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Chapter 47

Under an umbrella, three people were sitting, nearby there was a table on which herbal tea, watermelon cucumbers, and cantaloupes were placed.

The most boring thing during fishing was to wait for fish to take the bait.

The two people were talking about their life in the university, basically, Fang Yuan was just boasting about himself, Huang Qiqi would occasionally insert one or two sentences.

“You are my small apple, my little apple…”

The cellphone of Fang Yuan rang, he pulled out his cell phone and looked at the contact.After murmuring something, he went to a side and answered the phone.

“What?how did it happen?Are you sure?”

Fang Yuan’s uneasy voice was heard.

After a long talk, Fang Yuan hung up the phone and returned back.

He was not looking good.

“Damn!It was not easy to come out and play, unexpectedly now this event has happened, really bad luck.”

Fang Yuan directly throw the cell phone on the table.

“What’s The Matter?”

Huang Qiqi asked.

“My section chief has just called me, saying there is a big  problem in the promotion of seeds, he asked me to rush back.”

Fang Yuan gloomily said

“Fang Yuan, what’s the matter?”

Ye Xiaochen saw Fang Yuan depressed and was surprised, as Fang Yuan in school was always smiling and carefree fellow.

“Even to say I feel depressed, really bad luck, this year our station decided to help Southern province global Agriculture seed technology promote a kind of broccoli seed called emerald green king, I was the promoting groups’ deputy leader.Originally, it was all good, perhaps could have become a section-level manager, but who would have thought there will be a problem in seeds.Now lots of farmers have come to the office, section chief has called me to come back and cope with them, isn’t this pushing me in the fire?”

Fang Yuan did not hide anything and explained the reason.

Ye Xiaochen was little stunned, The emerald green king?

He himself had bought this new type of broccoli seed.

These seeds were indeed defective, but it would only appear under certain circumstances.Now, it seems that the defect has appeared and affected many farmers.

“Does this matter will have a great influence on you?”

Ye Xiaochen saw the depressed face of Fang Yuan, and couldn’t help but ask him.

“Of course, originally our company helps global companies promote new kinds of see, which is a part of personal work and is considered illegal, but we have done it for a long time and have already accustomed to it, if there is no accident there will be more benefits.Now there is an accident, the farmers are doing riots, it must be put down, I will be the first to take responsibility.”

Fang Yuan shook his head.

This matter was quite big and at the time it was small, but he had not yet got a foothold in the department, and because of this he might get kicked out.

Soon Fang Yuan went back with Huang Qiqi

No fish had been caught.

It was no longer important for the Fang Yuan to catch the fish, as a matter was still waiting for him to deal with, which could threaten his future.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t do anything about it, he could only hope that Fang Yuan would be able to pass through this trouble.

Ye Xiaochen returned back to his farm and checked the emerald green king broccoli.

He carefully used his spirit talent and communicated with the consciousness of the plant.

“Strange, there is no change in my broccoli’s consciousness.Why other farmers emerald green king has been affected on large scale?”

Ye Xiaochen frowned and thought about the issue.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t k

now what kind of problem the farmers were facing on their planted broccoli.

After all, the problem resulting from a flaw could be random.

To solve the defect of the emerald green king, most important was cultivate properly from the seed stage.

There were also other methods like immersing the seed in plant promoting growth agent and stimulate it, which would improve the consciousness of seed and result in seed repairing the defect by itself.

This could be only used during seed germination.

Once the seeds were sown, this method would be useless.

Many of the farmer seeds were showing the flaw, which might have only occurred after sowing.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know what type of problems the farmers were facing with broccoli, so he couldn’t help them.

After checking the whole farm, he went towards immortal land.

His immortal carrots and immortal yellow bean seedlings were well, he hoped that it could produce a good harvest so that he would be able to earn good fortunes.

Unfortunately, he had to pull out one yellow immortal bean seedling.

Till now, he was still feeling the pain in his heart.


Southern province Global Agriculture Seed technology Co.Ltd

In the conference room.

A meeting was being held.

The atmosphere was very heavy.

“I had already told you.If the seed had been recalled there would not be any problem.”

Li Quan of the department of science and research looked coldly at opposite sitting Zhao Hui and said to him.

He had advised them to recall the seeds, but he was rejected.

Now, this problem has caused them to suffer huge economic losses, there has also been a great impact on company’s reputation and its plan to go market.

Now, the head office was preparing to send an investigation team.

Obviously, they must take the responsibility

However, Li Quan was not worried about himself.

He had opposed initially, and this was enough.

Sitting in one of the main seats, the general manager He Haomin felt bitter in his heart, if he had known the situation would become like this then he would have offended Zhao Hui and supported Li Quan’s suggestion.

But now, it was too late to say anything.

Although Zhao Hui was mainly responsible for the matter, he was the general manager and so need to take the responsibility of leadership mistake.

Predictably, his general manager position was at stake.

“Minister Li, is there really no solution?”

He Haomin looked at Li Quan and asked.

“Mr.Haomin, these days our lab has countless times worked overtime.we have used all the possible methods and the solutions are not ideal.”

Li Quan shook his head.

He had dark circles near his eyes, he was in serious lack of sleep and his spirit was also not good, he was very tired.

“What should we do now.Many counties and city partner’s calls are exploding.They are saying they can’t keep up with farmers anymore.”

Cai Qin, Another minister in charge of public relation said.

“We have to still wait for the decision from head office.”

He Haomin shook his head

Currently, the matter was too big for the general manager to make a decision.


Ye Xiaochen was worried about Fang Yuan’s situation, so he called him the next day and tried to learn about the situation of farmers who planted emerald green king.

After Fang Yuan had got to know Ye Xiaochen had also planted the emerald green king, he immediately said “Xiaochen, even if the seedlings are growing well you hurriedly remove it and switch it with some other vegetables,we got the message from internal that imperil green  king has a defect,the company  had tried to hide it, until an accident happened and finally they were unable to conceal the truth.I estimate that this imperial green seed may get discarded.”

“What is the problem the farmers are facing with broccoli?”

Ye Xiaochen already knew there was a defect in the seed.He immediately asked.

“It is very unusual, this broccoli is very sensitive to moisture.When the soil moisture content is too high, the root will directly start rotting.You should know that recently there has been heavy rainfall everywhere and there are also floods, the water content in the soil has become too high.”

Fang Yuan said.

“Sure enough!”

When Xiaochen listened, he immediately had the solution.

Before, he was not sure and could only guess.

Now there was the example.

He was absolutely sure.

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