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Chapter 126: I want to battle

The Academy would hold a competition every winter between all the majors according to tradition. The victor would gain rich rewards, and this was used to spur the students to study even harder.

This was when the Academy was bustling the most as the majors competed not only for rewards, but also for the face of their major and teachers. Even the future of their teachers were closely tied to these battles.

Therefore, all the majors would send out their strongest students at this time every year to take part in the fighting. This was both for the students’ own benefit, and for the face and future status of the teachers within the Academy.

The dark major and light major had always been hated rivals. Open conflict and veiled struggles between the two majors had waged on for many years. The battle between the dark and light major was to determine who would win the title of the strongest major. This was why it’d attracted so many observers.

An enormous magic shield had enclosed the entire square, allowing combatants to battle to their hearts contents without causing injury to anyone. There were five participants from both the dark and light majors, and a fine show was being put on the stage.

Han Shuo’s gaze wandered around, finally resting on Fanny, who was sitting in the back corner of the row of teachers sitting at the front stage. Their section was raised, and the teachers from all majors were sitting there. The dean was also sitting there quite primly. It looked like everyone was placing great importance on this time’s demonstration.

“Is anyone from our necromancy major part of the team?” Han Shuo started after Lisa had explained the situation for him, and opened his mouth to ask her.

Shaking her head, Lisa said, “Our necromancy major is an offshoot of the dark major. The dark major teachers and students were awfully afraid that we’d be a burden to them, so they didn’t count us in for this time’s demonstration at all. Therefore, it’s only students from the dark major being involved from beginning to end, and there’s nothing to do with our necromancy major.”

“So that’s the case. Who do you think will win between the light and dark major this time?” Han Shuo stared at the two groups within the square and asked carelessly.

“Not sure. The dark and light major have always been the two strongest majors within the Academy. After all these years, the two majors have been trading the title of strongest major back and forth. No major has been able to win consecutively. The dark major won last year, but the captain that led the team last year has already graduated, whereas the light major’s is still here. I think the dark major is in some trouble this time.” Lisa fixed her gaze on the situation within the square and explained for Han Shuo.

“Ai, too bad there’s nothing to do with our necromancy major. After all these years, the dark major has always directly counted us out. Although Master Fanny and Gene try quite hard, because of this, their standing within the Academy keeps decreasing. See, Master Fanny can only sit in the last row, and Master Gene doesn’t even dare show his face because he’s afraid that people will laugh at him. Our necromancy major is truly a failure.” Amy shook her head and spoke dejectedly with a woebegone expression.

“This can’t be helped either. The creatures that our necromancy major students can summon are innately weak to light magic. Without the help from our summoned creatures, it’s very difficult for necromancy magics to obtain the upper hand against light magic attacks. This is why Master Fanny can only resign herself to accepting the arrangements from the dark major and not have us join in the battle. If we did so, we’d only be making life more difficult for ourselves.” Athena was also similarly dejected as she followed up on Amy’s words.

It wasn’t smooth and without obstacles within the square, but all sorts of artificial mountains and fake trees had been placed, as well as numerous moats that were jagged and uneven. The school authorities wanted the students to become used to real environmental situations, and thus had made the battleground quite complicated.

At this moment, the five students from their respective majors were making use of the fake trees and grotesque rocks to conceal their bodies within the square. They would pop out and attack each other every now and then, then make use of the terrain to back off or regroup with their teammates. The enormous magical shield protecting the square also made the light hazy and dim. It looked like this had been a conscious decision to create this effect, to make it easier for teams to cooperate.

The two sides were probing each other when one of the members from the dark major suddenly clutched his stomach and fell down. Cold sweat beaded his forehead as his face was drained of all color.

Dark major archmage Deo’s facial expression changed drastically when he saw the situation develop and he immediately spoke to Dean Emma, “Dean, Phillide seems to be feeling unwell. I’d like to halt the battle and see what’s going on.”

Space grand magus Emma was also looking at the fallen Phillide with some surprise. She seemed to be puzzled as to why he’d suddenly fallen down when the real fight had yet to take place. When she heard Deo’s words, she nodded and said, “Halt, let’s see what’s wrong with Phillide?”

Emma then waved her hand and the enormous magic shield suddenly lit up. The other dark major students helped the anguished Phillide to Deo. Dark major archmage Deo and several other dark major teachers examined Phillide, with Deo finally speaking to Emma with a darkened face, “Dean, Phillide’s eaten some food that he shouldn’t have eaten. I don’t think he can participate this time.”
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“Oh, my gosh! What’s going on? Phillide is almost graduating and is someone who’s about to become an adept mage within the dark major. He’s also the current team leader and the strongest. If he suddenly can’t participate, then the dark major has even less chance this time.” Athena spoke with some worry as she looked at the pale Phillide.

Sara nodded and spoke, “Indeed. Keelung from the light major on the other side was captain of the light major team last year. It’s said that he already has the strength of an adept mage, but purposefully delayed the timing of his advancement due to this year’s competition. With Phillide present, they would’ve been evenly matched, but now that this has happened, it looks like the dark major is completely without hope.”

Han Shuo, with his sensitive hearing, could clearly hear Emma and Deo’s conversation. Because of Phllide’s health issues, Deo was attempting to convince Emma to delay this year’s battle for a few days, but Emma rejected Deo’s request on the basis of Academy’s rules. She only agreed to allow Deo to swap out for another dark major student on Phillide’s behalf.

Deo had a face full of fury as he argued shrilly with Emma, saying that this was a conspiracy and he demanded for Emma to change the day of the demonstration.

It was pity that archmage Deo was just a dark major teacher in the end, and naturally wasn’t more important than the Academy’s rules.

Unable to convince Emma, Deo said furiously, “Since this is the case, then we’re not competing. Allow others to say what they will this time!”

“Master Deo, please remember your status. Although an accident has occurred, I hope you don’t think of changing the Academy’s traditions. Please find a substitute for this year’s demonstration and let’s see it through.” Emma, usually benevolent and kind, was obviously a bit annoyed as she spoke gravely to Deo.

Apart from being a space grand magus, Emma also had a sense of unquestionable authority since she’d established her position as dean of the Academy. When such a severe warning was issued from her mouth, Deo was immediately dumbfounded.

Thinking for a bit with a darkened face, Deo turned to look at Fanny, who sat in the corner and spoke, “Master Fanny, the necromancy major has never been a part of the combat after so many years. I think it’s high time that the necromancy major sent out someone. Please find someone to fill in Phillide’s position so that the combat may continue.”

Originally sitting in the back row expressionlessly watching everything, Fanny suddenly started when she heard Deo’s words. She immediately recollected herself as rage filled her face, “Master Deo, what do you mean by this?”

Anyone could see that Deo had purposefully spoken to Fanny when he knew that he had no way to win after Phillide bowed out.

Even if they lost, those in the know could tell that Deo’s actions were completely as a result of his bad temper. After all, the necromancy major was known for being weak. Deo could’ve asked anyone other than the necromancy major to fill in the spot. His actions were a noticeable jab at the necromancy major, and could even be construed as humiliation for the major.

“Master Fanny, as a member of the dark major, you still need to make an effort sometimes, wouldn’t you say?” Another dark major teacher, off to the side, naturally understood Deo’s intentions and spoke up after thinking for a moment.

The teachers next to Fanny were watching her with an expression of delighting in her miseries, with some also displaying expressions of pity. However, the necromancy major was well known for being weak, and no one expressed anything. Expressions of watching a good show prevailed more than not.

“When do you usually ever think of our necromancy major? You think of us when you need someone to act as a scapegoat, I think not!” Fanny had already lacked face with no necromancy students participating, and she’d only hoped for the battle to be over as soon as possible, so as to not suffer through the mockery and sympathetic gazes of others. Who would’ve known that she’d be so humiliated by Deo at the very end? This immediately roused her ire.

Fanny was someone who was soft on the outside and tough on the inside, of this Han Shou was well aware of. Under normal circumstances, Fanny always greeted others with a smiling face and wouldn’t cause conflict with others, but once someone stepped over her bottom line, Fanny would also fight back with all her strength. It was obvious that Deo had stepped over Fanny’s bottom line this time.

The conversations of the teachers on stage couldn’t make it over here, so Lisa and the others were standing there with looks of bafflement, not knowing why Fanny had suddenly stood up. When Han Shuo relayed what was happening with a darkened face, they were all incredibly angry as they cursed at Deo’s despicableness.

A strong body was useful in moments like this. He pushed everyone blocking the way aside, and walked towards the main stage amidst a flurry of student curses. He suddenly raised his voice, “Master Fanny, I would like to battle on behalf of Phillide. I hope you approve.”

Han Shuo could no longer contain the anger within him when he saw Fanny being humiliated. He cried out loudly with a look of seriousness, his voice ringing out clear as a bell and traveled a great distance to the stage.

The square was immediately silent without a sound as large hubbub immediately exploded after. Everyone’s gaze was focused on Han Shuo and they were all full of excitement and curiosity, all wanting to know what was going on.

“Who is that kid? He’s got some guts!”

“Huh, such overconfidence. Even Phillide knew that he was no match for our major and pretended to be ill and backed out. To think there are those who invite humiliation!”

“Eh, isn’t that our major’s Bryan? When did he return?”

An uproar instantly suffused the scene as all the students and teachers patrolled curious gazes over Han Shuo’s body. They even started asking those around them what Han Shuo’s background was.

Fanny was dumbfounded to see Han Shuo appear. Her clear eyes sparkled as a hint of a sweet smile blossomed on her angry face. She spoke tenderly to Han Shuo, “Forget it… can’t you see that someone’s purposefully using us as a scapegoat?”

Nodding his head, Han Shuo looked at Deo, who was busily pretending that nothing was out of the ordinary. He spoke to Fanny, “I know, but I still want to try. Our necromancy major has been quiet for so long that it’s time we took our spot in the limelight again.”

This demonstration would affect the standing of all the teachers in the future. As a necromancy teacher, Fanny was being set up by someone like Deo. Han Shuo would naturally not allow something like this to continue to happen.

Some sort of message seem to be conveyed from Han Shuo’s resolute gaze. Fanny stared dumbly at him for quite a few seconds before finally nodding. She spoke to Deo, “Alright, I agree to your request. He will act as a substitute for Phillide.”

Han Shuo’s identity was quickly revealed from the mouths of the necromancy students. His life as an errand slave to his experiences within the Dark Forest quickly made their ways to the ears of all the teachers and students present.

When the tidbit of the old witch Camilla seeing Fanny and Han Shuo spending the night together and Han Shuo on Fanny’s bed came out, this filled the minds of everyone present with endless imagination. This caused the voices of discussion to be louder and louder as people’s gazes sharpened and grew with enthusiasm.

“Then it’s settled, he’ll substitute for Phillide and immediately join the battle against the light major. Mm, he’s just taking the stage for show. It’ll be over quickly and won’t waste much time.” Deo nodded and said to Fanny.

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