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Chapter 375: The Sculpture

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Lancelot Empire’s Ossen City. Boozt Merchant Guild Headquarters.

Phoebe and Lawrence sat upright sipping tea within an elegant secondary courtyard. Lawrence wore a clouded expression. Although his identity as a prince was already recognized by the king, he was still living miserably.

In contrast, Phoebe, who sat opposite from him, had a charming appearance that was becoming increasingly natural and elegant. But because she also held that divine weapon, “Starry Sky”, she even had a somewhat icily arrogant charm. As Phoebe fondled with the “Starry Sky” within her hands, unwilling to part with it, her thought began uncontrollably floating towards the distant Brettel City.

“Junior sister, your current Boozt Merchant Guild is becoming more and more influential thanks to your work. Bryan is also like a fish in water in Brettel City. However, my days just aren’t so well. I will probably be immediately killed by Charles right after royal father passes away. Did you truly help me deliver my letter to Bryan or not?” Lawrence looked at the Phoebe in front of him and asked somewhat helplessly.

“Senior Brother, it’s not like Brettel City doesn’t have any of your people. You should be even clearer than me whether Bryan is within Brettel City or not. But what you’re saying is also true. It’s already been so many months. Just why isn’t there even the slightest trace of him. Could it be that he’s gone to do another evil deed again?” Phoebe’s long eyelashes fluttered as her pupils sparkled with doubt.

Lawrence had dispatched some people to Brettel City before, Faulke being one of them. Afterwards, Lawrence had also arranged some talented politicians to enter Brettel City one after the other. Although these people were currently holding suitable positions within Brettel City, they would continue to relay information to Lawrence just like before. From the information they had sent, it seemed that Han Shuo was really not within Brettel City.

Lawrence sighed before suddenly saying to Phoebe, “I also have the Dark Mantle agents helping me inquire for any information of him. But, even until now, there has not been even the slightest hint of him at all. What do you think? Could something have happened to him?”

Phoebe laughed proudly while promptly taking out the divine weapon “Starry Sky”, which emitted a bright and sparkling starlight. She shot a disdainful glance at Lawrence and said, “He could even kill Celt, the number one Redbud Knight commander out of the Continent’s ten great knight troops. Furthermore, Celt was also a very powerful dragon rider. Just what kind of mishaps do you think he will face?”

Phoebe thought for a moment before replying, “Master has always been solely responsible for teaching us various kinds of knowledge. I feel like he wants you to become king relying on your own strength. You should also know, our master has always made us work hard for our own goals. He has never once relied on his identity to help us before.”

“Don’t worry, I have an even higher comprehension towards Master’s martial skills than you. You had better put more effort into thinking how you can get some additional advantages from your royal father instead.” Phoebe said indifferently before continuing to wipe the divine weapon within her hand. When she thought of the fact that this damned guy had still yet to see her after so long, she realized that, in the end, this long-distance relationship was definitely not going to work!

As Phoebe reminisced and mentally nagged Han Shuo, he had already arrived at Ossen City. Only after arriving at Ossen City did Han Shuo notice that three months had already passed while he was unconscious and resisting spider goddess Rose’s power within the Cemetery of Death. During these three months, the seven grand duchies continued to unceasingly go on campaigns against each other while Brettel City and the Helon Duchy had already conducted numerous secret business deals in secret.

Han Shuo did not make another move towards Narsen Duchy’s Benedict Sackville at all. On one hand, the opportunity was hard to seek while on the other, there were still other more important matters waiting to be done. After returning to Brettel City from Narsen Duchy, Han Shuo took the necessary materials to refine an elite metal zombie from Jack, entered Mount Silk, and planted the future elite metal zombie within. Then, after handing over some tasks to Jack and the others, Han Shuo left Brettel City, passed through Seamist City’s transporting array, and arrived at Ossen City.


Because Faulke and the other former subordinates of Lawrence had already told Han Shuo that he wanted to urgently see him, Han Shuo immediately left for Ossen City. Knowing Han Shuo’s destination, Faulke and the rest didn’t report to Lawrence about Han Shuo’s appearance because they knew that Han Shuo would arrive there first.

After entering Ossen City, Han Shuo hurried towards Fanny’s laboratory place first because the teleportation array was near Babylon Academy. Han Shuo had not seen Fanny for ages and was truly longing for the bright and beautifully moving teacher at the moment.

“Hehe, you already had the qualifications to stand here when you advanced from a magical apprentice to an archmage in three years. Even more so, after you graduated from this Academy, your every action maintained this stunning incredulity. The necromancy major is this Academy’s weakest major, but such a character like you could still emerge from it! It’s only natural for your sculpture to be erected.” Emma smiled kindly as she walked in front of Han Shuo’s sculpture and lightly pressed her thumb on the annotation below the sculpture. She had just added another character, transforming the symbols of archmage into grand magus. Emma seemed to have already ascertained that Han Shuo was a grand magus necromancer.


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