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Chapter 430
Chapter 430: Intense Battle with the Kun Peng

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To prevent his Steel Tree Avatar from being sucked in during the ritual, Lin Feng used the Heaven-Bearing Print to stabilize his soul.

But before this, he separated a part of his soul essence.

Using the Kun Peng blood essence as a guide, Lin Feng guided his Steel Tree Avatar soul essence into the Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance created by the Heavenly Oyster’s Golden Pearl.

At this point, the Kun Peng started to have a lot of fun.

This soul-returning ritual was one-directional. Using the purest blood from his descendant to sacrifice the soul essence allowed him to revive.

It didn’t matter if the soul and spirit had already been destroyed. If the shell was present the Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance could aid the resurrection.

This was a true act of defiance.

The evil within the ritual was extremely strong. As the ritual was initiated, any external interference could be warded off. Even if one was in the Immortal Soul Stage and was at the center of the pavilion hall, he would be blocked off as he tried to attack and not cause any disruption.

However, the strongest castles were always taken down from the inside.

Lin Feng used the Kun Peng blood essence and Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance to trick the restrictions imposed by the ritual and entered in.

The effect of the Heavenly Oyster’s Golden Pearl was fully exhibited here. As it duplicated the Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance, it also duplicated the uses of it, without any flaws.

The current Heavenly Oyster’s Golden Pearl was like the second Heavenly Stone of Divine Defiance.

The effects of the soul-returning ritual defied the will of the Heavens, but its process of self-sustenance had to be perfect. Any mistake would cause huge problems.

As Lin Feng’s soul essence was mixed in, it was as if an impurity was added into the pure Kun Peng blood essence and soul.

Almost instantly, the Kun Peng light figure shook tremendously. The initial light spot that infused into the pavilion hall walls turned and returned to the Kun Peng light figure.

Not only that, light spots started to stream out of the walls and flew towards the golden lake where the Kun Peng light figure was.

A furious roar was heard, which was the combination of two voices together. One of them belonged to the Ancient Kun Peng while the other belonged to Black Feathers.

At the start, the voice of the ancient Kun Peng roared like a tsunami, leaving one terrified. Whereas Black Feathers’ voice was barely heard.

But after that, the voice of the ancient Kun Peng slowly became more and more inaudible, whereas Black Feathers’ voice became louder and louder.

Both parties were indignant and their fury almost became the evilest of spells that attacked Lin Feng.

As Lin Feng interfered, the entire ritual was changed!

"What is this, I thought maybe I can take control over this Kun Peng’s body." Lin Feng was also a little surprised. After all, he had never encountered nor cultivated such a soul-returning ritual. Everything was based on a conjecture.

Facing such a ritual, Lin Feng changed his spell and unleashed runes after runes, which landed in the air and formed up.

"I hope there will be no more problems now."

These runes infused into the walls of the pavilion hall. The Kun Peng was enraged and tried to stop him, but he could not do anything by now.

Originally, the ritual had not ended, thus the ancient Kun Peng could not be said to have revived. But now that the ritual took a sudden change, it buried the revival hopes of the ancient Kun Peng.

His spiritual awareness disappe

ared gradually and he even lost control of his own body.

Outside his body, Blue Pavilion Holy Man and the rest looked at the huge Kun Peng with uncertainty.

At this point, the bunch of Immortal Soul Stage Elders were injured and Cheng Yun Holy Man and the Blue Pavilion Holy Man had lost their battling powers. They hid in the Two Elements of Creation Formation to protect themselves as their Immortal Soul Avatars were badly injured. Only Cao Wei and the Vivant Joy Holy Man were left to support them.

Cao Wei was also badly injured, whereas the Vivant Joy Holy Man’s Green Imperial True Dragon Emperor had one of its arms and legs bitten off by the Kun Peng. Before the Kun Peng wanted to make a killer move, he stopped in his tracks suddenly.

After stopping for a while, the Kun Peng started to flash with golden light and screamed in pain. His body twisted and he fluctuated between the forms of Leviathan and roc. He was knocking in all directions and seemed to be tolerating a lot of pain.

Vivant Joy Holy Man escaped death and watched this scene, "This is…"

As the formation flashed with the white light, Lin Feng’s actual body leaped out from space and he said, "It’s ended."

The bunch of Immortal Soul Stage Elders were shocked. The Blue Pavilion Holy Man was stunned, "Master Lin, are you saying, it was your avatar?"

Lin Feng was silent while the rest were shocked, as they looked at the Kun Peng in the Two Elements of Creation Formation.

They watched as the Kun Peng changed his form. Sometimes, it was huge. But sometimes, it was tiny. The golden radiance twisted and kept on flashing, causing the world of the Two Elements of Creation Formation to become very messy.

Very soon, the body of the Kun Peng started to lose its shape and slowly became like a black embryo, resembling the look it had at the start of everything.

The Secret Manual of Kun Peng was an independent small world. From the outside, the Kun Peng was slowly turning back to the look of the Secret Manual.

But it was no longer a stable small world anymore. After such a ruckus, the black embryo started to collapse. Every time it collapsed, it caused destruction to the surrounding space and everything became chaotic.

A ring shape crack appeared on the black embryo. As it twisted, the embryo broke into half.

Half of the embryo let out a furious roar and its shape started to change, becoming a smaller Kun Peng. Although it was ferocious, it was much weaker than the ancient Kun Peng that everyone witnessed previously.

Whereas the other half of the Kun Peng also started to change considerably. Eventually, it became a huge rectangular black rock, resembling a foundation.

Amidst the roar of the Kun Peng, it changed its form and its presence brought about a force that imitated the attack of cosmos. It collided with the rectangular black rock.

The black rock was fearless and knocked it back.


In space, both parties were unwilling to back down. They knocked each other a few hundred times. Amidst the booming sound, the rock developed many cracks while the Kun Peng was bleeding.

The Kun Peng was extremely ferocious and converted from its Leviathan form to its roc form. As it opened its wings, it covered the entire sky.

Its body flashed with golden light and released countless streaks of golden radiance, covering the entire space. Its figures filled the entire place.

It was these figures that wrapped around the rectangular black rock. After that, it showed its claws and scratched the black rock.

Vivant Joy Holy Man and the rest held their breath. The total strength of this Kun Peng now was much lower than it was previously. But its control of its own power was more flexible as compared to before.

When the ancient Kun Peng fought with them, he used reckless force. But now, this Kun Peng unleashed the various abhijnas inherited from the Kun Peng demonic tribe.

Lin Feng did not panic. On the other hand, he revealed a smile on his face, "I’d like to thank you for sculpting such a magic treasure for me."

During the collision, there were many cracks on the black rock. But that was a process of sculpting. The impurities at the edges were removed and the black rock slowly became flat. At the same time, its power became purer.

As with the Kun Peng, the black rock started to flash with golden light. Four pillars erected above the black rock and these pillars contained the power of Kun Peng. There was even another special power concept.

Unwavering and undying. It was a power concept that belonged to the Saros Steel Tree.

As the four pillars erected, along with green radiance and the black rock foundation as its core, a majestic pavilion hall was erected above the black rock.

The pavilion hall was extremely majestic, as if it originated from an ancient celestial ground. It was huge beyond measure and it was only suitable if an awe-inspiring giant lived within it.

Within the golden light, countless incantations and runes surfaced, as if they were waves in a huge ocean. A magnificent strength was unleashed, leaving one frightened.

This green pavilion hall that was flashing with golden light started to shake tremendously in space.

The pavilion hall remained in its position, but shook in its spot countless times in an instant. The magnitude of each vibration was small, but refreshing.

Every time the pavilion hall shook, it collided with the claws of the Kun Peng once.

As it shook thousands of times, it collided with the claws of the Kun Peng thousand times.

The battle between both parties was intense.

But the more they battled, the more dejected the Kun Peng felt. The power belonged to him!

The Kun Peng converted back to the Leviathan form from the roc form. Like a fish, it swam to the edge of the pavilion hall with dexterity. As it wriggled its tail, everything it passed was crushed.

The huge Leviathan tail hit the top of the green pavilion hall, causing concrete to be knocked out. Countless streaks of green light filled the place and converted into a lone tornado storm.

Whereas the tail of the Leviathan was bleeding profusely and a large portion of its scales went flying out.

The Kun Peng became even more brutal and wanted to battle again. However, it stopped.

"Oh? You dare to fool around here too?" The Kun Peng revealed a fierce expression and opened its mouth. A huge amount of ice water was released, which was the Polar Sea Holy Man that the ancient Kun Peng swallowed. He was taking to opportunity to retaliate now.

The Kun Peng roared furiously and the demonic powers in its body surged. It formed a small world in its body and trapped the Polar Sea Holy Man inside, treated with waves of storms and tsunamis. The brutal demonic powers battered the gravely injured Polar Sea Holy Man even worse.

But at this point, the green pavilion hall shook and countless squalls were released upon the Kun Peng from the mountains.

As the Kun Peng faced the mounting pressure, it had to dodge.

But the green pavilion hall did not care. The squall did not disappear, but returned. At this point, the color of the green pavilion hall changed suddenly into pitch-black, just like the foundation below it.

Under the pull of the squall, the black pavilion hall dashed towards the Kun Peng and knocked it hard!


Amidst the loud boom, the squall exploded and converted into shockwaves, spreading in all directions.

The shockwaves from both parties dissipated and even the Millennium Black Ice in space shook.

"Polar Sea Holy Man, please grab the opportunity." Lin Feng said. Before he even finished speaking, the huge pavilion hall attacked the Kun Peng again.

Whereas the trapped Polar Sea Holy Man also drummed up his own powers to attack. As the Kun Peng received both blows from inside and outside, the Kun Peng was knocked dizzy by the black pavilion hall.

It moaned and opened its mouth, throwing up ice sea water. The ice sea water converted back to human form. The Polar Sea Holy Man looked extremely battered and embarrassed.

At this point, the Kun Peng roared furiously and battled with the black pavilion hall again.

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