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Chapter 71

Qi Huan was awakened by a fierce lightning sound . After she opened her eyes, she found herself lying alone on Mo Ye’s golden bladeless sword . Her little fox had long been gone, it had perhaps left with Mo Ye . Up . As for the “pillow” under her head, she reached out and touched it . It was cool, slippery, and felt good . When she turned her head, she saw Little Yin was staring at her with its red forked tongue sticking out .

“OMG!” Qi Huan jumped up in fright . She didn’t know how Mo Ye switched her pillow, and how daring of him to switch it out with Little Yin . Was he not afraid that it would eat her up?!

“Come on, go back to sleep on my wrist . ” Although Little Yin was like a powerful bodyguard, Qi Huan felt very pressured to have it staring straight at her, so she could only persuade it to go back to its old place .

Too bad the flying snake didn’t even look at her . It twisted and moved down from the flying sword . Qi Huan clasped her hands tightly on the edge of the sword, lowered her head and looked down . Mo Ye probably knew that she was afraid of heights, because the flying sword actually stopped in midair, two meters above the ground . She patted her chest and supported herself with one hand, and jumped neatly and gently to the ground .

Qi Huan walked forward following the sounds of fighting . Little Yin followed her slowly . Suddenly a rabbit sprang up from the forest . Seeing the fat and tender rabbit, Qi Huan was suddenly hungry, so she turned her head, smiled, and said to Little Yin, “Hey, go and catch that rabbit . ” Although it was not very easy to serve this snake, it was indeed very useful, much better than the lazy little fox .

LIttle Yin, however, shook its head, wagged its tail, unwilling to move .

“If you don’t go, today’s dinner will be cancelled . ” Qi Huan’s face sullen, she swallowed her tears in her heart . She was already down to the point of threatening her pets .

“Hmph . ”

Qi Huan didn’t know how the snake made that sound but she felt that she was despised anyway . There was nothing she could do . She couldn’t beat it so she could only beg it . She lowered her tone, “If you catch the rabbit, then I’ll give you an extra carrot for dinner later . ”

This made the snake nodded instantly . Its silver tail turned into a small disc as it stretched out in front of Qi Huan . Qi Huan kindly put the promised carrot on it . After eating the carrot bite by bite, the hapless rabbit had already disappeared into the forest . Little Yin licked its mouth contentedly, and then twisted its tail and slid into the forest .

A few minutes later, Little Yin came out of the woods with seven or eight rabbits on its back . It had forgotten what the rabbit Qi Huan wanted, look like, so it had to catch all the rabbits it saw .

“Good snake . Let’s have a barbecue later . ” After collecting all the ingredients for her dinner, Qi Huan continued to walk to the fighting arena . She didn’t worry about Mo Ye’s safety, but sje was curious about who had blocked his way .

After walking about a hundred meters forward and passing a forest, Qi Huan noticed several acquaintances standing in front of her, “Dong Yuan, Xiao Xiao, why are you here?”

Six or seven people of the Mount Shu Sect surrounded Mo Ye . Mo Ye wasn’t wearing his mask, and his face had returned to his appearance when he was at the Heavenly Sword Sect .

“Sister Qi Huan, you were deceived by him . He is a traitor from the Heavenly Sword Sect, an undercover agent sent by the Devil Sect . ” After seeing Qi Huan, Xiao Xiao hurriedly pulled her aside and pointed to Mo Ye and said loudly .

“Uh…really?” Qi Huan stood beside Dong Yuan and Xiao Xiao, with doubts in her eyes towards Mo Ye .

Mo Ye glanced at Qi Huan, and the corners of his mouth rose . Just by looking at his expression, she knew that he was so confident that he didn’t need her help, so she happily watched the excitement .

“Xiao Xiao, how do you know that he is a traitor?” These days, Qi Huan had forgotten to ask Mo Ye how to deal with the problem of his identity . It seemed that it was handled improperly and something went wrong, otherwise why would several Mount Shu disciples be here? Although the cultivation level of these people was only around the yuanying stage, there were quite a number of them here .

After all, no one would have thought that the spy sent by the Devil Sect to the Heavenly Sword Sect had reached the huashen stage, and was also the Young Master of the Heavenly Devil Sect . Except for Mo Ye, whose nerves were different from ordinary people, who else would send their boss to be a spy?

“After we left Yin Mountain last night, he trailed behind us, severely injured the third Senior Brother, and also snatched his family heirloom, the Two Polarity Clear Mirror from his hands . I saw with my own eyes! He did all those things! I’m absolutely certain!” Xiao Xiao’s face was full of resentment .

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“When was last night?” Qi Huan was a little puzzled . She had heard of the Two Polarity Clear Mirror . Xu Ling Zi mentioned it before but because he said that this thing had a fatal weakness, it couldn’t be exposed to evil corrosion aura, otherwise it would be corroded immediately .

Why did Mo Ye steal that thing? He couldn’t use it anyway . Besides, there were so many treasures on the mountain, why did he snatch someone else’s?

“Last night, around 11 p . m . to 1 a . m, he flew all the way here after stealing it . We chased him all night before finally chasing him here . ” Dong Yuan answered Qi Huan’s question for Xiao Xiao .

His answer made Qi Huan even more surprised . At that time, she should have been with Mo Ye on the flying sword . If Mo Ye stole something from someone, she should notice it!

“Why are you here?” Dong Yuan suddenly turned around and asked Qi Huan .

“Oh, my Senior Brother was poisoned with a zombie poison, so shifu asked me to find that old ghost cultivator . Then, I heard some fighting sounds so I followed and came here . ” Qi Huan blinked . She didn’t even blush when she lied .

“Little Junior Brother, come, let’s deal with him together . ” A middle-aged man in the middle looked back and shouted at Dong Yuan for help, seeing how the group of people were having a hard time dealing with Mo Ye .

“Yes, Senior Brother . ” Dong Yuan hurriedly flew forward .

“Xiao Xiao, isn’t Dong Yuan your Senior Brother in Mount Shu? Since when did he have so many Senior Brothers above him?” And these Senior Brothers seemed to be at least several hundred years old . Qi Huan swallowed this last sentence .

“Senior Brother broke through jiedan stage a few days ago and has achieved yuanying . Now he is the outer elder in Mount Shu . ” Xiao Xiao explained to Qi Huan with a smile . Unlike Qing Yun Sect, the status of a disciple in Mount Shu Sect increased with his/her cultivation level . Dong Yuan and her shifu could now be regarded as peers . With Dong Yuan’s age, he was truly a genius .

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As for Qing Yun Sect, even if Qi Huan’s cultivation level reached the dacheng stage, she was still regarded as Xu Kong Zi’s apprentice .

Eight people in the field formed a large formation, Mo Ye was trapped in the formation, and the Big Senior Brother who had just called Dong Yuan over was still persuading Mo Ye with an upright gentleman appearance, “If you return us the Two Polarity Clear Mirror and confess your purpose of being a spy here at the Heavenly Sword Sect, I will spare your life . ”

What a benevolent way! Qi Huan stood aside with her arms wrapped around her chest, she sneered . This was why she hated noble cultivators . They thought they controlled the order of the world, and that they could control a person’s life and death at will .  Spare Mo Ye’s life? Tsk, who did he think he is!

“Since this is your last word, I will satisfy you . ” Mo Ye’s reaction was not as great as Qi Huan’s . He just raised his eyebrows slightly and turned his hands up . The land around him suddenly began to tremble violently . Dong Yuan and the other seven Mount Shu disciples were swallowed by the bottomless cracks under their feet in an instant .

Then Mo Ye turned his head and looked at Xiao Xiao . With a bloody light flashed in his bloody eyes, Xiao Xiao fell silently into the ground, not knowing whether she was dead or alive .

“You…you killed them all?” Although extremely dissatisfied with their remarks, watching Mo Ye’s move killed everyone, Qi Huan’s face turned pale, and even her voice trembled uncontrollably .

“She and Dong Yuan are not dead . ” The abyss that those people saw under their feet just now was nothing but an illusion . Except for Dong Yuan and Xiao Xiao, the others were dead, even their bodies were gone .

Qi Huan knew that Mo Ye did it because of her . If Mo Ye hadn’t somehow froze her earlier, she would almost rush to block the danger for Xiao Xiao .

“Let’s go . ” Mo Ye stretched out his hand towards Qi Huan . She hesitated before putting her still shaking hand in his palm . After the two left, a small and delicate mirror in Xiao Xiao’s arms suddenly emitted a green light, wrapping Xiao Xiao and Dong Yuan inside it, and the two figures instantly disappeared from the place .

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“Junior Brother, how is Xiao Xiao?” Yuan Chu, who looked a little anxious, asked Yuan Hui .

“Dong Yuan and Xiao Xiao are fine, as for the others…” Yuan Hui shook his head with a darkened expression on his face .

“Then, Head Qing Xiao, you said that Qi Huan has a connection with the Devil Sect, is it true?” Yuan Chu’s expression was a bit ugly as he asked in a deep voice .

“Yes, the records on the Two Polarity Clear Mirror proved that they are indeed very close to each other . It’s a pity that we didn’t see him use the Splitting Sword . ” 

“It’s okay, since we know that Qi Huan is related to him, I’m not afraid of not being able to find the whereabouts of the Splitting Sword . ” Yuan Chu squinted his eyes, his fingers tapping the table constantly .

“I can’t believe that a Qing Yun Sect disciple would be related with the Devil Sect, ish!” Yuan Hui sighed long . Only God knew who he was sighing for .

“Hmph, those disciples from the “Hua” generation in Qing Yun Sect, which one of them are clean! Xu Kong Zi was originally going to grab the Splitting Sword, but who knew he would withdraw halfway? It must be because he had already received the news . Such a shame to all noble cultivators! “Sitting on the second seat of the main hall, an old cultivator dressed in Kun Lun’s robe hurriedly interjected . Yuan Hui remained silent after listening to his words . Yuan Chu did not respond either .

“Head Yuan Chu, what Head Qing Xiao meant is that should both of us, Kun Lun and Mount Shu Sects send some people over to Qing Yun Mountain to ask about it? After all, this is the Splitting Sword that we’re talking about . ” An old Kun Lun cultivator continued . His eyes looked a little eager .

“Qing Wu, my friend, who should we ask? Xu Kong Zi?” Yuan Chu sneered and stopped talking . Even if Xu Kong Zi had something to do with the Devil Sect, what could they do about it? Who would dare to go to Qing Yun Mountain to question Xu Kong Zi? What if he was provoked and he decided to kill all of them?

Yuan Chu was not a fool . He wouldn’t be the Kun Lun Sect’s scapegoat . What they saw was that Qi Huan had some kind of connection with the Devil Sect, and not like what Qing Wu said about that the entire Qing Yun Sect was unclean . This kind of thing, even Yuan Chu who had a little more guts, wouldn’t dare to say it out loud!

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