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Published at 10th of October 2020 03:05:32 PM
Chapter 1190: Chapter 1190 - What A Coincidence

Wasting time?Gu Nianzhi looked at Huo Shaoheng with a quizzical look on her face .

Huo Shaoheng grabbed her shoulder with one hand and pulled her over, leaning down to kiss her lips . His deep voice was slightly hoarse, “…I guess this is what cappuccinos taste like . ”

Gu Nianzhi suddenly realized that she couldn’t keep up with Huo Shaoheng’s thought processes at all .

“…Is there a difference? …Doesn’t it taste about the same as your mocha?” Gu Nianzhi stammered as a tingling sensation appeared on her plump and curvy lips .

“Taste about the same? I think there is a huge difference . ” Huo Shaoheng spoke with his lips pressed against hers, “You can taste mine if you don’t believe me?”

Gu Nianzhi was bewitched by his deep and raspy voice, so she couldn’t help but stick out the tip of her tiny tongue to lick Huo Shaoheng’s lips, and then quickly retracting .

“Cappuccino is coffee mixed with vanilla, mocha is coffee mixed with black cocoa…” Gu Nianzhi murmured . She couldn’t stop Huo Shaoheng from devouring her lips again, to tasting the flavor of “vanilla coffee . ”

As Huo Shaoheng sucked Gu Nianzhi’s tongue, her scalp suddenly became numb . She tried to push him away and said, “That’s enough!”

“Not enough…” Huo Shaoheng chuckled quietly against her ear, “It’s not enough for me to eat… We can go into the room and continue to eat . ”

It was actually a very normal sentence to begin with, but Huo Shaoheng said it in a way and tone that made it sound very seductive .

That evening, Huo Shaoheng repeatedly tasted the flavor of Gu Nianzhi’s “vanilla coffee” until dawn .

On the island, Zhao Liangze barely slept all night .

Whenever he closed his eyes, he would remember the kiss with Bai Shuang during the day .

It was like he had been waiting for a long time and finally got his wish granted, but it was also as if he had been caught off guard and she trespassed into his heart . He couldn’t tell when his feelings for Bai Shuang even began .

He only knew that he didn’t even feel slightly excited at all on the day that Bai Yueran suddenly kissed him in the parking lot . Instead, it felt like he had finally put an end to his romantic pursuit of over a year .

Just like a traveler on a long journey to a pilgrimage, he discovered that it was nothing like the holy place he had hoped for when he reached the end .

But the kiss with Bai Shuang during the daytime made him feel unfulfilled . Not only was he overly excited, but he also wanted to continue .

Maybe love is like this . It appeared to require certain conditions to build up, but this was completely irrelevant and illogical when it came to the actual situation .

A body’s feelings cannot deceive anyone .

And love was the essential attraction of hormones from the very beginning .

But it would be extremely difficult for him to be with Bai Shuang forever .

For a moment, Zhao Liangze hated Bai Shuang’s father Bai Yusheng very much .

When he desperately ran off to another country, did he even think that he would not only harm the innocent field personnel, but also his only daughter?

Bai Shuang lost her job because of him, and now she was forced to give up her love life too .

But then again, she was in a much better position than the field personnel since she did not lose her life .

For a human being, what was more important than life itself?

When Zhao Liangze thought about it this way, he felt the unstoppable excitement fade slightly . The education and training he received in the military for all these years, made him unable to remain indifferent to this kind of situation .

Standing on the balcony connecting the room and facing the vast coastline, he smoked all night long .

Early the next morning, the round red sun emerged from the sea level and illuminated the entire ocean in an instant .

The dark clouds that had enshrouded the sky all night dispersed . The blue sky and white clouds, the clear water and the red sun–countless intense colors rushed forward and nearly made people colourblind when they saw the myriad of colors and lights .

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Zhao Liangze had already seen this many times, but couldn’t help but marvel every time he saw it again .

But today, his mind is taken over by Bai Shuang . He felt absent minded as he looked at the beautiful sunrise on the sea before him .

A few seagulls flew by, cutting through the sky before his eyes .

Zhao Liangze returned to his senses and threw the cigarette butt in his hand into the trash can at the corner of the balcony . He brandished his fists against the sky .

Smelling the stink of cigarette smoke all over his body, he curled his lips in disgust and went back to the room to take a shower . He then changed his clothes and went to visit Huo Shaoheng with the suitcase he packed last night .

At 7am in the morning, Gu Nianzhi slept deeply in Huo Shaoheng’s arms .

He exhausted her yesterday once again…

Huo Shaoheng opened his eyes and kissed her on the cheek with love and pity .

“…I want to sleep, don’t make so much noise…” Gu Nianzhi pushed him with her hand in an attempt to turn over, but Huo Shaoheng immobilized her .

She struggled for a bit and found that she couldn’t break free, then gave up .

Huo Shaoheng let out a throaty chuckle–his voice was full of magnetism that plucked at Gu Nianzhi’s heartstrings, so that she was comforted even in her sleep .

She gradually calmed down and relaxed her furrowed brows in Huo Shaoheng’s arms .

Huo Shaoheng massaged her legs and waist, then finally squeezed her shoulders too .

Over exertion required proper relaxation afterwards, and his physical strength was still somewhat unbearable for her .

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Gu Nianzhi slept deeper, her breathing soft and deep . Her long eyelashes were like two small fans that covered the faint bruises under her eyes .

An unstoppable part of Huo Shaoheng’s heart softened . Leaning over, he kissed her eyelids with gentle and meticulous movements that mirrored a dragonfly touching the water briefly .

He did not wake her up .

Huo Shaoheng took a deep breath before lifting the blanket and getting out of bed . He went to the outdoor swimming pool to complete fifty laps and vent his early morning energy .

Climbing up from the swimming pool dripping wet, the sun just happened to shine on him and shrouded his body in the golden light .

Huo Shaoheng got out of the swimming pool and went to the kitchen to make breakfast .

As soon as he finished making breakfast, Gu Nianzhi came out after washing up and Zhao Liangze also arrived with his suitcase .

Huo Shaoheng put three sets of breakfast on the table and remarked dryly, “You two sure have perfect timing . ”

Zhao Liangze gave Gu Nianzhi an innocent look and said inexplicably, “…Doesn’t everyone eat breakfast around this time? Why would I need perfect timing?”

“Yes, yes, all breakfast restaurants in the Huaxia Empire are open around this time . ”

Huo Shaoheng glanced at them, “You two are quite harmonious and know how to put up a good act . ”

“Naturally . Did you forget who taught her everything?” Zhao Liangze chuckled heartily and looked like he was in a good mood .

Gu Nianzhi also stifled a giggle as she took a sip of milk and accidentally left a layer of white milk foam on her upper lip .

Huo Shaoheng picked up the paper napkin on the dining table and smoothly wiped the milk foam from her lips .

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Gu Nianzhi didn’t resist him either, tilting her head casually to let him wipe .

The movements of the two had an indescribable sense of harmony and love…

Zhao Liangze threw down his cutlery and replied angrily, “It makes me sick to see you two acting all lovey dovey so early in the morning . I’ve lost my appetite, I’m going for a morning run . ”

He only took one bite of his piece of freshly prepared toast before leaving it on his plate .

Coming out of the small courtyard of the apartment-style hotel where Huo Shaoheng and Gu Nianzhi were staying at, Zhao Liang noticed the air was fresh and the temperature was neither too hot nor cold–so he decided to run for a while in the morning .

He stretched his long legs and began running around the sidewalk surrounding the hotel area .

Soon afterwards, a woman in red workout clothes ran over to him from the opposite sidewalk .

They passed by each other on the road and stopped at the same time .

“It’s you?”

“It’s you?”

“What a coincidence, we meet again . ” Zhao Liangze said quietly, looking at Bai Shuang in front of him and narrowing his eyes .

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