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Chapter 1237: 1237

On the lawn not that far away, Reinitz was sitting in his country’s special forces area but wasn’t on the podium as the leader . He hadn’t wanted to show his face initially because he had already decided to live for his faith for the rest of his life .

He hadn’t expected to see Gu Nianzhi walk onto the podium .

He was surprised to see the charming young girl blushing on the podium and couldn’t help but draw a cross on his chest .

“May God bless you, my girl . ”

He silently prayed inside .

On the podium, President Pushin held Gu Nianzhi’s hand in one hand and Huo Shaoheng’s hand in the other . They placed their hands together and smiled at the thousands of elite Special Forces soldiers present . “May God bless you all with bliss and happiness . ”

The sun shone through the dense treetops and onto the podium .

The huge diamond ring on Gu Nianzhi’s hand finally revealed its true dazzle .

Whether it was the experienced special forces soldiers present or the audience in front of their televisions, every one of them gasped .

This was probably the biggest diamond ring they had ever seen!

It was a veritable quail egg!

At the same time, the video being broadcast on the Russian television station’s official website and on the Internet simultaneously was quickly uploaded to the Internet by viewers in Europe and the United States .

The International Special Forces Competition wasn’t a popular topic among netizens .

In the West, this news was much less sensational than of Justin Bieber finding a new girlfriend .

Therefore, the video was only witnessed by a small group of military fans at first .

But soon, Gu Nianzhi and Huo Shaoheng’s good looks, the engagement ceremony with the Russian president, and the huge diamond ring on Gu Nianzhi’s finger that made the wedding rings of all the celebrities in Europe and the United States pale in comparison, quickly became trending topics .

On twitter, many designers and creative directors of luxury jewelry brands began discussing the origins of the giant diamond on the ring .

The designer and creative director of Van Cleef u0026 Arpels personally posted on twitter to claim the diamond ring on Gu Nianzhi’s finger .

She wrote: ” …We have custom-made diamond rings from raw stones customers . It’s a great honor for Van Cleef u0026 Arpels to be able to personally inlay this Grand Duke Josephine diamond and bequeath it to the newlyweds . Oh, that’s right, this diamond has been renamed ‘Cereus Gu’, which is the name of this bride-to-be . Congratulations, happy engagement!”

Iimmediately breaking the twitter record and even causing the server to crash twice, her tweet was retweeted by millions of people within an hour . It became one of the most popular searches .

This trend reached the Huaxia Empire, and it also started from the forums of small military fan groups .

One of President Pushin’s military fans uploaded this video to Weibo, and posted on a few big fashion media outlets and military media outlets at the same time, the topics were:

#winners in life#

#other people’s engagement ceremony#

It was soon discovered by everyone, who all began to repost .

#My prince charming Emperor Pushin!#

#Holy Shit! These two are going to have a heavenly wedding!#

# Major General Huo is my prince charming! Rally for my prince charming!#

# Am I the only one moved that they engaged at the tomb of the unknown warrior?#

# You’re not alone #

At first, the craze wasn’t obvious .

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But when a fashion guru and military blogger personally called attention to it, the retweets, comments, and likes immediately increased exponentially .

Weibo’s server was much stronger than twitter’s, but it still couldn’t withstand such popularity .

This was because in the video, not only were there handsome and tough soldiers, but there was also a highly influential and well-known president, as well as a breathtakingly gorgeous lady . There was also a huge diamond ring that people couldn’t help but admire!

Almost every popular elemens could be found in this video .

Huo Shaoheng himself had always been well-known among citizens of the Huaxia Empire .

This time, since he wasn’t wearing his tailored military uniform, his handsome face stood out even more when compared to the beastly leaders of other countries . He was like a celestial being .

Whether it was in terms of his physical appearance or capabilities, he seemed to symbolize someone “bringing glory to the motherland” .

Therefore, within a few hours, the Huaxia Empire’s netizens went crazy for this couple .

Ma Qiqi had been browsing Weibo at school when she saw this scene . She was both surprised and delighted . She was so amused that she was nearly kicked out of the library by the teacher .

She bombarded Gu Nianzhi with a string of messages on WeChat, and anxiously asked, “What’s going on?”

Gu Nianzhi didn’t have time to reply in detail . She simply typed, “Wait a moment . ”

Ma Qiqi had to wait until the next day to be able to speak to Gu Nianzhi .

At that moment, the news quickly spread from the Internet to the Huaxia Empire’s 7 p . m . news television station .

The video was featured on the news program that was watched by hundreds of millions of people .

General Ji and Speaker Long, who didn’t surf online that often but were used to watching the news at 7 p . m . on a daily basis, were both in front of the television at that moment .

After the news was broadcast, General Ji and Speaker Long both picked up their phones at the same time and called each other .

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In the end, both sides were told that the line was busy .

The two of them: ” … ”

General Ji hesitated for a moment afterwards, and Speaker Long, who was the more anxious of the two, finally managed to call in .

“Old Ji! What’s going on?! What’s going on between the two of them? ! How can they be engaged? The Russian president even wants to serve as a witness to their wedding?! ”

Speaker Long was extremely frustrated .

He had finally found a suitable successor, but was it easy for him?!

He hadn’t even gloated about it in front of General Ji before he was scouted away by General Ji’s people again . .

At this moment, General Ji snapped back to reality and touched the back of his head with his hand . He was laughing so hard that his eyes were narrowed into slits . “Ah, Old Long, don’t be so agitated . You might have a heart attack . Um, do you have your Nitroglycerin tablet with you? I advise you to take a Nitroglycerin tablet first before you talk to me . ”

Nitroglycerin tablets were good for heart disease patients because its effects were quick and obvious .

Speaker Long was so angry that he almost jumped up from the couch .

“Damn you Old Ji! Tell me, what else have you been hiding from me? ! Did you already know about the two of them?!”

General Ji played dumb as he spoke in a diplomatic tone, “Ah, why do you think I’m hiding something? This is a private affair between them . As their superior, I can be in charge of any official affairs but I can’t possibly be in charge of their private affairs, don’t you think so?”

Speaker Long didn’t believe a single word he said .

He snorted coldly and had the urge to smash the phone .

However, when he thought about how the Russian president had expressed his desires to personally attend the wedding, it didn’t seem appropriate for them to just sit by and do nothing . .

However, Speaker Long said as a last ditch effort, “Old Ji, Nianzhi is still young . She’s not even 20 years old yet . There’s no need for her to get married so early, right?”

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“Our country’s marital laws stipulate that men and women can get married when they reach the age of 18 . Nianzhi is already 19, so she will turn 20 in the latter half of this year . ” As he thought to himself that she had already gotten married a long time ago, General Ji secretly felt elated . Now that she was arranging an engagement, it was probably simply in preparation of the actual wedding .

Speaker Long was at his wit’s end . He mumbled, “I will have to discuss this affair with Old Bai . Do you have free time tomorrow? Come to the parliament for a closed-door meeting between the three of us . ”

Since the Russian president was going to attend Huo Shaoheng and Gu Nianzhi’s wedding and was also going to serve as a witness, this was no longer a private affair between the two of them, but rather a diplomatic matter .

General Ji happily agreed, and he anticipated having a meeting with Speaker Long and Prime Minister Bai tomorrow .

After Speaker Long’s phone call ended, both of them called Gu Nianzhi and Huo Shaoheng at the same time .

However, Gu Nianzhi and Huo Shaoheng were currently attending President Pushin’s dinner party, so they didn’t have the time to pick up the phone .

In the Huo family’s mansion in the military compound, Huo Guanchen and Huo Xuelong were among the few people who didn’t surf the internet or watch television .

Huo Guanchen wasn’t interested in any of this . He would much rather read his own specialized books .

On the other hand, Huo Xuelong felt dejected after being forcibly discharged from the military . He didn’t care about doing anything besides surfing the Internet and watching television dramas .

During dinner time, Huo Xuenong asked Huo Guanchen, “Do you really care about Shaoheng’s marriage? He’s getting older, so what if he really plans to be together with that young orphan with no background for the rest of his life? You’re his father, so are you really not going to interfere at all?”

Huo Guanchen frowned and said, “There’s no one else at the moment . ”

He had thought highly of Tan Guiren originally, but with Tan Dongbang in prison and Cai Songyin’s fall from grace, Huo Guanchen didn’t want anything to do with Tan Guiren anymore .

If Huo Shaoheng were to marry Tan Guiren at such a time, it wouldn’t be a blessing, but an obstacle .

As his father, how can he not look out for his son?

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