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Chapter 355: Ambush

The seven grand duchies had gathered at a secret meeting place in Sakamimir Valley. Although the seven grand dukes had created an alliance to fight against Brettel City, they did not trust each other enough to try holding this meeting in one of their duchies.

Thus, in the end the seven grand dukes decided to gather their armies at a neutral location, Sakamimir Valley. The majority of the soldiers were temporarily camping in the plains outside the valley, while the seven grand dukes and their most elite experts convened at the center of the valley.

Warm, comfortable sunlight bathed the flowers and plants that grew on the valley’s slopes. At the center of the Sakamimir Valley, a simple tent had been erected on some flat ground next to a stream. Inside stood seven grand dukes, secretly negotiating something as their subordinates stood by their sides.

If a mishap actually occurred here, the seven grand duchies would suffer a fatal blow. Thus, not only were there numerous knights guarding the tent, but the tent was layered with magical barriers protecting the seven grand dukes within.

The points of contention within the tent was who the leader of the allied army would be, what checks and balances should be put in place, and how they would split the spoils of war. The years of warfare between them before this had created several grudges on the battlefield. This sudden new threat forced them to leave their differences unresolved, so there were bound to be some conflicts arising.

Helen Tina of the Helon Duchy had been feeling extremely agitated lately, and it showed; she was not as beautiful as before. She was clearly very haggard. The news of her being violated had spread like wildfire among the seven grand dukes. Thus, Helen Tina had become a target of ridicule overnight. Furthermore, anyone who saw her would have a strange look in their eyes. Those gazes made Helen Tina itch.

Furthermore, Benedict Sackville of Narsen Duchy, who had originally been a reliable ally, had become distant ever since the news had gone on to become public knowledge. Even now, after meeting Benedict Sackville here in person, he was clearly not as attentive as before, only giving her a polite greeting.

Helen Tina understood the root of the problem. However, because Han Shuo had truly captured her and imprisoned her within Brettel City for a couple of days, even if she had a hundred mouths, she wouldn’t be able to explain her innocence. During this time, the arrogant Helen Tina had also suffered a lot from those strange looks from others. Even some of Helen Empire’s citizens believed that the tainted Helen Tina was not suited to become a grand duke.

If it wasn’t for her merciless and bloody methods in suppressing the rebellion, killing nine rebelling nobles in succession, perhaps she would have lost her status within Helen Duchy. Now, in the middle of the meeting between the seven duchies, Helen Tina was once again treated with neglect.

At this time, Benedict Sackville was embroiled in an argument with Bavenden Duchy’s Alec Ambridge. The crux of the problem lay in the distribution of the spoils of war. Specifically, Alec Ambridge fancied the six magic crystal cannons within Brettel City that was worth six hundred thousand gold coins. Thus, he relentlessly fought for the right to take all six of them.

Benedict Sackville had originally purchased these six magic crystal cannons for Helen Tina from the distant Brut Merchant Alliance through his secret channel. Thus, Benedict Sackville believed that these six magic crystal cannons were naturally his and put his foot down, not compromising in the slightest.

Suddenly, Helen Tina, the one who’d handed over six hundred thousand gold coins for the cannons in the first place, was completely forgotten. In the past, Benedict Sackville would have relentlessly pursued Helen at any expense. But now, he’d reversed his position and was actively trying to recoup his losses.

After taking a cold glance at the argument heating up between the six other grand dukes, Helen Tina’s heart became increasingly agitated. Unconsciously, her thoughts began to wander back to that which she had become intimately familiar with over the past year or so, Han Shuo’s utter ruthlessness. Comparing the six guys in front of her to the memory of that ruthless tormentor, she faintly felt like these six guys droning on in front of her were far from true men.

Instead, the image of Brettel City Lord’s ruthless and demon-like eyes kept popping up in her mind again and again. She had this gut feeling that the six grand dukes in front of her had no way of defeating the ruthless lord of Brettel City.

Brettel City’s population didn’t even reach a hundred thousand people. Without even mentioning the other six grand dukes, even the Helen Duchy alone had a military strength capable of defeating their target. Now that the alliance of six grand dukedoms intended to advance towards Brettel City, she was truly having a ridiculous thought. Even Helen Tina herself felt as though she was being absurd believing that the allied troops would be defeated.

“Duchess Helen, what do you want from Brettel City?” Grand Duke Randy Allard of Bonton Duchy politely walked over to the almost statue-like Helen Tina.

Waking up from her contemplation, Helen Tina silently thought for a moment before her red lips moved, saying softly, “I only want the life of Brettel City’s lord. Although, victory may not come as easy as we think here. I have nothing to support this claim but instinct, but I feel it to be true.”

“Haha. Grand Duchess Helen, you must be really tired. We will surely win with the army of seven grand dukedoms allied together. Even the Lancelot Empire that soars with fame and prestige was easily defeated by us that day. But now you’re saying just one shabby little Brettel City will be able to obstruct our advance? That’s just way too ridiculous! Hah, after you were captured by that city lord, it seems your courage was also broken. Am I wrong, Grand Duchess Helen?” Alec Ambridge overheard the conversation and abruptly broke in. His sneer had no intention of concealing his contempt, outright breaking out in laughter at Helen Tina.

Originally, at such moments Benedict Sackville, who had just been arguing hot headedly with Alec Ambridge, would’ve spoken out for Helen Tina. However, he was unexpectedly silent, even slowly nodding his head. It was apparently the first time he’d agreed with someone who was just his enemy a moment ago.

Helen Tina only felt a cold feeling in her heart, looking at the man who had repeated over and over again that he would take care of her until he died. She had the sudden urge to laugh.

“I am a little tired. You guys can keep discussing.” Helen Tina stood up wearily and spoke to the six other grand dukes before walking out alone.

None of the six grand dukes urged Helen Tina to stay. Instead, Alec Ambridge waited until after she left before snorting, “It looks like she’s been conquered by the new city lord’s skills in bed. She can’t even grasp the current situation. Hehe. I really don’t understand how someone could’ve been so foolish in the past to relentlessly chase her.”

“Who are you talking about, huh?!” Benedict Sackville roared as his temper boiled over. Madly chasing after Helen Tina was now his greatest disgrace. He wouldn’t let anyone who offended him in this respect off the hook.

“Hehe, nothing, nothing!” Alec Ambridge had unexpectedly found that prodding at Benedict Sackville was something rather pleasant. Seeing him burst into anger was especially gratifying especially since he had not been able to win during the fight for the magic crystal cannons.

In the plains outside the valley, within one of the Helon Duchy’s stationed tents, Helen Tina’s calm face disappeared. Her heart slowly sank to a new low.

“Helen? What’s wrong, why are you unhappy again?” Within the tent, a high ranked super beast named Firewind transformed from a phoenix into a beautiful female dressed in red before pouring a cup of tea and handing it to Helen Tina with both hands.

“Sister Firewind. Could it be that being a virgin is that important? Why is that after I came back from Brettel City, it seems like everyone dislikes me?” Helen Tina sighed to Firewind.

“Helen, why would you say such a thing? That Bryan did not actually do anything to you, he only blackmailed you to get a million gold coins. That’s all.” Firewind looked at Helen Tina with astonishment and asked, confused.

After putting down the tea cup Firewind gave her, Helen Tina sighed again and spoke with annoyance, “But, everyone believes that the affair actually happened, and I basically have no way of explaining it whatsoever.

“Just ignore them. They’re just a bunch of nobodies. As long as you know you did not do anything in your heart, everything will be fine. What’s the point of bickering so much?” Firewind continued persuading Helen Tina and said, “If it wasn’t for that guy being so powerful, I’d have already killed him for you

“Don’t say such an outrageous thing. He is not someone we can win against. If not, I wouldn’t have allied with the other seven dukedoms.” Helen Tina was suddenly alarmed and hastily persuaded Firewind against acting rashly. Soon after, she shook her head and bitterly laughed before saying, “Sometimes I can’t help but think if I’d actually raped by that guy, maybe he would have taken care of me. But, I know that’s it’s just a fool’s dream.”

“How could you say such a thing?! He is your biggest sworn enemy. Not only has he blackmailed you into giving him one million gold coins, he even made such vile information public. We must find a way to kill him and claim your innocence.” Firewind hatefully said.

Sighing once more, Helen Tina helplessly responded, “I still cannot prove my innocence even if we kill him. This Brettel City’s City Lord is not only sinister, but his strength is also exceptional. I don’t know why, but I keep feeling as though he is always nearby. It seems I really am becoming muddle headed.”

Looking at the fretting face of Helen Tina, Firewind also sighed in her heart. She was truly clueless as to how to comfort her.

Ever since Helen Tina left Brettel City and returned home, she had to deal with everyone’s skeptical looks, mocking, and ridicule. In the past when Helen Tina was within Helon Duchy, she was considered as a true living goddess. But now, she has become the nation’s target of ridicule and had truly fallen from grace. For the moment, Helen Tina truly had no way of adapting to the sudden change. Even her customary smiles had practically disappeared due to an overwhelming amount of depressing torment.

It’s all because of that Bryan, I must help Helen kill him! Firewind secretly thought in her heart.

Han Shuo was atop of a dirt mound, five kilometers away from Helen Tina’s tent. Through a yin demon, he was able to hear Helen Tina’s conversation with extraordinary clarity.

“This bitch still owes me six hundred thousand gold coins. Now that I count the days, it’s about time that I get the rest of the money.” Han Shuo muttered to himself. Moving his head and looking in the direction of Helen Tina, Han Shuo started stealthily advancing towards Sakamimir Valley.

A yin demon left Helen Tina’s tent and gradually approached Han Shuo. Together, they advanced towards Sakamimir Valley. When they were almost at the central tent, Han Shuo concealed himself with the earth elite zombie and hid in the depths of the earth. Only a yin demon could secretly snoop around the central tents area.

The six grand dukes were still inside the tent. They had spared no effort in setting up the tent’s security. All kinds of magical enchantments were crammed into the area. Even after probing the area with the yin demon for half a day, Han Shuo came to the conclusion that he had no means of approaching the area silently.

‘It seems like I can only wait until they leave. These guys have truly reached new heights in defensive and security measures. The enchantments not only cover the sky, but they’ve even warded the ground beneath it. They even have the main army of seven grand dukedoms stationed around the tent. Even a legion of undead wouldn’t be able to exterminate them. They are truly a group of guys afraid of death.’ Han Shuo secretly thought in his heart. He hid motionlessly in the depths of the earth while the yin demon continued to snoop around the area.

After about one and a half hours, the six grand dukes came out of the tent, wearing dissatisfied expressions. It seemed like the negotiations had yet to reach a conclusion and that the operations for defeating Brettel City will have to wait for another day or two. Only after properly arranging everything could they advance forward.

All six grand dukes had their experts beside them on full guard. This was a prime opportunity for an assassination. Thus, each and every one of them brought experts from their dukedoms. Furthermore, each of the Dukes also had the aura of a formidable powerhouse protecting them.

In fact, there were definitely be those who would take part in shady businesses and secretly backstab another if the chance arises. This kind of occurrence had occurred in the previous meetings between the seven grand duchies. This was why they’d all become so cautious and solemn.

Han Shuo hid in the deepest parts of the earth without any intentions of secretly killing anyone. Instead, he waited until after they’d all left the valley before finally slowly following one of them under the cover of night. The targeted area was the staging area of Alec Ambridge’s army from the Bavenden Duchy.

The dead of the night. It was truly the most perfect time to do something surreptitious.

Even though Grand Duke Alec Ambridge had come here to attend a conference, he had obviously not forgotten to pack for leisure. Inside a gorgeous tent set up in the middle of his massive army, Alec Ambridge pressed a female knight known for her amazing figure down on top of a table. His hands moved to take off her armor from behind, leaving only her bare buttocks sticking high up in the air.

The female knight was splayed on top of the table, her fine black hair trailing down her back and accentuating her cheeks. Such a perfectly moisturized, plump and round butt. It was truly compatible for Grand Duke Alec Ambridge’s conquest!

There were actually two other men in the tent as well. They each wore a sinister expression and were both great swordmasters. The two men actually looked at Alec Ambridge’s lewd celebrations with indifference and familiarity as they grasped their longswords and coldly surveyed the area.

Alec Ambridge happily let out a groan in high spirits. After discharging his seed and feeling a pleasure that came from his lower abdomen spreading throughout his entire body, he suddenly felt as though the ground under his feet was swaying a little too hard.

However, due to the momentarily pleasurable dizziness, Alec Ambridge did not care too much about the change occurring under his feet. But when a burst of piercing pain came shooting up his leg, Alec Ambridge suddenly shouted in alarm, grabbed the female knight that he was still mounting, and tossed her under the soles of his feet.


Below the floor, sharp weapons easily penetrated the famous knight, causing her to twitch in reaction. Her mithril armor, noted for its durability, was easily broken through as the weapon didn’t slow, stabbing deeper with the same level of force.

The terrified Alec Ambridge started feeling the pit of his stomach turning cold. In spite of his left leg’s painful wound, he turned and limped towards the tent’s exit while shouting loudly, “Assassin. There’s an assassin!”

The two great swordmasters within the tent had already rushed over before he had even used the female knight as a meat shield. The two experts let out two dazzling silver rays of light which ruthlessly fell onto the female knight who was barely alive.

After the silver swords pierced into the female knight, the two men drew back. They rudely threw the corpse that was now riddled with gaping wounds to the side, and cautiously looked down into the hole. The hole was about the size of a human arm. It seems like the attack probably came from this arm-sized hole.

“Damn it, wasn’t the ground covered with a protective rock barrier? How come there are still people that can attack me?!” Alec Ambridge frowned at his mutilated left foot and said, “Fortunately, I managed to react in time, otherwise I definitely would’ve died today. That shitty earth mage actually dared to laze around. I want him dead!”

One of the great swordmasters responded with a darkened face. “Your Grace, the protective rock barrier below us is still there, only the enemy is exceedingly powerful. His weapon’s piercing strength exceeds the rock barrier’s protective capabilities. This guy is definitely not any regular expert. Thankfully, Your Grace is alright. However, we still don’t know who would actually want Your Grace’s life”

“Who else could it be, but that damned Benedict Sackville! All I did was mock him with a few words, but he actually dispatched people to attack me at night. This guy really deserves death!!” Alec Ambridge shouted before advancing outside the tent and shouting once more, “Priest. Damn it priest, hurry the f*ck here! One of my legs is about to be crippled! I spend so much gold on your pay, but when I am in need, you guys can’t even speed it up a little?!”

During Alec Ambridge’s ranting, Han Shuo, who just failed the assassination, left in sorrow. Even the tunnel formed by the earth elite zombie had swiftly been filled up again.

Han Shuo had originally wanted to directly kill Alec Ambridge, but who would’ve guessed that he would actually be so heartless? He’d unexpectedly grabbed the female knight he’d just screwed and sacrificed her to block a deadly attack at the critical moment. Luckily, Han Shuo had connected to the yin demon when he was leaving and heard Alec Ambridge’s statement suspecting Benedict Sackville. In fact, in the end, Han Shuo’s objective had been achieved, and he didn’t consider any more reckless actions. This night could be considered a success.

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