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Chapter 68

“You have?!” The Wood Spirit was actually located in the Heavenly Devil Sect! That was definitely good news for Qi Huan . After the surprise, Qi Huan’s head started to spin quickly . Was it cheated over or stolen? According to her understanding of Mo Ye, if she asked for it, he might really give it to her, but who would suffer the consequence afterwards…?

“Yeah, that thing has been in the Heavenly Devil Sect for many years, and it’s probably already growing hair . ” Mo Ye stroked his chin carelessly, not missing Qi Huan’s face that twitched because of his words .

What an evil argument! Qi Huan really wanted to slap him and give him a word . Unfortunately, she could only think about it because he had turned and left after speaking . Truthfully, she really wanted it because congenital spirits were very rare . They were not like potatoes that could grow as many as possible . These so-called congenital spirits only had their presence here because of God’s favor . Who knew if that Wood Spirit was the only one remaining in this world!

“Could you…lend it to me?” Qi Huan approached Mo Ye flatly, blinked her eyes and asked innocently .

“Will you return it back?” Mo Ye blocked all the words in Qi Huan’s stomach very shamelessly .

Ish, we can discuss this privately, why do you have to say it out loud and embarrass me! Qi Huan blushed, but she recovered in an instant, “Of course, I will return it to you . “Although she didn’t often do bad checks, it was better to get used to it . Anyway, Mo Ye was like a local rich man, she was a proletariat, and all of them should help each other .

“I’ll think about it . ” Mo Ye looked at Qi Huan strangely for a long time, and then walked away from her casually .

Qi Huan gritted her white teeth and stared at Mo Ye viciously . He could be arrogant now since she was the one borrowing from him . It is true that the creditor has the upper hand when it comes to lending money, but when it comes to returning the money, the debtor is the one at the upper hand . Qi Huan believed that one day this debt would be transferred to him .

Taking advantage of the time when Qi Huan was talking to Mo Ye, most of the cultivators who were still in the hall arguing about the ownership of the treasure in the celestial abode, had disappeared .

Only three people, dressed in dark robes, and whose faces couldn’t be seen, stood in a corner . Although Qi Huan’s cultivation level did not increase much during this period, her eyesight was well tempered . These three people did not deliberately restrain their aura so she could immediately judge that they were devil cultivators, and their strength was around the yuanying stage .

Everyone was always stronger than herself . Qi Huan was now accustomed to being bullied, so she was not as depressed as how she was at the beginning anymore .

She glanced at the empty hall, then glanced at the three people . She felt that it was safer to stay with Mo Ye, just in case those three people suddenly became frantic and took action on her . So Qi Huan walked quickly, and inserted herself in front of Chi Yi, but stood behind Mo Ye very confidently . She felt very safe between them .

“Where are we going?” Without Xu Kong Zi by her side, Qi Huan was like an innocent lost kid . She had never entered a celestial abode before so she didn’t know how to go to the place where the treasure was hidden . Of course, she never thought about grabbing those treasures, that was for her shifu, she would let him do it .

“If you can get out of here alive, you will be able to enter the real celestial abode . ” Mo Ye walked forward slowly with his hands on his back . Qi Huan watched him walking straight towards a stone wall in the middle of the hall . She wanted to reach out and prevent him from smacking directly to the wall but she did not expect that he would directly disappear into the wall .

“It’s a teleportation wall . Just walk in, don’t worry, beauty . ” Chi Yi looked at Qi Huan’s stunned expression, and kindly reminded her, but she didn’t appreciate it at all .

“Of course I know it’s a teleportation wall, hmph . ”

Chi Yi blinked, being glared by the beauty, did I say something wrong??

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When the three of them went into the stone wall, the three people who had been standing in the corner started to move . They quickly took off their black robes, revealing their light blue robes inside . Without the black robes, the strong evil spirit in them disappeared .

The three of them glanced at each other, without any hesitation, they dashed towards the only exit in the hall . If Qi Huan were there, she would definitely be able to recognize the unique logo on their robes . Those three people were Kun Lun disciples!

After entering the teleportation wall, Qi Huan finally understood what Mo Ye said about “if she could get out of here alive” . Those who disappeared in the hall just now, except for those who changed their minds and left halfway, the rest had entered this place . But she noticed that all of them were corpses, there was not a single living person .

Looking down at the blood-stained land under her feet, Qi Huan was terrified . For so many years, she was used to seeing the dead, and she had struggled for several times being on the line of life and death, but the devil refused to take her in, so she was still alive .

It was really not pleasant to feel uneasy . She could only see that these people were bitten to death by unknown beasts . Their arms, heads and intestines were scattered everywhere, but she did not see any beasts so far .

If you ate an apple with worms inside, which one is scarier, to accidentally eat the worms, or not eat the worms? The unknown is always the most terrifying . Qi Huan imagined what the beasts that ate these humans looked like as she carefully followed closely behind Mo Ye .

Suddenly she felt someone touch her shoulder, “What are you doing?” She thought it was Chi Yi who was following her, but when she turned her head, she realized that she didn’t recognize the face . The person looked like a human, but his expression was so weird . He looked like he was laughing but also looked like he was crying . She couldn’t describe his expression for a while . When she moved her gaze to the bottom of the man’s neck, her legs were completely weakened . The man’s lower body turned out to be withered bones!

Fortunately, Qi Huan’s reflex action was still good . When she knew danger, she would definitely pull down the people around her, so she did not hesitate to reach out and grab Mo Ye’s arm, and then, with a swish, she hid in front of him, and shrank in his arms, refusing to move at all .

Mo Ye turned to face the skeleton, lowered his head and touched Qi Huan’s head, and said calmly, “Do you want to look at the back?”

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Qi Huan turned her head back obediently . Just as she twisted her neck to the back stiffly, she finally knew why Mo Ye had stopped, because the row of things standing in front of them was much more terrifying than the skeleton behind! Try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice! Originally, she wanted to push Mo Ye out to feed the wolves (skeleton), but instead she consciously ran into the wolf den!

“What…What are those things?” Qi Huan never had the courage to look at those humanoid monsters that grew out of the blood-stained ground . She would rather look at the skeleton behind Mo Ye .

“Evil spirits, resentful spirits after death . ” Mo Ye’s left arm was held tightly by Qi Huan, so he could only take off the mask on his face with his right hand, and then clasp it on her face involuntarily, “Stand still, or I will throw you over . ”

Perhaps Qi Huan had already become accustomed to Mo Ye’s threat, or she was too frightened, she really stood still on the spot . She didn’t care whether she was a cultivator or not now . She only knew that she was frightened by those evil spirits . She didn’t care if her fear would humiliate her shifu or not, she only knew that she was really afraid of ghosts!!

In the past, Qi Huan hated watching horror movies the most . A jumpscare in a horror movie would make her scared to sleep after a month! And now this was a real-life horror movie! Those evil spirits were definitely scarier than ghosts because they eat people! Qi Huan trembled involuntarily, rooting at the spot, as if she could hear the sound of evil spirits eating people .

“Beauty . ” Suddenly hearing Chi Yi’s voice in her ears, Qi Huan turned her head subconsciously . who knew what she saw was actually a monster with a human face and a snake body .

Qi Huan subconsciously threw a thunderball over and hit the monster’s face very accurately . After a loud shriek, the monster’s face was covered with blood and fell into the muddy swamp more than ten meters away from her .

“How could you see through my illusion?” The snake man didn’t expect Qi Huan to see his true self, and subconsciously gave her back a thunderball . He was very unfortunately hit by Qi Huan’s aimless throw .

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“You’re using an illusion?” Qi Huan didn’t feel that she was in an illusion spell at all . Although this snake had the same voice as Chi Yi, its face and body were obviously different!

In fact, this kind of human-face-snake illusion could completely fool even cultivators in the yuanying stage . Many people who died in this space were killed because of the illusion spell . The reason why Qi Huan was not deceived was entirely because Mo Ye’s mask that he had forced it on her face . This mask had many functions, but with Qi Huan’s current strength, it could only protect her from being confused .

Qi Huan was not stupid . Of course, she knew that it must be useful since Mo Ye had put it on her . Since she was not deceived by the illusion spell, then it must be attributed to this mask . She touched the cold mask on her face and muttered softly, “How about I just take this mask and leave . This thing is quite useful . ”

“You really know how to dream . ” Mo Ye’s low voice came from behind her ears, making her reflexively prepared to throw another thunderball, but he managed to stop it with one hand .

Fortunately, it was blocked because it was not an illusion spell this time . Qi Huan turned her head and smirked at Mo Ye . Fortunately, Mo Ye only had his face darkened a little after hearing Qi Huan’s words, everything else was still normal .

“Are those evil spirits dead?” Qi Huan turned to look, and found that the things in front of her were gone . As for the skeleton that had patted on her shoulder, she didn’t see it anymore after wearing the mask . It was probably just an illusion .

“No, evil spirits can’t be killed . ” Mo Ye threw a black fireball on the illusion human-face snake . After struggling for a bit, it was burned to ashes by the black flames, disappearing without a sound .

“Then that means we are dead . ”

“Not “we” but you . ” Mo Ye kindly emphasized . Although those evil spirits were troublesome, they did not pose any threat to him . As for Qi Huan, her legs had already become weak just by the sight of those evil spirits, so she was the one in danger .

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