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Chapter 0012 Hogwarts’ Magic Newspaper

After half an hour Harry and Ron left Snape’s office towards Gryffindor common room.

The castle was silent since dinner had ended.

“I wonder how Ivan is doing, I wish we could have gone to dinner.”

“Professor McGonagall doesn’t want us to show off.”

“She didn’t want anyone to think that it is a good idea to drive a car to school,” said Ron

“Yes, but at least she could let us know what house Ivan is in.”

“He has to be in Gryffindor like Ginny,” said Harry.

“Since he’s so smart he might be put in Ravenclaw.” Harry looked a little worried, he likes Ivan and wants him to be in Gryffindor.

“As long as it is not Slytherin, Ravenclaw is a good choice too.”

The two of them walked along and chatted until the came to Gryffindor’s entrance, which was hidden behind an oil painting of a fat lady in a pink dress.

“Password,” said the fat lady as they approached.

“oh” Harry couldn’t answer.

They hadn’t met a Gryffindor, so they didn’t know the password for the school year, but soon their savior appeared. It was Hermione who was running towards them.

“Hermione, do you know which house Ivan was sorted in?”

“Gryffindor! You took him to school with a flying car and risked being expelled,” Hermione said impatiently.

“Don’t lecture us, we’ve been lectured all night. Tell us the password quickly,” said Ron

“The password is Wattlebird” Hermione did not give up.

She waited outside to lecture them and try to make them realize their mistake before they enter the common room.

As the entrance to the common room opened her words were immediately interrupted by applause, and Harry and Ron were dragged in.

The Gryffindor students were still awake all huddled around the common room, Harry and Ron became the new topic.

Ivan was delighted to see them come in, he was finally free, so he quietly snuck away from the center of the crowd.


Ivan saw Hermione’s solemn face seated opposite of himself, and in a pitiful voice said, “Let me go Hermione, and lecture me tomorrow, I’m starving!”

Hermione zipped her mouth but she didn’t go anywhere, she took a chunk of chocolate out of her pocket. Ivan ate it making him feel much better.

With Percy’s Nagging the Gryffindor’s celebration didn’t last long, so everyone went back to their bedrooms to sleep.

“Congratulation on being sorted into Gryffindor, I know I shouldn’t be the one proud but….” Said, Ron, as he walked to Ivan’s side, he saw Hermione looking at him with a horrifying face.

“How come I didn’t see Fred and George?” Harry said awkwardly.

“I asked them to go to the kitchen and get me something to eat,” answered Ivan.

“OH,….” Ron rubbed his belly and looked at Hermione cautiously, “Nevermind, Harry, and I have already eaten in Snape’s office, so we are going upstairs now, we’re a little tired!”

After a few minutes, only two people were left in the common room him and Hermione, the fire was silently burning, and the atmosphere was somewhat bizarre. Ivan saw Hermione was going over her schedule while circling Lockhart’s classes.

“Hermione, you know I bought a lot of stuff in Diagon Alley, and I think they should arrive tonight,” said Ivan.

“Yes I remember, you promised to lend me some of the books, remember?” said Hermione with a curt tone while raising her head.

“Of course, you can read whatever you want.”

Ivan could see that Hermione was still dissatisfied with the way they came to school.

As soon as his words were said, he could see several owls appearing outside Gryffindor tower’s window, so Ivan hurriedly opened the window.

Around fifty magic books appeared in front of the two people.

Hermione’s attention shifted to the books that Ivan bought, there were many types of books, even complete series.

Next, the topic of the two people shifted to knowledge of magic, they were chatting merrily, Hermione had now become as friendly as before.

While they were chatting the doors of the common room were opened, Fred and George came in with plates filled with food.

“It seems we came back to soon, our hero Ivan is dating Hermione,” said Fred

“And they seem to have moved the school library.” said George.

“You’re finnaly back, I’m starving!” said Ivan whil hurriedly running over to them.

“Of course, our dear Mr. Mason, it is our pleasure to serve you!” said Fred as he moved away from Ivan and took out some red candles.

“These is your food, so we shall not disturb you and Miss Granger’s candlelight dinner!” said George as he stepped forward and lit the candles.

Both Ivan and Hermine blushed as Fred and George put the plates in front them like a waiter for a high class restraunt.

Fred and George looked at the two embarased people while smiling, as they were getting ready to turn and leave they saw something out the window.

“Look, what is that?” said the two in unison.

With Ivan and Hermione’s eyes they saw something giant approaching Gryffindor tower.

A few seconds later Ivan could see it was a transport team of dozens of owls. The owls kept falling and looked warn out, so Ivan hurried them in.

As the owls landed, the floor trembled a little.

“Don’t worry, it’s something I bought.” explained Ivan hastily. The look on the three people’s faces was one of surprise.

“What is it?” asked Fred and George in unison.

“It’s a device for printing newspapers that I spent a lot of money on in Diagon Alley,” Said Ivan as he fed the owls and signed for the package.

“What did you buy professional printing equipment?” asked Fred loudly.

“Don’t tell us you’re going to start a newspaper.” said George.

“Yeah, I’m going to start a newspaper, just like the Daily Prophet, I think I’ll name it Hogwarts’ Magic.”

Ivan opened the outer packaging of the printing press, a silvery white complex magic device appeared in front of the four people, compared to the muggle printing press it was completely reliante on magic to operate it and also had a precise calibration function.

“Think about all the wizards graduating from Hogwarts, they have countless good memories, Hogwarts is full of secrets so we can start a newspaper that recalls, explores, and interprets those mysteries” whispered Ivan. “ Believe me we will be succesful, even more succesful than the Daily prophet, we will become the most widely read newspaper of the wizarding world.”

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