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Chapter 256: The female bandit

This was the First Prince Charles!

As Han Shuo squinted at him, he suddenly had an odd thought, “Lawrence is the owner of the Rose Garden, so the mage guards around should be under the order of that murderous Bollands. For the First Prince Charles to come here to seek pleasure, he’s basically unknowingly gone deep into the tiger’s den. If Lawrence receives the support of Karel, wouldn’t he be able to soundlessly kill Charles?”

“Haha, good, good.” Charles first laughed loudly with satisfaction, then he curved his mouth and coldly provoked, “You should dispel any thoughts as soon as you can, or you may even die without knowing how.”

Finishing this sentence, Charles conveniently dropped a vicious line in a low voice, “Little bastard mutt!”

“Let’s go. Shall we have some fun?” Charles turned his body with a loud laugh and left with the bootlickers following closely behind him. He paid no more attention to Lawrence.

Lawrence’s face twisted with anger. His two hands clenched tightly into fists, blue veins popping out from their backs. Lawrence couldn’t suppress the light trembling of his entire body. His furious eyes emitted thick murderous intent as he viciously stared at the departing back of Charles. Even his breathing had become much heavier.

Looking at Lawrence’s posture that might blow at any moment, Han Shuo was truly afraid the guy wouldn’t be able to control himself, and would throw everything to the wind to risk his life for a fight with Charles.

To an illegitimate child, the most humiliating thing was to be cursed as a “bastard”. When this vicious curse came from the person they hated the most, it increased the humiliation ten times over. No wonder even an introvert like Lawrence almost lost control.

Patting Lawrence’s shoulder, Han Shuo consoled, “Let it go. We will soon return this hatred. Don’t be so hasty.”

“I want to kill him with my own hands. I’ll definitely kill him with my own hands…” Lawrence gnashed his teeth as he whispered, his face ferocious.

“Oh, if it isn’t Mister Aubrey? And Mister Cameron too!” The Rose Garden was a lively place for spending gold indeed. First Prince Charles had just left, and Han Shuo had already bumped into the incoming fellows whom he’d previously met at Boozt Merchant Guild – Cameron and Aubrey plus several other merchants.

“Damn it, what the hell did you, petty, despicable villain do to our bodies?” As soon as he saw Han Shuo, Aubrey couldn’t help but fume and immediately curse.

It was spring time with flowers blooming everywhere. The weather was great. However Aubrey and Cameron looked somewhat weird. Aubrey’s whole body was wrapped from head to toe in a thick fur coat. He stood there and shivered, his face frozen purple.

On the other hand, Cameron was the exact opposite. In this gentle, comfortable weather, he looked like he was at a sauna. His thin clothes were damp with sweat, his mouth breathed out hot air currents whenever he opened it to speak. His face flushed beet red. Evidently he was unbearably hot.

Perhaps to balance out each other, these two weirdly dressed fellows walked hand in hand. As two great manly men, for them to appear in such a place like the Rose Garden while holding hands, it was even weirder.

These two had been injected with the poison of ice and fire. Fire and ice poison were taking turns to attack their bodies right now, making them extremely cold for a moment and then extremely hot the next. This pain would repeatedly torture them until the poison injected by Han Shuo waned.

Throwing the two a contemptuous glance, Han Shuo viciously said, “Two great masters walking hand in hand in broad daylight. This is really sickening.”

“Damnable! What poison did you actually give us? You lowly despicable villain!” Aubrey’s two rows of teeth made clacking sounds as they chattered. He trembled as he shouted.

Lawrence was originally furious, seeing these two appear here, but now he felt a little better. He laughed heartily and shook his head in ridicule, “With this special hobby, you should have been more surreptitious. Boldly coming here like this, your morality has really gone down the drain!”

“Bryan, I won’t let you off easily.” Aubrey furiously glared at Han Shuo and threatened with a wide mouth.

As soon as he finished those words, the poison of ice and fire swapped. His ice cold body suddenly spiked up in temperature. He hastily threw off his fur coat in a practiced manner and started cursing nonstop.

“That’s enough for today, let’s leave this place.” Han Shuo persuaded. He understood that meeting Aubrey here meant that he would constantly be entangled by the latter. He was fully aware of the unbearable misery caused by the poison of ice and fire. Furthermore, Lawrence had certainly lost interest in having fun after the vicious remarks he had received from Charles earlier.

Lawrence seemed to have lost his mood as he nodded, “Alright. I brought you here this time mainly for the earlier matter. We’ll have plenty of time for fun later. These hateful characters really disgust me. Let’s leave. Don’t allow them to latch onto us.”

“Don’t leave. Give me the antidote first, or I won’t leave you alone.” Aubrey breathed heavily and stared at Han Shuo, shouting nonstop.

After knowing Han Shuo’s strength, the big businessman Cameron appeared to be afraid that Han Shuo would abruptly kill him. He didn’t dare to speak and just followed behind Aubrey.

Han Shuo quickly left with Lawrence without stopping. After they exited the Rose Garden, the earth rider Jino gave a loud shout. Several guards of Lawrence swiftly surrounded him.

Aubrey had yet to come close when Jino crudely pushed him aside. Lawrence and Han Shuo stepped into the carriage just like that and left the Rose Garden.

“Alright, I’m going first. Wait for me to come look for you after I pick up my graduation diploma.” Leaving the Rose Garden for a little while, Han Shuo spoke a farewell to Lawrence. He then jumped off the carriage and left by himself.

The number of people guarding Lawrence in both the light and dark weren’t few, so Han Shuo wasn’t much concerned for his safety. He didn’t need to stay and protect the latter, so he jumped out of the carriage to go handle his own personal matters.

After separating from Lawrence, Han Shuo went straight to the graveyard in the mountain behind the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, entering the place hiding the transportation matrix.

Fanny and Phoebe needed at least three days to adapt after taking the rebirth pill. In these three days, they wouldn’t stop having stomachaches until their bodies expelled all the impurities inside. Han Shuo believed they definitely wouldn’t want to see him during this time. For beautiful women to have to squat on the toilet nonstop, no matter how elegant their bearings were, it’d still be greatly reduced.

Lawrence had paved the way for Han Shuo’s future, but Han Shuo needed to prove himself to be an adept necromancer. He intended to obtain the diploma of the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force when he came to see Fanny, so he had at least three more days of free time.

Many things could be done in three days’ time. Han Shuo intended to go check the Valley of Sunshine first. He appeared in the Cemetery of Death through the transportation matrix, then used the art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens to fly towards the Valley of Sunshine.

Under Han Shuo’s instructions, Gilbert left the Cemetery of Death and brought the weapons from the dwarves to Trunks. They must’ve met already.

Han Shuo used all his strength and flew at the speed of a shooting star. There was only a faint light flashing through, heading towards the Valley of Sunshine.

The Valley of Sunshine wasn’t too far from the Dark Forest. Han Shuo only took about half a day to arrive at the Valley of Sunshine.

There were many forces here, so when Han Shuo reached the area, he didn’t keep flying and instead walked on the ground to avoid raising attention. He moved forward, following the address that Trunks had given him.


Suddenly, several arrows pierced the air and nailed the tree in front of Han Shuo.

As sounds of disturbance rang out, nearly a hundred bandits stepped out from the bushes. They were obviously well trained, and most of them held a good weapon. A small portion of them even wore a complete set of armor, the quality of which looked even better than that of the Lancelot Empire’s official army.

Nearly a hundred bandits, eyes cold and with awe-inspiring momentum, suddenly surrounded Han Shuo. Bows, crossbows, and spears locked onto him one after another.

There was a long red haired, unruly looking girl amongst them. She has bright eyes and white teeth, wearing a set of leather clothes. She looked quite arrogant as she walked forward with large strides and said haughtily, “We’ve watched you for quite a while now. You dare to fly around in our land. If you’re so good, then why don’t you fly around here for me to see?”

Han Shuo had been flying in the air just now, so he hadn’t released the yin demons to scout around. Moreover he hadn’t paid too much attention of the going abouts in the forest below, and naturally didn’t expect to be surrounded by multiple bandit squads.

“You must be lady Janet. Hehe, I’m just an ordinary mage, I didn’t know this area was your turf, sorry.” Han Shuo gave the group a once over, paying special attention to the unruly girl before saying with a laugh.

“It seems that you have some knowledge. Who are you and what the hell do you plan to do by infiltrating our territory?” The female bandit Janet glared at Han Shuo, interrogating him.

“I just happened to pass by, I don’t have any bad intentions. Well then, I still have things to do, will you allow me to leave?” Han Shuo had heard a bit about this female bandit Janet’s deeds from Trunks. He knew this girl followed the bandit job as a homage to her ancestry. Even though her character was a little unruly and stubborn, she wasn’t a bad person. She could be considered a merciful bandit with a strict set of principles among the bandit forces around the Valley of Sunshine, so Han Shuo didn’t want to butt heads with her.

“You look so shifty. You can’t be any kind of a good person. The Valley of Sunshine has been chaotic recently, so who knows if you aren’t a spy sent by our enemies? Men, come and capture this fellow first, then carefully interrogate him.” Janet stared at Han Shuo. Seeing him without a hint of fear, instead grinning, she started to feel somewhat annoyed and angrily turned around to order the gang.

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