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Chapter 196: Sharing one room

Phoebe obviously couldn’t take up residence within the Dark Mantle, and now that her relationship with Han Shuo was out in the open, he naturally needed to stay with her.

Han Shuo finally left with Phoebe after dining with Emily and sweet talking her quite a bit, intent on finding a hotel for the two of them.

Hotels of various sizes could be found in great number in the Valley of Sunshine. Because there was a high number of traveling merchants and adventurers coming and going, the amount of entertainment facilities were no less than that in Drol.

Brightly colored, hazy lights shone out from each hotel onto the streets, alternating with ladies clothed in sexy or innocent attire, casting come-hither eyes at passersby on the streets, trying to lure customers in.

Han Shuo walked next to Phoebe and didn’t look anywhere else. She was quite satisfied with that, but it was actually because Han Shuo had already vented his energy on Emily’s voluptuous body earlier, so he didn’t have any evil thoughts in his mind right now.

After a while, Phoebe stopped in front of a luxurious looking hotel. She tugged on Han Shuo with her little hand and walked inside with him. The small, skinny owner was already smiling fawningly at them in front of Phoebe before she’d even opened her mouth, saying ingratiatingly, “Noble Miss Phoebe, will it be the same room as last time?”

Nodding, Phoebe had an aloof expression on her face as she handed her crystal card over without saying a word.

Judging from the owner’s expression, it was obvious that this wasn’t Phoebe’s first visit here. It looked like she’d traveled to many places in her travels to and fro for the Boozt Merchant Guild.

Retrieving her crystal card and key, Phoebe turned her head to smile at Han Shuo and tugged on his arm, leading him inside.

It was nicely warm inside the hotel and completely different from the brutal cold outside. Bright lights hung in the hallways and shed ample light throughout the entire hotel.

The solid wood floors gleamed like a mirror, and shoes sounded out clearly when they tapped against the floor. The sounds were actually quite pleasing to the ear, so it was apparent that these floors weren’t ordinary.

Han Shuo realized that Phoebe hadn’t arranged another room for him, and some ambiguous motions grew in his heart as they continued walking down the hallway. Phoebe’s not planning on sharing a bed with me, is she?!

Han Shuo couldn’t help but cast a look full of passion at Phoebe as they walked.

Phoebe’s long brown hair naturally fell down towards the floor like a waterfall, swaying around her translucent cheeks and long neck as she sashayed. Her brows were like the waxing moon and her skin gleamed richly with the splendor of the stars. Her lips were as red as cherries, making one want to give them a fierce bite.

“You big pervert, what are you looking at?” Phoebe suddenly stopped and glared at Han Shuo with slightly flushed cheeks.

Han Shuo’s gaze had been fiery, with a strong sense of possessiveness within. Phoebe was stupid. She could naturally see all of it clearly and couldn’t help but speak up as her heart beat in panic.

“No, nothing!” Han Shuo returned to himself and immediately concealed the lecherous look in his eyes. “Why aren’t we walking anymore?”

“We’re here, what nonsense are you thinking of? Don’t you see that the door is right in front of you?” Phoebe’s clear eyes were bashful as she glared at Han Shuo again, pointing at the door.

Indeed, Han Shuo noticed a tightly shut door when his gaze followed her jade arms. This was also the end of the hallway, and it seemed like it was the most quiet room in the hotel.

“Nothing much, just thinking of you!” Han Shuo chuckled evilly and looked straight at Phoebe.

“You bad jerk, you only know how to fob me off with sweet words!” Sweetness rose in Phoebe’s heart as she spoke softly.

“Nuh uh, I really was thinking of you just now!” Han Shuo said, aggrieved.

“Then you weren’t thinking nice thoughts. Judging from the way you were leering earlier, you must’ve been thinking something dirty!” Phoebe naturally wouldn’t believe anything at this point and snorted softly as she flicked a glance at Han Shuo.

He had indeed been thinking of nothing nice just now. Han Shuo could only chuckle dryly after Phoebe had hit the nail on the head and then hurried Phoebe, “Hurry and open the door. I’m really tired after such a long day, let’s go in and shower and sleep.”

Phoebe didn’t continue questioning as she took out the key to open the door. She moved aside to let Han Shuo in and then closed the door behind him.

A spacious living room greeted them with several fur couches placed on top of a soft carpet. Out of the four rooms, there were two bedrooms, one bathroom, and one storage room for clothes and random knickknacks.

“Do you think I didn’t know what you’re thinking of? Humph! There are two rooms here and each of us will have one. I will run through whoever barges into my room again!” Phoebe threw back her head and threatened Han Shuo as she lit the fireplace, making the internal temperature slowly rise.

“Heh heh, what if whoever barges in runs into a beauty having a wet dream and then throws herself into his arms!” Han Shuo chuckled evilly.

“You dratted, damned bastard! How dare you mention that!” Phoebe’s face turned bright red as she ran angrily up to Han Shuo and reached out her slender hands to give him a fierce pinch around the waist.

He first played along and cried out painfully, then yanked her arm around her back and kissed her unceremoniously. Han Shuo explored and ravaged her mouth like a dragon in the ocean as she grunted in protest.

Phoebe struggled symbolically for a bit before slowly weakening, and her hands, that’d formed fists that pounded Han Shuo’s chest, suddenly twined towards his neck like snakes, her tongue entangling with Han Shuo’s.

Han Shuo laid her down on the soft carpet and tasted her sweetness while rubbing his hand over her pert bottom.

When Han Shuo’s hands finally started fondling her chest, Phoebe suddenly started struggling and pushed him away fiercely. She then glared at him with embarrassment as she said with great allure, “It looks like I need to be careful or you’ll take advantage of me whenever I let my guard down. Ugh, after running for so long, my body stinks. I need to take a shower, you stay out here!”

Phoebe escaped to the bathroom after saying these words and shut the door with a great bang. The sounds of water flowing came from inside afterwards. It looked like she was indeed in a great hurry to wash away the dirt from her body.

Bam bam bam… bam bam bam…

Knocking sounds suddenly sounded at this moment. Han Shuo blinked and wondered if it was Emily looking for them. He walked over in confusion and opened the door. A bouquet of brilliant fresh flowers was shoved in his face. It looked like there were at least a hundred of them as they emanated a wonderful fragrance.

The bouquet was abruptly pulled back and a handsome face revealed itself in front of Han Shuo. His eyebrows were dashing and his eyes clear. A broad forehead, firm nose, and apart from somewhat skinny cheeks, this face could be labelled uncommonly handsome.

The charming face had been wearing a disarming smile when it suddenly drew together into a frown and the face became covered in clouds. He looked at Han Shuo in an unfriendly manner. “Who are you? Where’s Phoebe?”

“She’s showering. And who are you?” Han Shuo blanked and then reacted. This must be one of Phoebe’s admirers. He too showed the fellow a rather unfriendly face.

“Showering! Then what are you doing here?!” When he heard that Phoebe was showering inside and Han Shuo was inside the room, his expression grew even uglier.

“I’m Florida, chief of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band. I’m Phoebe’s good friend! I naturally have something to discuss with her, so don’t block the way!” He stared at Han Shuo angrily and roared lowly, magical pulses emanating from his body.

When Han Shuo heard that he was Florida, chief of the Rainbow Sickle, Han Shuo was immediately startled and looked at this person with more than a hint of wariness.

The Rainbow Sickle mercenary band was just as famous as the Cairo mercenary band. However, the Rainbow Sickle was made up mostly of those from the Lancelot Empire. The Rainbow Sickle had been the strongest within the Valley of Sunshine a few years ago and had been in charge of order. However, the original chief unfortunately fell when defending the valley against robbers once. This was why their fortune had suddenly fallen.

It was rumored that this person was a light archmage and seemed to have something to do with the Church of Light. His strength was unfathomable, and although he was an upright person, he was decisive and vicious. He never had any mercy for his enemies and had a great reputation within the mercenary band.

Han Shuo hadn’t thought that such a person would be one of Phoebe’s admirers. Although Han Shuo felt a bit of a headache knowing the other’s identity, he wasn’t afraid. Han Shuo said coldly, “Sorry, I’m Phoebe’s boyfriend. She can’t see you at the moment, so you can come back next time!”

Han Shuo snorted coldly after speaking and slammed the door shut!

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