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Chapter 36

“Oh, forget it, it’s been so long, why am I still mentioning this . ” Seeing Qi Huan’s expression still somewhat unsatisfied, Liu Ran couldn’t help smiling bitterly . Anyway, the matter was three hundred years ago, he should have forgotten her by now!

“Liu Ran, who is she?” Just as Liu Ran and Qi Huan walked to a corner, a somewhat harsh man’s voice sounded not far from the front . Upon hearing the voice, Qi Huan felt her heart tighten, and her lingqi in her entire body seemed to be turning in a reversed direction . Fortunately, her Taiji pattern in her dantian remained unmoved . Although her lingqi was a little unstable, it did not cause too many problems, but Qi Huan still felt a little scared of the person in front .

His voice alone had already frightened her and disrupted her lingqi, killing her would be a piece of cake . Qi Huan didn’t forget that this place was still the Monster Sect’s territory, and not all monster cultivators see eye to eye with the noble cultivators . Only very few of them were like Liu Ran who could still fall in love with a noble cultivator .

“A guest invited by the Head . ” Upon hearing the voice, Liu Ran’s right arm trembled slightly, and her face was a little ugly .

“Oh, really, so she’s our guest, then I must welcome the guest well on behalf of the Head . ” After a while, the sound of footsteps came from afar .

Qi Huan opened her eyes and looked at the dark corridor . After the man walked over, she realized that it turned out to be a wolf . No, it would be more appropriate to call him a werewolf according to his appearance .

In the past, Qi Huan watched many movies about vampires and werewolves . Those werewolves in movies were only hairy, they didn’t look like the one in front of her now . The one in front of her now… was like the…postmodern version of a werewolf!

According to Qi Huan’s opinion, even if a monster cultivator fails to cultivate into a human form, the very least you can do for yourself is to cultivate the human face first . Just look at how snake beauty is like in novels . She has a beautiful face, she can take advantage of a scholar or something . But this… this man in front of her now, he has a normal human body, but a wolf’s head, and a tail behind his butt . Qi Huan really wanted to ask him, can you be any more scary!

“This is our law enforcement elder, Lang Xi . ” Liu Ran held Qi Huan’s little hand tightly . Although her voice was calm as usual, the sweat in her palm told Qi Huan that she was also scared .

“How should I address this beautiful lady?”

“Her name is Qi Huan . She came with a few elders from Mount Shu . ” Before Qi Huan could speak, Liu Ran had already started to introduce her . Qi Huan felt a little strange . Why didn’t Liu Ran tell Lang Xi that she was a member of the Qing Yun Sect? Could it be that the Monster Sect still had serious hatred against the Qing Yun Sect?!

“Really~” Lang Xi gave Liu Ran a meaningful look with a strange expression . Qi Huan felt that this person had a bit of ill intentions, but she wasn’t sure, after all, this man had a wolf head, and she had not studied about beasts and their expressions in particular before, so she couldn’t make out what Lang Xi’s expression meant exactly .

“Ms . Qi Huan, are you interested in following me? I can show you around . ” Although it was a question, his tone was very certain and his eyes were fierce, as if he would eat her if she said no .

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Qi Huan glanced at Liu Ran, noticing that she had nothing to say, so she nodded . Anyway, she was at other people’s place now, so it was safer for her to just follow what they asked her to do .

“You go . I won’t go . Master still needs my help . ” Liu Ran released Qi Huan’s hand, lowered her head and spoke softly .

“Come along with us . I will ask others to help Elder Dong Ye . ” Lang Xi turned around and left after speaking . Liu Ran looked at him from behind, she wanted to say something but stopped herself in the end .

“Uh… he is…”

“Elder Lang Xi… is very hostile to the people of the Qing Yun Sect . Last time, a disciple of your sect came to Nine Floors Monster Mountain and fought with Elder Lang Xi for three days and three nights . In the end, the elders in the sacrificial hall took action to stop them . ” Liu Ran bit her lower lip, with hesitation in her eyes . According to Lang Xi’s character, he wouldn’t be interested in a stranger for no reason . He must have known something . He must have known that Qi Huan was trying to do something .

If it was someone else, Liu Ran probably wouldn’t care at all, but Qi Huan was a member of the Qing Yun Sect, and she was still very grateful for them . That time, if it wasn’t for the Supreme Elder from Qing Yun Sect that came to the Nine Floors Monster Mountain alone to look for the elder in the sacrificial hall . According to the precepts of the Monster Sect, perhaps she might not just lose one eye!

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“It seems that he’s very skillful, he actually fought for three days and three nights in his own territory . ” Qi Huan pouted . If someone came to Qing Yun Mountain to PK with her, that person might be exhausted as soon as he entered the gate . They didn’t need to use too much human resources at all . There were so many people in the Monster Sect, they could get rid of their enemies with just a push, they wouldn’t need so long to fight . She really didn’t understand .

“I think that Qing Yun Sect disciple should have reached the early stage of huashen . Oh yeah, he is called Hua Xian Zi, do you know him?”

“Puff! Senior Brother Xian Zi?!” Qi Huan didn’t expect that Senior Brother Xian Zi would have done such a brave thing . He was so courageous to actually go to the Nine Floors Monster Mountain on his own, and he is still well now, that’s so incredible!

“What’s the matter?” Seeing Qi Huan’s weird expression, Liu Ran asked confusedly .

“No, I just want to know how Hua Xian Zi came here and actually left this place alive? Didn’t the Monster Sect hate trespassers?”

“I don’t know the specific reason . There is a rumor that he has a Monster Sect token on him, and um… that he is the illegitimate son of the elder…” Liu Ran looked around, and mysteriously whispered in Qi Huan’s ears .

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“You monsters also like to gossip huh…” The mysterious impression Qi Huan had on the Monster Sect instantly collapsed . Turns out that gossip is everywhere, perhaps paparazzi is the most popular industry this year .

Qi Huan and Liu Ran walked and chatted . Because Qi Huan’s character was very friendly, and Liu Ran’s attitude was very good, so the two chatted very happily .

After walking for about ten minutes, Liu Ran finally stopped . They stood in front of a closed black iron gate . Qi Huan stared at the rust on the gate, she couldn’t help shivering .

“This is where Elder Lang Xi lives?”

“No, this is the Torture Chamber . Elder Lang Xi has been cultivating here . ” Liu Ran’s voice sounded a bit dry . She had been here once . One of her eyes was dug out by Lang Xi abruptly here, so she couldn’t help feeling scared coming here .

And she wasn’t sure it was because that the person she liked was from Qing Yun Sect, so Elder Lang Xi’s attitude, which was kind to her at first, has become strange since that incident three hundred years ago .

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