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In the Third Region where a sea of bamboo forests stretching out for a hundred miles, Ning Fan and the two girls stopped their escape light and landed in the forest.

The reason why he came to this bamboo forest was that he needed a secluded place for concocting pills and refining the Sense Beads that could allow his spirit sense to break through to late Gold Core realm!

The quiet atmosphere of the bamboo forest made it suitable for setting the Nascent realm grand formation named Sinuous!

Last time, Ning Fan used hundreds of thousand of immortal jades to set a Void realm grand formation that could overturn the mountains and rivers. Although the deployment was successful, the damage of the formation was far from the extent of killing Void Fragmentation experts. The reason was that although the formation eyes were placed correctly and the outline of the formation was complete, the immortal jades and immortal ores used were not enough. 

On the other hand, hundreds of thousand of immortal jades was enough to deploy a Nascent realm grand formation. This grand formation would be used to create a protective barrier for Ning Fan’s seclusion. So he didn’t intend to deploy a Void realm grand formation. He used only 200 000 immortal jades to start setting the Nascent realm grand formation.  

Perhaps it wasn’t as profound as a Void realm formation, but it was a complete formation. Its power could kill even late Gold Core experts.

As Bing Ling and Yue Ling were still wounded and not strong enough to fight, it is better for them not to appear in this dangerous place. As for the small sable who had spoiled countless of Ning Fan’s millennium spiritual herbs, she broke the seal and restored her peak Gold Core realm.

Ning Fan looked at Ning Honghong and Mu Weiliang with a trace of pleading and smiling. “Zhou’s life will be put in the hands of you two.”

“Pooh! It’s already at this juncture, but he still refuses to say his real name. Since you’re a living person, you can’t be a ghost who was named Zhou Ming.” Ning Honghong raised her chin.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m too absorbed in being Zhou Ming… My name is Ning Fan.” Ning Fan winked at Mu Weiliang. She responded in a very shy smile before Ning Fan continued setting the formation.

And when Ning Honghong heard Ning Fan’s name, her expression turned strange.

“Your surname is Ning?”

She finally understood why Ning Fan was surprised when he heard her name before this.

“You…you…you, you know how to set a  Nascent realm formation!”

After Ning Fan selected the positions for 216 formation eyes in the bamboo forest, he exerted his spirit sense, the outline of the formation emerged from the ground. Ning Honghong had a look of shock on her red face whereas Mu Weiliang’s small mouth was left slightly open.

This Ning Fan truly knew too many stuff! Not only he could concoct Third Revolution pills, he could also deploy the heaven defying Nascent realm grand formation!

He seemed just a seventeen-year-old teenager but his cultivation rank was already at late Harmonious Spirit realm and his spirit sense had reached intermediate Gold Core. At the same time, he was also a Third Revolution alchemist and a Nascent realm formation master!

Ning Honghong took a light breath and looked directly at Ning Fan for the first time. She vaguely felt that she had been looking down on Ning Fan, which was a mistake.

“I have died for a few thousand years. When I was alive, I was able to move unhindered across Wu Country and had established a family called Haining Ning Family. In my glorious life, I thought I have seen all the heroes of the world, unexpectedly, the world still has an evil person like you…”

Ning Honghong gently praised Ning Fan, and as the words fell into Ning Fan’s ears, it made him almost make a mistake in setting the formation and almost fell.

“You said that you were born in Wu Country, and that you were the ancestor of Haining Ning Family?” Ning Fan’s expression became unusual when he guessed that the frivolous Ning Honghong might be the soul of his old ancestor.

“What’s the matter? How dare you complain?” Ning Honghong extended her long nails and threatened Ning Fan in a playful way.

“No, I’m not complaining. It’s just, surprised…”

Ning Fan coughed lightly for his surprised expression to subside.

If Ning Honghong was the ancestor of Ning Family, so what? With one look on this girl, she was certainly a virgin and hadn’t had any offspring. As such, she wouldn’t have any blood relation with him.

‘…why am I thinking all these things for…?’ He shook his head and continued with his task.

While setting the formation, he asked Mu Weiliang about her background. He wondered what the identity of this girl was…

“Sister Weiliang didn’t have the memories before her death. I accidentally picked her up when I was a patrol guard in Red Clan.” Ning Honghong explained.

Mu Weiliang looked slightly down spirited when they said she had no living memory.

“Really…? It doesn’t matter if you forget it. Living memory may not always be pleasant anyway.”

Ning Fan gently patted Mu Weiliang’s hair as a comfort and continued setting the formation. It caused the girl to blush.

It was very strange that these three individuals who clearly had just met for the first time, but they felt as if they were very familiar with one another. Ning Fan was afraid that it was hard to encounter such coincidental incidents again in his lifetime. While he was in an unfamiliar place, he had to entrust his safety to a stranger or strangers.

Maybe, they knew each other in their  previous lives…

Inversing-Mountains-and-Rivers formation had seven thousand formation eyes and Ning Fan could set it without a problem. The Sinuous formation only had 216 formation eyes, naturally, it wouldn’t trouble him either.

Every formation eye was placed with immortal jades and immortal ores. Ning Fan exerted his spirit sense. After the time it took to burn half an incense stick, all the formation eyes were connected and the grand formation was formed!

If such speed in setting the formation was witnessed by other Nascent realm formation masters, it would scare their eyes out of them.

The grand formation was successfully deployed. Ning Fan searched for the place where the earth fire was most prosperous. Then, with a slash, he broke open the earth vein which led out the earth fire, and he started to concoct pills.

As for Ning Honghong and Mu Weiliang, they sat leisurely at one side, looking at Ning Fan’s skilful concoction technique in admiration.

‘Profound Netherworld Dan’ was a Third Revolution pill. Using it in conjunction with the Gold Core Sense Beads could purify the energy of Yin and ghost spirit. 

The five-century old spiritual herbs he got from the vault of Green Clan was more than enough to concoct hundreds or even a thousand of Profound Netherworld Dan. The only problem he had was that he could only concoct one hundred Third Revolution pill at one time. He was afraid that he would need several different cauldrons to produce sufficient amount of pills.

Three days passed, Ning Fan had opened twelve cauldrons for concoction. Besides the one cauldron which smelted, the other eleven cauldrons were barely successful. A total of 1 100 Profound Netherworld Dan had been produced.

He couldn’t do anything about it. Even with the inherited alchemy skill of the Immortal Emperor, he couldn’t guarantee success in every concoction of Third Revolution pills.

The higher the level of the pill, the lower the success rate.

After completing the concoction of the pills, the next thing he had to do was to refine the force in the Sense Beads. Ning Fan sat cross-legged to adjust his magical power. In just half a day’s time he was already in his best condition again, and then he began refining the Sense Beads one by one.

The spiritual force in the Gold Core Sense Bead was too strong. At the moment, Ning Fan was so focused nothing outside could register in his head.

There were still seven days before the end of the examination.

The winding and secluded place, the deep flowers and trees and the meditation abode… The Sinuous formation was a Nascent realm grand formation. The formation was set using the terrain of the bamboo forest. Besides its harmful defences, its more important function was to protect and conceal.

The twists and turns of the formation were difficult for one to discern. After searching the bamboo forest for a few days, no experts of Green Clan was able to find Ning Fan who was hiding in the very forest where they had searched.

Ning Honghong and Mu Weiliang were praising the grand formation unceasingly, while on the other side, in Green Clan, Great Elder Qing Lengshan had become as restless like the ants on a hot pan.  

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