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Chapter 1169: 1169

Gu Nianzhi climbed up from the bed and stretched lazily, her torn sleeve falling down her arm . She pouted as she said, “I didn’t sleep very well because I still need to shower . ”

Huo Shaoheng, “…”

His heart wrenched before he turned away in silence and said in a somewhat anxious tone, “Go wash up then, I will wait for you to come back . ” After he spoke, he quickly strode out of Gu Nianzhi’s master bedroom .

Gu Nianzhi looked at his strapping back with shock and confusion, then looked down at herself . There wasn’t anything wrong with her, right?

She wore a hunting jacket that originally belonged to He Zhichu, but it was very dirty . She had already taken it off and only wore a white silk shirt and black slim-cut pants .

Her silk shirt had been torn, but it was only the sleeve that was ripped off . The other parts of the shirt were fine, so she was still presentable .

Gu Nianzhi glanced at her exposed arm before getting up to take a shower in the bathroom .

Huo Shaoheng went into the guest room next to Gu Nianzhi’s master bedroom and locked the door . He also went to the bathroom to clean up quickly .

Removing the disguise on his face, he then changed into a clean black t-shirt and camouflage pants before entering Gu Nianzhi’s room once again .

Gu Nianzhi had already finished showering, so she was drying her hair with the dryer .

When Huo Shaoheng came in, she turned off the hairdryer and smiled . “Huo Shao, I almost couldn’t recognize you when you looked like that just now . ”

Yet she was still able to lock her eyes on Huo Shaoheng’s figure at first glance, even if his voice and appearance had changed .

Huo Shaoheng walked up to her and bent over to embrace her from behind . He smiled . “…But you still recognized me . ”

At that moment, he had actually been a bit worried that Gu Nianzhi would call out his name . He walked to He Zhichu as quickly as possible and reached out to the other man to pull him up, making it clear that he was his hired mercenary and subordinate .

With Gu Nianzhi’s intelligence, she naturally understood his intentions right away .

As expected, Gu Nianzhi didn’t make any eye contact with him once her excitement had settled down .

Huo Shaoheng squeezed Gu Nianzhi’s shoulder as he said, “Thank you . ”

Gu Nianzhi curled the corners of her full lips and pressed her hand against Huo Shaoheng’s . “You think you still need to thank me for anything?” she replied .

Although Huo Shaoheng refuted He Zhichu’s words earlier, they still stabbed into his chest like needles .

He had no choice but to constantly reflect on if he was truly as despicable as He Zhichu accused him of being .

But his resolve strengthened when he saw Gu Nianzhi now .

Huo Shaoheng nodded, leaning down to kiss her and sitting next to her . He happened to face the opposite direction of her as he began to talk about Reinitz .

“…Do you know what he was looking for?” he asked .

Gu Nianzhi glanced at him first . “Huo Shao, did you know that Reinitz would be coming here all along? You knew that they were looking for something to do with me?”

Huo Shaoheng grunted, “…I only knew the rough idea, and that there is actually someone directing Reinitz . But because Reinitz was too sly and continued to test Professor He’s and my bottom line, we weren’t able to lure out that person in the end after all . ”

Gu Nianzhi picked up a hairbrush to smooth her hair . She felt a little happy, so she purposely sounded nonchalant as she said, “…Reinitz won’t hurt me . I copied all their system files as The Pink Piggy last time, but he let me go . And this time, he is the one who needs my help . ”

Huo Shaoheng grew silent for a while, then sighed with a nod . “Reinitz is too sly, you’ve worked hard this time . ” He paused, then continued to say, “My sniper had him and his subordinates in their sight the entire time . We wouldn’t have gone easy on them if he did anything strange . ”

It wasn’t the first time they had killed someone anyway .

As long as Reinitz threatened Gu Nianzhi’s life, Huo Shaoheng would not hesitate to pull the trigger no matter how important and powerful Reinitz was .

Of course, Reinitz no longer posed a threat once he was taken captive . Killing him at this point would only be shooting themselves in the foot and taking things one step too far .

Gu Nianzhi knew that Huo Shaoheng was subtly showing his attention and concern for her…

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She felt very happy but didn’t express it at all . She mimicked Huo Shaoheng and said nonchalantly, “I knew it, I knew that you would come no matter what . ”

Huo Shaoheng couldn’t help it anymore, pulling her into his arms and kissing her .

The couple kissed for a while before Gu Nianzhi told him about the note Reinitz found .

“…My father, Gu Xiangwen, was the one who left it there . ” Gu Nianzhi paused before continuing, saying, “Reinitz even mentioned my grandfather, Gu Haoze . ”

As she spoke, she retold Reinitz’s story of how her grandfather Gu Haoze had stolen something from the Gestapo .

“…The Gestapo has been pursuing this for over half a century, and they finally saw some progress today . ”

Huo Shaoheng mused thoughtfully, “So the item is actually related to your grandfather . We didn’t know this information before . ”

Gu Nianzhi stiffened and said, “You knew that they were looking for something? Then do you know what that thing…?”

“It’s a set of data . ” Huo Shaoheng looked at her steadily, his voice within arm’s reach, deep and magnetic . “According to the information we received, this set of data is from the secret laboratory that the infamous Japanese numbered troop, stationed in the northwestern part of the Huaxia Empire, had gathered . The day before World War II ended, the data was sent to the Gestapo headquarters in Europe, which is also Reinitz’s Federal Intelligence Service .

“Just how important is this set of data? Think about it . The Japanese military officers from those numbered units didn’t even dare to submit it to the winning Allies but chose to give it to the European Gestapo instead .

“Afterwards, the set of data was lost due to unknown reasons . The Federal Intelligence Service announced to the public that the archive building had caught on fire, and many important documents were burned . But we never believed this .

“Aside from Reinitz, Japan has been tracking down the whereabouts of this set of data the entire time . ”

Everyone knew that the infamous Japanese numbered unit had once handed all their experimental data to America, the most powerful and victorious Ally country, in exchange for immunity against their charges .

As it turned out, there was something they didn’t dare to give in exchange for benefits .

Gu Nianzhi’s heart sank . “This has something to do with Japan again? So then, how did my grandfather get involved with this situation? Reinitz said that my grandfather was a great psychologist who helped them optimize a hypnotism technique . But I never heard of a Chinese psychologist during World War II before…”

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Huo Shaoheng nodded, his expression growing solemn . “We never took our attention away from anything to do with Japan . However, your grandfather’s situation is actually new information to us, since we didn’t know about it at all . ”

“I checked all the clinics you said were written on the note . ” As he spoke, he handed his phone to Gu Nianzhi and said, “Take a look…”

Gu Nianzhi took Huo Shaoheng’s phone and looked down at it .

“…Batti’s Fertility Aid Center, the Parents’ Clinic in the Labado Project, Dass Fertility and Medical Clinic, Lajiawan Infertility Treatment Center . These are actually clinics here? That’s very convenient . We can go take a look . ”

Huo Shaoheng’s eyes smiled faintly when he nodded . “We will go tomorrow . I still think there is something that doesn’t make sense about the situation . I just hope that the results won’t be outside our expectations,” he said .

Gu Nianzhi looked at the names of the clinics again and then took out her phone to look them up . Then she opened her own hacker app and was able to breach the official websites’ background systems .

Huo Shaoheng, “…”

He shook his head in amusement, asking, “You’re addicted to hacking now?”

“I have no choice, Huo Shao should just pretend not to see anything . These were all clinics my father mentioned, so I couldn’t help it…”

Gu Nianzhi didn’t even look up as her fingers flew over the keyboard and entered commands to search within the background data and information .

The official websites contained all sorts of personal information belonging to patients, so Gu Nianzhi wasn’t very interested in it . She didn’t discover any meaningful content at all .

She was about to log off when she saw a link for the backend financial system of the official website .

Gu Nianzhi’s mind began to work when she clicked the link .

When she entered the clinic’s financial system, she was immediately able to see that the clinic accepted huge amounts of charitable donations .

As a clinic that specialized in treating infertility, shouldn’t they be raking in the cash already? Why did they need charitable donations?!

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And when Gu Nianzhi took a quick look at the clinic’s general financial situation, she noticed that the clinic generated very good profits, even if it didn’t have the help of the enormous donations .

It was very interesting that such a profitable clinic would accept such large amounts of donations every year .

Gu Nianzhi began to dig deeper .

She discovered that the clinic’s financial system held the personal documents concerning the donors .

Typical people probably wouldn’t discover this, but they had unfortunately met their match in Gu Nianzhi .

Gu Nianzhi only needed five minutes to crack the passwords on the hidden files . She discovered that the secret donor was the Angels on Earth charity .

Gu Nianzhi’s heart thumped as she immediately hacked into the websites of the other clinics .

The results were exactly the same . She discovered that all the clinics had accepted huge charitable donations .

The donations to the clinics were all from the same charitable foundation, Angels on Earth .

Gu Nianzhi’s mouth curled . No wonder Angles on Earth decided to target the Gu family fortune .

The charity had dumped all of their money into huge donations towards these clinics, so they had set their greedy sights on the Gu fortune .

“Huo Shao, take a look at this . ” Gu Nianzhi showed Huo Shaoheng what she had discovered .

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