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Chapter 377: Rapid Progress

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Fanny had no choice but to admit that her former student, Han Shuo, had already exceeded her knowledge in the essence of necromancy.

Looking at Han Shuo’s waxing eloquence, Fanny’s train of thought floated to the past, thinking of when Han Shuo was still a magic apprentice. The willful, diligent quest for knowledge while cultivating, enduring a life of silence and solitude. At this moment, Fanny seemed to have comprehended a little of something.

This male standing in front of her had lost any traces of his former self. Previously, he’d been a cowardly youngster with a delicate body, not even a hundred seventy centimeters tall. He had been a youngster that silently disposed of trash all day long, and was completely powerless in the face of others bullying him. Was he truly this outstanding, formidable male that was currently in front of her?

Fanny’s mind was somewhat temporarily distracted as she dazedly looked at Han Shuo, spellbound. She’d already forgotten the magic explanation that Han Shuo had just given to her. Only after a long time when Han Shuo suddenly emitted a loud noise did Fanny finally awaken. Her bright, clear eyes looked towards Han Shuo with an apologetic smile. She explained, “I don’t know why, but I’ve noticed that the current you seems to have no features that overlap with the previous you. Seemingly, within just a split second, you changed into a completely different person. Even now, you are constantly changing. It makes me feel as if I’m in a dream.”

Within a few short years, Han Shuo had already matured to a point where others could only hope to reach. Now, even his teacher Fanny needed to admire him. Although Lancelot Empire had no lack of geniuses, Han Shuo’s talent and development speed was unique to him alone.

Han Shuo flashed a dashing smile and said, “I have changed far too much from my past self, so this kind of feeling you have is extremely normal. Hehe, everyone can change. This is how humans evolve. Only when someone experiences something that no one else can imagine does he grow and mature quickly.”

Only Han Shuo knew in his heart that he was from a completely different world from Bryan. They had always been completely different individuals with completely different temperaments and experiences. Thus, for Fanny to notice these inconsistencies was a completely normal phenomenon. As a result, Han Shuo found an excuse to remove the suspicions within Fanny’s heart.

“Bryan, I’ve always been within the Academy for the few years you’ve been gone, but you’ve rarely come to train. I’ve constantly wanted to know what you’ve been doing all these years. Why is that every time you return here, you always startle people? According to what you’ve said, you must’ve experienced something I am completely unable to imagine, else your transformation wouldn’t be so quick. Can you tell me?” Fanny looked at Han Shuo in a daze as she inquired what happened in those days.

After Fanny’s sudden question, Han Shuo thought for a moment before saying, “The experiences I had are too numerous, and it’s too inappropriate for me to narrate them one after the other. However, it’s precisely as you guessed. My experiences have indeed been extremely rich these few years. Hehe. Simply put, at every moment, I was always in the midst of passing through a life-threatening situation. It is precisely because of these situations that my potential was stimulated, and thus, my improvements unceasing.

“Bryan. Your life has truly been tough on you these past couple of years. I never asked but that didn’t mean I wasn’t concerned about you. It’s just I had no idea how I should help you….” Fanny looked up at Han Shuo while gently and softly chatting. Her hands touched Han Shuo’s face, lightly caressing his unswerving, determined expression, seemingly trying to smoothen away those few years of hardships.

Han Shuo closed his eyes, feeling at ease as he allowed Fanny to caress his face. Unexpectedly, there were no traces of sexual desire within his heart. Instead, every experience he had since he’d been born into the world slowly and vividly replayed in his mind. Han Shuo even started to think of his parents from the other world.

Han Shuo did not violate Fanny that night. This was mainly because when she encountered some problems in her magic knowledge, Han Shuo helped her by meticulously explaining it in fine detail. From being engrossed with Han Shuo’s explanations, Fanny gradually drifted to sleep. A sweet smile hung on the corner of her mouth as she emitted a soft laugh. She gradually fell asleep in Han Shuo’s chest.

Seeing Fanny falling asleep, Han Shuo maintained a constant, unmoving posture, allowing Fanny to sleep in comfort. He took out a necromancy tome from his space ring and began to diligently delve into it once more.

When Han Shuo advanced to his current magical cultivation realm, the need for sleep gradually disappeared from his life. Even if his body and mind were completely exhausted, he only needed a brief moment to circulate his magical yuan to completely recover. He never needed to sleep again to recover his body and mind. Precisely because of this, Han Shuo had even more time and energy to improve himself. In addition, Han Shuo’s brain had developed substantially. Thus, the throbbing and wondrous characters within the cryptic magic tome were slowly unraveled under his meditation and studying.

Books were the most valuable of legacies left behind by his predecessor. This author was also a person with extraordinary ability and wisdom, particularly in the discipline of magic. It wasn’t an easy matter for successors to want to use this book to find a proper cultivation path.

The existence of the Babylon Academy of Martial Arts would be meaningless if anyone could improve just through books. However, it wasn’t easy to find a teacher that could give proper guidance to someone at Han Shuo’s realm. Only a book filled with experiences left behind by a predecessor could provide such guidance. Only such a method could allow someone to breakthrough their constraints in the fastest way.

However, magical tomes were cryptic and difficult to understand.. The more advanced the tome, the more complex it was. Taking this necromancy book in Han Shuo’s hand, for example. If an untalent individual were to take a look at the symbols and incantations within, they would immediately become bewildered, let alone grasp the true meaning within each symbol.

After Han Shuo’s brain region had been excavated due to a breakthrough in his magical cultivation, his perception, memory, and comprehension became even more superior compared to ordinary people. When he delved into books in meditation, his comprehension speed was many times faster than his peers. It was precisely because Han Shuo could replace his sleep with cultivation, and the fact that his brain was too powerful, that he could grasp the old fey corpse summoning technique so quickly.

Han Shuo didn’t wait for Fanny to wake up in the morning before soundlessly leaving the laboratory. He headed straight for the Magic Association.

Han Shuo met the same young lady as before after entering the Magic Association. The young lady immediately became excited after seeing Han Shuo enter. She blurted, “You’re Count Bryan right? I recognize you from before. How come you’ve returned to Ossen City? Hehe. I’ve heard that you’ve wiped out a lot of bandits while you were at Brettel City. You’re so amazing!”

Previously, when Han Shuo advanced to an archmage necromancer, it was also this young lady who’d received him. She seemed to have a very deep impression of Han Shuo. She immediately started blurting with excitement the moment she saw Han Shuo entering.

The young lady’s sudden acclamation attracted a lot of attention. There were powerful swordsmen as well as mages dressed in a variety of different colored mage gowns within the lounge. Some of them were the Magic Association’s people while some were probably here to verify their rank.

Now, after hearing this young ladies excited shout, they all suddenly moved their eyes onto Han Shuo’s body. Their eyes brimmed with surprise.

Han Shuo swept a glance at these people. Then, he spoke demurely to the young lady, smiling faintly. He opened his mouth to say, “I’ve come to the Magic Association to confirm my rank. Oh, that’s right. Is Mister Ares currently here?”

“Please wait a moment. Mister Ares is currently helping Carlos verify his rank, but he will be available shortly.” The young lady smiled and answered. Then, realizing something, she suddenly asked, startled,, “Are you here to verify your magic rank as a grand magus necromancer?”

Han Shuo had already previously advanced to the archmage rank. Now, in less than two years time, Han Shuo came again to verify his new rank as a grand magus necromancer. The young lady was clearly shocked.

Not only this young lady, but even the surrounding mages were all shocked, looking at Han Shuo. They seemed to be looking at a true monster, their eyeballs nearly falling out in shock.

Although an archmage and grand magus was only a one character difference apart in Mandarin, they were actually worlds apart. Any mage capable of becoming an archmage will always be acknowledged for their wisdom and ability in the hearts of all mages. They would absolutely be incapable of advancing to an archmage without such traits.

However, even if such an individual wanted to advance from an archmage to an grand magus in two years, it was normally impossible.

Different people had different aptitudes towards magic and naturally comprehended at different speeds. However, the process of advancing to a grand magus from an archmage normally required ten years minimum. Yet, Han Shuo had done it in only two short years. This kind of extreme speed was simply terrifying. As a result, the look that the other mages within the room gave to Han Shuo was understandable.

If the sum of Han Shuo’s magic career was totalled up, then the time he used would only amount to roughly four years. The speed at which he’d changed from an individual with no knowledge of magic, to suddenly becoming a grand magus who could shake any nation seemed impossible.

Right as the young lady blurted such words, Ares Hosein, the Magic Association’s supervisor, entered the room from above. Accompanying him was a person with elegant, long hair. He was a youth, appearing under thirty years old. He was clothed in a grey, white magic robe as he soundlessly walked with a carefree smile on his face.

After a simple glance at the symbol on his magic robe, Han Shuo immediately realized that he was probably the Carlos who wanted to verify his rank with Ares. He obviously just became a wind grand magus as he came down in an incomparably joyful mood. Currently, he was walking with Ares, smiling and merrily chatting with him.

Ares mindlessly shot a glance downstairs and saw Han Shuo standing there like an immovable pole,a crane among chickens. Ares immediately exclaimed, “Hey! Young lad, you must be Bryan. I remember you. Hehe, why have you come to the Magic Association?”

Smiling, Han Shuo nodded his head and calmly said, “Mister Ares, I want to reconfirm my magic rank. Hehe. I think I should have the qualifications to wear a grand magus medallion.”

Ares became incomparably astonished and carefully sized up Han Shuo with a few looks just like the others. Then, he rubbed his chin, doubtfully saying, “If I recall correctly, the last time you came here to verify your rank should be only two years ago. Don’t tell me you’re already ready to verify your new rank as a grand magus necromancer?”

Han Shuo reaffirmed with a nod of his head, saying, “Correct!”

“Inconceivable, truly inconceivable. Today is truly a bright day for my Association. Hehe. The Lancelot Empire is not lacking in talented individuals indeed. Carlos is not even thirty years old but he already advanced to become a wind grand magus. Who would’ve thought, another would come right afterwards, although I don’t know if you can actually bring about this miracle. I believe you’re definitely not even thirty years old, right?” Ares kept shaking his head in praise and surprise as he looked at Han Shuo, sighing emotionally.

When Han Shuo entered Bryan’s body, Bryan had only been sixteen years old. Since then, only four years had passed. Han Shuo’s true age should only be twenty years old in this world. However, due to the excess of life and death situations Han Shuo experienced, plus Han Shuo’s former age of 29 before entering Bryan’s body, he appeared somewhat more mature on the exterior.

“That’s not important. Hehe. The important point is whether or not I can be verified as a grand magus necromancer or not.“ Han Shuo didn’t care about this sort of fame and laughingly responded to Ares.

“Oh, you’re that Brettel City’s Lord, Bryan. Hehe. I’ve been truly wanting to meet you and it’s my pleasure to be able to see you here today. I’m Carlos.” At this time, Carlos, the wind grand magus who walked down with Ares, suddenly laughed and greeted Han Shuo.

Han Shuo replied courteously with a smile and said, “Correct, I’m Bryan. My pleasure to make your acquaintance, Carlos.”

With regards to this Carlos, Han Shuo seemed to recall someone discussing him when Han Shuo last set foot in the Dark Mantle Headquarters. Han Shuo hadn’t paid attention last time however. Since this person could become a wind grand magus before turning thirty years old, Han Shuo dared to postulate that this person was extremely well known in the Lancelot Empire. He made a mental note to himself to find some time to look up this person when he returned to the Dark Mantle headquarters. There would definitely some information about this guy.

“Young master, we must go!” Within the lounge, an elderly person who seemed like a butler said to Carlos.

“No rush. Hehe. I want to wait until Bryan verifies his rank before leaving.” Carlos replied to the butler with a smile. Then, he smiled towards Han Shuo saying, “If you don’t mind, can I observe?”

Han Shuo noticed that besides the Magic Association’s people within the lounge, everyone else appeared to be Carlos’ servant. He wondered how powerful this person’s identity must be. Therefore, he wrinkled his brows before saying with a carefree smile, “Hehe, No problem!”

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