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Chapter 1163: 1163

“Stop right there!”The two masked gunmen standing next to Rong Mingxing immediately pointed their guns at Gu Nianzhi .

The pitch-black muzzles were aimed straight at Gu Nianzhi, and she immediately sensed the lethality . She stiffly removed her hand, then turned around to look at Reinitz standing beside her . “Don’t take this too far . You think you can keep her here to threaten me? You don’t think I will end this now and take all of you down with me?”

Reinitz folded his hands behind his back as he stared at Gu Nianzhi, his expression unreadable .

They had already completed 99 steps out of 100, so would he be able to destroy it all?

Rong Mingxing was an accidental factor, after all, so he never intended to kidnap her in the first place .

Gu Nianzhi was making a lot of sense .

Rong Mingxing was a diplomat from the Huaxia Imperial Embassy in India . If something were to happen to her, dealing with it would be a complicated mess .

But what if he looked at it differently?

Reinitz walked up to Gu Nianzhi and smiled as he said, “I’m actually helping you . I heard that there is a rule in the Huaxia Empire that forbids people with your jobs from meeting foreigners in private . So, having the two of you together will allow you to vouch for each other to avoid any issues . ”

Gu Nianzhi, “…”

She had actually forgotten about that, but both her and Rong Mingxing were being taken hostage…

Could the situation even be considered the same?

Gu Nianzhi couldn’t help but turn around and glance at Rong Mingxing .

The other girl had a vivid expression on her face that changed from rage to shock and was now a mask of horror mixed with disbelief .

Gu Nianzhi then looked at Reinitz, and she somehow sensed lethality from the man .

She didn’t know how to describe her feelings at that moment – like a small animal that was born to sense dangers in the environment . She had a strong feeling that Rong Mingxing was probably never going to be able to leave if she didn’t go right now…

In an act of desperation, Gu Nianzhi reached out to grab Reinitz’s dangling hand . She begged him and shook her head, her lips moving in silence as she let him read them, “Don’t kill her… I’m begging you!”

Her expression was so animated and alluring that Reinitz couldn’t look away .

He slowly raised the hand Gu Nianzhi had not grabbed onto .

He held a gun in that hand .

Gu Nianzhi’s body trembled imperceptibly .

Reinitz raised his gun and aimed it at Rong Mingxing . “You’re asking me to let her go? But what if she tells someone about us? As far as I know, she doesn’t get along with you . ”

“About us? What about us?! Reinitz, stop speaking nonsense!” Gu Nianzhi was about to lose her mind and could only pray that Rong Mingxing didn’t speak German so she couldn’t understand what Reinitz was saying .

However, Reinitz was pointing a gun at Rong Mingxing, so how could she not know what he was saying?

It was true that Rong Mingxing didn’t speak German . Still, from Reinitz’s movements and Gu Nianzhi desperately holding onto Reinitz’s arm in an attempt to stop him, she could figure out that Reinitz was trying to kill her and that Gu Nianzhi was trying her best to stop him…

Rong Mingxing was aware that Gu Nianzhi was unable to save even herself right now .

This director of a foreign Federal Intelligence Service was obviously hellbent on claiming Gu Nianzhi, so a little nobody like Rong Mingxing was probably going to end up being collateral damage .

A bitter smile and helpless look appeared on her face . She had guessed that this was the case long ago, but, luckily, she had already made up her mind to exchange her life for Gu Nianzhi’s .

This mess was all her own doing, so she should be one to pay the price for it .

Rong Mingxing was terrified of death, but she was even more afraid of living with guilt for the rest of her life .

Gu Nianzhi turned back in a panic and happened to lock eyes with Rong Mingxing .

From Rong Mingxing’s eyes, she could see that the other girl was calm and ready to accept death . Gu Nianzhi’s heart dropped violently .

She didn’t want to see another person die for her sake…

The two Special Operations Forces field personnel who died in Germany would already haunt her for life . If Rong Mingxing was added to the list, then Gu Nianzhi truly thought she would deserve to die for her own sins .

The two field personnel had been working at the time, so they were considered to have died in the line of duty .

But Rong Mingxing only chased after Gu Nianzhi for her sake…

“I promise . Let her go . I’m begging you! Let her go!” Gu Nianzhi quietly spoke in German and made up her mind .

Would He Zhichu and Huo Shaoheng appear right now?

Gu Nianzhi knew that she wasn’t in mortal danger since Reinitz would not kill her . He was still able to use her for a certain purpose .

But as for Rong Mingxing…

Gu Nianzhi really had no idea what He Zhichu and Huo Shaoheng would do .

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What if they couldn’t make it here in time?

But she didn’t dare take a gamble, since she didn’t have time to wait for them to make a move anymore .

She didn’t want another person’s blood on her hands .

Reinitz also sighed in relief .

Who would want to harm a diplomat of the Huaxia Empire unless the situation was dire?

But their plan could absolutely not fail because of such an insignificant person .

Reinitz squeezed the gun, then cocked his head and said, “Come inside . ”

He turned around and grabbed Gu Nianzhi’s hand as they walked inside the Taj Mahal where they had been standing before .

The two other masked gunmen walked in with Rong Mingxing as well .

After Gu Nianzhi followed him inside, she quickly glanced at the position they were standing in .

Reinitz was a true expert – he had chosen to stand in a perfect blind spot .

If a sniper were outside, he would be unable to focus and shoot .

Gu Nianzhi tensed up .

Reinitz was a very cautious person, and sly to boot . Unfortunately, she was only dreaming if she thought that he would act emotionally…

Reinitz let go of her hand, then raised his gun as he walked towards Rong Mingxing . Pressing it against her forehead, he quietly said something to her .

Rong Mingxing looked up at him with great surprise .

Suddenly, Reinitz let go of his other hand to reveal a very old looking pocket watch that dangled in midair .

The pocket watch was probably crafted from pure gold, so it still gleamed bright yellow despite being faded from time . It was not as eye-catching and brilliant as new gold .

Rong Mingxing’s eyes were automatically enraptured by the pocket watch dangling in front of her .

“One, two, three, four…”

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Reinitz murmured his hypnosis, slowly leading Rong Mingxing’s mind .

Gu Nianzhi felt dizzy after only catching one glimpse, so she immediately looked away .

The two masked gunmen next to Rong Mingxing also seemed to be hypnotized as well .

They remained in their original standing positions, but they no longer had strength in their hands .

Rong Mingxing was released from their tight grip, yet she didn’t bolt away .

She blankly stared back at Reinitz while he guided her into the world of hypnosis .

“…Relax your body now, relax your brain . You don’t need to think about anything, don’t look, don’t listen . ”

“When you wake up, it will already be late night . The entire world is dark .

“You just stopped from running around all day, and you’re hungry, you need to go back for food .

“Miss Gu separated from you, and you go back to tell them that you went looking for her everywhere . You couldn’t find her . ”

Although Gu Nianzhi wasn’t looking at Reinitz, she could still understand what he was saying .

She was extremely shocked that he was actually hypnotizing Rong Mingxing in a place like this .

If this was actually successful, then she could thankfully confirm that Reinitz wouldn’t try killing Rong Mingxing .

Gu Nianzhi had used such hypnotic brainwashing techniques on Tan Guiren in the past .

However, in comparison to Reinitz, Gu Nianzhi’s skills were extremely poor…

Also, Reinitz was hypnotizing three people at once . Even the two masked gunmen were being hypnotized by him .

The two men quickly put away their guns and grabbed Rong Mingxing’s arms with blank expressions before taking her away .

“…Bring her by the Huaxia Imperial Embassy in New Delhi before dark,” Reinitz calmly ordered .

This was a hypnotizer’s command, so it took root in the deepest recesses of human consciousness .

When the command was being carried out, it would become an instinct instilled by the hypnotizer .

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There was no fear of them suddenly changing their minds .

Soon afterward, the two men took Rong Mingxing away . Gu Nianzhi finally realized what had happened and found her entire body covered in sweat . She felt like she had lived through a nightmare and saw Reinitz upon waking up from the dream .

Reinitz looked around to see Gu Nianzhi’s ashen face . Her eyes showed complete fatigue, yet she stopped herself from collapsing to the ground .

Reinitz sighed from the bottom of his heart .

It appeared that Li Dexi understood the Gu family far better than he did .

As expected, hypnosis didn’t work very well on them .

Gu Nianzhi’s grandfather and Gu Xiangwen’s father, Gu Haoze, was said to be the inventor of this type of hypnosis .

The hypnosis was allegedly based on a method found in ancient Indian literature . It could be considered a type of mental process derived from yoga, then optimized by Gu Haoze, a genius spiritual master . Reinitz was one of the very few professionals who could successfully perform this type of hypnosis .

However, it didn’t seem to have any effect on Gu Nianzhi .

Of course, he could never attain the level of inner peace required by the hypnosis whenever he was with Gu Nianzhi .

So, it only made sense that it failed .

Gu Nianzhi wiped the sweat from her forehead, whispering, “You really plan to let my friend go?”

“What? You think that hypnosis can happen just like that?” Reinitz peered at her with his hands folded behind his back . He didn’t let Gu Nianzhi see that his hand holding the gun was actually spasming .

Performing this type of hypnotism required immense mental strength .

Reinitz was currently exhausted, so even a young child could beat him down right then .

However, he couldn’t let Gu Nianzhi know this . He forced himself to appear strong and spoke like nothing was amiss .

Gu Nianzhi gave a reluctant nod and probed Reinitz, asking, “…Those men took her back to the embassy, so does that mean you don’t have any helpers around anymore?”

“Cereus, are you worried about me?” Reinitz’s eyes sparkled, and he suddenly felt all the energy return to his body . “But don’t worry, baby . I still have many men ambushed in places you can’t even see . ”

Gu Nianzhi looked shocked .

“Here, don’t forget what you promised me . ” Reinitz waved at her again . “Help me find this, and maybe you can also figure out where your father is – whether he is dead or alive . ”

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