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Chapter 483: Crushed Barbarically
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The area around the altar was completely silent apart from the rising dust cloud.

Even as opponents, the group of enemies were dumbfounded and couldn’t find what to say. What was the meaning of this? Did he fall on purpose so that he could kill those who rushed over to attack him?!

These people didn’t dare act rashly because all of them were bewildered and petrified.

The Origin Beast Platform was completely silent and not a sound could be heard. It was simply too quiet.

They were in a loud commotion just now, but all the noise had died down in a split second. Everyone was dumbfounded and felt this scene was simply too odd.

Just now everyone was letting out wolf howls in envy and jealousy. They were saying Chu Feng had invented a new, powerful energy form and that his style was heroic and outstanding.

In the end, he fell head-first just like that amidst the praise and smashed a big human-shaped hole in the ground.

Finally, someone on the Origin Beast Platform broke into wild laughter, taking great delight in Chu Feng’s plight. This powerful Chu Feng had actually fallen head first at the critical juncture.

“What’s going on? Is he luring the enemy or has he collapsed? Can it be that his body his shriveled up and cannot battle for long?” Someone said doubtfully.

Some exclaimed in admiration, “This brother is too incredible. Not only does he smash enemies with rocks, but even smashes himself out when he powers up. No ordinary people can do this. Didn’t you see how he opened up a man-shaped hole on the sacrificial grounds!?”

Another person chimed in and said seriously, “He’s indeed powerful and fierce. He can really smash himself out at the critical juncture.” [1]

“Damn your grandpa!” These were Chu Feng’s thoughts.

He coughed amidst the dust and clambered up from the human-shaped hole. He was cursing in his heart—this was simply too unbecoming of him—he was originally looking down at the group of enemies and displaying a lofty posture. In the end… he fell into a pit!”

At this time, Yuwen Feng, Chen Rong, Lie Shan and the others immediately understood that he wasn’t pretending just now. He was indeed too weak and thus fell into the dust.

Some of them revealed vicious looks; that was a great opportunity just now! If only they had rushed up violently they could easily have finished off Chu Feng.

But they had missed it.

Now they were able to see his posture after he had gotten up. Although he was shriveled and seemingly weak, he definitely had the ability to fight like a cornered beast!

From their reactions, it was clear that they were apprehensive of Chu Feng. That was because he was simply too fierce just now and had filled the sky with flying boulders. An array of stone balls rolled and churned until they had crippled Yuan Kun and sent Zhu Wuque flying with grievous trauma. It was simply too wild.

He was just like those eccentric people from the isolated and desolate starfields.

Only such planets would deny all forms of technology and not allow interstellar network coverage. But they just happened to be frighteningly powerful and there were even cases of saint heirs being slaughtered by those barbarian gods. Their style was fairly crude.

At this time, even though the divine sons and saintesses all had cold gleams in their eyes and wanted to kill Chu Feng immediately, they didn’t dare act rashly. So much so that they even wanted to retreat.

After reaching such levels, their instincts were quite sharp and they felt that Chu Feng was extraordinary. They would have to pay a steep price if they fought to the death with him.

But if they left just like that and it was made known, their prestige would definitely fall. They had surrounded a native as a group but had let him calmly walk away instead. This was too much of a failure.

There were saints paying attention to this matter from outer space. For instance, Jun Tuo and the Nine Yin Sparrow, etc. A mere native had actually brought about such winds and waves.

Someone broke the rules and transmitted his voice directly from outer space, commanding the saint children and saintesses to take action.

Naturally, the one who actually spoke wasn’t the saint himself, but the dao child under his command.

Jun Tuo’s dao child grasped a snowy-white conch. This was a secret treasure bestowed by a saint and could be used to transmit sounds. The voice rang out clearly above the pilgrimage grounds.

“He appears strong but his shriveled inside. It’s the best time to finish him off!”

Chu Feng’s eyes revealed a cold gleam when he heard this voice. This wasn’t the first time he had heard it since it had appeared once before when he was being chased down by the machine race and Xilin army. That voice had continuously pointed out the way for those races and made it difficult for him to escape both in the air and on the ground.

Presently, this dao child had spoken once again and interfered with this battle in an unbridled manner.

Although Yaoyao and her uncles had no official agreement with these people, some things were almost tacitly understood. No one should interfere from that point on.

In truth, it was too difficult even if those from the outer space wanted to interfere.

But now, Jun Tuo’s dao child had appeared to interfere. This was apparently stepping over their boundaries and too lacking in manners. He had actually done such a shameless thing just to kill a junior.

Of course, they also used some tricks. Jun Tuo took action and temporarily blinded the Origin Beast Platform’s heavenly eye, preventing them from capturing his dao child’s interference.

However, they let Chu Feng hear and know of this. This was disdain—this was telling him that they could trample on this so-called balance and there was nothing he could do about it.

The effects were obvious. Some of the divine sons and saintesses were wavering at first and wanted to leave this secret realm before deciding on a further course of action. They wanted to capture Chu Feng after ample preparations. But now, they all stayed back to surround and kill the weakened Chu Feng.

“Jun Tuo, you old cuckold!” Chu Feng directly cursed at the ancient saint. He simply didn’t care at all.

However, he shouted towards Yuwen Feng, Lieshan, Qi Yu, Zhi Luan and the others. “Stop!”

Then, without another word, he brought out the silver turtle from his spatial bottle. He then refined some of its ancestral blood with great speed and decisiveness. It even contained some divinity!

He then poured it into his mouth and swallowed hard, replenishing his weak body.

Additionally, he directly shot out energy flames and began to roast this mixed-blood star core turtle descendant. He was prepared to eat it.

The silver turtle cried out loudly. Although it had been crippled and was already close to death, it still felt restless after being used as food.

“Jun Tuo, this daddy here is roasting turtles. How do you feel? This is just a rehearsal. Later on, I’ll definitely roast you!”

Chu Feng had thrown caution to the wind and gone all out. This turtle had taken advantage of his status as a saint to target him time and again. He thus had no reason to be polite and proceeded to slap Jun Tuo’s face in a high-profile manner.

Those on the Origin Beast Platform glanced at each other. This was truly… devouring the other party at the first sign of disagreement. Ancient Saint Jun Tuo was truly unlucky to have provoked him!

In outer space, primal chaos raged around Jun Tuo’s chart and flames burned in his heart. He only wanted to kill this little native, was it too much to ask?

Jun Tuo’s voice rang out from the depths of a certain mountain, berating the silver turtle’s brother, “Silver Divine Son, your brother has been eaten up by someone else. You really can keep your composure!”

“Old Ancestor, I’ll step out of the star passage immediately and enter earth’s space to kill him!” Silver Divine Son kowtowed in the folded space and erupted with silver light.

“Wait, I’ll gift you a special armor. Go and kill him when you can utilize it!” Jun Tuo transmitted his cold voice.

Back at the Pilgrimage Grounds, in front of the altar.

Killing intent soared as people like Lie Shan, Yuwen Feng and Zhan He closed in to kill Chu Feng.

Even Chen Rong was acting quite fierce with her mouth covered. She ordered her man to rearrange some of the ancient domain apparatuses and set them up to kill Chu Feng.

She wanted to grind her teeth but couldn’t because her incisors had been smashed away and her nose was broken. At this time, her face appeared rather sinister—to a beautiful lady, this was an irreconcilable hatred.

Zhu Wuque approached once again and said, “Kill him! What boulder energy form? It’s only brute force. I was simply caught off guard back then. The time to hunt has come! Slaughter this native!”

He urged everyone on because he really didn’t want Chu Feng to survive. The energy forms produced by this so-called rebel was too evil and this made him feel uneasy.

He had a feeling that things would get even more difficult if they couldn’t kill Chu Feng today.

Additionally, he was suspicious of that Chu Feng’s evolutionary painting scroll. He couldn’t have drawn one of the famous pieces in the starry skies, could he? He was still somewhat apprehensive despite refusing to believe this.

The prince of Great Qi had an ambiguous expression. He wanted to kill Chu Feng and at the same time express his goodwill to the starcore turtle saint. “Kill him! He actually dares act so ostentatiously and humiliate the saint’s descendant. Immediately slaughter this native!”

The group closed in—they couldn’t watch him roast and eat the silver turtle—how could they let him recover his spiritual energy. Secret treasures whizzed out and attacked!

“Kill!” Yuan Kun had also arrived and struck out with a huge hand.

Chu Feng said nothing and slapped the silver turtle to death for Jun Tuo to see. He then tossed it to one side.

He evaded with a swoosh and didn’t meet these people head on. In everyone’s eyes, this was naturally a sign of his weakness. But this was also the truth.

Chu Feng brought out a purple-red cinnabar fruit and stuffed it into his mouth without hesitation, filling his mouth with strong fragrance. He was using the divine medicine to heal his injuries. Although he felt his heart ache, there was no other option at this point.

He had originally left this fruit for use in evolution, but he had no choice but to use it in advance.

A red light rushed out from his body as his withered constitution gained a wisp of vitality. At the same time, the black and white grinding stone in his body began to rotate rapidly, absorbing the energy within this secret realm to replenish his needs.

Chu Feng’s expression changed. This cinnabar fruit was mainly contained evolutionary materials and could be used as a catalyst to great effect.

But he didn’t want to improve his constitution right now because he would exhaust all of his vitality as soon as he evolved. This made him speechless.

His every evolution was extremely intense and would consume him internally before breaking the confinement of his body. This was the reason he was wracked by unbearable hunger every time he evolved.

The cinnabar fruit could heal injuries and accelerate evolution. This would’ve been a saint medicine if he were in his robust state and his vitality was dense. But now, it was somewhat dangerous.

“So weak that one cannot handle a tonic.” This was a fitting description for him.

The most optimal situation for him would be to eat the remaining quasi-divine beast eggs, allowing his vitality to recover and grow as vast as the ocean. He no longer had anything to fear now that he had devoured the cinnabar fruit. The stronger yearn to grow even stronger.

As such, Chu Feng was incomparably cautious after eating the fruit. He felt that he should eat up a beast race divine son.


He utilized twenty stone balls to block the incoming secret treasures and engage in defense. He then searched for a target—he would start a massacre if no one came up.

“Heh, it seems he’s really quite weak. According to his usual style, he’ll definitely fight with incomparable intensity if he still has the strength.” Saintess Zhi Luan smiled faintly and said, “Using boulders as energy forms is too coarse. As expected of a native from a savage planet, he really isn’t suited to appear in public.”

Chu Feng said nothing after hearing this and immediately piled the twenty boulders atop her.

“Everyone, don’t hold back. We must destroy him!” The Prince of Great Qi shouted. He had already employed his ultimate arts and blasted out with his fist. Draconic chants echoed throughout the place.

Zhu Wuque, Chen Rong, Yuan Kun and the others wore sinister expressions as they attacked with full force.

The twenty stone balls were deflected; they couldn’t get through.

“Let’s see how you’ll survive!” Zhu Wuque laughed maliciously. This time he was reassured. This enemy wasn’t as horrifying as he had thought. He might not be a match alone, but they would definitely be able to hunt Chu Feng down by working together as a group. This was a trapped beast on the verge of death!

“Haha…” A saint’s cold laughter came from outer space.

That was because no one knew the details of Chu Feng’s energy forms. Neither did they know what kind of picture scroll Chu Feng had drawn.

Everyone thought that the twenty crude boulders were already Chu Feng’s limit.

Chu Feng’s body was burning inside as the cinnabar fruit began to take effect. His vitality was drained and his body immediately shriveled up again.

But his combat strength was growing as he gradually transformed.

A person in poor health couldn’t handle the tonic. It was quite the contradiction.

At the same time, the black and white grinding stone in his body also began to circulate and drew in vast amounts of energy.

But what he lacked in his body wasn’t pure energy, but a genuine source of vitality. He needed to replenish himself with something containing vitality.

His present state caused his power to increase but his body was shriveling up like a bamboo pole.

“A group of insects. I shall kill you all!” Chu Feng shouted loudly. His vitality was being drained but he was almost bursting with energy.

Under such a situation, he naturally had to end the battle quickly.

Chu Feng activated 50 stone balls in one go and shot them out without any fancy moves. He sought to directly crush these people through brute force.


At this time, someone emitted a cry that didn’t even sound like a human. Yuan Kun’s lower body had turned into a bloody mist and he was in a miserable state.

“How is this possible?” The Prince of Great Qi was shocked.


Then, there were even more balls. An entire 64 balls continued rolling towards the Great Qi Prince after crushing Yuan Kun and buried him.

The sky was filled with rolling stones. This scene was not peaceful at all because everything was too substantial and it was a complete suppression. Those flowery energy forms couldn’t compete against the hundred stars energy form.


The Prince of Great Qi’s body exploded and only a head flew out. It was apparent that he didn’t have long to live. What little vitality he had remaining was just enough for him to witness the ensuing horror.


The others were shocked, but they could no longer pull back at this point for fear of Chu Feng picking them out one by one.

In the end, more stone balls appeared in front of Chu Feng for a total of 72 balls. This gave everyone a feeling of desperation! This was too unbridled!

At the same time, they wondered just what kind of painting he had drawn.


A shocking scene appeared before them. Although Chu Feng was weak and staggering, his 72 stone balls had actually smashed everyone until they were sent flying backwards.


Chen Rong screamed. Among the divine sons and saintesses, she was the weakest and only there to fill up the numbers. She was struck by a boulder and her body from the waist down vanished completely. She rolled out and howled in a pool of blood.

The pangolin Lie Shan’s arm had transformed into a beast claw. However, it’d been smashed into a mangled state and completely ruined.

Zhi Luan was very arrogant. The body of that bird race saintess who had always curled her mouth and ridiculed Chu Feng was now split apart and almost exploded.

“Brother, don’t destroy her good looks. An intact saintess his worth more! I’ll buy, I’ll place an order right away!” Someone on the Origin Beast Platform howled anxiously.

How could Chu Feng care about these things? He had to kill whoever he could. A horde of boulders rolled forth and caused saintess Zhi Luan to scream sharply.

She was trying to flee, but all of her secret treasures had disintegrated and shattered.

“How hateful! We visualization realm experts had to cripple our own cultivation to cross over here, but now we’re encountering such a calamity.” She lamented.


Her jaw was shattered after being struck by a boulder and her entire body flew out with blood frothing out of her mouth.

“What a god-like performance! This brother is too untrammeled. The rolling stones moved along with heavenly winds and struck a group of divine sons and saint children flying. Heavens, this is…”

“This type of energy form is bound to shake the starry skies. I feel that it might become one of the most powerful ones in the recent era. Perhaps it might have a chance to enter the energy form rankings as a dark horse.”

“It’s very likely. I won’t be too surprised if it charges into that terrifying ranking formulated by the ten great planets. Such savagery clearly has a lot of potential.”

The Origin Beast Platform had exploded with commotion.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng felt progressively weaker despite there being too much energy in his body as his vitality was declining. He rushed past and grabbed the leg of a vicious bird and began to roast it on the spot. He had to replenish his vitality as soon as possible.

“Whose leg is that?” Those on the origin beast platform were dumbfounded; they were all astonished.

The battle just now was too chaotic with blood spurting out everywhere. Divine sons were pushed back and saintesses were injured, but no one saw who had left this leg.


People understood only when Zhu Wuque cried out in anguish.

“Too savage! The name Chu Feng is destined to shake the starry sky as the one who devoured saint child level entities while fighting!”

A commotion broke out on the Origin Beast Platform.

“I’m quite looking forward to it. His energy form is so terrifying. Could it be that his painting scroll is one of those peerless ones? Can he enter the rankings?”

“Order! I want to place an order!”

[1] This is a pun. The word for smash also means “to fail”.

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