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Chapter 236: The strong work together

By the time Han Shuo finally secured the Firespark Stone, the entire valley had already been sealed off by fire. Six powerful beings, including Han Shuo, were all trapped within the valley.

Those six powerful beings, who all had different goals, were about to face the wrath of the Lord of the Flames’  surrounded by volcanic eruptions. No one had been fortunate enough to escape.

After the Firespark Stone was stored safely into the space ring, Han Shuo extinguished the purple spellfire between his palms. The surrounding temperature began to rise rapidly once again. Sweat gathered on Han Shuo’s body and flowed down like small rivers.

As they were facing a sky filled with fiery clouds, the beautiful girl and the pegasus were forced to land on the ground. They looked up at the flaming clouds with resignation. It looked like they didn’t dare to directly break through the ocean of flames that occupied the sky above the valley.

The fire grand magus with the crimson shield floated like the wind, occupying the place between Han Shuo and the girl. She smiled and said, “The three of us are human. I think it’ll be easier to communicate between us. Taking a united stand against the enemy at this moment might make it easier for us to survive. What do you guys think?”

When faced with horrifying danger, alliances between the powerful wasn’t a bad idea. Besides from the Lord of the Flames, there was also the gigantic silver ape, the cyclops, and the golden dragon. Those three beings were also exceptionally powerful, but it was a pity that they weren’t human, making them less than ideal targets to partner with.

“Of course, only by cooperating can we live to walk out of this kingdom of flames!” Han Shuo naturally knew that with his ability alone, he didn’t have complete confidence in dealing with any of the experts within the valley. This fire grand magus seemed to at least know what was going to happen. Although he didn’t know what she was planning, he could at least wait and see.

“This idea isn’t bad, granny!” The beautiful girl revealed a dazzling smile and responded with a sweet and clear voice.

The fire grand magus seemed to know that Han Shuo and the beautiful girl would agree, she slightly shook the magic staff in her left hand and chanted a mystical spell. A boundary the size of a house instantly appeared around the three of them. The boundary was invisible and formless, but it isolated them from the high temperature. The scorching temperatures from the magma outside was completely blocked off.

The magic shield on the old woman disappeared after she’d formed the boundary. She smiled and looked towards Han Shuo and the girl. She introduced herself, “I’m called Marceau, I come from the Brut Merchant Alliance. I major in fire magic.”

“Bryan Han from the Lancelot Empire. I’m a necromancer,” Han Shuo replied.

“Sophie from the Kasi Empire. I’m a knight. Ugh, and an amateur summoner,” The beautiful pegasus girl answered simply. The moment she said this, she softly chanted a spell and made the pegasus she had been riding the entire time miraculously disappear.

The old woman Marceau and the girl called Sophie seemed to have heard of each other’s name. When the two introduced themselves, the other person revealed a shocked expression. Only Han Shuo was an unknown, and the two were unfamiliar with him. They looked at him in confusion. As an expert who focused on necromancy and could fly, they definitely would’ve heard of him if the Lancelot Empire had such a person. Thus, Marceau and Sophie both assumed that Han Shuo had given a fake name after realizing that they’d never heard of Han Shuo’s name.

In response to the two people’s confusion, Han Shuo shook his head and smiled wryly as he explained, “I’m telling the truth, I only made my debut recently, it’s normal for my name not to be known. There’s nothing to feel odd about.”


The Lord of the Flames’ loud roar rang through the valley. Along with the terrifying sound wave, its massive body began to chase the cyclops with surprising speed.

Rays of scorching flames danced like flailing ribbons, while the insanely high temperature caused the air itself to crackle and pop. Flames mixed with magma surged towards the cyclops under the Lord of the Flames’ manipulation, causing the cyclops to scurry around in an unsightly manner, clearly showing that it wasn’t able to stand up to its opponent.

The golden dragon seemed to be targeting the cyclops, but after realizing now that it also faced an enormous threat, it seemed to have given up the plan of immediately dealing with the cyclops. Instead, it paced around the exit of the flaming valley, wondering how to leave.

At that moment, the enormous silver ape beat its chest with a roar, and turned into a bolt of silver lightning as it tore through space, shooting directly at the Lord of the Flames, who was still chasing the cyclops. While in the air, its two razor sharp claws danced in front of its chest, sending out several rays of cold light similar to a sword’s fighting aura.

When several flaming demonic generals in the vicinity were hit by the rays of cold light, their bodies crumbled with a huge crack, the pieces swiftly fusing into the magma flow.

Watching through the yin demons, Han Shuo couldn’t help but be shocked. He didn’t know what sort of mutated magical beast this gigantic silver ape was, but it had such terrifying destructive abilities.

Its two claws could shoot out attacks akin to sword flashes, which seemed to hold tremendous power, like it could tear through anything. The flaming demonic generals, who were just as huge as it was, and had bodies like heated metal to boot, were torn into pieces from afar before they’d even neared the gigantic silver ape’s body.

“The power of the gigantic silver ape is very terrifying. I have once saw it tear apart three twin head dragons before. It should be a mutated super rank magical beast! Its target is the Lord of the Flames. I have watched for a while, and found that it had come to the valley three times, but it had never dared to provoke the Lord of the Flames. This time, they might actually fight!” Granny Marceau had also had been paying attention to the distant commotion as well.

Han Shuo momentarily blanked, then understood that Marceau truly hadn’t come here by chance like himself. She must’ve surveyed the area for a long time, and then chosen to come here during the chaos. However, he didn’t know what she planned on doing.


A loud roar exploded from where the golden dragon was. A gigantic golden dragon, fifteen or sixteen meters long, suddenly revealed its form within dazzling golden light.

After the golden dragon had transformed back to its original form, its long and slender body shook, releasing a terrifying surge of dragon breath that exploded outwards, disintegrating the red boulder that sealed the valley. The sudden explosion caused a path five or six meters wide to suddenly appear in the valley that the Lord of the Flames had sealed off.

As the dragon race with the most incredible fighting abilities, the golden dragons boasted the strongest attacks and defense. They’d always been synonyms for strength and power, and taking on its dragon form had made it even more ferocious. Even the valley that has been sealed shut by the Lord of the Flames was blasted clear by the golden dragon’s dragon breath.

“This Lord of the Flames is a super rank magical beast that has evolved four times, but this golden dragon has only evolved three times. Its decision to give up on taking revenge on the cyclops, and choosing to leave the valley instead is the wiser decision!” The fire grand magus, Marceau, gazed at the large commotion in the distance and calmly explained the situation to Han Shuo and Sophie.


The Lord of the Flames let out an earth-shattering howl. When faced with the golden dragon’s dragon breath, it naturally considered it  provocation, so it howled loudly to vent the rage in its heart.

All of a sudden, the flowing magma on the ground and the flaming clouds covering the sky all rushed towards the opening which the golden dragon had created, following the will of the Lord of the Flames. The path that was created by the dragon’s breath attack was once again sealed shut by the searing flames, magma, and the flaming clouds before the golden dragon had time to leave. This time, it was sealed even tighter. At this, the golden dragon was completely enraged!

As the proudest species amongst the super rank magical beasts, the method that the golden dragon had tried to take in leaving the valley had given quite a bit of face to the Lord of the Flames. However, this rank four Lord of the Flames seemed to truly want to burn everything with its flames, causing the golden dragon to completely lose its temper.

A dominating dragon roar came out from the golden dragon’s huge mouth. The golden dragon decided to give up on its original plans. Ignoring the cyclops, it charged directly towards the Lord of the Flames. Along the way, the golden dragon swung its tail, making it so that the scorchingly hot flaming rocks were unable to leave even the tiniest of scratches on its shimmering body.

At the same time, Marceau suddenly exclaimed in joy and said excitedly, “Chance, a chance for us has finally arrived!”

Han Shuo turned around to gaze at Marceau, then said calmly. “I think that you should tell us your plan now. Otherwise, it’s impossible for the two of us to blindly follow you!”

“There is a very miraculous existence in the underground domain of the Lord of the Flames. It was only due to this miraculous existence that it was able to evolve four times. I have researched fire magic for many years, and have noticed that that place has a strange kind of fire attribute energy. This energy is different from the usual fire element, it is much more mysterious and mystical.”

“Not only did this miraculous location shape a rank four Lord of the Flames, it’s also nurtured a mysterious Fire Lotus and many strange rocks. I only discovered this by coincidence. Using the opportunity while the Lord of the Flames battles outside, I can use my fire manipulation magic and take you guys into that underground world together, and bring out some interesting things. What do you think about that?” Fire grand magus Marceau, looked very anxious as she looked at the other two people and explained quickly.

“Sure!” Han Shuo answered decisively without any sort of hesitation.

Fire grand magus Marceau was definitely a powerful figure. From her to be able to discover this place of extreme fire, and even understand that the fire element energy within was completely different from the energy of the fire elements, it seemed as though she had definitely put a lot of work into studying the place of extreme fire underneath.

Although fire element energy and the fire element were both fire attribute existences, they were two completely types of power. In this world, as long as a mage had mental strength, they can use it to communicate with the fire element and cast fire magic anywhere.

The fire element existed everywhere in this world. According to a mage’s mental strength, a fire mage could communicate with the fire element and release fire magic that was either powerful or weak.

However, fire element energy did not exist everywhere. It only existed in some mystical places in the world. Only when a place that coincided with heaven and earth and formed a land of natural treasure, would it be possible for fire element energy to form in some blisteringly hot places after hundreds and thousands of years. Out of these places, the place of extreme fire was without a double the best spot to nurture fire element energy. Compared to the fire element that was everywhere, fire element energy was far rarer. If it was then refined by some cultivators who knew how to use it, it could display even more mystical and incredible power.

The Lord of the Flames had always been a magical beast that found it extremely difficult to evolve. However, this one had evolved four times and become an extremely savage fire magical beast thanks to this place of absolute fire. If this Ruler of Flame could evolve once again, it would become an Emperor of the Flames that possessed power and divinity similar to that of a demigod.

If the Emperor of the Flames could break through the fifth evolution, it would surpass the boundaries of magical beasts and become a fire god with a divine fate, possessing true divine powers as well as powerful fire manipulation abilities.

Han Shuo understood that this was a chance. He had to take a look at the place of extreme fire no matter what in order to see if he had a chance to refine a fire elite zombie. The elite zombies of the five elements was Han Shuo’s goal. If he counted this place of extreme fire, he only had a place of extreme metal left to locate. Only when the elite zombies of the five elements were gathered could they use the earth-shattering effects of the formation.

Beautiful girl Sophie was likely targeting the cyclops. She was clearly a bit hesitant to accede to Marceau’s suggestion. She contemplated for a while, finally nodding her head lightly, agreeing to Marceau’s suggestion.

“Alright, then let’s take the opportunity when they’re fighting to hurry to the underground kingdom of the Lord of the Flames!” Seeing that Sophie agreed, fire grand magus Marceau displayed a joyous expression, and hurriedly activated a spell. Sparks suddenly arose from the invisible magic boundary covering the three of them, seeming to have the ability to absorb the fire element. As the sparks flew, the surrounding fire element was swiftly absorbed into the boundary.

After absorbing the enormous amount of energy, the boundary contracted bit by bit and emitted a dazzling red light as the temperature inside also gradually rose. Only when the temperature inside the boundary was about forty degrees Celsius and it’d become three or four meters in size, did the temperature stop rising and the space stop shrinking.

“Go!” Marceau, called out softly, causing the boundary to carry the three people and circle around the great battle of the enormous beings. It then descended into the flaming fissure on the ground that was shooting out magma.

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