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Chapter 6: It's You (2)

Strands of acrimonious hatred flashed through Bai Qingyan's eyes.

She immediately pulled out her mobile phone and dialed Gu Hang's mother, her sister-in-law. "Sister-in-law, it's not good! Qin Xiaomeng smashed and hit Gu Hang! I don't know why she did it, but you should hurry soon to the hospital. Gu Hang bled too much and he simply fainted. Worry not, sister-in-law, I won't let Qin Xiaomeng go!"

She hung up the phone. A soft smile was written on her delicate features.

Gu Hang's mother loathed her and Qin Xiaomeng abhorred her. She felt it better to let two dogs bite amongst one another without her pulling a finger.

Yes, this is truly wonderful!

Who knew a simple rebirth could cause the unhappiness of three people? She felt she was in a good mood. Thereafter, she tidied her clothing before hurrying on over to Gu Hang and Qin Xiaomeng.

Suppressing the happiness and misfortune written on her face, her countenance turned to a face full of worries. "Gu Hang! What's wrong with Gu Hang…? What happened to my little nephew…?"

However, inwardly, as she looked on at the face of Gu Hang's lifeless eyes, she silently cursed him in her heart.

You deserve it!

Then, she turned to Qin Xiaomeng and parted her lips slightly. "It's you! Qin Xiaomeng, you killed your cousin! What would sister-in-law do to you?"

Qin Xiaomeng grew abashed in terror while tears streamed down her face. She raised her head and looked at Bai Qingyan, displeasure of anger written in her voice. "Bai Qingyan, you deliberately did this on purpose, right?!"

It must be! This bitch's ruthless and sultry heart cared not for Gu Hang's untimely misfortune! Even willing to put him in harm's way… no… it must be that she felt a sense of crisis that I'd rob her of Gu Yezhi so she made this plan to put me in prison! Then… Gu Yezhi is hers!


Bai Qingyan's lips curved downwards. A flash of light streaked in her eyes, and soon, without warning, she slapped the teary-eyed little girl before her. "Shut up! I'm your elder! How dare you call me informally? You should be calling me Aunt!"

Qin Xiaomeng and Gu Hang belonged to the same generation while she, Bai Qingyan, was their elder sister. Gu Hang and Qin Xiaomeng were cousins and Gu Hang's uncle was Gu Yezhi which would make Bai Qingyan the aunt of Qin Xiaomeng.

In this lifetime… Bai Qingyan resolved herself that all those who had a close relationship with Gu Hang will only live a miserable life. Let them appreciate the difference between her caring and angelic care and her ruthless and demonic self one by one.

They'd only realize their mistake all too late.

Floored and overwhelmed in lieu of Bai Qingyan's hard slap, Qin Xiaomeng stared on in white blankness for she'd been taken aback. She was speechless, breathless even.

Before… just not too long ago… Bai Qingyan treated her respectfully. She stood on the high ground as she down at Bai Qingyan in scorn.

But… she had never expected this!

Was she always so… sly and crafty?

How can her personality change… drastically?

But suddenly, unable to hold back the stinging pain on her cheek, Qin Xiaomeng let loose a droplet of tear.

Bai Qingyan sneered and scoffed in her heart.

Qin Xiaomeng was a hot-headed lady. She did not expect her to be so honest with a mere slap.

So it turned out to be a paper tiger1.

Previously, because Bai Qingyan believed with all her heart that she'd end up marrying Gu Hang, she wished to please his little cousin, but now, after knowing Qin Xiaomeng was an accomplice in his crime, it'd be strange that she not show mercy.

Thereafter, she sighed contently when looking at Qin Xiaomeng's swollen cheeks.

A paper tiger gives the impression of being powerful — perhaps he is a king or a high school principal — but lacks any real power. This phrase comes from an old Chinese idiom, which describes a paper tiger as a “blustering, harmless fellow,” and which was popularized when Mao Zedong was quoted in 1956 calling the United States a paper tiger. The idiom makes sense when you think of how terrifying a real tiger is — and how harmless a paper version would be.

Source: Vocabulary

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