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Chapter 1268
Chapter 1268 Still Fine Without Me Huo Shaoheng looked at her with a half-smile . “Hmm? The nursery? Are you sure? ”

Gu Nianzhi immediately shook her head . “No, no, no! I am just speaking casually, how can it be so early? We can wait a couple of years more! ”

What a joke!

They hadn’t even had a wedding yet?

How could she have the nerve to be pregnant!

Although they had already gotten their marriage certificate, they hadn’t had a wedding yet . Who would have known that she was already married?

Lina left the restaurant of the resort villa . She took out her phone and looked around before walking towards a forest near the resort villa .

Vladimir had brought people here for a meeting to arrange security matters .

Ivan crossed his arms with a grass root in his mouth as he lazily leaned against the door of the jeep .

When he saw Lina walking over, Ivan smiled and greeted her, “Major Lina, have you had dinner? ”

Lina: ” … ”

Vladimir immediately stopped talking and raised his head to take a look . His face was filled with smiles as he asked,  “Lina, why are you here? ”

Lina kept a straight face and asked very seriously,  “Lieutenant General Vladimir,  I would like to ask,  do you want me to stay close to Cereus and protect her only on the road, or do you want me to protect her until she leaves our country? ”

Vladimir frowned . “What’s wrong? Did Cereus make things difficult for you? ”

Otherwise,   why would Lina,  who was honest, ingenuous and carried out orders as powerful as a robot, specifically ask him this question?

I knew that this mischievous girl,  Cereus, would not be obedient .

Ivan stopped by the side and was unhappy,     he dragged out his voice and said,    “Hey! Boss,   you can’t say that . Is Cereus an unreasonable person? Since they’re already at this place,  why do you still try to arrange a stranger to disturb the newly engaged couple? What is you intention? If it were me, I wouldn’t be pleased either .

Vladimir glared at him, but admitted that what he said made sense .

“Alright,    since Cereus isn’t willing,    then forget it . Major Huo will probably be personally responsible for her security,   ” Vladimir said with a wink,  “We’re currently arranging security for the scientists here . Major Lina, are you willing to be the security for the scientists of our country, or the scientists of the Huaxia Empire? ”

“Of course for our country . ” Lina said without hesitation .

“Ah? You want to be the security for the scientists of our country? ” Vladimir scratched the back of his head and chuckled . “But you’re late . The scientists of our country have just been assigned . ”

“Then I’ll apply to be transferred back, ” Lina said indifferently . “There are so many people here and fine without me . ”

“How can that be? Each of us is very important . ” Vladimir quickly comforted Lina, “Besides, I thought you were happy to be here, and you were very willing to make contact with the people here . ”

“Yes, because our Lieutenant, General Vladimir, are here . Of course Lina likes to come here to make contact with you, Lieutenant General Vladimir… ! ”

Ivan laughed ambiguously .

“Get lost! All the vehicles here are under your responsibility! If one of them goes wrong, you are dead meat! ” Vladimir was so angry that he was cursing with his hands on his waist . He was even more like a puffer fish .

“Hahahaha, someone is angry from embarrassment! I’m leaving! ” Ivan saw that the situation was not good and turned around to leave .

However, as he walked, he sang loudly .

“Just as the pear blossoms have bloomed all over the world, the river is flowing with soft gauze!”

Katyusha stood on the precipitous shore, singing like a bright spring .

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The girl was singing a beautiful song, she was singing the Eagle of the prairie,

she was singing about the person she loved, Katyusha’s love will always belong to him . ”

A pleasant “Katyusha” made Vladimir’s anger disappear instantly .

“This bast*rd! He always takes advantage of loopholes! ” Vladimir laughed and turned to Lina . “Don’t listen to Ivan’s nonsense . It’s not like you don’t know that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about . ”

Lina nodded slightly and said in a low voice, “Well, I like coming here and interacting with the people here . ” With that, she looked boldly at Vladimir . Her dark brown pupils were like clear amber .

Vladimir was reminded of the amber wrapped around a small butterfly that he found playing in the birch forest when he was a child .

The soft butterfly was wrapped in solid amber . After tens of millions of years, leaving only the remnants of time .

It was just like Lina’s gaze at this moment .

Vladimir turned his head and smiled slightly, saying, “Alright, then you go and protect the scientists of the Huaxia Empire, especially their chief high energy physicist, Madam Song . ”

Lina was very surprised . “She? But she has someone protecting her . ”

Lina straightforwardly said, “Lieutenant General Vladimir, I don’t believe you haven’t found that there are actually many security personnel in the Huaxia Empire . ”

Most of the people accompanying them were not scientific researchers, but security personnel .

Vladimir nodded . “I know, but on the surface, this is our responsibility . They are just accompanying scientific researchers, understand? ”

Lina stared at him for a while, then lowered her eyes and said, ” …Got it . ”

Vladimir did not know whether he should be happy for Lina’s obedience or feel frustrated .

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He watched Lina leave with a complicated expression . Then, he waved at the person who was in the meeting earlier . “Let’s continue… ”

It was naturally not common that the scientists from two countries suddenly appeared in the Tunguska region of Siberia in Russia for an inspection .

All of a sudden, the intelligence agencies of all the big countries on blue planet received this news .

What on earth were they trying to do?

Was it really just a simple scientific inspection?

There was more than a hundred years after the Tunguska explosion, scientists from all countries had come to this place for an inspection .

However, it seemed to be the first time that the Huaxia Empire had come .

And the scientists from Russia had almost turned this place upside down . Why did they still come?

Lots of questions hung over the heads of the intelligence agencies of the various countries on blue planet, but they did not pay much attention to it .

Because this is not a matter of such importance that it requires special attention .

After dinner, Gu Nianzhi and Huo Shaoheng walked out of the restaurant . There was a real nip coming upon them .

It was already completely dark outside . The moon is like a disc hanging on the dark sky, which casts its light on everything .

Gu Nianzhi could not help but get a shiver .

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Huo Shaoheng took off his coat quietly and put it on Gu Nianzhi’s shoulder . “Go back and put on your coat . ”

Gu Nianzhi wore the coat last night . After getting into the car, she took it off and put it back into her suitcase .

Gu Nianzhi smiled and said, “Okay . ” She went with Huo Shaoheng to the room Vladimir had booked for them to pick up their clothes .

The luggage had already been delivered .

The two of them took the key card and entered the suite .

The furnishings in the room were exquisitely decorated with a noble air that was unique to Russian art .

The room is decorated with dark gold floor-to-ceiling gold velvet curtains . The golden oil painting on the wall is framed by a beautiful young woman rising in the morning, with no clothes on .

The Large Beige Sofa was draped with a large Pashmina blanket, which could also be used as a shawl to keep out the cold .

The Persian hand-woven carpet was as soft as fur that they could never heard the steps as they walked

The four-poster bed by the window was the most luxurious place . It was piled up like gold and jade, making it difficult for anyone to sleep .

The corners of Gu Nianzhi’s mouth twitched, feeling grateful that they wouldn’t sleep here .

She bypassed the group of sofas in the living room and walked to the few suitcases placed in the corner .

Gu Nianzhi bent over to open a suitcase . She was suddenly stunned .

” … Huo Shao, someone has touched my things . “

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