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Chapter 103

Of course Qi Huan didn’t elope with Mo Ye in the end, but she finally found a chance to leave the Thunder God Temple .

In her opinion, she wouldn’t have much progress even if she continued to stay in the Thunder God Temple . She had reached her limit after practicing for 300 years to control her thunder power . To absorb the top ten levels of the Thunder God Tower, it not only depended on how good her control was over her thunder power but also depended on luck . Time was essential but to a deity, time was probably the most useless thing .

Although Qi Huan felt her luck was pretty good, she was not going to spend tens of thousands of years to cultivate and absorb the power from the top ten levels . It was too wasteful . Besides, Mo Ye was by her side, so she didn’t have the mood to practice anyway .

Fortunately, she had always been cultivating in her own way, which was much simpler . If she really cultivated like her shifu Xu Kong Zi, perhaps she wouldn’t be able to cultivate her core at all until now .

Qi Huan was planning to leave the Thunder God Temple, but before she could talk to Thunder God about this matter, he sought her first .

Standing outside the Thunder God Tower, Qi Huan pinched the little fox that she had made using different colors of thunder . Although it was only the size of a palm, it looked exactly like the little fox that was snatched away by Tian Wu . She had been waiting for the news about her little fox all this while in the Thunder God Temple . Qi Huan’s heart was getting more and more worried, she really didn’t want to receive news that her little fox was eaten by that man .

Seeing the little fox who only knew how to blink in Qi Huan’s arms, Thunder God grinned in relief, and then walked towards her, “Little Huanzi, don’t you want to find your shifu? It just so happens that the nine great immortals of the immortal world are preparing to hold a party . I believe that your shifu and the elders from your sect should also be there . ”

“Huh? Really?” Qi Huan answered in surprise . Although being separated from her shifu for more than a thousand years was not really a long time in the immortal world, it did seem a bit long for Qi Huan . Although she had become an immortal, she did not have the consciousness of an immortal yet .

“Yes . Actually, this matter has something to do with you . ” Seeing Qi Huan looking so excited, Thunder God smiled and nodded .

“Me?” She was a newcomer, and she was thrown to the Heavenly Devil Realm as soon as she entered the Immortal Realm . Except for Ruler Ming Huo, she basically didn’t know any big shot . In addition, she had been in the Thunder God Temple for three hundred years . Other than the guest who was thrown out of the Thunder God Temple by Lei Gong, no one else seemed to know her .

“Yeah, the thing you did to the Respected Du Wang’s apprentice last time was pretty big news!” Thunder God glanced at Qi Huan with a smile . This little fella thought that he didn’t know what she had done . Anything that happened in the Thunder God Temple, the Thunder God himself would know .

The Respected Du Wang’s apprentice delusionally wanted to form a Daoist companion with Qi Huan, and even acted on her for a time . Although he was finally thrown out by Lei Gong in the end, Lei Gong did not do too much because of the Respected Du Wang’s sake . But Qi Huan actually went to look for revenge herself . She tore off his apprentice’s clothes when he was still unconscious and hung him naked on the gate of Jinglei City for two days . He was only rescued by Du Wang two days later after he received the news .

Although he suffered a loss, he couldn’t expose the person who stripped him naked . Qi Huan was used to doing things like this for a long time, so she even more wouldn’t tell the truth . And so Du Wang went back sulking in the end . After all, the incident happened in the Thunder God Temple’s territory . The two immortals (Lei Gong and Thunder God) in the Thunder God Temple were not just for show, he didn’t want to rush into the temple to die .

If they fought outside, then it didn’t matter, but inside the Thunder God Temple’s territory was a different story .

It’s no secret that the Nine Respected Immortal had their own sects . All of them didn’t like each other . Moreover, many people were dissatisfied that Thunder God was known as the First Respected Immortal . Based on that incident, Du Wang wanted to convene a conference to re-determine the ranking of the Nine Respected Immortal .

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To be honest, this matter was actually very pointless, but besides practicing cultivation, there was nothing fun to do in the immortal world, so fighting could be regarded as an excellent way to vent from boredom . Thunder God was already belligerent, and he didn’t think he would lose, so he simply agreed to hold this conference .

Thunder God, as the First Respected Immortal had already agreed to the conference, so the other Respected Immortals would definitely not disagree, so basically all the big guys in the deity world were gearing up now . The top nine Respected Immortals wanted to defend their positions or fight for first place, while the rest of the Respected Immortals who didn’t have any rankings wanted to fight to have a rank .

It would be even more exciting if anyone could pull Thunder God down . Of course, even so, the status of the Thunder God Temple was unshakable . After all, Thunder God was in charge of the tribulation counting in the mortal world . Although everything had to be executed according to the orders, it was Thunder God himself who executed the thunder order, otherwise why would every generation of the Thunder God Temple be called the Thunder God .

This title as the Thunder God was not something anyone could claim .

After knowing that her little secret had been discovered by Thunder God, Qi Huan wasn’t embarrassed at all, everyone was used to it anyway . Thunder God also didn’t seem to be lecturing her, so she was just going to pretend that the incident didn’t happen at all .

When she went back to her room, she simply packed her things . Actually, there was nothing to bring because all her clothes were in her storage ring . She had stayed here for more than 300 years, and had developed “feelings” for the things in the house although they were not hers . Mo Ye had been standing at the side with a mocking expression, but Qi Huan consciously ignored him .

When she, Thunder God and Lei Gong left the Thunder God Temple, the maid who came to clean up her room looked horrified because there was nothing left in the room, not even a washbasin…

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What made Qi Huan feel strange along the way was that Mo Ye was obviously sitting next to her, but neither Lei Gong nor Thunder God had noticed his existence, as if he was air .

Although Lei Gong had always described ghost immortal as horrible, powerful creatures, Qi Huan had always believed that he was just exaggerating, but at this moment, seeing how even the First Respected Immortal didn’t notice Mo Ye’s existence, she was truly shocked . If Mo Ye wanted to deal with Thunder God, with his current strength, Thunder God would surely be severely injured if not dead .

“Hey, don’t you think your behavior is a bit too much?” Qi Huan covered her mouth and gritted her teeth to Mo Ye who was in his “ghost mode” behind her . While speaking, she pushed her right arm backwards . This perverted man actually dared to touch her in broad daylight, and even had his hand in her shirt!

Qi Huan used to think about taking a knife to chop him off, but a few days ago, when Mo Ye asked about what she had done in the mortal world, she got too excited and actually told him about Dong Yuan’s proposal to marry her . That night, Mo Ye actually left his body outside the door, and only left his head in bed with Qi Huan, accompanying her . Although she had become braver after ascending to a deity, she had never been so frightened before!

In the mortal world, Qi Huan did not like anyone, but she was not ignorant of feelings . Once when she retreated to cultivate, Dong Yuan’s cultivation level also reached the Huashen stage . Perhaps it was to ease the conflict between Qing Yun Sect and Mount Shu Sect, so Yuan Hui, Dong Yuan’s shifu, personally brought Dong Yuan over to propose to Qi Huan . It’s a pity that Qi Huan had no intention of marrying him, so she refused the marriage . Moreover, Mo Ye was in her heart at that time, she couldn’t hold anyone else .

According to Ling Yun Zi, Dong Yuan actually stood outside the Qing Yun Sect Mountain Gate for three months, but in the end Qi Huan did not see him . When Qi Huan left to ascend, she heard that Dong Yuan had married Xiao Xiao . The two were considered childhood sweethearts anyway . Therefore, Qi Huan sent someone to give a gift to them and she never saw Dong Yuan again .

She admitted that she liked Dong Yuan, but that was solely because of his appearance . He really looked like the person she used to like . What’s more, some mistakes could never be made up . Last time when she was caught by Dan Jie (ex head of Mount Shu Sect), after thorough investigation, she found out that it was because of Dong Yuan and Xiao Xiao . If it hadn’t been for that time, Senior Uncle Xu Ling Zi would not be almost wiped out . Therefore, even if she really had love for Dong Yuan, she would just bury it in her heart .

Who knew that Mo Ye would be so jealous . However, after much persuasion and promises, Mo Ye finally only decided to leave his head for Qi Huan when she was sleeping, scaring her .  

Lei Gong and Thunder God were both sitting on their cloud not far from Qi Huan, and yet Mo Ye actually dared to be so presumptuous . Although no one could see him, she could still see him, OK?

“Am I? Don’t you think my hand is cold?” Mo Ye completely ignored Qi Huan’s embarrassment, and insisted on rubbing her pale neck as he asked gently .

“You’re very cold, but that doesn’t mean you can put your hand in my shirt . I’ll be cold too . ” The indescribable chill made Qi Huan shiver . In fact, it was mainly because Mo Ye had just cultivated into a ghost immortal, and couldn’t control the powerful resentment in his body, so that was why his body was cold .

“It’s your duty to warm me . You promised that night . ” Mo Ye smiled like a sly fox . If he had known that a head was enough to scare Qi Huan so badly that she would promise anything for him, he wouldn’t have bothered to think hard for various methods for her to listen to him .

“You joke, you can’t be warmed at all . ” Qi Huan suddenly realized this, how could she pity this man that night, and believed his words . That night, Mo Ye really sounded sincere when he told her that he was afraid that the coldness from his body would be too much for her so he didn’t dare to touch her, and so he only left his head for her .

As a result, Qi Huan was so puzzled that she immediately promised that she would keep him warm… Oh my God, is there any woman more stupid than her in this world! She actually thought of warming up a ghost with her body temperature, just so he could have his body and head together with her in bed! It was simply an excuse for Mo Ye to touch her!

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