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Chapter 1279: 1279
Chapter 1279: Mirage

Gu Nianzhi looked ahead in surprise .

The fog above the circular crater was getting thicker and thicker, and the water vapor seemed to be rising faster .

Her face and body were wet as if they had been submerged in water .

Huo Shaoheng rushed to Gu Nianzhi’s side and pulled her back from the edge of the circular crater with one hand and held Song Jinning’s arm with the other, tightly protecting the two most important women in his life .

Gu Nianzhi and Song Jinning didn’t notice Huo Shaoheng had came over at all .

Song Jinning stared at the data on the detector in front of her . She didn’t even dare blink, afraid that she would miss out on an important piece of data .

The undulating curve formed by the data flipped and shifted on the small LCD screen, forming a three-dimensional Cube . The various branches inside the cube seemed to have a life of their own, continuously folding and colliding .

When a curve near the top of the three-dimensional cube suddenly caved in, and a curve near the bottom suddenly protruded, the middle part of the two curves immediately overlapped .

When the middle part of the two curves overlapped, the thick fog around them slowly dispersed .

When the fog faded, what appeared in front of them was not a blue sky and white clouds . Instead, it was like a big screen in a movie, from pale to clear, and then to dazzling colors .

What unfolded before their eyes was a scene crowded with people and vehicles .

What was going on? !

The thick fog above the circular crater had turned into a movie screen, reflecting a skyscraper rising from the ground . The sharp roof of the skyscraper was very distinctive .

At the first glance, Gu Nianzhi regonized that it was the Empire State Building of New York City in the United States!

It was one of the iconic buildings of New York City!

The sun shone in between two rows of skyscrapers, and the road was not very wide, with cars arriving one after another, traffic lights flashing, and pedestrians hurrying to and fro, bustling with activity .

The Statue of Liberty held a torch with a golden flame high above her head .

Everyone’s gaze followed the sun, which was like a montage in a movie . The direction suddenly changed, and two more tall buildings appeared in the thick fog .

“It is Twin Towers! ” Gu Nianzhi called out in a low voice, her pupils suddenly narrowed .

Huo Shaoheng had been on high alert and was not confused by the sudden appearance of the scene before him .

It wasn’t until Gu Nianzhi called out “Twin Towers” that Huo Shaoheng looked up abruptly .

It really was the Twin Tower of new city!

Hadn’t the twin towers been destroyed by terrorists more than a decade ago? !

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How did they appear in everyone’s field of vision? !

“A mirage! Oh my God! I can’t believe I’m seeing a mirage here!”

The Russian scientists screamed as they scrambled to operate their instruments to record all sorts of data .

Gu Nianzhi looked at Song jinning in confusion . “Ms . Song, is this a mirage? ”

But she remembered that mirages were usually produced at sea or in the desert .

Could mirages also occur in inland areas like Tunguska, Siberia?

Song Jinning did not even raise her head as she looked at the instrument in front of her, she calmly said, “Mirages are actually an optical phenomenon . When the temperature of the surface and the air differ greatly, the hot air rises and light passes through the layers of air with different densities, which refracts and transmits the scene in the distance to a closer place . This is what the ancients called a mirage . ”

“So it’s possible for a mirage to appear here? As long as there are layers of air with different densities? ” Gu Nianzhi looked thoughtfully at the fog above the circular crater .

Perhaps it was because of the fog?

But they could actually refract the scene of the New York city on the other side of the Blue Planet?

But how could the destroyed Twin Towers appear?

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The horrifying scene of the terrorist plane crashing into the building that shocked the entire Blue Planet was still in many people’s memories .

At this time, Song Jinning raised her head to look at the monitor on the other side and saw the Twin Towers that had just appeared . She was also shocked, but she quickly reacted and said in surprise, “This is not a Mirage! ”

The Russian scientist who was frantically recording data and videos heard this and said to Song jinning unhappily, “This is clearly a mirage . Look at the angle of refraction of the light . These data all fit the conditions for a mirage to appear . ”

Song Jinning turned to look at the Russian scientists, “But how do you explain the appearance of the Twin Towers? These two buildings were clearly destroyed more than ten years ago . Why did they appear in the mirage? “As a phenomenon of refraction of light, the mirage always reflects a timely scene, not a lagging scene . ”

The Russian scientists were stunned for a moment . They looked at each other and asked Song Jinning together, “Then what do you think this is? ”

“In my opinion…” Song Jinning paused, her gaze sweeping over the faces of the people . Finally, she returned to the silhouette of the city that had appeared in the fog, “I think that the city that appeared in the fog was the New York city from more than a decade ago, not New York city now . ”

Everyone: ” … ”

Gu Nianzhi’s heart skipped a beat, and she nodded vigorously in agreement with Song Jinning, “I think Ms . Song is right . “Look, in addition to these iconic buildings, there’s also the twin towers that were destroyed more than a decade ago . Just look at the way these people are dressed and the style of the phones they hold in their hands . Do you think it’s the latest fashion? ”

Gu Nianzhi’s explanation was closely near Song Jinning’s heart .

She had come to the conclusion from pure theory that this was no ordinary mirage, but a physics phenomenon of special significance .

However, Gu Nianzhi was meticulous and observant . She immediately noticed things that scientists like them might not even notice, such as the way they dressed, and even the style of the phone in their hands!

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The past ten years had been the period that Song Jinning had suffered clouding of consciousness . After she woke up, she had some understanding of the major events that had happened in these past ten years, but she was not sensitive to these fashions .

Although Gu Nianzhi was young, she always surfed the Internet .

Thanks to the Internet, she had read a lot of information about the terrorist act of the plane crashing into the Twin Towers .

She remembered the way people had dressed in those pictures very clearly .

Back then, the apple phone had not been invented, nor had it been as popular as it was now on all blue stars . Back then, the most fashionable smartphone was still the blackberry .

Song Jinning continued, “So what we saw was not a timely mirage, but a giant circular crater, like a giant antenna, that received light from newtown more than a decade ago . It then converged into an image, allowing us to see what had happened more than a decade ago . ”

As she spoke, Song Jinning looked at Gu Nianzhi again, she smiled and said, “I still remember the first day Nianzhi came here, she asked me if we could see with our own eyes what had happened in history, or if we could see the dinosaur era with our own eyes, if the conditions were right . “Now, this fog is showing us that it’s completely possible . ”

Song Jinning looked at the scene in front of her with a smile . Every hour, every moment, we were surrounded by rays of light and various force fields . They were constantly radiating outwards, and even into the future .

Song Jinning pointed at the scene with passion and said, “Since we can see the collision of Neutron Stars more than one hundred million years ago through gravitational waves, we can see the situation more than ten years ago through the same gravitational waves! ”

“However, as I told the young lady the other day, we can see the neutron stars colliding because the energy field produced by it is huge enough . What kind of energy can New York city produce to allow its scene to be recorded by light and be radiated more than ten years later? Even if the new city could produce such energy, it would have been destroyed by the energy long ago and would no longer exist . “The fact that New York city has not disappeared is enough to prove that it has never carried a huge energy field before

“So, tell me, how did these scenes radiate from more than a decade ago to more than a decade later and were received by us? ”

Song Jinning pondered for a moment, “I think we need to further investigate the specific causes, but I think the transmission process is the same as a television signal . “More than a decade ago, the new city sent out signals, which were received by us more than a decade later, and then turned into visible images by television . “

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