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Is this love?….Yeah, it’s gotta be. What else could it possibly be?


TL: Thy Unsus
ED: Upsilon

Chapter 4 - It became mutual love when he saw her panties

“Please! Please don’t tell anyone! Please! I will do anything!” (Megumi)

Somehow or other, she appeared to be the type that entreaties and she wanted him to be silent as for exposing her true colors.
As for Tatsuya, he had thought about doing it a while ago, but he hadn’t thought about spreading any rumors.
He had been overly afraid, so he had leaked things he knew when she suddenly dodged the question.

However, because ‘doing anything’ was from a girl in this situation, he couldn’t overlook it as a male high school student. Furthermore, the other party was a succubus.
Her face was nice. It wasn’t as great as Saki Kataoka’sidol bitch, but you could say she was adequately beautiful.
The length of her skirt was also well below her knees, good. A strange short skirt is no good.
Come to think of it, he couldn’t see something like her panties with such a skirt. Why would she have thought he could see them?
Well, he thought there was no merit in panties that were simple to see, Tatsuya was fond of moderate guard.

His evaluation in regards to her figure would be separate.
Her figure was slender, so she didn’t have a chest. (As far as seen on her status)
Tatsuya didn’t particularly have the absolute principle of big breasts, so it wasn’t especially a problem.

He recalled the conversation he had some time ago in this place.

The circumstances of how it started and the means, be that as it may, Tatsuya had been confessed to. The circumstances of how it started and the means, be that as it may.

Tatsuya hadn’t even replied to that yet.

Frankly speaking, he didn’t find it unpleasant.
There wouldn’t be any choice to refuse if he was confessed to normally.

So, what would be the problem?

Because she was a succubus?

He had thought the other party was terrifying until some time ago, but he didn’t feel any kind of danger from the girl that was entreatying him before his eyes.
In the end, there weren’t any problems. For the time being, he called out to the other party to reduce her anxiety.

“It’s alright to have peace of mind. ……my intentions weren’t to spread a rumor or something like that from the beginning.” (Tatsuya)

With that remark, Megumi expressed a smile of relief.

(Ah~, cute)

The simplistic Tatsuya faded completely because of that.

“At any rate, the ‘name on panties’ thing, who did you hear that from?” (Tatsuya)

He only thought she had been deceived by somebody.

“From who……but everyone is doing it?” (Megumi)

“Seriously!?” (Tatsuya)

“Yup. Because it is seen when we change clothes, everyone knows such things as which girl likes who.” (Megumi)

It was a shocking fact.
Would it just be common sense that Tatsuya didn’t know?
At least, he hadn’t seen something his younger sister’s boyfriend’s name written on her panties……¹  ᴬ

“What way did you write it……” (Tatsuya)

“Want to see?” (Megumi)

“Okay? Then show them……t-” (Tatsuya)

Megumi asked smoothly, he poorly made a response……and noticed midway.

——What had she said just now?

“Firmly……look, okay?” (Megumi)

Her face was dyed red once more, and she slowly raised up her skirt.

Her knees.

Her thighs.

The cloth gradually raised up, and Tatsuya’s eyes followed. And then……

Tatsuya Endou.

Thus was written on the exposed underwear.

It was an ‘approaching’ scene beyond his imagination.

The committee chairman of the class had rolled up her skirt and was showing her panties.
Even the destructive power of just this would be extraordinary.
Moreover, his name was written on her panties.

Tatsuya felt an indescribable deep emotion.

“With this, it has become mutual love.” (Tatsuya)

Such words appeared from Tatsuya.

“Can’t you say something a little more tasteful?” (Megumi)

“It can’t be helped, I’ve never had a girlfriend.” (Tatsuya)

While having that sort of conversation, Tatsuya’s eyes were bluntly nailed to that place.

“Hey~, is it okay to touch?” (Tatsuya)

“……if you give me a kiss before, it’s fine.” (Megumi)

Tatsuya didn’t have any objections either. The order of things was important.

“A fair amount of time has passed.” (Tatsuya)

The clock on his smartphone indicated 2 hours had passed.²

“It’s fine. Because of my ability, the flow of time outside was different than the inside of the room. Only 2 minutes have passed outside.” (Megumi)

While putting on her clothes, Megumi said an outrageous thing.

“What’s that, an unbelievable succubus.” (Tatsuya)

“As I have control of this ability, I am called a succubus or something like that, you know? If you don’t know anything, you will think that it is a dream.” (Megumi)

Nonetheless, her ability manipulated things for 3 hours, with 4 hours being the limit.

“Ah, is that『Space-time Isolation』? So you manipulated me in the classroom with『Demon Eyes of Manipulation』?” (Tatsuya)

In statuses, he was even able to see things like skills in addition to physical strength and muscle strength.³
In the case of ordinary humans, there are only skills related to club activities such as ‘soccer’, ‘taijutsu⁴‘, and ‘fencing’ and scholarly ability such as ‘mathematics’, ‘English’, and ‘Japanese’, but Megumi had really charming skills called『Space-time Isolation』and『Demon Eyes of Manipulation』. By the way, there wasn’t something like『Sex Change』.

“That’s right, but……there is also a status? What is that ability?” (Megumi)

When Megumi asked him, Tatsuya spoke of the incident from last night. As one would expect, he didn’t speak of his classmates’ personal information.
Or perhaps he should say it’s as he thought, he had tried to pray silently for ‘Status・Open’. She had said ‘Eh? That’s stupid?’ with a serious look when he said it.

“Hey~, isn’t your family made of demons, then?” (Tatsuya)⁵

“I think it’s different.” (Megumi)

Because of the turmoil of his younger sister’s boyfriend, he didn’t confirm his mother’s status, but she was an ordinary housewife. His father wasn’t even his father.
From the start, even with a family lineage like that, for example, there was no harm towards her family or her. Tatsuya wouldn’t permit it.

Even while she was talking, Megumi was dressing herself. What remained……

“Hey~, return my panties.” (Megumi)

Tatsuya had been fiddling with her panties while they had talked by the way.
Even sexually, he couldn’t part with the feeling. It felt pleasant in various meanings.

“Say~, isn’t it fine to for me take this? No, as my name was written on it, isn’t it fine to say that it’s mine?” (Tatsuya)

“Wh-, what……!” (Megumi)

She decided he was broken. What was this boyfriend saying?
She would manipulate him with her demon eyes of manipulation, but their lines of sight weren’t matching! He had used her weakness easily, this person was really an ordinary person.

Tatsuya quickly left the preparation room while Megumi was flustered.

She may have been hasty.
While she was seized with such a thought, Megumi pursued Tatsuya.

With no panties.

Author's Notes

This is the end of the 1st section.

Please wait a little for the 2nd section.
As nothing has been decided seriously as for a rate……

Translator's Notes

¹ - I pray this is because you do your house’s laundry or something. ▲

² - Uhh……I swear it was just them studying? ;-; ▲

³ - Hou~? Does that mean he might have also had a skill in his status that we weren’t informed about yet? Author-dono, I want answers nooowww!!! ▲

⁴ - Martial arts skills. ▲

⁵ - I didn’t know what the line was trying to say, so I took a guess from the context. Anyone know what「ねぇ、まさか退魔士とかそういうのの家系じゃないよね?」might be? ▲

Editor's Notes

A - Does this pervert check his sister's panties daily? ▲


I haven’t decided a specific rate for this, but as the chapters are fairly easy to translate, I’ll probably do this in my spare time between working on Master of Monsters and Instant Death.

If you guys notice anything wrong, please let me know!
See you ….perhaps soon?

-Thy Unsus

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