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Chapter 0079 Omen of Death

Happiness always fades, the dementors have brought panic, despair spread throughout the castle followed by a horrible thing.

The first thing was Divination class, Ivan witnessed the entire thing.

Because there wasn’t any class in the morning for the second years, he followed Harry to divination class for the third years.

To be honest, Ivan has always been interested in divination and Professor Trelawney.

In the past when he read the books, Trelawney’s prophecy was very accurate, Harry’s fate was determined from the very beginning.

But Professor Trelawney’s actual performance was disappointing to Ivan.

If most people are afraid of the unknown, Professor Trelawney is afraid of the future, the first divination lesson was spent intimidating people.

She made a horrible prediction about everyone in the room, the first to be killed is Neville, Professor Trelawney brought up his grandmother for no reason, this made Nevile and the whole class paranoid.

Next was Parvati Patil she cautioned her to beware of the red-haired man.

She then told the class that a vicious flu would force classes to be disrupted in February.

After she said her words, the class was tense and silent.

Ivan wasn’t surprised when Hermione stormed out, Professor Trelawney’s divinations were more like a curse than a prophecy.

If it wasn’t for being polite, he would go now.

If Professor Trelawney didn’t enter a certain state she was nothing more then a deranged liar. As she has said, if you do not have the sight little progress will be made in divination.

Maybe Professor Trelawney has actually seen something but Ivan would bet it would most likely be nonsense.

Ivan paired with Hermione in the subsequent deviation.

They mixed up their tea, followed Professor Trelawney’s instructions and then dried the tea leaves and exchanged cups.

“You know what Ivan,” said Hermione while staring at the tea leaves, “It makes me feel stupid predicting fate with tea leaves.”

“Yeah I know.” nodded Ivan, he then saw Professor Trelawney come closer so he hurriedly said, “But we better follow the book and see what they mean.”

“Well………” Hermione frowned, “It looks like a bug but I’m not sure or maybe it looks like……”

“Let me see boy,” they passed the cup to the Professor, her face immediately revealed a panicked expression, “It is a spider.”

“It means your plan will be frustrating.” Professor Trelawney whispered to Ivan, “And you’d better watch out for this creature, I see doom in your teacup.”

“Yes?!” Hermione stood behind Professor Trelawney and said in an unfavorable tone, “From my point of view it is like a sun in the book it means happiness, so it seems Ivan will have good luck.”

Ivan looked nervously at the two of them talking about the cups, they acted as if it would really determine their destiny.

Whether it is bad luck or good fortune, he dares not say.

But he couldn’t see why he had to fear a spider, the only spider that he had to fear in Hogwarts is probably the giant ones in the forest and he doesn’t have a reason to go there this year.

Is his plan going to be frustrating, Ivan frowned.

Next was Ron and Harry who were sitting by themselves, they burst into laughter which attracted Professor Trelawney’s attention.

She came over and quickly snatched the teacup from Ron’s hand.

Everyone was quiet and focused on Professor Trelawney, who stared at the tea leaves.

“It is a Falcon, my dear, you have a deadly enemy,” whispered Trelawney.

“But everybody knows that.” muttered Hermione, “Everyone knows Harry and you know who………”

“This is not a lucky teacup, she turned the cup again, your future will be dangerous.”

Everyone gaped at Trelawney, who turned the teacup again, she suddenly gasped and screamed. She then sat in an empty chair, her hands were over her heart and her eyes were closed.

“My dear child, my poor, dear child! No, I shouldn’t say it, don’t ask me anything……..”

“What the matter, Professor?” Everyone stood up and slowly gathered around Harry and Ron’s table to seel the tealeaves clearly.

“Well, it looks like a donkey,” said Hermione hesitantly.

“That is a grim,” said Professor Trelawney while opening her eyes, “Poor boy, you have a Grim.”

Her words seemed to bewilder the children in the class.

“Excuse me, professor, what do I have?” asked Harry

“Grim, what is a Grim.” Seeing that Harry didn’t understand caused Trelawney to exclaim, “The giant, spectral dog that haunts churchyards! My dear boy, it is an omen – the worst omen – of death!”

Harry’s face was unnatural he recalled the big dog on the cover of and the dog that he had seen on the street.

He turned his head and looked at Ivan who had also seen the dog.

“You think it was a Grim, it was just a stray dog. I’ve seen it and if bad luck is contagious…’

Hearing Ivan’s words made everyone involuntarily step backward, they were afraid of them both. Ivan tried not to laugh, it was really fascinating to be suddenly so frightening, no wonder Professor Trelawney loves it.

Hermione gave Ivan a nasty stare, she went toward Professor Trelawney’s chair and said, “Professor, I don’t think it’s an omen.”

Professor Trelawney surveyed Hermione and said “Forgive me for saying so but I perceive very little aura around you. Very little receptivity to the resonances of the future.”

Professor Trelawney looked at Hermione and Ivan with displeasure, she was dissatisfied with the panic they had created.

Trelawney said in a vague voice, “I think we will leave the lesson here for today, please pack away your thing…”

Silently the class took their teacups back to Professor Trelawney, packed away their books, and closed their bags, even Ron didn’t dare meet Harry’s eyes.

Everyone was thinking about what the professor had said.

Hermione seemed to want to continue the debate, Ivan hurried out of the classroom.

Only Harry and Ron were left in the corridor.

Ivan’s bad luck is contagious and makes everyone nervous.

They all lowered their heads and ran down the stairs at full speed, it was as if they had the plague.

Ivan, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were left standing alone, they watched as people fled from them, no knew what to say.

A second later, Ivan looked back and saw Hermione was now gone.

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