated Lin Feng to share some of the spoils with him. His generosity could draw no criticisms from others.

"Everyone, no one could have predicted whatever that happened." Lin Feng said, "Although the Kun Peng’s revival was disrupted by me, the Kun Peng tribe will still have gained much from this. Their powers will increase."

"This will influence the Barren Expanses and the Divine Lands. I have to plan something."

Lin Feng brought the greenish-black pavilion hall, his disciples and those from the Royal House of the Northern Tribes to Mount Yujing. As space trembled, the sea of Purple Clouds and White Jade Mountain all entered space.

As they watched Mount Yujing disappear gradually, Vivant Joy Holy Man and the rest looked at one another. They revealed complex expressions and sighed.

On Mount Yujing, Shi Tianhao, Tuntun, Zhuge Fengling and the rest cheered, "So many things. We are in luck!"

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