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Chapter 98

“He only fancies you on the spur of a moment . He will soon abandon you mercilessly for other women . ” Sui Lei was stunned for a moment then finally spoke before turning and leaving Qi Huan .

Qi Huan stared at Sui Lei in a daze .  Is she really talking about Mo Ye?

After staying in Mo Mansion for nearly three months, Qi Huan finally couldn’t help it . Didn’t Mo Ye know that she was missing? Why didn’t he come to her yet? Although his father hadn’t been making her life difficult so far, Qi Huan still felt a little jumpy, it was just a feeling, but that feeling had saved her several times .

Originally Xing Huang would occasionally come to see her a few times . However, a month ago, not knowing what happened, he and Mo Yu hurriedly left Mo Mansion, so the housekeeper/chief Sui Lei was the highest status person in Mo Mansion .

Sui Lei did not approach Qi Huan again, nor did she speak to her again, everything seemed calm .

There are four seasons in the Heavenly Devil Realm . It could be considered as winter at this time . Qi Huan was afraid of the cold, so she rarely went out, and she slept under her quilt all day . As for the big hole in the roof, it was somehow repaired by Sui Lei, so she could sleep very well now . She felt like she had received a blessing to be able to sleep soundly .

On this day, it was noon when Qi Huan got up from her sleep . She was wearing a single coat and wrapped in a heavy quilt . She heard some noises from the inner courtyard .

Usually the women in the inner courtyard did not dare to speak loudly because of Sui Lei, what happened this time?

Qi Huan dragged her quilt, opened the window curiously, and looked out .

She saw Sui Lei bringing a little girl who was a head shorter than her into the inner courtyard . She was talking to the little girl, with a gentle smile on her face, totally not looking like a cold chief, but a friendly auntie .

Of course, Sui Lei also felt Qi Huan’s curious gaze . She glanced at Qi Huan’s window coldly, then patted the girl’s back, leading her to the most luxuriously decorated attic in the center of the inner courtyard .

After seeing them disappear, Qi Huan did not immediately close the window, but continued to listen to the women’s gossip in the inner courtyard .

“She is new here too?” Someone asked .

“I heard that she is the little princess of Asura Palace . The wife chosen by the Master for the Second Young Master . ” Another person interrupted .

“But I heard that Asura Emperor wants to marry his little daughter to our Master?”

“Impossible… I heard it was for Young Master…”

Listening to that group of women chattering non-stop, Qi Huan disappointedly redrew from the window and closed the window . Now only did she know that the women in the Heavenly Devil Realm could also gossip so much .

However, from what she heard from those women, that little girl was likely to marry any one of the Mo Family men, and her status was very high . Her father was Asura Emperor, so  her status should be equivalent to that of Mo Ye and Xing Huang .

If she wanted to marry Mo Yu or Xing Huang, Qi Huan had no comments but as for Mo Ye, she wasn’t expecting him to want to get married . Although she also liked Mo Ye, she never wanted to marry him . In fact, it was not unreasonable for Mo Ye to say that Qi Huan had no heart because she had always believed that if two people stayed together for more than ten years, they would surely quarrel every day, not to mention, people like them lived for more than 200,000 years . If they really stayed together every day, they might get bored of each other so as long as they liked each other, why did they need to be together every day?

Of course, Qi Huan had never discussed this argument with Mo Ye . Anyway, the two of them had not reached that stage yet . As for what would happen in the future, no one could predict it . She only knew that she liked Mo Ye for more than eight hundred years, and Mo Ye had liked her for as long as her, so that was enough . Of course, during the time they liked each other, no one could intervene in their relationship . The education Qi Huan received from an early age made it impossible for her to tolerate the behavior of a man with three or four wives, even though this was very common in the Heavenly Devil World and even the immortal world .

Qi Huan wrapped herself tightly, standing outside the house to bask in the sun . At noon, the sun was not warm, and the air outside was very fresh . Besides, she had not been out of the house for a long time, so she felt very suffocated . It was rare to snow outside, so she decided to come out and breathe . Who knew that not long after she brought Little Yin out, the little girl who had lived in the main building of the inner courtyard a while ago walked towards her, and asked, “Is this snake your pet?”

Qi Huan couldn’t help but feel jealous when she saw her thin silk dress compared to her own bloated cotton-padded clothes .  Sighs, it’s good to have such a powerful and wealthy father .  That piece of clothing on the little girl’s body was more valuable than everything on Qi Huan’s body combined .

Qi Huan turned her head and glanced at the little girl . A sweet smile spread on her round little face, her long eyelashes were like fan-shaped shadows, her golden pupils sometimes shone with light, and her rosy mouth opened slightly when she spoke . Her overall appearance looked sweet, lovely and innocent .

“Someone gave it to me to foster . ” Qi Huan politely smiled at the girl and explained . She would not raise such a difficult snake that was as shameless as its master, and more greedy than the little fox . Of course, Qi Huan would never think that she herself was also more greedy than the little fox .

“Can I touch it?” The little girl seemed to like Little Yin very much, she raised her head timidly as she asked .

Qi Huan shrugged but kept quiet . It was useless if she agreed or not because she would never know if Little Yin would suddenly turn its head and bite the little girl . Anyway, Qi Huan had never put hope on Little Yin to be polite to others .

The little girl actually thought that Qi Huan had agreed, so she squatted down and stretched out her pale and tender little hand slowly towards Little Yin . To Qi Huan’s surprise, Little Yin did not dodge, but obediently let her touch it for a long time before flicking its tail and crawled back to Qi Huan’s feet .

“Are you also Uncle Mo’s wife?” The little girl asked while squatting on the ground, and looking sideways at Qi Huan who was sitting on the ground making mini snowmen .

“You mean Mo Yu?” Qi Huan raised her head and glanced at the little girl before asking .

“Yes . ”

“Who told you I am his wife?” Qi Huan lowered her head and continued to hold a snowball . She stacked one big and one small snowball on each other, using spirit stones as the snowman’s eyes and noses, making a row of little snowmen, which looked very cute from a distance .

“Sister Sui Lei said so!” The little girl seemed to like the snowmen that Qi Huan had piled up, so she also followed Qi Huan, sitting on the snowy ground, and staring at the row of snowmen .

“Oh… I see…” It turned out that the whole situation between Qi Huan and Sui Lei was a misunderstanding . Qi Huan breathed a sigh of relief . It seemed that the man Sui Lei mentioned a while ago was Mo Yu, not Mo Ye .

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Hey, what is this Sui Lei thinking? She’s not blind, why did she like an old satyra, instead of a young and handsome man? Is her eyesight alright!

“Sister Sui Lei seems to be very sad, she hasn’t been in good spirits recently . ” The little girl wrinkled her nose and continued .

“Really . ” Qi Huan sneered silently . She wasn’t bothered about Sui Lei’s sadness, and she even more wouldn’t be bothered to clarify her relationship with Mo Yu to Sui Lei . When others respected her, she would respect others, but Sui Lei this kind of person, they weren’t friends, and the worse thing was that Sui Lei even tried to make her life hard which she (Qi Huan) actually kept quiet about it, she hadn’t settled this matter with her (Sui Lei) .

Nevermind assigning her to a broken old house, but how could she, the chief who was in charge of taking care of the inner courtyard, not know about the incident at that time? Those women in the inner courtyard were so afraid of her . If it weren’t for her nasty idea, how could a man appear in Qi Huan’s room that night?! Just because Qi Huan didn’t want to pursue this matter, didn’t mean she didn’t know anything .

“What’s your name, sister?” Qi Huan didn’t respond much, so the little girl kept quiet for a while before asking again .

“Qi Huan . How about you?”

“My name is Yan Yin . Sister, it’s so boring here, shall we go out to play?” Yan Yin blinked her big eyes at Qi Huan .

Yan Yin just arrived at the Mo Mansion so she knew no one . The women in the inner courtyard knew her identity so they were all very afraid of her, they didn’t dare to approach her, and Sui Lei’s character was a bit cold, so Yan Yin became bored after only staying for a few days .

Sui Lei told her that she shouldn’t leave the house casually, that was why she had been staying inside .

And since Qi Huan was also about to be bored to death, even though she was a person who preferred to stay indoors, she, too, felt a little bored after spending such a long time in a small place . When she came to this place, she had never been out shopping so she couldn’t help feeling a little interested when she heard what Yan Yin said .


“The guards here probably won’t let me out…” Qi Huan was indeed interested to go out but she also had not forgotten her current identity . To call her their guest was just an excuse, in fact, she was more like their prisoner .

“Don’t worry, you have me! They will definitely not do anything to you . Besides, Sister Sui Lei is not around today, so no one will dare to stop us from going out . ” Yan Yin patted her chest proudly .  

“…Very well then, let’s sneak out for a stroll . ” Thinking of Yan Yin’s identity, Qi Huan nodded with confidence, then she went back to her house to change her clothes, grabbed Little Yin and walked out of the house with Yan Yin .

Sure enough, after seeing Yan Yin, the guards they met along the way who were originally grim-faced, did not stop them . However, when they went out, the guard at the door tried to stop Qi Huan, but he became scared when Yan Yin mentioned her father, so the two left Mo Mansion very smoothly .

Qi Huan was full of joy to be able to come out, so she didn’t really think about why there weren’t many guards at the Mo Mansion today . Usually, every two steps you’d see a guard, but when they left the mansion today, they only saw a few guards .

“Sister Huan, I heard that Li Du City owns the widely known ecstasy wine, let’s go try it!”

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Yan Yin held Qi Huan’s hand and looked at her with a drooling look . Qi Huan looked at Yan Yin’s expression, she really was like the little fox, that little thing was always like this at the mention of something delicious . Originally, she still felt a trace of caution for Yan Yin, but now she no longer worried about her .

“Let’s go . ” The two happily walked into the only wine shop in the city . As soon as they walked inside, Qi Huan smelled a strong aroma of wine . In the mortal world, she would occasionally steal some wine from her Senior Uncles, but the taste of those wines could not be compared with the aroma in this shop!

“It smells so good . ” The two sighed at the same time .

“Welcome! Are you two girls here for a drink?” This wine shop was not very big, and there was no one besides the owner of the shop inside . There were only four tables in the darkened small hall, but those four tables were made from expensive materials . Qi Huan didn’t know the owner, but judging from Yan Yin’s excited expression, she knew that this girl must be his frequent customer .

“Boss, I want two jars of ecstasy wine . ” Finally, Yan Yin looked away from the four tables, and then happily ordered two jars of wine .

“Hmm… Too bad, young lady, you are late today, the ecstasy wine has been sold out . ” The owner looked at the two girls apologetically .

No wonder there was no one in the shop, there were no more wine . Qi Huan sighed, feeling a little lost . The fragrance of the wine had really aroused her desire, making her wonder how it tasted .

“Uncle, I’ve travelled so far just to drink a jar of your wine . Can’t you just sell me one jar, just one jar is good enough . ” When Yan Yin heard that there was no wine, her little face became bitter . She dropped her head down, pouted and then blinked pitifully . Her eyes were even filled with tears, as if she was saying, if you don’t give me wine, I will cry!

“Err… hey… okay, okay, but I only have half of a jar left, I will give it to you two to try . ” The owner really couldn’t bear Yan Yin’s expression . To be honest, it would be hard for anyone to resist Yan Yin’s pitiful appearance .

As soon as Yan Yin managed to persuade the owner, she immediately burst into a bright smile, making Qi Huan embarrassed by her rapid change of mood .

The two found a table by the door and sat down . The owner took two transparent wine cups and walked over to them . The wine cup was small, and there were nine dragons carved on it . The carvings were very delicate . Qi Huan could not see any flaws with her naked eye . Even if this wine cup was regarded as a work of art, it was the best piece of art she had ever seen . Seeing the seven-colour halo that flickered on the wine cup from time to time, Qi Huan suppressed her urge of stealing it and keeping it in her storage ring .

“This is the Nine Dragon Cup, refined from the dragon marrow of the five-clawed golden dragon . Use it to hold the ecstasy wine so that the smell of the wine won’t evaporate . ” The owner explained with a smile while looking at the two of them staring at the Nine Dragon Cup with scorching eyes .

The owner’s explanation made Qi Huan’s saliva almost flow down her mouth . The five-clawed golden dragon was the second to the existence of the sacred beast, the blue dragon . The value of this cup was inestimable . Moreover, it actually appeared in the Heavenly Devil Realm, which meant that its value was even more valuable .

The owner walked to the back room, and soon brought out a small wine bottle, “Enjoy your wine . ” After putting the bottle on the table, he walked back to the chair where he had been sitting, looked down at a book that was casually placed on the table .

Qi Huan and Yan Yin hurriedly poured two glasses of wine and tasted them carefully .

Qi Huan felt the faint aroma of the wine emanating from the tip of her tongue, it became thicker and thicker until the wine entered her throat, and the aroma remained in her mouth for a long time . The wine flowed down her throat and was instantly ignited like a fire dragon, at the same time it quickly disappeared .

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She really couldn’t describe how she was feeling at all, no wonder this wine was called Ecstasy wine, it really gave her a kind of ecstasy .

Qi Huan and Yan Yin sat across from each other . Neither of them spoke . Instead, they drank the entire glass of wine . Although the bottle didn’t look big, there seemed to be no end . They kept drinking until Qi Huan felt that her vision was blurred, and then they finished the bottle .

“I really want to sleep…” Yan Yin’s little face flushed . She yawned lazily, and fell asleep on the table .

Qi Huan watched Yan Yin fall asleep, rubbing her eyes that could no longer stay open . In a daze, she saw the wine shop owner approaching them with a smile on his face . After that, she closed her eyes and fell deeply asleep .

She didn’t know how long she slept, she just felt that her soul seemed to be caught, as if someone was trying to pull her soul out of her body . She wanted to take control of her body, but it was no use at all, she didn’t have much strength .

Suddenly, a seventh-ranked divine thunder struck twice, and she regained consciousness in her dantian again . She was shocked to find that the four spirit beasts on the Taiji pattern were slowly being discolored and became distracted .

“How could this be?” Qi Huan exclaimed, the four spirit beasts were her yuanying . If they were scattered, would she even still be alive?! Fortunately, this situation did not last long because in the next second, her Taiji pattern was spinning fast, and her eight divinatory trigrams also rotated at the same frequency . Between the two, the seventh-ranked divine thunder and the blood thunder alternately bombarded the four spirit beasts .

After a really long time, their bodies finally returned to normal . Although they were a little weak, their bodies gradually became solid . The other three spirit beasts lay lazily on her Taiji pattern, munching on the lingqi inside her body . Only the Black Tortoise seemed worrisome .

Qi Huan wasn’t sure if it was because the innate Earth Spirit had once cultivated into a human form so it actually had its own thoughts . After she absorbed it to refine the Black Tortoise, now even the Black Tortoise gave out a similar kind of vibe as Jin Xiu .

“Be careful . What you drank could refine your yuanying, our cultivation is not strong enough yet . Luckily, Lei Jie helped us to remove those wineries, otherwise we would almost be unable to keep our bodies . ” Although the Black Tortoise can’t see Qi Huan’s consciousness, it knew that she was looking at it .

The other three little guys somehow understood the Black Tortoise’s words, and nodded one after another .

Qi Huan was taken aback for a moment, and then remembered the ecstasy wine she had just drunk, that wine…is poison?!

The influence of ecstasy wine was quickly eliminated by the thunder in Qi Huan’s body . She was a little upset watching the four spirit beasts fall into deep sleep . She was really too naive . She forgot that she was in the Heavenly Devil Realm . This place was full of devils, no one was kind .

Qi Huan secretly mobilized her ling qi, letting them circulate in her body, and then her consciousness slowly left her dantian .

When she opened her eyes, she realized that she was no longer in the wine shop . Instead, she was lying on the table in her room . The ecstasy wine she just drank and the two small wine cups were still there, and Yan Yin was there, but… Yan Yin wasn’t breathing at all! 

Thinking of what the Black Tortoise said to her just now, Qi Huan hurriedly opened her heaven eyes to check on Yan Yin . The result made her desperate . Yan Yin’s yuanshen was gone, in other words, her soul had disappeared . Yan Yin was dead .

Before Qi Huan recovered from her shock, she heard a noise outside, including Mo Yu’s laughter and voice that she hated very much, “Asura Emperor, you’re too funny . It is a blessing for that kid to marry your little princess Yan Yin . ”

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